There are thousands of students across Washington who work daytoday towards a better future' It is s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are thousands of students across Washington who work daytoday towards a better future' It is s


There are thousands of students across Washington who work daytoday towards a better future' It is s – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: There are thousands of students across Washington who work daytoday towards a better future' It is s

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There are thousands of students across
Washington who work day-to-day towards a better
future. It is sometimes easy to forget while
they're moving towards that future, they can
stumble over today's realities. Throughout the
past fiscal year, with the support of our many
donors and volunteers, the Haas Foundation
partnered with 606 active secondary schools (out
of 823 eligible) across the state to help remove
these unforeseen obstacles to learning. A
catalyst for change, the support our Foundation
delivered this past year resulted in tangible
benefits for more than 13,692 students. However,
it is more than financial assistance. It is an
equalizer of opportunity, helping growing
students build confidence, hold on to hope, and
believe in their goals. This annual report
for our fiscal year July 1, 2005-June 30, 2006
brings together our accomplishments along with
audited financial statements. Thank you for your
partnership and support. Together, our efforts
will continue to give students in need a hand up
so they can keep moving toward their dreams, one
step at a time.
Roger Percy Board President president_at_haasfoundati
Bonnie Hilory Executive Director bhilory_at_haasfound
Together, weve helped 13,692 students this year!
success stories
Inspiring Students
This story is about how Haas Foundation helped
a student emotionally and socially. Our school
had a particular student who was very shy, quiet,
withdrawn, and literally wore the same outfit to
school everyday. Towards the end of the school
year each grade took special student trips. The
Haas funds were utilized to help this student
with appropriate clothing. When the student was
given this gift, she was very pleased. She even
wanted to donate a personal item to the school!
The gift this particular student received really
made a difference. Meany Middle School, Seattle
While living with a single parent, this
troubled student was enrolled as a 9th grader
after being held back at another school. The
student came to us with past suspensions,
expulsions, and ended up in JDH during the school
year. At one point they were also suspended and
expelled from our school. After several
student/parent conferences, the student was given
bus passes to begin attending school again on a
regular basis. The student is now coming each
week and making slow but steady progress. Summit
View High School, Brush Prairie
A senior student's mother passed away earlier
this year. The student was living independently
and wanted to stay in school to graduate.
Because of the Haas Foundation, this student
received college credit for a class he was taking
in the high school and will transfer to the
college he will be attending in the fall. This
students head start came at a critical time in
his life and will help him to continue his
education. Colville High School, Colville
This student lives with her disabled mother
on a very limited income. She wanted to pursue a
nursing career because before her mother became
disabled she was a nursing assistant. As a
recipient of Haas funds, she was able to
purchase her uniform and supplies for the
Pre-Nursing/Nursing Assistant program. Her
current plans are to attend CBC to pursue her
nursing degree. There is no doubt that she will
go on to be an exceptional nurse. She is an
excellent student and motivated to pursue her
dream. Kennewick 171, Kennewick
This student transferred to our school in the
middle of the school year because her mother lost
her job in an outlying community. The girl's
mother was moving back to the city in search of
work. This was a difficult undertaking,
particularly because the mother did not speak
English. It quickly became apparent that the
student lacked confidence. Although she sat with
other girls at lunchtime, she was reluctant to
participate in her classroom. One day, a staff
member found her crying in the restroom, upset
and confused by the pressures of making new
friends and adjusting to a new school. Plus, the
family was unable to afford shorts and a t-shirt
for her to participate in gym class. The Haas
Foundation came to the rescue. This student wore
her new clothes proudly and started to become
active in her P.E. class! Asa Mercer Middle
School, Seattle
By supporting secondary schools throughout the
state of Washington, the Saul and Dayee G. Haas
Foundation is committed to improving the quality
of life among students in need. Together, our
goal is to encourage students to stay in school,
return to school or get involved within their
learning community.
Empowering Students
Ephrata High School and the Haas Foundation
have helped one special young woman for the last
three years. Next year will be her senior year.
She is a very outgoing, kind, and loving person
who is thankful and appreciative of the help
she's received. However, she struggled daily to
overcome the challenges of a disadvantaged,
dysfunctional family.
It is with pride that I tell you what she did
when she decided to take driver education classes
this summer. She had first asked about getting
help to pay for the class. At the time, we
weren't sure if this activity qualified for
support. The secretary told her she would check
and if it didn't, she offered to give her some
odd jobs to help pay for it. By the time she had
an answer, the girl had already taken a painting
job. She told me that she had earned money to
pay for the class and was really proud of
herself. She made up her mind to do it and found
out that she really could. She said, "I just
decided that I'm going to need to start taking
care of this stuff myself." When I was
filing our year-end activities, I thought I
didn't really have anything exceptional to
report, but when I looked over what I had entered
I smiled when I came across this one. The kids
that have been given help are all great in one
way or another, but this one is special. She
figured out an important life lesson and what she
needs to do to get where she wants to go in
life. Administrator, Ephrata High School, Ephrata
Give Secondary Students A Chance!
