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Spreading Peace


His wife is pregnant, they live in the park in a tent, and he tries to make 7 ... [On watching a less fortunate man admire a used lollipop stick on MUNI] '...I ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Spreading Peace

Spreading Peace
  • Our personal experiences from this amazing

By NarrMayet, Tiffany, Kerry and Katie
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I have to be honest...this project has really
challenged me to become a bit less jaded by the
well-to-do spangers and more concerned for those
that are really in need. Last week, a guy was
knocking on the main door to my building as I was
coming home. He asked me for a blanket because
someone had stolen all of his things. I told him
to hold on and went to get a blanket. Now let me
tell you that my house is absolutely freezing in
the winter and I had none to spare...but I gave
him one anyway. Right then I would be warm in my
house and he would be cold on the streets. If I
can afford to go to the drive in or a club, then
I can definitely spare a comforter. -NarrMayet
Let me tell you the little story of my
interaction with a man named Dave. Dave stays on
9th Ave. between Irving and Judah. His wife is
pregnant, they live in the park in a tent, and he
tries to make 7 dollars a day in order for his
wife to get food (she's also vegetarian).
When I saw him he was rubbing his foot. He
said he had "sprung" it, which I think he
actually meant sprained or stubbed, but I
couldnt tell from the way he spoke about it. He
was sad. He was also a little worried about me
taking his picture at first because some people
had filmed him at fisherman's wharf one time and
used his image on TV and he felt that was wrong.
He wanted to talk to me for a minute first to
find out why I was taking the picture. I told
him it was for me, that I am a photo major He
had beautiful green eyes, a scraggly beard, but a
very friendly face. I left wondering where I
could find him a pair of shoes -Tiffany
Today at work I was in the bathroom and an
older woman was stuck and could not get off the
seat of the toilet. I hesitated at first, but as
a nursing student, I have done my fair share of
assisting with bathroom trips, so I offered to
help. She was so relieved that I was willing to
go in the stall and help her up without being
embarrassed. It felt so good to know that I was
saving her from a potentially humiliating and
frightening experience. It just made my day
knowing I made hers a little better. This project
has really opened me up to realizing how much the
little things can mean so much. -Katie
On watching a less fortunate man admire a used
lollipop stick on MUNI I think that maybe the
reason we wanted to initially help the homeless
is because people have forgotten that fundamental
sameness we all have, including homeless people.
They are seen as some other kind of human--
dirty, poor, disheveled lump on our sidewalks,
rather than as a person who was once a child
eating lollipops and laughing, playing
tic-tac-toe or dodge ball. He was looking at me
periodically from the time he stepped on the
train, and he seemed like he was talking to me,
but he was mumbling incoherently most of the
time. Just before I got off the train, he asked
me for change, and after having stared at him and
feeling very compassionate towards him I of
course dug in my wallet for change, not giving a
second thought to my own terrible finances right
or the fact that I had to buy my own food with
the same change. He was so grateful I think
mostly because I hadnt ignored him, that he just
kept saying thank you, and that hopefully one
day he would somehow be able to do something for
me. All mumbled, all coming from the least
likely mouth to be saying these things (from
appearance judgment, not reality). from the
moment he entered the train, I felt like I was
seeing HIM, while everyone else who "saw" him did
not. I think this is the change I have felt the
most from this project. -Tiffany Christian
This project has really brought to my attention
how easy it is to have "compassion" and positive
thoughts toward people from a distance, but this
stance still involves not getting involved and
allows us to hide behind our fears. Going to the
park and filming that day really showed me that
people are people now matter what they look like
or where they have been. Not talking to or
knowing them is cheating myself and them out of a
richer experience of life and one that definitely
contributes to peace because I am taking down the
walls of fear and separation when I step towards
them. -Kerry Bradley
This morning as I was in uniform and taking out
the trash and recyclables on my way to my car, I
noticed a couple of guys going through the
dumpster in the alley collecting bottles and
such. So I unlocked my gate and helped them
gather all of our building's recyclables. Now, I
have done this many times before and it only
seems like the obvious thing to do but this time
was different. I think because I was in a
military uniform and didn't have an air of
charity in my actions in giving them a hand in
their work, that they had a look of amazement on
their faces. I didn't key into this until one of
the guys told me to be careful after I told them
to take care. I felt a mutual respect, acceptance
and concern. Then I thought of you guys...because
I don't think I would have noticed it at all if
it wasn't for our project. I probably would have
done it without mindfulness, otherwise. -Narr
Mayet Taonus
I have noticed I have a stronger empathy with
animals, and I believe it is because of this
project. I see deeply into their eyes, though I
have had dogs all my life (LOTS of them, my
parents were breeders/trainers), and I see them
clearly, not as dogs, but as souls. -Tiffany
Thank you for sharing the journey with us
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