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Clandestine Drug Labs Awareness


Make every effort to identify nature before entering contaminated areas. ... Crossbows and spear guns on trip wires. 5/26/09. 16. 5/26/09. 16. 5/26/09. 16 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Clandestine Drug Labs Awareness

Clandestine Drug Labs Awareness
Clandestine Labs Take it Seriously

Mistakes at the scene of a clan lab can lead to
serious injury, long lasting medical problems, or
US-HERO US Homeland Emergency Response Org.
Clandestine Drug Labs Can Be Found Anywhere!
  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Ice chests
  • Vehicles

Where are Most Drugs Labs
  • 85 of all clandestine drugs labs are found in
    three states.
  • Texas
  • California
  • Oregon

Signs of a Clandestine Drug Lab
  • Strong odors similar to a diaper pale, urine, or
    unusual chemical smells like, ether, ammonia, or
  • Coffee filters or paper towels stained with red
    chemicals, with white or red chalk colored paste
    that maybe wet or dry, and duct tape, clear glass
    jugs or jars
  • Vehicles loaded with chemical containers such as
    propane tanks, plastic drink bottles, thermos or
    liquid containers
  • Laboratory glassware, rubber tubing, charcoal,
    drain cleaner, Iodine, cold medicine pills,
    and/or their containers
  • Windows blocked to conceal interior

Signs (cont)
Dangers of Meth Labs
  • Cooking Process
  • Corrosive, flammable, and toxic chemicals.
  • Highly unstable and can be extremely sensitive to
    temperature changes.
  • By-product
  • Hydrogen gas which is flammable and can be
    explosive in a confined area.
  • Booby traps

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Other Hazmat Products
  • Phosgene/phosphine
  • Cyanide
  • Chlorine

Dangers of Meth Labs (cont.)
  • Meth labs are frequently discovered due to
  • Over half of all injuries incurred at meth labs
    are to first responders.
  • Respiratory irritation is the most common injury.
  • Eye irritation is second.

Dangers of Meth Labs (cont.)
  • Unattended lab is most dangerous
  • Some processes take up to 72 hours
  • Operators set up reactions, leave
  • Impossible to determine stage process is in or
    how to shut it down

Reducing Risk to First Responders
  • Increase awareness of the risks.
  • Train responders to Haz Mat Operations Level.
  • Make every effort to identify nature before
    entering contaminated areas.
  • Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Conduct proper decon after exposure.

Your Personal Safety Checklist
  • Clan labs are an immediate danger to your
    personal safety.
  • All clan labs are dangerous.
  • All clan labs involve dangerous chemicals which
    pose short and long term health risks.

Simple procedures to minimize risks and reduce
  • DO NOT eat or drink in or about a clan lab.
  • DO NOT smoke.
  • DO NOT touch your face, eyes, nose, nor other
    body openings near a clan lab.
  • DO NOT open chemical containers.
  • DO NOT put your face directly over an open
    chemical container.

Other Dangers
  • Booby traps
  • Grenades on trip wires
  • Fish hooks hung at eye level
  • Punji pits
  • Explosives connected to electrical switches
  • Crossbows and spear guns on trip wires

Minimize risks and reduce exposure
  • DO NOT touch liquids, powders or other
  • DO NOT taste samples to try and determine their
  • ALWAYS wear gloves when handling any items
    associated with a clan lab.
  • DO NOT turn any switches or controls ON or OFF
    inside a clan lab site.

Caution is the Key
  • Responders must have focus and situational
    awareness to their environment
  • Expect to find dangers and health hazards in all
    parts of the job
  • Dont assume a building or any situation to be
    safe until proven to be so

SAR and CERT Teams Actions
  • Once you suspect a clan lab, get everyone out
  • Do not use radios in or within 200 feet of a
    suspected lab
  • Do not use cell phones in or within a lab
  • Set up a contonement area around lab at at least
    200 feet
  • Inform the IC or 9-11 to dispatch HAZMAT, LE and

Actions (cont.)
  • If people/residents are present, act clueless
  • Do not try and interfere
  • Alert authorities once you and your people are
    safely away
  • Remember, you are not police, so dont play like

Actions (cont.)
  • If you have possibly been exposed to anything in
    a lab, report it to your IC or EMO.
  • Some toxins take up to 48 hours to manifest
  • Clan labs are not things to be taken lightly