In 1963, the Haas Foundation started helping
students at a single school in Seattle, Garfield
High School. Since then, the Foundation has
grown to, as of this fiscal year, disbursing
375,275 statewide, without ever having a major
fundraising effort. It is a remarkable
accomplishment and a testament to the commitment
of our Board and supporters. But there is still
more to do. To achieve our ultimate goal of
supporting the needs of students in all the
secondary schools in the state, this year we
initiated our first annual community friend and
fundraising campaign, Give Secondary Students a
Chance! Our goals for this campaign were
two-fold raise awareness about the Haas
Foundation in the community and needed funding
for our schools. Specifically, we asked our
volunteer campaigners to raise 55,000 to help
subsidize the growing demand for one-to-one
student support with matching grants for schools.
Within four months, 36 volunteers shared
the Foundation's vision with more than 600 people
in our communities and raised over 63,000 for
our school funds. Since 2001, Haas Foundation
has had a wait list of schools that needed
funding support. Because of your help and
support, each of the schools on the wait list
will have funding for the 2006-2007 school year!
This student quit high school at age 15, found
full-time employment, and left a family that
struggled with extreme levels of substance abuse
and financial instability. Three years later, he
became committed to graduating from high school,
self-admittedly, to escape the cycle of poverty.
His success in an alternative high school setting
was profound. He was named Student of the Year
in both academic and CTE classes and will proudly
be the first member of his family to graduate.
Haas funding enabled the school to cover his
graduation costs and help provide appropriate
business attire for internships, interviews, and
DECA competitions. SeaTac Occupational Skills
Center, Burien
Since May 2006, many hours of hard work have
been devoted to planning our second friend and
fundraiser, the Haas At Home Gala and Online
Auctions,which kicked-off October, 2006. This
unique grassroots effort will help spread the
word about the impact of the Foundation and
celebrate its school partners. We thank the HEAP
members, volunteers, school fund coordinators,
and especially the terrific event co-chairs,
board member Jim Menzies and HEAP member Richard
Jones of Battleground, for organizing and
supporting this statewide effort.
2005 accomplishments
  • JULY
  • Launched website with new online donation,
    volunteer application, and e-newsletter
    registration forms.
  • Velle Wright (right), volunteer PR Coordinator,
    initiated the development of a Foundation video
    which will premiere at October's annual meeting.
  • Over the course of the fiscal year, the
    development team made over 25 presentations to
    Rotary Clubs and community organizations
    spreading awareness of the Foundations mission.
  • Revamped website and introduced the new scorecard
    system to all school fund coordinators for
    year-end reporting.
  • Kicked-off the Haas Educator Ambassador Program
  • First intern joined the Foundation. Yoshikazu
    Kazu Funato arrived from Japan (via the College
    of International Studies in Vermont).
  • Annual meeting (right) at the Seattle Yacht Club.
    At this event we inducted six new board members,
    updated the by-laws, and celebrated the year's
  • Paul Bailey (right) joined the Foundation as our
    first, part-time fiscal secretary for bookkeeping
    and accounting support. 
  • OSPI article on Haas Foundation published.
  • Recruited 36 volunteers to help us raise 63,000
    during our first public campaign, "Give Secondary
    Schools a Chance!
  • Foundation listed on the Seattle Times
    Non-profit Wish List.

2006 accomplishments
  • Introduced a redesigned Foundation logo.
  • Relocated Foundation headquarters to new offices
    (right). Expansion included upgrading computers,
    furniture, and creating space for volunteers.
  • Our grant request for a full-time VISTA member
    was accepted from the Fremont Public Association.
    The full-time Development Coordinator position is
    funded for a three-year grant which begins in
  • Sponsored and attended the Edward R. Murrow
    Symposium featuring Tom Brokaw (right). The Haas
    Foundation was the primary sponsor for the event.
  • Our second intern, Marketing Coordinator Debanjan
    Majumdar, from India via SPU, joined the team.
  • Attended 5030 Rotary Conference reaching out to
    53 clubs.
  • MAY
  • Record-breaking interest in volunteering and our
    third intern, Clement Riehl (bottom right), from
    Paris via Illinois State University, began as
    Communications Coordinator, leading our efforts
    to team up with the Sonics.
  • President Percy formed a Disappearing Task Force
    on Governance, co-chaired by Kate Janeway and
    Judge Betty Fletcher.
  • Received notice that our AmeriCorps grant request
    was approved with the Fremont Public Association.
    The position will be a development coordinator
    focused on capacity building and sustainability
    efforts in fund development.
  • Hosted an Open House to meet our new neighbors
    and celebrate our new offices and growth.
  • Presented at Washington State PTA conference.
  • Delivered a presentation to the Washington
    Association of School Business Officials
    providing guidance on how public schools should
    handle private funds like Haas.
