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The Future of XML Editing Content Management with FrameMaker and DITA


As Kay Ethier knows well, XML has become a key part of Framemaker. DITA is XML for tech writers. ... Parker Brothers Games. November 8, 2006. iXO Telecomputer ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Future of XML Editing Content Management with FrameMaker and DITA

The Future of XML EditingContent Management
withFrameMaker and DITA
  • Bob Doyle
  • Founder, CM Professionals
  • Editor, CMS Review
  • Contributing Editor, EContent Magazine
  • CEO,
  • Observer, OASIS DITA TC
  • Organizer, Boston DITA Users Group

Framemaker XML DITA
  • As Kay Ethier knows well, XML has become a key
    part of Framemaker.
  • DITA is XML for tech writers.
  • With full support for DITA, Framemaker solidifies
    its leadership position among XML Editors.

The Road to DITA
  • SGML markup for documentation
  • the book was the paradigm (DocBook)
  • XML extensible markup
  • the web was a new paradigm (HTML XHTML)
  • the web demanded more hyperlinking
  • random access chunks of information on demand
  • single-source, multichannel, multilingual
  • DITA ready-made metadata

Darwin and Intelligent Design
  • There is still some controversy in parts of the
  • Kansas and Texas?
  • about the amazing scientific evidence for human

Intelligent Design and Darwin Information Typing
  • We are happy to report solid proof of Intelligent
    Designers in the evolution of DITA
  • SGML
  • - Charles Goldfarb
  • - Edward Mosher
  • - Raymond Lorie
  • XML
  • Jon Bozak
  • Yuri Rubinsky
  • - James Clark
  • - Tim Bray
  • DITA
  • Don Day
  • Michael Priestley
  • David Schell
  • Eric Hennum
  • John Hunt
  • and many unnamed programmers at IBM

Lovely DITA, Meter Maid,Ready-made Metadata
  • DITA is a small set of standard XML content
    elements and attributes
  • Can DITA do anything XML cannot? No.
  • Can it do 80 of typical technical documentation
    needs? Yes.
  • RSS is also a standard set of XML elements
  • Will DITA be as successful as RSS?

RSS is standard metadata
  • Rich Site Summary or
  • Really Simple Syndication
  • RSS 1.0, 2.0, Atom
  • All are lightweight XML structures that millions
    of people find easy to use (because they never
    see them!)
  • News portals, weblogs, and podcasts

The First Podcast
  • Christopher Lydon (NPRs The Connection)
  • Dave Winer RSS creator
  • Adam Curry wants audio attached
  • Bloggercon
  • Lydons new Open Source Show on WGBH

Secret of FrameMaker Success
  • Authors work with a familiar tool
  • Support for structured authoring
  • Export standards-based content that can be used
    in global content management
  • DITA is a revolution now in technical
  • It can also be used to author any kind of
    controlled corporate content

DITA Open Toolkit
  • A landmark in open-source software being
    incorporated into competing proprietary products
    from XML editors to CM systems.
  • Thanks to Don Day, Erik Hennum, John Hunt,
    Michael Priestley, Dave Schell and unnamed
    programmers at IBM

DITA Application Pack
  • FrameMaker integrates the DITA Open Toolkit (as
    did XMeTaL, others)
  • Publishes to various outputs, including a
    FrameMaker Book, without the DITA OT
  • Uses XSLT for processing DITA maps.
  • XSLT is customizable directly.

The Development Community behind the Application
  • Backspace Ink, Bright Path Solutions, Document
    Jones, Group Wellesley, Integrated Technologies,
    Leximation, Promptt, Publishing Smarter,
    Scriptorium Publishing, Text Structure
    Consulting, and Silicon Publishing created the
    Application Pack for DITAall overseen and
    coordinated by Silicon Publishing.

The value of structured writing
  • Writing for consistency
  • A difference should make a difference
  • Writing for reuse
  • A single source of truth
  • Writing for translation
  • Never translate the same sentence twice
  • Writing for machine translation
  • Simplified English
  • Guided writing
  • Never write the same sentence twice

Defining Content Management
  • What Is Content?
  • What Is Content Management?
  • What is a CM System?
  • Stages in the Content Lifecycle?
  • CM and IA (Information Architecture)

What Is Content?
  • Its not the Presentation or the Structure!
  • Separate Presentation from Content
  • Structure the Content
  • Tag Content with Meaning (semantics)

Three Different Professions
  • The three layers are the work of different
  • Designers for Style
  • Architects for Structure
  • Authors for Content

