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Interesting Facts. Mars is an Inner planet. It is the fourth planet from the sun. ... They were aware of the movements of Mars. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: MARS

By Morgan Halderson 9A-10
Connor Fulton 9A-8
Interesting Facts
  • Mars is an Inner planet
  • It is the fourth planet from the sun.
  • Mars does not have any rings.
  • This planet is red because of its iron dust it
  • Its diameter is 4194 miles
  • This planet is 128 miles away from the sun
  • Gravity is .37 times Earths gravity.
  • Revolution time is 687 earth days.
Mars has always been questioned to have life.
Many people thought this because this plant has a
thin layer of air that surrounds the planet, this
causes the planet to have weather, including
clouds and dust storms. The surface of this
planet is polar water and carbon dioxide ice
caps. People thought that the ice was from water
and wherever water is there is life. Scientist
soon discovered that the ice caps were made up of
carbon dioxide.
Mars's Orbit
Phobos Deimos Diameter
17 miles Diameter 10
miles Distance from Planet 5,830 Distance from
Planet 14,580
2 Moons!
The atmosphere of Mars is much thinner than that
of Earth. Its surface pressure averaging 1/100th
of Earths. Surface temperatures range from
-113oC at the winter pole to 0oC on the dayside
during summer. The atmosphere is composed mainly
of carbon dioxide (95.3), nitrogen (2.7), and
argon (1.6), with small amounts of other gases.
Oxygen, which is so important to us on earth,
makes up only 0.13 of the atmosphere at Mars.
There is only one-fourth as much water vapor in
the atmosphere.
Myth Culture
Mayans were sophisticated observers of the sky.
Mayans used their astronomical knowledge to
predict future human events. They were aware of
the movements of Mars. In one of the ancient
Mayan books, Mars is represented by a series of
pictures of a long-nosed beast shown descending
to varying depths from a sky band. In Hindu
mythology, the planet Mars is known as Mangala.
The planet of Mars is identified with the war god
Karttikeya. Karttikeya was born from six sparks
that fell from the eyes of the god Siva into a
lake near Madras. From the sparks, six children
were created who were nursed by the Pleiades.
The first spacecraft to visit Mars was Mariner 4
in 1965. Several others followed including the
two Viking landers in 1976. After a long break,
Mars Pathfinder landed successfully on Mars on
July 4, 1997.
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