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Welcome to Riverwatch Middle Schools Curriculum Night for 8th Grade


Evaluate rational expressions (multiplication, division, simplifying) ... post their flip charts, class worksheets, and more detailed information about each class. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Riverwatch Middle Schools Curriculum Night for 8th Grade

Welcome to Riverwatch Middle Schools Curriculum
Night for 8th Grade
  • Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Mission
  • Together We LEAD
  • Learn
  • Exceed
  • Achieve
  • Dream

Standards-Based Education
  • Standards-based education means an obsession
    with results, with reaching predetermined levels
    of student achievement. This requires an
    unrelenting determination to get virtually all
    students to high achievement levels, whatever it
    takes. . .
  • Tucker and Codding

What Does a Standards-Based Classroom Look Like?
  • Teaching
  • Standards
  • Assessments
  • Instruction/Tasks
  • Learning
  • Engagement
  • Understanding of the Target/Criteria
  • Opportunities to Relearn

Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Formative Assessments
  • In-process measures that occur throughout the
    unit of study
  • Helps us understand if the student is learning
    along the way
  • Guides instruction and strategies
  • Allows teachers to give descriptive feedback
  • Quizzes, observations, student interviews,
    student self assessments
  • Formative Assessments total 20 of the students
  • Summative Assessments
  • End of process measure that focuses on final
  • Tells us how well they learned the material
  • Evidence of what has been learned
  • Measurement toward the standard
  • Finals, midterms, end-of-unit tests, final
  • Summative Assessments total 80 of the students

Relearn and Recovery
  • The goal of teaching is to ensure that every
    student reaches mastery of the standards within
    each subject area.
  • Students scoring below 80 on a summative grade
    must be offered at least one opportunity to
    relearn and improve the score.
  • The maximum score earned on a 2nd opportunity is
  • To improve a score a student must engage in a
    planned activity in which learning the assessed
    standards is the goal. Completing missing class
    work or homework may apply here.
  • Once the student completes in the activity he/she
    may take a second, different, assessment to
    demonstrate mastery of the standards.

  • Meets daily for 30 minutes
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Mondays Thursdays Silent Reading
  • Tuesdays Self-Awareness based
  • Organization, CRCT/Benchmark reflections, time
  • Wednesdays Olweus Bullying Prevention Lessons
  • Fridays Community base
  • Team-building, service projects, Celebration Box
  • Announcements of RMS activites

Language Arts and ReadingMrs. Kellar room 459,
Mrs. Davis 453, Mrs. Kennedy room 417, Mrs. Smith
room 431, Mrs. Geralds room 427
  • In 8th grade, language arts students will work on
    the following
  • Reading and responding to literature short
    story, novel, poetry, and non-fiction
  • Narrative, Persuasive, and Expository
    Writing-please allow two weeks for the return of
    graded essays
  • Acquisition of New Vocabulary- we will use the
    Wordly Wise vocabulary program as well as focus
    on new words in the literature we read
  • Grammar-students will learn the conventions of
    grammar and practice applying them in their
  • Participation in discussion and debate

Language Arts and Reading
  • Students will take the CRCT in the Spring all
    students must pass the reading portion of the 8th
    grade CRCT in order to be promoted to 9th grade.
  • Students will take the Georgia Writing Test on
    January 21. As part of our preparation for the
    test, students will review their mock tests from
    7th grade and take an additional practice test in

Mathematics Math Advanced
  • Course Description By the end of grade eight,
    students will understand various numerical
    representations, including square roots,
    exponents and scientific notation use and apply
    geometric properties of plane figures, including
    congruence and the Pythagorean theorem use
    symbolic algebra to represent situations and
    solve problems, especially those that involve
    linear relationships solve linear equations,
    systems of linear equations and inequalities use
    equations, tables and graphs to analyze and
    interpret linear functions use and understand
    set theory and simple counting techniques
    determine the theoretical probability of simple
    events and make inferences from statistical
    data, particularly data that can be modeled by
    linear functions.
  • Example of the standards M8D2a- Use tree
    diagrams to determine the number of outcomes
  • Homework Expect homework every day (some
    exceptions) even on weekends due to the amount of
    standards to cover before the CRCT in April. When
    in doubt check Angel
  • Common Assessments The 8th grade Math teachers
    all plan together and design similar formative
    and summative assessments for the students.
  • CRCT Breakdown The CRCT is broken down into 4
    major math concepts and are weighted.
  • Algebra 50
  • Geometry 12
  • Numbers and Operations 22
  • Data Analysis and Probability 17

