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... your child in 20 ... the city of Chicago, I did not participate in Scouting as a child. ... term benefits to your child from their Scouting experiences, both ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mission_Family

Its Role
And Your Family
Thank you for taking the time to earn the
Spotlight On The Family badge for your child.
The Hawkeye Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
is committed to providing the finest program for
youth and families. This short, twenty-one
slide PowerPoint presentation will help you
recognize the long term benefits of Scouting. We
will demonstrate to you that Scouting is worth
your investment of time and your childs
continued participation. With your help we can
make a positive difference in his life and
in the lives of your entire family!
The Starting Point For A Successful Life
Picture your child in 20 years They have
reached physical maturity, have entered the work
place and are beginning to start their own family
legacy. But what kind of an adult have they
become? Do they have character, strong ethical
values and conviction of principal? Are they a
good citizen, will they make a good parent? Are
they leaders with positive ideas and clear
decision making skills who others will follow?
Dean, Dave, and Chad Airy
Lets look at how Scouting has helped them on the
way to success as they begin their adult life.
Enhancing Core Values
  • Perhaps your family shares these principles from
    the Hawkeye Area Councils mission statement
  • Strong values and character
  • Positive self-worth and usefulness
  • Caring and nurturing relationships with parents,
    peers and other adults
  • A desire to learn
  • Productive/creative use of time
  • Social adeptness

The Scouting Difference
  • Men and women who were Scouts agree that Scouting
    has had a positive influence on their lives.
    Scouting has influenced their character
    development, self-confidence, interpersonal
    skills and has provided benefits to their entire
  • Scouting alumni agree that the program has
  • Improved their family life.
  • Had a positive effect on their school life in
    later years.
  • Enhanced their career development and advancement
    as an adult.

Take A Reality Check
  • Soon, you will meet actual Hawkeye Area Council
    Scouting families as they share their experiences
    in the program. These families agree that, in
    addition to instilling positive values in their
    Scouts, Scouting has provided them with a safe
    environment in which to learn and grow.
  • Scouting provides for the safety of its youth
    members, adult leaders and families through
  • Outstanding youth education and protection at
    all levels of the program, creating a safe haven
    for every youth.
  • Background checks and leadership approval
    from local chartered partners to ensure
    quality leadership.

Scouting and the Family
Through quality training events and life changing
outdoor experiences, Scouting has a positive
influence in adult volunteers as well as your
child! Harris Interactive has studied the
effects Scouting has on adults. Adult volunteers
stated that through their involvement in Scouting
they became better parents, more patient and
tolerant of others and better employees in the
workplace. Scouting provides families the
opportunity to grow together. Siblings are often
the additional beneficiaries of the Scouting
success story!
Result Closer Family Ties
  • 80 of Americans strongly agree that having close
    family relationships is a key to happiness.
  • 88 of men who were Scouts for five or more years
    agree that Scouting and good family life are
    natural partners.
  • 56 of youth who have been in Scouting for five
    or more years say that their parent or guardians
    opinion is very important when choosing a club or
    activity, compared with only 36 of youth who
    were never a Scout.
  • 73 of men who were Scouts for five or more
    years say that Scouting has a positive effect on
    family life in later years.

To say that the Hamous family supports Scouting
is an understatement. Don Hamous, a dedicated
Scouter and Silver Beaver recipient with 68 years
of continuous service earned his Quartermaster
award in sea Scouting as a youth. His two sons,
Bruce (also a Silver Beaver recipient with 43
years of service) and Steve are both Eagle Scouts
and both Bruces sons, Brandon and James have
also earned their Eagle awards. Thats three
generations of Hamous who have earned Scoutings
highest awards and who are all still actively
involved in Scouting. It is not unusual to see
father, son and grandson all attending an Order
of the Arrow conclave, Council recognition
banquet or Troop committee meeting. They stay
active in Scouting for many reasons, including
the opportunity to have a positive influence on
youth and to enjoy Scouting activities with other
members of their family at their side. Scouting
has been, and continues to be, a way of life for
the Hamous and its likely that this family will
continue to produce more Eagle Scouts and
dedicated life-long Scouters for generations to
come. Don, Brandon, James,
Bruce, and
Steve Hamous
Result Improved Relationships
  • 90 of Cub Scout parents said that because of Cub
    Scouting they share time with their sons by
    working on projects together, going places
    together and talking together.
  • Over 95 of Cub Scout parents state that social
    skills their son learned through Cub Scouting
  • How to get along with others
  • How to respect others feelings
  • How to treat others
  • 98 of Cub Scout parents stated that Scouting is
    a friendly and safe environment for their son to
    learn values and ethics.

