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GEAR UP Summer Programs


State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. GEAR UP Summer Programs ... In Virginia, the ratio of high school counselors to students is 1:335. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: GEAR UP Summer Programs

GEAR UP Summer Programs

What is GEAR UP?
  • Gaining
  • Early
  • Awareness
  • Readiness for
  • Undergraduate
  • Programs

State GEAR-UP Program Goals
  • Competitive six-year matching grants that must
    include both early intervention and scholarship
    components to
  • increase high school graduation and college-going
    rates of students from low-income families
  • ensure that middle and high school students and
    their families have the information that they
    need to prepare academically for college
  • enable students from low-income families to
    attend college by providing scholarships to
    students in need.

GEAR UP Virginia
students in seventh grade who are at a
participating school in which at least 50 of the
students are eligible for free and reduced-price
GEAR UP 2006-2012
  • GEAR UP Districts 25
  • GEAR UP Schools within Districts 38
  • Total Enrollment 5,986

GEAR UP Virginia
  • A. Academic Readiness Programs
  • 1. Academic-year, school-based program
  • a) Tutoring
  • b) Speakers and workshops
  • 2. Summer Programs
  • 3. Mentoring
  • 4. Neighborhood Academies
  • 5. Professional development for teachers
  • B. College and Financial Aid Awareness Programs
  • 1. Publications
  • 2. Presentations
  • 3. Pre-collegiate awareness website

College Graduates by Age 24
  • Young People from High Income Families 48
  • Young People from Low Income Families 7

  • A high school counselor, on average, spends 4 to
    20 minutes each year with high school students.
  • In Virginia, the ratio of high school counselors
    to students is 1335.
  • In families with an income of less than 25,000,
    40 of the students never attain a college
  • In families with over 75,000, only 16 never
    attain a college degree.
  • Almost 29 of students entering 9th grade never
  • Of those who go on to college, 53 go immediately
    after high school.

2007 Summer Programs
  • Transition programs in the southwest
  • Alice Funk, Southwest Regional Manager, GEAR UP
  • Joan Hart, Buchanan County Public Schools,
    Guidance Counselor
  • College sponsored programs across the state
  • Dr. Gabrielle Peltier, Norfolk State University,
    School of Education

The best transition programs are those that
include a variety of activities (Hertzog and
Morgan, 1999)
Activities that
  • Provided students and parents information about
    the new school
  • provided students social support during the
    transition and
  • brought school personnel together to learn about
    one anothers curriculum and requirements.

  • The first day of high school is every students
    first step toward graduation!

  • or as is the case for one in every three students
    in this country, their first step toward
    dropping out.

Across the United States
  • Every 29 seconds another student drops out of
    high school
  • 1 million students drop out annually
  • Among all students 1 in 3 fail to graduate on
  • 1 of 2 African-American, Hispanic, and Native
    American students do not graduate on time
  • The Silent Epidemic, 2006

In Virginia
  • Of every 100 high school freshman in Virginia
    about 74 percent graduate on time as compared
    with 68 percent nationally
  • Only 63.6 percent of African American students
    complete ninth grade on-time
  • Only 69.1 percent of Hispanic students complete
    ninth grade on-time
  • 80.7 percent of white students complete ninth
    grade on-time

In Virginia
  • The rate of grade retention is highest in grade 9
    at 13 percent. This is about twice the
    percentage of students held back in grades 8 or
  • Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute,

In Virginia
  • 88 high schools have a ninth grade retention rate
    of 20 percent or more
  • Virginia Department of
    Education, 2004

  • Research has found that effective middle to high
    school transition program can reduce the barriers
    to learning thus decreasing drop out rates and
    increasing retention rates.

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SOAR Goals and Objectives
  • Decrease the number of GEAR UP students who are
    retained in grade 8 or 9
  • Increase the mathematics proficiency of GEAR UP
  • Increase the language arts proficiency of GEAR UP
  • Decrease the number of GEAR UP students who

  • Increase the number of GEAR UP student who
    graduate from high school
  • Increasing college readiness of GEAR UP high
    school graduates.
  • Increase the number of GEAR UP graduates who go
    to college
  • Increase GEAR UP students and their families
    knowledge of college preparation and financing

Building a Leadership Team
  • Middle School Teachers
  • High School Teachers
  • Middle and High School Administrators
  • Central Office Administrators
  • Representatives from College and Universities
  • Businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Students
  • Parents

Assessing the Needs of your Students and Schools
  • What is unique about your ninth graders?
  • What is your four-year on-time graduation rate?
    What is it disaggregated by sub-populations?
  • What is your schools ninth grade retention rate.
    What is it disaggregated by sub-populations?
  • What programming options are currently available
    for academically challenged ninth graders?

  • 5. What academic interventions are currently in
    place when ninth graders begin to struggle?
  • 6. What data do you gather on ninth grade
    success? What additional data are you
    considering collecting if any?
  • 7. What initiatives are currently in place to
    provide for effective transition for students
    from grade 8 to grade 9?
  • 8. What strategies are in place to assist ninth
    graders who are struggling readers?

  • Every Middle to High School Transition Program
    should contain one or more of the following
  • A plan(s) to create enhanced transition for
    students from grade 8 to grade 9
  • A plan(s) to identify ninth grade students at
    risk of failure
  • A plan(s) to implement instructional and
    organizational strategies that focus on student
    motivation and academic success
  • A plan(s) to focus on improving literacy among
    ninth grade students.
  • (Source Reinventing the Ninth Grade, Dr. Gary
    Fields, International Center for Leadership in
    Education, 2005).

Planning a Effective Middle to High School
Transition Program
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where

Things for Consideration
  • Transportation
  • Curriculum
  • Partnerships

  • Schiller defined academic transition as a
    process during which institutional and social
    factors influence which students educational
    careers are positively or negatively affected by
    this movement between organizations.
  • K. S. Schiller, 2004

  • A school administrator once noted although
    kindergarten is very much like first grade, grade
    5 is very much like grade 6, and grade 12 is very
    similar to the freshmen year in college, grade 8
    in the middle school is nothing like grade 9 in
    the high school

  • Alice J. Funk
  • Lead Regional Resource Manager
  • GEAR UP/ACCESS Virginia
  • State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
  • Virginia Highlands Community College
  • Abingdon, VA
  • (276) 739-2462
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