  • JUNE
  • Celebrated raising more than 63,000 for our
    first annual fundraising campaign. We now have
    over 150 donors in our database!

meet our board committees
BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jon Galt Bowman Artie
Buerk Emory Bundy Hon. Betty Fletcher Jody
Foster Carver Gayton, Ph.D., Vice-President Ruth
Gerberding R. Danner Graves Joel Groen Deesa
Haas, Secretary Frank Hanawalt Kate Janeway Hon.
Charles Johnson Laura Kohn Tom Lord John
MacKenzie Dick McCormick Jim Menzies, Ph.D. Lee
Miller, Treasurer George Moynihan Roger Percy,
McCormick Lee Miller, Chair Staff Support Paul
Bailey, Bonnie Hilory
Accounting Staff Bushra Bajwa, Marketing Louise
Derksen, Graphic Design Michele Fugiel, Template
Brandi Hair, Development Coordinator
AmeriCorp Beth Havach, Graphic Design Bonnie
Hilory, Executive Director Richard Jones,
Co-chair Frances LeSourd, eBay Nancy McKernon,
Gift Basket Procurement Jim Menzies, Ph.D.,
Co-chair Roger Percy, President Michael Riggs, PR
Wendy Ross, Travel Procurement DArcy Rowe,
P.T.A. Liaison Sue Russell, Staff Travis Shook,
Sports Procurement Jason Swanson, Webmaster
Heath Tayon, Sports Procurement Velle Wright, PR
Dial Duff Kennedy Shirley Salomon Alan
Wicks Colleen Willoughby
Betty Fletcher Ruth Gerberding Deesa Haas Staff
Support Bonnie Hilory
PROGRAM COMMITTEE Emory Bundy Carver Gayton,
Ph.D. Ruth Gerberding Deesa Haas Frank
Hanawalt Hon. Charles Johnson Laura Kohn Tom
Lord, Chair Jim Menzies, Ph.D. Roger Percy Maury
Clark, Heritage Member Staff Support Sue
Russell, Bonnie Hilory
President, Member-at-large Carver Gayton,
Ph.D., Vice-President Deesa Haas, Secretary Tom
Lord, Program Committee Chair Lee Miller,
Treasurer Dick McCormick, Member-at-large George
Moynihan, Development Committee Chair Roger
Percy, President, Chair Staff Support Bonnie
Hilory, Sue Russell
Anacortes Dan Barritt, Kirkland Jon Galt Bowman,
Anacortes Emory Bundy, Seattle Kate Cook,
Olympia Tracy Cusack, Olympia Louise Derksen,
Seattle Brandi Hair, Seattle Bonnie Hilory,
Seattle Richard Jones, Vancouver Jim Kowalkowski,
Pomeroy Dick Lee, Seattle Rod Luce, Quincy Sharon
McConnel, Bellingham Nancy McKernon, Seattle Jim
Menzies, Ph.D., Everett Roger Percy,
Seattle Wendy Ross, Yakima DArcy Rowe,
Yakima Gene Schmidt, Bridgeport John Welsh,
Bremerton Debbie Williams, Burbank Velle Wright,
Bundy Jody Foster R. Danner Graves Joel Groen
Kate Janeway Dick Lee (Volunteer, Non-board
member) George Moynihan, Chair Roger Percy Staff
Support Bonnie Hilory, Sue Russell, Kazu Funato
Hon. Betty Fletcher, Co-chair Ruth
Gerberding Kate Janeway, Co-chair Laura Kohn Lee
Miller Roger Percy Staff Support Bonnie Hilory,
Sue Russell, Paul Bailey Legal Counsel Alan
Wicks, Preston, Gates Ellis
meet the staff
About Saul Haas (1896-1972) Saul Haas left the
New York ghetto for the Pacific Northwest with
ambitious dreams that he realized in a full,
occasionally controversial, life as a journalist,
political activist, and pioneering broadcaster.
The founder of KIRO radio and a power in
Washington Democratic politics, Haas was complex
and contradictory. While building KIRO into a
powerful station, he remained immersed in
politics, serving as state director of the
Democratic National Campaign Committee. Haas saw
great promise in public television as an
educational tool and in 1968 was appointed to the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting's first board
of directors. He had a lifelong empathy for the
underprivileged and formed the Saul and Dayee G.
Haas Foundation to aid needy students. Founded
in 1963, the Foundation is celebrating its 43rd
year of service supporting over 13,000 of
Washingtons young people annually.
Serving since January, 2005.
Bonnie B. Hilory Executive Director bhilory_at_haasfo
Serving since August, 1988.
Susan C. Russell School Fund Manager staff_at_haasfou
Serving since November, 2005.