We are very excited about Trentons involvement
in Scouting. Scouting provides Trenton with a
great opportunity for continued growth and
learning involving all facets of life. The
foundational beliefs and values taught in
Scouting support our own core values and beliefs
taught at home. In addition, I am also very
excited to take part in Scouting as an Assistant
Den Leader. Growing up in the city of Chicago, I
did not participate in Scouting as a child.
Having a chance to do so now with my son Trenton
is a wonderful experience. He and I are
experiencing a number of Scouting firsts
together. It has been a great and fun bonding
opportunity. Jim Smith Assistant Den Leader
of Den 6 / Pack 27 Cedar Rapids with Trenton,
Kirsten, and Tamara Smith
Result Success
  • Almost all parents (95) assert that learning
    self-reliance and independence is an important
    reason to have their sons in Scouting.
  • 89 of Venturers agree that The activities in
    Venturing help you prepare for the future.
  • Men who were Scouts for five or more years report
    earning 75,000 average household income compared
    with 61,000 for men who were never in Scouts.
  • 83 of men who were Scouts for five or more years
    agree that Scouting has helped them to be
    successful in their career.
  • Men who were Scouts for five or more years are
    almost twice as likely to graduate from college
    than men who were never Scouts. (35 v. 19)

"I am very proud of Frank and Adam's achievements
in attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. I feel
that it is much more difficult to accomplish this
nowadays as compared to when I did it because
there are so many more things competing for their
time and energy. The Eagle badge is a sign that
the recipient can make a plan and persevere with
delayed gratification. All of these are skills
that will be helpful in any career that might be
selected." Dr. John Canady Plastic
Surgeon Eagle Scout Iowa City
Result Enhanced Education
  • 75 of Cub Scout parents agree that the program
    encourages them to read together with their
  • 93 of Cub Scout parents state that the program
    helped their boys develop new interests.
  • 66 of boys who are Scouts agree that Scouting
    has helped performance in physical fitness.
  • 56 of current Scouts state that Scouting has
    increased performance in science.

"Scouting is truly a family affair and an
opportunity for lifelong adventure.  The ideals
developed through the scouting program continue
on through generations.  As a parent and a middle
school teacher, I'm convinced the character
traits instilled by the Boy Scouts of America
exemplify what's most desired in the citizens of
our great country."   Cindy Smith Teacher,
Harding Middle School Hawkeye Area Council
Training Committee Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Cody, Paul, and Stanley Smith
Result Stretching Oneself
  • 91 of men who were Scouts state that Scouting
    developed in them how to overcome adversity or
    problems with courage.
  • 93 of men who were Scouts for five or more years
    indicated that Scouting taught them how to have
    confidence in their abilities.
  • 83 of men who were Scouts for five or more years
    state that there have been real-life situations
    where having been a Scout helped them to be a
    better leader.
  • 78 of Boy Scouts agree that Scouting builds

Scouting is truly a family activity. It involves
everyone from the parents, brothers, sisters and
even includes grandparents and aunts and uncles.
Scouting breaks the barriers of physical and
mental handicaps. Bryan has Downs Syndrome.
With the aid of family, Scout leaders, merit
badge counselors and camp staff, Bryan attained
the rank of Eagle Scout in 2004. Scouting gave
Bryan confidence in his abilities. Scouting has
been in our family for over 60 years.
Joe Podzimek Father of Eagle Scouts Michael and
Bryan Cedar Rapids, IA
Result Higher Ethical Standards
  • 96 of men who were Scouts for five or more years
    say that Scouting developed in them the value of
    always being honest.
  • 91 of the same group indicated that Scouting
    showed them the value of showing understanding to
    those less fortunate.
  • 78 of all current Scouts agree that Scouting has
    taught them to care for others.

