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The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare


Daniel is a tall, rebellious eighteen year old Jewish Galilean with brown skin. ... the story, is ordinary looking with knotted arms and shoulders because he had ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare

The Bronze Bowby Elizabeth George Speare
  • This PowerPoint was done by Ben Ware

He trains my hands for war So that my arms can
bend a bow of bronze
  • Daniel is a tall, rebellious eighteen year old
    Jewish Galilean with brown skin.
  • In the beginning of the story, Daniel is a rebel
    in a band of outlaws that are fighting against
    the Romans. He is angry and vengeful for his
    fathers death. I came to this conclusion
    because he is sabotaging the Romans. For
    example, he almost destroyed a Roman caravan.
  • At the end of the story, Daniel is forgiving and
    kind. He had a major change of heart later in the
    book and let a Roman into his house. Youll have
    to read the book if you want to see why he had a
    change of heart.
  • My graphic is a chrysalis, the stage between
    caterpillar and butterfly. I used this picture
    because it is a symbol of transformation.

  • Joel has dark skin and dark hair. He is in his
    late teens. Joel is Jewish like all of the other
    characters in the book.
  • Joel hates the Romans like Daniel but not as much
    as Daniel does. Joel is kind, smart, and
    rebellious at the same time. He is against Rome
    but kind to everyone else. My reason for
    thinking this is that he helps Daniel by letting
    him sleep in his storage room whenever it is
    needed. However, he hates Rome and hopes someday
    someone will drive the Romans out.
  • My graphic is a pen because Joel will probably
    grow up to be a Rabbi.

  • Thacia has semi-long dark hair and dark skin.
    Thacia is in her late teens but the book doesnt
    say exactly how old. She is Jewish.
  • Thacia is helpful but doesnt care about the
    Romans, while most of the other main characters
    do. I think this because she didnt care when
    Roman legionnaires came up the mountain, and she
    helped Lea (Daniels sister who is afraid of the
    outdoors and most people) get over her fears.
  • The picture I used is a peace sign because she is
    not as angry at the Romans as most of the other

  • Rosh is short and sturdy with a weathered face.
    Rosh is Jewish (but not religious in any way
    shape or form). I think Rosh is in his thirties
    or forties.
  • He is a cruel person. Rosh thinks that kindness
    is a flaw. He steals from farmers and hopes to
    destroy everything in the Roman empire.
  • The graphics I used are some evil looking clipart
    because Rosh is portrayed as evil.

  • Jesus, in the story, is ordinary looking with
    knotted arms and shoulders because he had been
    working since childhood. Jesus is Jewish and the
    book isnt specific about age.
  • Jesus is kind and not violent contrary to
    Daniels hopes in the beginning. One of my
    reasons for thinking this is that he says Free
    the oppressed and not, like Daniel was hoping,
    Destroy the oppressors. Another reason is that
    he preaches about everyone being Gods children.
    When Daniel asks Even the Romans? he responds
    "Yes, even the Romans.
  • The graphic I used is a picture of him (for
    obvious reasons).

  • The story takes place in Galilee in the time
    of Christ. Daniel is living with outlaws that are
    against Rome in a cave in the hills when he meets
    two others, Joel and Thacia. He finds out that
    Joel hates the Romans too. Later, an old friend
    from the time he was still in the city goes up to
    the mountain and wants him to see his
    grandmother. On the following Sabbath his friend
    wants him to go and see Jesus.

  • After he saw Jesus, he went to see Joel and
    got angry when Joels father didnt hate the
    Romans. He was attacked by a legionnaire who had
    asked him for water because he threw a water bowl
    at his face. He went back to Joels house and
    collapsed. Luckily, Thacia dragged him into a
    warehouse. When Joel came, they took an oath to
    attempt to break free from Rome. Joel read a
    scripture about the bronze bow and they decided
    their group should be based around it.

  • After Daniel goes back to the mountains he
    finds out that his grandmother is dying so he
    goes home. When he gets back home, his
    grandmother dies and Daniel moves into his
    friends house. He assembles a small group of
    other rebellious kids. When he finds out that
    Joel has been captured by the Romans, he goes to
    see if Rosh will help. Rosh says he wont help
    Joel, so Daniel needs to rescue him with a small
    band of other kids. What happens next? Youll
    have to read The Bronze Bow to find out.

  • I think the theme of this story is that fighting
    isnt the only option.
  • Daniel is learning that hating the Romans wont
    do anything but get you angry and possibly hurt.
  • This lesson can be applied to life and the world
    in two ways. One way is that wars are hugely
    devastating to both sides and most people hope
    for them to stop. The other way is your hatred
    makes your life miserable more than it hurts the
    people who you are hating.