Mathematics Math Advancedcontinued
  • Students in Advanced Content Math
  • ALL 8th Grade GPS plus
  • Find the equation of a line given A.  2 points,
    B.  1 point and the slope, and C. 1 point and an
    equation of either a parallel or perpendicular
  • Solve Systems of Equations using 3 methods.
  • Understand Quadratics (when a 1)
  • Identify quadratic equations
  • Use the quadratic formula
  • Apply the use of quadratic equations
  • Factoring
  • Standard Form
  • Properties
  • Use midpoint and distance formulas
  • Evaluate rational expressions (multiplication,
    division, simplifying)
  • Solve rational equations  (multiplication,
    division, simplifying)
  • Understand functions
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Algebra
  • Identify congruent triangles

Mathematics Accelerated Math 1
  • Covered this year will be the entire Math 1 and
    half of the Math II curriculum.
  • Students are responsible for having and using
    their graphing calculator to complete tasks
    that allow group learning within the classroom.
  • Task reflection will be done at the finish of
    each task to help students to summarize each task
  • Students will take the EOCT covering the
    Accelerated Math 1 standards worth 15 of the
    students GPA.
  • Additional help is offered through the Georgia
    Virtual School at http//www.gavirtualschool.org/H
  • Students will work independently towards
    mastering the 8th grade learning standards being
    assessed in April.

  • Curriculum Topics to study in Physical Science
  • 1. Scientific Inquiry Process
  • 2. Safety Skills
  • 3. Standards of Measurement
  • 4. Nature of Matter
  • 5. Force/Mass/Motion
  • 6. Transformation of Energy
  • Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism
  • 7. Nature of Sound and Electromagnetic Radiation

  • The students will be completing a research based
    project this fall.
  • Details will come from the individual teachers.

Georgia Studies
  • Riverwatch Middle School
  • Instructors Mike Brown, Justin Mewborn, Jennifer
    Kelley, Janet Standeven

Georgia Studies
  • History- of Georgia from Native Americans to
    Present day.
  • Civics and Government- focus on roles and
    responsibilities of citizens and elected
  • Economics- emphasis on Georgias goods and
    services, growth and development.
  • Geography- physical features and an understanding
    of the transportation systems and growth of the
    economy of the state.

Reading Literacy Workshop
  • A supportive class designed to help students who
    may need additional support with reading and
    related skills.
  • Learning experiences are provided in a small
    supportive environment that allow students the
    opportunity to question, practice, and apply
    strategies learned.
  • Provide students with standardized test-taking
  • Constant progress monitoring.
  • Result Comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary
    skills are all increased such that students can
    transfer these skills to other learning
    environments and be motivated to be life-long
  • Quote Smaller classes help us to get more
    attention so we can learn how to be better

Math Plus Workshop
  • A supportive class designed to help students who
    may need additional support with math concepts.
  • Helps build confidence as a learner by
    reinforcing foundations, thus making students
    more successful in their daily work in Math
  • Designed to support grades 6-8 math standards.
  • Large group, small group, individualized
  • Constant progress monitoring
  • Result More actively engaged students who
    experience deeper learning because they are able
    to ask questions and reach understanding in a
    smaller group environment.
  • Quotes I always did my homework but now I do it
    right. I am making better grades on small

Foreign LanguageSra. Folkins, Sra. Skeens, Mme
  • Students will develop listening, reading,
    speaking and writing skills.
  • Assignments will include projects, role-plays,
    oral presentations, written exercises and reading
  • Throughout this year, the students will learn
    geography of the target culture, how to talk and
    write about themselves and others and the world
    they live in.

Foreign Language
  • If a student successfully completes seventh and
    eighth grade Foreign Language AND successfully
    completes French/Spanish Level II in high school,
    the student will receive a retroactive high
    school credit for French/Spanish Level I.
  • Please see your childs French/Spanish teacher if
    you have further questions.

Connections Classes
Business essentials (Stewart Bailey) This class
covers business terms and principles.
Exploring Communications Technology (Judy
Jaeck)  This is a computer skills based class. 
Activities are designed to foster skills in
problem sensing, risk taking, decision-making,
and problem solving. Keyboarding skills and
programs such as Word, Publisher, Excel, and
multimedia programs will be reinforced. Web Page
design will be explored using Macromedia.
Exploring Engineering Technology (Jeff
Whiting) The goal of this course is to provide
all students with an introduction to the
principles of Engineering Technology and its
place in the modern world.
Art (Aubie McCann) Art students will gain an
understanding of the visual arts world through
studio practices, art criticism, examining art
history, and of course art production. Using the
elements of art and the principles of design
students will solve problems visually in two
dimensional (2-D) and/or three dimensional (3-D)
8th Grade Band (Matt Koperniak) Students
continue to master the fundamental standards of
playing music, as well as taking part in a
variety of performance-based opportunities, such
as Large Group Performance Evaluation, County
Festival, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Ensembles, and
All-State Band Auditions.
8th Grade Chorus (Miriam Reynolds) During this
year-long class, Chorus students learn and
perform a high level of music and reading
abilities. Opportunities for County and District
Honor Choruses, Ensembles and All-State Chorus
enrich the singers experience.
  • Health Education (Wendy Hill, Terri Gill, Ashley
    Kauffman, Seth Thompson, and Kevin Waddell)
    Health Education is a nine-week course offered to
    all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Its
    purpose is to study physical, mental, emotional,
    and social well being. It seeks to provide each
    student with the information and skills necessary
    to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Physical Education - Our goal for the Riverwatch
    Middle School Physical Education program is to
    help students develop a positive well-being
    through activities incorporating fitness, skills,
    knowledge, and team building. Furthermore, we aim
    to help students develop a lifelong joy for
    physical activity.