Paul Bailey Fiscal Secretary accounting_at_haasfounda
Haas Educator Ambassador Program
From the left Greg Loomis, Wendy Ross, Mark
Muxen, Maureen Wineland, Bonnie Hilory, Kim
Lubin, Sharon McConnel, Tracy Cusack, Kate Cook,
Shawn John, Rod Luce, Heath Tayon, John Welsh,
Gene Nelson. Other HEAP members not pictured
here include Dorothy Ferguson, Toni Hinkle,
Richard Jones, Steve Stein, and Debbie Williams.
  • Another step forward this year includes our
    new program, the Haas Educator Ambassador Program
    (HEAP). HEAP is a statewide volunteer program
    consisting of 18 educators who are passionate
    about the impact of the Haas Foundation in their
  • Developed to advise and guide the direction of
    the Haas School Fund, this ambassador team
    consists of two representatives from all nine
    educational service districts across the state.
    They're charged with assisting the Foundation in
    three key areas increasing the visibility of
    the Haas Foundation throughout the state
    identifying potential Board members and donors
    planning and executing a statewide fundraiser on
    behalf of the Foundation, The Haas At Home Gala
    and Online Auctions.
  • We treasure the commitment HEAP members made
    and want to thank them for their support during
    the past year. Current members include
  • Gene Nelson, ESD 101, Spokane
  • Shawn John, Steve Stein and Wendy Ross, ESD 105,
  • Richard Jones, ESD 112, Vancouver
  • Kate Cook and Tracy Cusack, ESD 113, Olympia
  • Kim Lubin and John Welsh, ESD 114, Bremerton
  • Toni Hinkle and Maureen Wineland, ESD 121, Renton
  • Mark Muxen and Debbie Williams, ESD 123, Pasco
  • Dorothy Ferguson, Greg Loomis and Rod Luce, ESD
    171, Wenatchee
  • Sharon McConnel and Heath Tayon, ESD 189,

July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006
Bushra Bajwa, Marketing Coordinator David
Brasefield, Grant Writer, Researcher Louise
Derksen, Graphics, Gala Steering
Committee Michele Fugiel, Grant Writer Yoshikazu
(Kazu) Funato, Intern - Development
Director Clary Goedert-Gasper, Database
Support Karen Hadley, Office Support, Copy
Editor Beth Havach, Graphics Melody Hazen, Annual
Report Shinichi Horii, Database Support Pam
Jones, Office Support Inga Jugurt, Database Guru
Frances LeSourd, Grant Writer Ariel Loh,
Graphics Debanjan Majumdar, Marketing Rotary
Coordinator Heather Mehaffie, Copy Editor Nancy
McKernon, Events Chloe Moss, Volunteer
Coordinator Anthony Nirschl, Volunteer
Coordinator Saravan Paramashivan, IT Robert
Radford, Copy Editor Clement Riehl, Intern -
Communications Coordinator Michael Riggs, PR,
Gala Steering Committee, Grants Cindy Roberts,
Newsletter Editor Amanda Shannahan Ruchi Singhal,
Grant Writer, Researcher Michelle Tsui, Copy
Editor Vicki Vaughn, Grant Researcher Lynda
Worden, Office Support Velle Wright, Grant
Writer, PR, Gala Steering Committee Geoff
Yamasaki, Grant Writer
Clement Riehl Intern - Communications Coordinator
Ariel Loh Graphics
Yoshikazu Funato (Kazu) Intern - Development
This fiscal year, our growing team of volunteers
logged more than 3,200 hours, time valued at
nearly 60,000. Thats over an 800 increase in
one year!
Clary Goedert-Gasper Database Support
How You Can Make A Difference
ADOPT-A-SCHOOL When you adopt-a-school, your
donation funds the school of your choice, freeing
up previously designated Haas funds so we can
help additional schools that might not receive
to your brand-building efforts and meaning for
your employees by contributing to the success of
your learning community. Contact Bonnie Hilory,
Executive Director, to find out about corporate
sponsorship opportunities. bhilory_at_haasfoundation.
org MAKE A PERSONAL GIFT Consider making us
your favorite charity. You can make a gift online
or by mail. Don't forget, you may be able to
double your gift if your company participates in
the Matching Gift program. Visit or talk to your HR
department for more details. IN-KIND DONATIONS
Whether it's support for the Foundation or for
schools, in-kind donations are a terrific way to
help us reach our annual goals. Contact us to
find out what our greatest needs are for the
upcoming year. EMPOWER YOUR STUDENTS If your
school already partners with the Haas Foundation,
coordinate a fundraiser at your school or with a
youth organization to help raise matching
funds. VOLUNTEER Use your time and talents to
help us make a difference for students in need.
Check out our volunteer opportunities at REFER A SCHOOL If you
know of a secondary school whose students could
use assistance, introduce them to the benefits of
partnering with the Haas Foundation. They can
request funding at SHARE
OUR MESSAGE Become a Haas Foundation champion.
Share our success stories with your service
club, colleagues, friends, and family by sending
them to our website where they can get involved,
To find out more about these opportunities,
visit or call Bonnie
Hilory at 206.352.1199.
fund distribution
Below is an overview of the Haas Foundation
statewide grants by category for 2005-2006
featuring fiscal/school year data as of
Amounts include matching funds raised by schools
and any unused funds from previous fiscal year.
