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Communitybased Interactive Tools


Perform a Case-study of the existing interactive communication ... Keep Knoxville Beautiful. We're Screwed. Discussion Groups ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Communitybased Interactive Tools

Community-based Interactive Tools
  • Alison Connor
  • Elizabeth Koerber
  • Carrie Snesko

Project 6 - Assignment
  • Develop an IORP for presenting community-based
    interactive communication and information-sharing
    interactive tools on the website.
  • Perform a Case-study of the existing interactive
    communication and information-sharing tools used
    on the website.
  • Suggest forms of emerging tools that should be
    incorporated in the future.
  • Provide examples of websites using the various
    community-based interactive communication and
    information-sharing tools and evaluate the forms
    of interaction taking place via the different
    tools in the different settings.
  • Present the pros and cons based upon your
    analysis while you make recommendations for the website.

Relationship to 520 Coursework
  • Information System Development
  • An interconnected set of information resources
    under the same direct management control that
    shares common functionality. Includes hardware,
    software, information, data, applications,
    communications, and people.
  • Develop structure/framework
  • Unite the various interactive tools
  • Interface between the system and people
  • User-centered design

Relationship to 520, continued
  • Subject-Access/Cross-Referencing
  • Determining aboutness
  • Organizing topics in a meaningful way that allows
    users to easily access their desired information
  • Classification of Topics
  • Establishing a hierarchical and associative

Philosophical Basis The Public Sphere
(Jurgen Habermas)
  • Presents communication opportunities in a broad
    sense, where people can interact
  • Allows people to enter spaces without undue
    hindrance (i.e., race, ethnicity, economic
    status) spaces are visible discussions are open
  • Mediates between people and institutions, between
    the powerless and powerful

Community Networks
  • free online environments designed to promote
    and favor communication, cooperation, and the
    exchange of services among citizens and all the
    public and private members of a local community
    (nonprofit organization, government institutions,
    and companies) (Shaping the Network Society, p.

Interactive Tools
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Listservs/Emails
  • Interactive Calendars
  • Discussion Boards

  • A wiki is a group of Web pages that allows users
    to add content, as on an internet forum, but also
    permits others (often completely unrestricted) to
    edit the content. The term wiki also refers to
    the collaborative software (wiki engine) used to
    create such a website.
  • Wikis are a true hypertext medium, with
    non-linear navigational structures. Each page
    typically contains a large number of links to
    other pages. Hierarchical navigation pages often
    exist in larger wikis, often a consequence of the
    original page creation process, but they do not
    have to be used.

  • Abbreviated form of weblog
  • A blog is a website for which an individual or a
    group generates text, photographs, video, audio
    files, and/or links, typically but not always on
    a daily or otherwise regular basis.

  • Electronic mailing lists are a special usage of
    email that allows for widespread distribution of
    information to many internet users. Software is
    installed on a server which processes incoming
    email messages, and, depending on their content,
    either acts on them internally or distributes the
    message to all users subscribed to the mailing
  • Today, mailing lists are most often used for
    collaboration on various projects and as a way of
    distributing current news and other such
  • Sometimes these take the form of what is termed a
    "discussion list" a subscriber uses the mailing
    list to send messages to all the other
    subscribers, who may answer in similar fashion.
    Thus actual discussion and information exchanges
    can happen. Mailing lists of this type are
    usually topic-oriented

Interactive Calendars
  • While interactive calendars vary widely in
    format, they all provide an opportunity for users
    to enter and view upcoming events.

Discussion Boards
  • A discussion board is a general term for any
    online "bulletin board" where you can leave and
    expect to see responses to messages you have

13 Case Study
Existing Resources
  • Calendar
  • Blog Links
  • Discussion Group Links
  • Mailing Lists

15 Calendar
16 Calendar
  • Begins on current day
  • Lists events chronologically
  • Each event has a title and short description
  • Details link
  • Search Features
  • Date, county, organization, list of categories
  • Keyword search
  • Add an Event / Submit an Event
  • Help Features

17 Blogs
18 Blogs
  • Rocky Top Brigade
  • Blog Station
  • Brians Blog
  • Camp4u
  • Keep Knoxville Beautiful
  • Were Screwed

19 Discussion Groups
20 Discussion Groups
  • Open Discussion for the Town of Jellico, TN
  • Digital Divide Discussion Group
  • Civil Liberties Alliance
  • K2k
  • Knoxnet
  • knoxville Based Yahoo Groups
  • Oak Ridge Based Yahoo Groups
  • Hosted Listservs

21 Mailing Lists
22 Mailing Lists
  • 41 Lists available
  • Click list name
  • Description of the list
  • How to subscribe/unsubscribe
  • List archives

Case Studies of Similar Sites
Example Sites
  • Wiki SeattleWiki
  • Blog Gothamist
  • Listserv/Email Vancouver Community Network
  • Calendar Littleton Community Network
  • Discussion Board Davis Community Network

Vancouver Community Network
28 Calendar
DCN - Davis Community Network
Group Recommendations
  • Wikis
  • Open Source Software TWiki, Kwiki, MediaWiki,
    PmWiki, MoinMoin
  • Blogs
  • Listservs/Emails
  • Calendars
  • CalendarScript - 85 for typical license
    ownership 50 for not-for-profits free trial
  • Discussion Boards
  • free
  • vBulletin one year lease 85 license ownership

Group Recommendations
  • Overall design for community-interaction and
    information-sharing pages
  • More fully integrated, under a single header
  • Header Communication Media

  • CalendarScript 3.2. http//
  • Davis Community Network http//
  • ezboard.
  • Fish, Shlomi. Which open source wiki works for
    you? http//
  • Gothamist.
  • Habermas, Jurgen. The Structural Transformation
    of the Public Sphere An Inquiry into a Category
    of Bourgois Society. Boston MIT Press, 1991.
  • Littleton Community Network
  • SeattleWiki.
  • Schuler, Douglas and Peter Day. Shaping the
    Network Society. Boston MIT Press, 2004.
  • Vancouver Community Network
  • vBulletin.

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