Three Kinds of Markup
  • The three layers use different markup
  • Style - , ,
  • Structure - ,
  • Semantics ,

Three Uses of XML
  • The three layers use different technologies
  • XSLT Stylesheets (CSS)
  • XML Schemas (DTDs)
  • XML DITA Documents

The FrameMaker EDD
  • Note that the EDD combines the two layers of
    presentation and structure stylesheets and
    schemas (the content model).
  • Normally this is not an issue for tech writers.
  • But be aware if your organization uses other
    DITA-aware XML editors

FrameMaker and DITA
  • DITA makes the transition to structured authoring
    very affordable
  • You dont need to develop DTDs, Schemas,
    Stylesheets, and XSLT Transformations.
  • Authors will need to learn topic-based authoring
    (a big change).

XML Editors Review
  • Altova XML Spy
  • Cladonia Exchanger
  • Stylus Studio
  • SyncRO Soft
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Arbortext Editor
  • XMetal Author
  • Syntext Serna

Eight top XML Editors were studied Chosen from
75 on CMS Review Published in the June issue
of EContent Magazine XMetal acquired
by Justsystem
  • Astoria
  • Bluestream XDocs
  • IXIASoft
  • Mark Logic
  • Siberlogic
  • Trisoft
  • Vasont
  • X-Hive/Docato
  • XyEnterprise Content_at_

Most are integrating the DITA Open Toolkit, which
gives them access to a growing number of tools
developed by an open-source community
Global CMS
  • Idiom
  • L10nBRIDGE
  • Sajan
  • DITA and Translation

What Is Content Management?
  • Content management is the whole process from
    creation and capture of original content to the
    delivery of different versions to many publishing
    channels in multiple languages.
  • Print, Web, Cell/PDA, Help, etc.

What is a CM System?
  • It is humans using computers and software to
    assist in managing content.
  • It has two main parts
  • The user interface.
  • The database (content repository).
  • Everything else is magic middleware.
  • It helps manage the content lifecycle.

The Content Lifecycle
  • 7 stages
  • Organize
  • Rules
  • Create
  • Storage
  • Assembly
  • Publish
  • Archive
  • Context
  • Users
  • Content

Two Kinds of Information Architecture
  • IA of document sets, books in a library, a
    website, the World Wide Web organization,
    cataloging, metadata tagging, accessibility,
  • DITA is the internal architecture of a single
    document - page structure, navigation elements,
    and content elements.

The Three Os in CMS
  • Open Source (and Open Documents)
  • Online (ASPs)
  • Offshore (Globalization)
  • Enabling technologies (XML, Javascript)
  • AJAX, Web 2.0, Web Services
  • DITA

CMS Review
CMS Review Glossary
Definition of Accessibility
Finding a CMS
  • The CMSML project at CMS Review and CM Pros

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Bob Boiko interviews
Anna van Raaphorst, CM Pro
  • DITA OT User Guide and Reference
  • By Anna and husband Dick Johnson.
  • Available for free download from the CM Pros
    Resource Library and at
  • http//

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Bob Doyle Timeline
  • Ph.D. Astrophysics, Harvard - 1968
  • Collaborative Observing Program, Skylab - 1970-72
  • Super8 Sound - 1973-78
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Film Workshop - 1975-85
  • Merlin and 5 other computer games - 1977-81
  • iXO Telecomputer - 1980-87
  • MacPublisher - 1984-87
  • Brown Television (BTV) - 1986
  • Hi-8 and DTV Users Groups - 1986-96
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Television (HRTV) - 1988
  • Quad Sound Studios - 1990
  • Digital Video Editor, New Media -1993-99
  • - 2000 -
  • CMS Review - 2003 -
  • CM Professionals - 2004 -
  • EContent - 2004 -
  • iTV Studio 2006 -

Parker Brothers Games
iXO Telecomputer
  • Computer-initiated dialogues (AI)
  • Yes, No, Help, Repeat keys
  • Operators are standing by
  • Stock trades, airline reservations, bill paying.
  • Hearing-impaired
  • Powered from phone line
  • Venture capital 13 million
  • Never developed the backend database services
  • Huge NOL carry-forward

  • First Desktop Publishing Program
  • 11th Certified Mac Developer
  • Shipped in 1984
  • Laserwriter in 1985
  • First spot color text on Apple Imagewriter
  • First rotated text/gaphics
  • Sold 20,000 copies
  • MacIndexer
  • Mac-Hyphen
  • Sold to Letraset in 1987