Directors The Saul and Dayee G. Haas Foundation
(a corporation) We have audited the
accompanying statement of net assets arising
directly from cash transactions of The Saul and
Dayee G. Haas Foundation (a corporation) (the
Foundation) as of June 30, 2006 and the related
statement of revenue collected, contributions and
expenses disbursed, and changes in net assets for
the year then ended. These financial statements
are the responsibility of the foundations
management. Our responsibility is to express an
opinion on these financial statements based on
our audit. We conducted our audit in
accordance with auditing standards generally
accepted in the United States of America. Those
standards require that we plan and perform the
audit to obtain reasonable assurance about
whether the financial statements are free of
material misstatement. An audit includes
examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting
the amounts and disclosures in the financial
statements. An audit also includes assessing the
accounting principles used and significant
estimates made by management, as well as
evaluating the overall financial statement
presentation. We believe that our audit provides
a reasonable basis for our opinion. As
described in Note 2, these statements were
prepared on the basis of cash receipts and
disbursements, which is a comprehensive basis of
accounting other than accounting principles
generally accepted in the United States of
America. In our opinion, the financial
statements referred to above present fairly, in
all material respects, the net assets arising
directly from cash transactions as of June 30,
2006, and its revenue collected, contributions
and expenses disbursed, and changes in net assets
for the year then ended, in conformity with the
basis of accounting described in Note 2. The
2005 financial statements were reviewed by us,
and the report thereon, dated August 5, 2005,
stated we were not aware of any material
modifications that should be made to the
statements for them to be in conformity the basis
of accounting described in Note 2. However, a
review is substantially less in scope than an
audit and does not provide a basis for the
expression of an opinion on the financial
statements taken as a whole. Branch, Richards
Co., P.S. Seattle, Washington September 8, 2006
YEARS ENDED JUNE 30, 2006 AND 2005
Dayee G. Haas Foundation (a corporation) (the
"Foundation") was originally organized as a trust
on June 25, 1963, and received its initial
contribution of assets from Mr. Saul Haas. On
November 10, 1971, the Foundation was
incorporated under the laws of the state of
Washington, and all of the assets of the trust
were assigned to the corporation on December 1,
1972. Mr. Haas passed away on October 17, 1972,
and the Foundation subsequently received
contributions from his estate totaling
2,772,641. On October 22, 1974, the Foundation
changed it name to The Saul and Dayee G. Haas
Foundation. Mrs. Haas passed away on December
16, 1983, and the Foundation subsequently
received contributions from her estate totaling
1,829,500. During the fiscal year ended June
30, 1989, the Foundation received the final
distribution of cash of 17,374 from Mrs. Haas'
estate. The purpose of the Foundation is to
contribute moneys, generated through investments
of the Foundation's corpus, primarily to junior
and senior high schools throughout the state of
Washington to assist students to stay in school
and to realize their full potential. The
Foundation is exempt from federal income tax
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
Code. NOTE 2 - BASIS OF REPORTING The financial
statements of the Foundation are prepared on the
cash basis of accounting. Consequently, revenue
and related assets are recognized when received
rather than when earned contributions and
expenses are recognized when paid rather than
when the obligation is incurred and increases or
decreases in the market value of investment
securities and amortization of bond discounts and
premiums are not reflected in the financial
statements. The financial statements do not
include accrued interest income of approximately
67,105 and 63,031 at June 30, 2006 and 2005,
respectively. Further, no separate statement of
cash flows is provided because the information is
included in the cash-basis statements of revenue
collected, contributions and expenses disbursed,
and changes in net assets. Investment
securities, except for equity securities, are
carried at cost. Equity securities are carried
at cost or, if donated, at market value on the
donation date. Reclassifications Certain prior
year amounts have been reclassified to conform to
the current year presentation. NOTE 3 NOTE
RECEIVABLE The Foundation has a note receivable
that is collateralized by a real estate deed of
trust. The note requires monthly payments in the
amount of 6,300, including interest at 7.5 and
principal, through June 1, 2009, at which time
the remaining balance is to be paid in
DISTRIBUTIONS The 1969 Tax Reform Act, as amended
by the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981,
provides that for taxable years beginning after
1981, a private foundation is required to
distribute its minimum investment return (5 of
the Foundation's net investment assets less
federal excise tax) within the year received or
the following year or be subject to a 15
first-level tax on its undistributed income.
Amounts distributed in excess of the required
minimum in prior years reduce the current year's
required minimum distribution. The Foundation has
met or exceeded the required minimum distribution
in prior years and at June 30, 2006, has an
excess distribution carryover of 193,208.
the fair value of the Foundation's investment in
equity securities exceeded cost by 1,452,581.