As an Eagle Scout and the parent of an Eagle
Scout, I know first hand the tremendous positive
impact of Scouting.  The values of the Scout Law
and Oath--honesty, trustworthiness and all the
others--become the guiding principles in the life
of any Scout.   Dennis J. McMenimen Past Council
President Senior Vice-President, Shuttleworth
Ingersoll, PLC with his son, Eagle Scout James
Result Improved Lives
  • 90 of adult Scout leaders stated that through
    their involvement with the movement they were
    made a better citizen.
  • 85 of these leaders agree that Scouting adds
    more fun to their lives.
  • 69 of leaders agree that Scouting encourages
    them to be more patient with others.
  • 88 of leaders agree that Scouting has helped
    them become a better parent.
  • 40 say Scouting helped them develop a more
    personal relationship with God.

My role as a Scouting volunteer has allowed me
to see first hand the powerful influence our
programs have in developing our nations next
generation of leaders. From the beginning, youth
are challenged to develop a personal success
model and learn to develop and use all their
resources. Even beginners learn to leverage their
skills to literally reach the mountain top. What
could possibly be more satisfying than seeing our
youth set goals, overcome obstacles and reach
their ultimate goals? David Blankenship
Past Council President President, Aegon USA
Investment Management, LLC Scout
Leader of C-2000, T-766 Cedar Rapids, IA
Result Self-Reliance Through Camping
  • 96 of Boy Scout camp leaders played a role in
    helping young people succeed and grow!
  • 86 of Boy Scout summer camp youth stated that
    they were able to try something that they had
    never tried before.
  • 69 of these campers reflected on their personal
    relationship with God while at camp.
  • 80 of summer camp youth participated in making a
  • 68 participated in flag ceremonies while at camp.

"The first time I had the idea to work at Boy
Scout Camp, I was terrified.  I was 14 years old
and I didnt know anyone.  After one week at
camp, I couldnt imagine being anywhere else in
the world.  Now that I¹m 23 and I look back on
the nine summers that I have spent on camp staff
and there isnt one summer that hasnt been
extremely valuable to me.  I have learned to live
by the Scout Oath and Law in my daily life, and
this has made me who I am today." Katie
Lalla Summer Camp Program Director Tiffin, IA
Result Improving Your Family
  • We hope that our Spotlight On The Family
    project has convinced you that participating in
    Scouting over several years can help the entire
    family in the development of strong core values
    like no other youth program. Scouting does
    require a greater investment of time and effort
    from you and your family than other
    extracurricular activities may require. This
    investment, however, pays rich dividends in
    education, leadership, family relationships and
    fundamental character and ethics.
  • All statistics used are from research conducted
    by Harris Interactive from 1995 - 2005 on the
    Boy Scouts, men who were Scouts and parents!

Thank You!
  • Thank you for taking the time to look closely at
    the difference Scouting can make for your family.
  • The long term benefits to your child from their
    Scouting experiences, both those they have had in
    the past and the ones yet to come, will serve
    them well on their way to and through adulthood.
  • We recognize that in todays society time is a
    precious commodity. We hope that the values of
    Scouting, some of which were highlighted in this
    presentation, will continue to be instilled in
    your child. We urge you to continue walking
    along the Scouting trail with your child and to
    remain active in their Pack, Troop, or Crew.

  • By completing this slide show, you have earned
    the Spotlight On The Family award for your
  • The next slide in this presentation is a personal
    Family Values Chart that you should print. We
    suggest that you have one or more family meetings
    and ask each member of the family to tell what
    values are important to him or her. Put them all
    together on the Family Values Chart. Give a copy
    to each member of the family. Display it in your
    home and let it be the starting point to make
    your familys core values clear and specific.

Our Familys Values
Mission Completed!
You have now completed the requirements for the
Spotlight On The Family patch. Please download
the completion certificate and mail or bring your
Scouts name and address to Hawkeye Area
Council Attn Spotlight On The Family 660 32nd
Ave SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Or click on the
e-mail button to e-mail the information listed
above to the Council Service Center. The patch
will be sent to you!
  • If you have enjoyed this presentation and would
    like further information about Scouting and how
    you can help, call the Hawkeye Area Council at
    (319) 862-0541 or toll free at 1 -
    (877) - HAWKBSA.
  • You can also visit www.hawkeyebsa.org to learn
    more about the Hawkeye Area Council, its programs
    and resources that are available to all
    registered Scouters.
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