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English Civil War, The Glorious Revolution


Worst struggles w/ Parliament were over money. ... only agreed to one Puritan reform: translating the Bible: The King James version ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: English Civil War, The Glorious Revolution

English Civil War, The Glorious Revolution the
Magna Carta
England 1600
King James Stuart I
  • King James VI of Scotland
  • Inherited Queen Elizabeth I throne (1603-1625)
  • Key questions how much power should Parliament
  • Believed in Absolutism
  • Worst struggles w/ Parliament were over money.
    They were reluctant ot pay for Jamess expensive
    court foreign wars
  • Offended Puritan members of Parliament
  • James Calvinist
  • only agreed to one Puritan reform translating
    the Bible The King James version

King Charles Stuart I
  • 1625 son of James, came to power
  • Always needed money
  • At war with Spain and France
  • Dissolved Parliament several times when they
    refused him money
  • 1628 force to call Parliament
  • They refused him any money until he signed a
    document that is known at the Petition of Rights
  • Agreed to sign the Petition of Rights

Charles I
Petition Of Rights
  • No imprisonment w/o due cause
  • No taxes w/o Parliaments consent
  • No housing soldiers in private homes
  • No martial law in peacetime
  • Charles signed it then Ignored it!!!!!
  • (even so it was important b/c it set forth the
    idea that the law was
  • HIGHER than the KING

King Charles Stuart I the English Civil War
  • Offended Puritans by upholding church ritual a
    formal prayer book
  • 1637- he tried to force the Presbyterian Scots to
    accept a version of the Anglican prayer book!
  • Wanted one religion for both Kingdoms
  • Scots rebelled, threatening to invade England
  • Called Parliament to ask for money for the
  • Parliament now had a chance to oppose him
  • 1641- Parliament passed laws to limit royal power
  • 1642- Charles tries to arrest Parliaments
    leaders they escaped
  • Mob of Londoners Raged outside the Palace after
    the King!
  • He escaped raised an army in the North (loyal
    to him)
  • 1642-49 supporters (loyalists or Cavaliers)
    opponents (Roundheads) fought a CIVIL WAR
  • 1644- Oliver Cromwell came to defend the Puritan

Charles I Tried for Treason Executed
  • 1647- the loyalists held the King prisoner on
    charges of treason
  • 1649- Charles was tried for treason, found guilty
    and EXECUTED!
  • First King ever to be tried, sentenced and killed
    by the people

Oliver Cromwell the English Commonwealth
Oliver Cromwell
  • Puritan Morality imposed!
  • Sought to reform society
  • Made laws to promote Puritan morality abolish
    sinful activities (dancing, theatre, comedy,
  • Favored religious toleration for all Christians
    except Catholics
  • Became unpopular due to strict religious rules
  • Son ruled after him, weakly
  • People began to long for the Monarchy

The Restoration Charles Stuart II
  • 1660- Charles II entered London to cheers of
    support and celebration for the return of the
  • Restored the theater, sporting events, dancing
  • Parliament passed an important guarantee of
    freedom, HABEAS CORPUS
  • 1679- law passed guaranteeing prisoners right to
    go before a judge the accuser
  • Monarch could no longer put people in jail
  • Died 1685 with no heir

James Stuart II (Charles II brother)
  • 1685- became King
  • Offended the English by flaunting his Catholicism
  • Appointed many Catholics to high office (illegal)
  • Parliament protested. James dissolved them
  • 1688- heir born, England became fearful at the
    prospect of a long line of Catholic Kings

James Stuart II the Glorious Revolution
William and Mary
  • James II older daughter (Protestant) was married
    to William of Orange (Netherlands).
  • Parliament invited them to overthrow James
  • William led his army to London
  • James fled to France (to save his head)
  • a BLOODLESS overthrown of a King

The Conditions A Constitutional Monarchy
  • William Mary had to agree to rule according to
    English Law
  • They had to sign the Bill of Rights
  • Recognizing Parliament as their Partner in
  • No suspending of Parliaments Laws
  • No taxes w/o a specific grant from Parliament
  • No interfering w/ freedom of speech in Parliament
  • No Penalty for a citizen who complains to the
  • William Mary Consented
  • Constitutional Monarch is Born

English Bill of Rights
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