Gross unrealized gains at that date were
1,496,683. The Foundation purchased investment
securities aggregating 2,605,656 and 683,485 in
2006 and 2005, respectively. The Foundation sold
or redeemed investment securities aggregating
1,629,585 and 326,495 in 2006 and 2005,
respectively. Gain or loss on the sale of
investments is calculated using the specific
identified cost method. A summary of the
Foundation's investment in corporate bonds at
June 30, 2006, is as follows A summary of
the Foundation's investment in treasury notes and
treasury bonds at June 30, 2006, is as
follows The FNMA mortgage-backed security
with a cost of 2,778 bears interest at 7 and
has a stated maturity date of 2010. NOTE 6
EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT PLAN On October 31, 2001, the
Board of Directors adopted and implemented a
Simple Employee Pension Plan ("SEP IRA") under
Section 408(k) of the Internal Revenue Code
beginning with the 2001 - 2002 fiscal year. The
amount of the Foundation's annual contribution to
each employee's SEP IRA shall be 10 of the
employee's annual compensation. Contributions
totaled 10,726 in 2006. NOTE 7 OTHER FUNDING
SOURCES The Saul and Dayee Haas Foundation
started accepting online donations beginning in
2006. The online donations are accepted through
http//, a not for profit
organization specializing in online donations.
An annual donation campaign was also started
during 2006, resulting in contributions of
65,435. NOTE 8 - LEASES The foundation leases
its office space with monthly payments according
to the schedule below until the lease expires in
February 2011. Future minimum lease payments
for the office space lease
in-kind donations
EVENTS Seattle Super Sonics FOOD World Wrapps
MARKETING Document Jockey, Patrick Williams -
Printing Google - Ad Word Campaign greymatter
creative, Michael Pires - Logo Design Melody
Hazen - Annual Report and Brochure Design Velle
Wright - Video Production MEETING ROOMS, OFFICE
and Industry Pemco Financial Services Preston,
Gates Ellis, LLP RDP Associates REI, Inc. PRO
BONO SERVICES Branch, Richards Co.,
P.S. Certified Public Accountants and
Consultants Preston, Gates Ellis, LLP, Alan
Jon Galt Bowman Hon. Betty Fletcher Highline
Athletic Club Bonnie Hilory The Museum of
Flight Kevin Talbot Wings Aloft WEBSITE
SUPPORT Mike Koss Accretive Technology Group
Jason Swanson
donor honor roll
Generous Financial Support Thank you to the
individuals and organizations who contributed to
the support of the Haas Foundation.
Accretive Margaret Ronald Albertson Jodee
David Lee Anderson Anonymous Anonymous
Foundation George Ann Bailey Paul Bailey
Grant Bordon John Hunter, Reed Construction,
Inc. Forbes Geraldine Bottomly Jon Ann
Bowman Anita Braker Dave Olsen Artie Buerk
Emory Bundy M. John Mattie Bundy Kay
Douglas Burke Ray Cohrs Kay Cherberg
Cohrs Duane Diane Cromwell Col. Paul Crosby
(RET) Tracy Cusack Anuj Dayama Scott
Demianiw Kenneth Sandra Dorsett Marilyn Batt
Dunn Arbel Tidarat Espiritu Frank Phyllis
Failor Mark Farmer Joni Pierre Fauvet Frank
Doris Fidler Cedar Jen Finkle-Weaver Hon.
Betty Fletcher Jody Foster Yoshikazu
Funato Carver Gayton, Ph.D. Ruth Gerberding R.
Danner Graves Joel Groen Joyce Groen Robert
Grossman Deesa Haas Dr. George Patricia Hall
Mary Halvarson Gerard Hanauer Frank Hanawalt
Frank Hansen Malver Haynes Thomas Margaret
Hayward Bonnie Hilory Kevin Talbot Howard S.
