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Elluminat Startup Slides


participants vote on best time for the session ... Most opted to make a recording of the session even through others could look at it ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Elluminat Startup Slides

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Wimba Classroom best practice and discussion
Recording this session
  • I would like to record this session and use it in
    the following ways
  • make it available to other students in this
  • use it to demonstrate the use of Wimba to other
    USQ staff
  • If you agree that the session can be recorded,
    please click the tick button to put a tick next
    to your name in the PEOPLE window.

Where do virtual classrooms fit
  • just another tool in the blended learning
    environment which will suit some (but not others)
  • students
  • teachers
  • content areas
  • educational strategies
  • no longer an innovation but business as usual
    in education and wider society
  • 7 things you should know about Virtual Meetings
  • http//net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7011.pdf
    (over 3 years ago)

using Wimba Classroom in your course
  • encourage participants to attend an online Wimba
    Classroom Orientation session http//usqstudydesk.
  • Create the Wimba room
  • Create a Moodle Activity using that room
  • participants vote on best time for the session
  • Tell everyone that they need to use the SetUp
    Wizard well before the session and follow the
    prompts to get 6 ticks or contact ICTServiceDesk

Wimba Classroom Orientation
Creating a Wimba room
  • Add Moodle Activity - Live Classrooms
  • Create a new room with an obvious title e.g.
    "FOE1000 drop-in room" or "fet8611 tutorial room"
  • set room
  • permissions,
  • default media bandwidth, room features
  • allow guests, URL backdoor, add dial in number
    and pin to the activity link
  • advanced room settings
  • enable breakout rooms
  • advanced media settings
  • WimbaMedia or phone and video settings

Setting up the activity
  • Create the Wimba activity
  • activity name (e.g. tutorial in Week 5)
  • select the associated room
  • dates and times in the Moodle calendar and events
  • allow people to choose when they can attend
  • Strongly advise people to run the Setup Wizard 5
    days before
  • invite people into the session
  • get people to prepare for the session
  • orient people to the session

Polls, voting and surveys
  • facilitator can setup interactive polls allowing
    voting before the session
  • show the poll
  • preview the results
  • show the results
  • facilitator can setup surveys which you can do
    after the session
  • results are only visible to the facilitator
  • OK … lets see some examples

Creating polls and surveys
  • click Manage Live Classrooms in Moodle
  • create a folder to put it in
  • create the item
  • multiple-choice
  • questionnaire

To make a session archive (1)
  • Records text, audio, video, eboard, screen
  • To start the archive, click the round Archive
    button at top right (you will hear a confirmation
  • To stop the archive, click the (round red Archive
    button at the top right (you will hear several
    confirmation messages)
  • the archive is not accessible in the course until
    you have made it available

To make the archive available
  • in Moodle click Live classrooms in side menu
  • click Manage Classrooms
  • scroll to name of the room and click
  • click the date and time stamped archive then
    click Settings
  • change the name to something better e.g.
    "Tutorial 5 ParaPsychology March 5 at 9pm"
  • click Access and put a tick next to Make
  • archive now be visible to students (green circle)

For students to replay the archive
  • click Live classrooms in the Activity box in
    Moodle side menu
  • you can select the Instructor or Student view to
    make sure that student can see the archive
  • scroll and then highlight the name of the archive
  • click Launch
  • the Wimba window will then open and the archive
    will start playing
  • once it starts playing you can jump around by
    clicking the time stamped names of sections in
    the right hand panel

Room pulse and settings
Supporting students
  • add a link to the Wimba Classroom Orientation
    course into your course
  • http//usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/course/view.php?id
  • recommend students book into a session so when
    they use Wimba in your course they can focus on
    course content
  • use the setup Wizard to get 6 ticks against all
    tests and follow the prompts

Setup Wizard
  • Everyone MUST use at least once to check each of
    6 elements
  • Popup Blockers
  • Presence of Java
  • Presence of Wimba applets
  • Text connection
  • Audio output
  • Audio input
  • If you don't get ticks, follow prompts and enter
    email for detailed follow-up email support

USQ Escalation process
  • Wizard generated request to NetSpot and email
    reply from NetSpot
  • ICTServiceDesk (1900)
  • Level 2 support (3 USQ staff)
  • 3 designated USQ staff can contact NetSpot

(No Transcript)
Ways of using Wimba
  • teaching, administration, research, support,
    community engagement
  • on campus, external, cross campus, time shifting
  • phone, phone computer or computer only
  • participant and presenter interface is currently
    Moodle based
  • system administrator will have web based
    interface to Wimba server

Preparing and presenting debates in Law
  • Critical importance of being able to present a
    debate graduate quality skill
  • First time this could be done with external
  • Students organise their preparation sessions
  • presented in a formal presentation room
  • Use of PowerPoint to manage debate and present

Student group work in Engineering
  • Groups of 6 students meeting many times
    throughout the semester
  • Could use whatever they wanted to work
  • Phone, face to face, Skype, messenger, email,
    moodle forums
  • Probably 60 opted to use Wimba Classroom after
    being given one short introduction
  • Most opted to make a recording of the session
    even through others could look at it

Student run drop in sessions
  • Students can organise whenever they want
  • Students have access to all the tools in these

Service delivery
  • Allows campus based face to face services to be
    delivered to external students for the first time
  • Critical given that 80 of out students are
  • PD and support for partners and agents
  • Career services
  • Library
  • Counselling services

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Best practice guidelines
  • organise materials that you can talk to or
    discuss so you are not talking all the time
  • PowerPoint slides
  • showing a web page
  • application sharing to show part of the course or
    a process
  • hand raise to talk

Encourage questions discussion
  • ask people questions and to raise their hand with
  • put people into breakout groups to discuss
    something then come back to report to the group
  • encourage and request people to use status
    buttons and text to give feedback
  • use it to establish ongoing student driven study

setup student driven study groups
  • setup a Wimba room called study group room
    where everyone is a presenter
  • setup a forum so they can organise times

Encourage group or individual student
(No Transcript)
Improving your skills
  • Documentation at http//www.wimba.com/services/ins
  • QuickStart training at http//www.wimba.com/servic
  • use two computers so you can see exactly what
    others see
  • observe someone doing a session
  • do a session with another person to assist

  • quickstart video guides
  • documentation
  • Classroom presenter/user guide
  • Room administration guide
  • Moodle users guide
  • System Administration guide
  • knowledgeBase
  • Level 1 support via live chat

Wimba Voice tools
  • (currently not installed on USQStudyDesk)
  • Voice Board
  • threaded voice board
  • export to iPod
  • Podcaster
  • one click podcasting and subscribing
  • .mp3 and .wav
  • Presenter
  • web content and voice narration
  • Voice recorder

Wimba Pronto messenger
  • (currently not available)
  • text, voice, video and screen sharing
  • online presence indicators
  • chat with 2 or more participants
  • offline messages are queued
  • contacts are imported from courses

(No Transcript)
  • Questions
  • Evaluation
  • in Wimba room
  • DICT evaluation
  • follow-up
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