Angel 411
  • Link to Angel is on teacher web page or go to
    http//angellearning.forsyth.k12.ga.us and use
    your childs login and password! This can also be
    found on the RMS website.
  • All computer generated class materials,
    announcements, calendar of assignments, and
    course syllabus can be found on this site
  • If parents login in with their students
    information, they arrive at the Angel home page. 
    If the parent goes to the Calendar tab in the
    toolbox section, they will see all of the
    assignments for each subject area merged on to
    this one calendar.
  • If parents click on a course and go to the
    Lessons tab, this is where teachers post their
    flip charts, class worksheets, and more detailed
    information about each class.
  • If parents click on a course and go to the
    Resource tab, this is where the teacher posts
    his/her syllabus.

  • Riverwatch has two counselors this year. Shari
    Endo is the counselor for 8thgrade and 6th
    graders (L-Z). Jessica Hayes is working with the
    7th grade and 6th graders (A-K).
  • Why Middle School Counselors?
  • Middle school students are characterized by
    rapid physical growth, curiosity about their
    world and an emerging self-identity. Through a
    comprehensive developmental school counseling
    program, counselors work as a team member with
    school staff, parents and the community to create
    a caring, supportive climate and atmosphere
    whereby young adolescents can achieve academic
    success. Middle school counselors enhance the
    learning process and promote academic
    achievement. School counseling programs are
    essential for students to achieve optimal
    personal growth, acquire positive social skills
    and values, set appropriate career goals and
    realize full academic potential to become
    productive, contributing members of the world
    community. The professional middle school
    counselor holds a masters degree and required
    state certification in school counseling.
    Maintaining certification includes on-going
    professional development to stay current with
    education reform and challenges facing todays
    students. Professional association membership is
    encouraged as it enhances the school counselors
    knowledge and effectiveness.

  • Middle School Counselors Implement the
    Counseling Program by Providing
  • Academic skills support Organizational, study
    and test-taking skills Education in
    understanding self and others Coping strategies
    Peer relationships and effective social skills
    Communication, problem-solving, decision-making
    and conflict resolution Career awareness,
    exploration and planning Substance abuse
    education Multicultural/diversity awareness
  • Goal-setting/decision- making Academic planning
    Education in understanding of self, including
    strengths and weaknesses Transition planning
  • Individual and small group counseling Peer
    facilitation Consultation/collaboration
  • Professional development
  • For a comprehensive list of National Counseling
    Standards visit
  • www.schoolcounselor.org/files/NationalStandards.p

Graduation Coach
  • Mission The Middle School Graduation Coach
    (MSGC) Program is designed to ensure the
    successful transition of all students from
    elementary to middle school and from middle
    school to high school.  The MSGC Program will
    provide a comprehensive prevention and
    intervention program for at-risk middle school
    students and will help prepare all students for
    their high school and post-secondary career.
  • Opportunities for all RMS students
  • Organization Station Wednesday and Thursday
    mornings 830-855 in the Media Center Reading
    Room. Must have a pass from a teacher to attend.
  • Success Lab Mondays and Thursdays during Pride
    Time. This session is for students who need to
    help with completing assignments. Must be
    referred by a teacher.
  • RMS Graduation Coach Hayes Santoriello

Behavior Plan
  • Classroom Discipline Steps
  • 1st Offense
  • Warning/Conference/Parent Contact
  • 2nd Offense
  • Parent Contact/Teacher Assigned Consequence
  • 3rd Offense
  • Teacher Assigned Consequence
  • 4th Offense
  • Administrator Referral

In Closing
  • The quality of a school as a learning community
    can be measured by how it addresses the needs of
    every student.

  • If you have subject specific questions, teachers
    are available in their rooms for the next 30
    minutes for you to ask questions.
  • Thank you for coming tonight to the RMS
    Curriculum Night.
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