Wright Family Foundation Gail Huntley Ethan
Hwang Kate Janeway
Hon. Charles Johnson K.M. R.N. Jones Richard
Jones Terry Jones Douglas Kahl Phil Peggy
Kallsen Christine Katayama Timothy Kristin
Kelly Siegfried Ruth Kiemle Donald Gail
Kohn Laura Kohn Phil Konkel Mark Latta Aaron
Leavell Dick Lee Thomas Catherine
Lendosky Kathleen Thomas Lendvay Frances
LeSourd Harris Levinson Tom Lord Roger Lorge,
Yardarm Pub Broiler Kim Lubin John MacKenzie
Raj Manhas, Alliance for Education Norm Mathews,
Island Market Co., Inc. Kate Martin John Maynard
Dick McCormick Jo and Alan McDonald Marcia
McGreevy Lewis Robert D. Lewis, M.D. Jeff
McKay Gordon Lena V. Meeske Jim Menzies,
Ph.D. Lee Miller Paul Milne Laura Willingham
Milne Mike Koss George Frances Moynihan Steve
Mullet Tim Nacrelli Barbara Ocskai-Gorcester
Scott Gorcester Hollis Palmer Robert Perlman
Mark Palmer Saravanabhava Paramashivan Lawrence
Parks, Jr. Roger Percy Janice Perry Dale Ronda
Peterson Shari Dave Pfeiffer Prairie High
School John Gail Reid, SFC, UAS (RET)
Paul Prentice Sharon Prentice Casper Vynnette
George Rettenmaier Jim Roark Cynthia Roberts Lee
Rolfe Michael Rorick Ann Bergman Seth
Russell Sue Russell Kenneth Lucia Schubert Iva
Thomas Scott Joseph Shih Pam Shir, Café
Pirouette James Shoe, DDS Stephen Silha Gary
Simon Anand Skeels Southcenter Rotary Club of
Tukwila Star Industrial Supply Inc. Martha
Steiger, Steiger Janitorial Service Jane
Stephenson Anne Stoltz Theodore Strong Steve
Liann Sundquist Don Patsy Tayon, Yakima Valley
Insurance Heath Tayon Thursday Thirsty
Boys Eleanor John Toews Camille Uhlir Thomas
Karen Walker Kelly Walsh Kathy Waltho Randy
Laura Waugaman John Welch Lisa Harman Welch
John Kelly Welsh Elaine Wetterauer Alan
Wicks Debbie Williams Glenda Williams Perry
Wilkins Gerald Sondra Wilson Maureen Wineland
Paul Wineman Mattie Woodson Erin Wright Sally
Wright Geoffrey Yamasaki Norman Barbara
Yamasaki Mark Victoria Zadeh
campaign support
Give Secondary Students A Chance! Supporters
Tireless Creative Effort Thank you to the 36
campaign volunteers who supported this vision. We
could not have done it without you!
Maggie Ronald Albertson Paul Bailey Jon Galt
Bowman Emory Bundy Jody Foster Yoshikazu
Funato Ruth Gerberding R. Danner Graves Joel
Groen James Hammond Frank Hanawalt Bonnie
Hilory Kate Janeway Richard Jones Laura
Kohn Frances LeSourd Dick Lee Tom Lord John
Maynard Dick McCormick Jeff McKay Nancy
McKernon Jim Menzies, Ph.D. Gloria Mitchell Gary
Moed George Frances Moynihan Ed Noh Roger
Percy Sue Russell Gene Schmidt Heath Tayon Selome
Teshome John Kelly Welsh Connie Wible Maureen
Wineland Geoffrey Yamasaki
Student Artwork Thank you to the following
schools who donated original student artwork used
on plaques for donors in the 250 category
AC Davis High School Auburn Riverside High
School Ballard High School Bellevue High
School Cascade Middle School Chinook Middle
School Havermale High School Henderson Bay High
School Heritage High School Holy Family
School Holy Names Academy HomeLink Resource
Centers Juanita High School Lewisville Middle
Nelson Middle School Rainier Beach High
School Reardan High School Ridgefield High
School Rivers Edge High School Roosevelt High
School Shorewood High School Tacoma Public
School Visitation Catholic School Vista Horizon
Middle Schools Winlock High School Yelm High
School Zion Preparatory Academy
This past year, we teamed up with the Seattle
Sonics and Storm to create a unique fundraising
event to help every school reach its needs. They
generously donated five suites for games during
the 2006 Summer which allowed the Foundation to
inspire school coordinators to learn how to
fundraise for matching grants by using this
unique initiative. In addition to attending a
Sonics game, representatives of participating
schools can be part of one of our many "life
experiences" on behalf of the Haas Foundation.
The "life experiences" include the Fan Gauntlet
(a locker room tour), and access to Key Arena
before doors officially open to the public.
Now you can raise money for the Haas
Foundation just by searching the Internet at Powered by Yahoo!, you use like any other search engine,
here's how it works Go to
type "Haas Foundation" into the "I support" box
and click on "verify". Since GoodSearch shares
its advertising revenue with charities and
schools, every time you search the web at
GoodSearch, you'll be earning money for us. You
can even keep track of our estimated earnings by
clicking on "amount raised" once you designate us
as your organization of choice. The more people
who use the site, the more money we'll earn, so
please spread the word.
iSOLD It offers a simple, innovative way for
schools to raise money towards their matching
grant goal and beyond. When schools register with
iSOLD It, parents and community members can drop
off items to sell, and donate the proceeds to the
schools. It's a built-in, flexible, year-round
Add value to your brand-building efforts and
meaning for your employees by contributing to
the success of your learning community. To find
out more about our sponsorship opportunities,
contact Bonnie Hilory, Executive Director, at
206.352.1199 or
Friends, staff and volunteers join together for
the Give Secondary Students a Chance! Celebration
dinner on February 27, 2006 at MOHAI.
Lynda Worden, Velle Wright, Shinichi Horii and
other volunteers ban together for a mailing party
to help the Foundation get out this years school
fund mailing.
Heath Tayon (HEAP), shares a personal story about
the impact of the Foundation at the Give
Secondary Students a Chance! victory celebration.
This summer, Foundation staff and volunteers
celebrated this years hard work with a relaxing
boat trip.
All-star intern, Clement Riehl joins Foundation
supporters for a Storm game at Key Arena. The
jersey was signed by Sue Bird as a thank you for
all Clements hard work!
The Disappearing Task Force on Governance,
co-chaired by board members Kate Janeway and
Judge Betty Fletcher, kicked-off this years
planning session in May, 2006.
Deesa Haas with Tom Brokaw at the Edward R.
Murrow Symposium where he received the Murrow
Lifetime Achievement Award in April, 2006.
A team of Haas leaders proudly represented the
Foundation at the annual Murrow Symposium,
sponsored by the Haas Foundation. Every year the
Symposium acknowledges exceptional achievement in
communication, celebrates scholarship, and
connects students to industry professionals.
(Deesa Haas, Penelope Percy, Roger Percy, Ruth
Gerberding, and Bonnie Hilory.)
Leonard Harmon from the Seattle Sonics and Storm
provided easy fundraising ideas during a
coordinator orientation meeting in February, 2006.
Bonnie Hilory greeted volunteers at the Haas
Open House in April, 2006.
Helping Kids in Need
Many people say you cant judge a book by its
cover. In this case, it was probably the best
thing a school could have done to uplift the
spirit of a young girl and make her feel like
there are people that care about her. This
student lives in a poverty-stricken family. Her
mother does not work due to a disability and her
step-father was recently laid-off from a company
he had been employed with for almost 10 years.
She shares a small rundown home with her parents
and five brothers and sisters. She is a very shy
girl with a quiet voice. She is always
respectful, kind, and very bright.
Three of her friends came to an administrator
and expressed concern for her well being when
they realized that she was wearing the same
clothing several days in a row. They also
noticed that her pants were torn and her shoes
had opened at the sides, proving that she had not
had new clothes in a long time. There was no
question that we should help.
Her friends mentioned they would help by
putting together some money to buy her a pair of
shoes and asked the administrators to help with
some new clothing. We did not think twice and
immediately responded by taking her and a friend
shopping. The expression on her face was like
that of a child in an ice cream parlor. And she
was more comfortable selecting a few shirts and
pants with her friend than with adults, so the
experience was less frightening than being alone
with two adults watching over her.
She sent a thank you card to the
administration that read I once read the book,
The Diaries of Anne Frank and there was a quote
Anne made that made me wonder how it could be
true. It read, no one has ever become poor by
giving. I understand now because La Salle
offers service to the poor and I once thought I
was poor, but I now know that I am rich with
friends, family, and teachers who love me. Thank
you for the clothes and shoes, but just the fact
that someone thought of me was the best gift of
all. While we look at the cover of the book,
we always take the time to open it and read every
page as the life of a young student evolves into
the beauty that is education, love, service, and
respect for all. La Salle High School
inspiring hope
Kids Dreaming of the Future
Sometimes just the sense of belonging and
being a part of peer activities is a major
success for a student. Through the use of Haas
Foundations funds a young lady, who faces many
personal challenges, experienced this success.
The simple purchase of a student activity card
provided her with access to all sporting events
and eligibility for co-curricular club
membership. To watch her sit in the
standssmiling, visiting with peers, cheering for
her school teamsgave meaning and purpose to the
need for relationships. I believe her life was
enriched because of the simple purchase. Dayton
Jr./Sr. High School, Dayton
It is amazing to watch a student find
confidence and self-worth through success in an
after-school activity. Thanks to the funding
support from Haas Foundation, this year
participation in the Chess Club provided that
vital experience for one student. Villa Academy
Watching this student create artwork is pure
joy. One can feel the happiness she gets from
creating art. Being a part of the art class and
having access to the wonderful tools available
has had a big impact on her school success. She
has excellent attendance and always does her very
best work. I have hopes that she will continue
and take part in one or more of the many art
contests and exhibits available to her. Grateful
for the support, she told me, I am so happy that
I was given a scholarship for this years art
class. She is just one of the many art students
supported by the Haas Foundation this year. Each
student has a unique story, and has benefited in
many ways from the foundations support. West
Seattle High School, Seattle
A special needs student whose family was
living in poverty was helped by the purchase of a
new pair of athletic shoes. His old pair was
thoroughly worn out and the family could not
afford to replace them. He didnt really like
coming to school to begin with, but feeling
embarrassed by the his appearance made it even
more difficult. He was very happy and proud when
we bought him a new pair of shoes with our Haas
Foundation funds. He told his teacher the new
shoes made him feel more confident. They made it
easier to come to school and not feel embarrassed
or ridiculed by peers. Cedarcrest Jr. High
School, Spanaway
PHOTOGRAPHY SOURCE Please note that in order to
protect the identity of students,throughout this
annual report we have utilized stock photography
for all student images, purchased from All other event photography is
the property of the Haas Foundation.
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