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Special Education Orientation August 24, 2006


Had a child or grandchild or is going to have one. Completed a credential or ... Araceli Garcia, Antonia Lara, Pablo Lynn, Margarita Martinez, Gina Martinez, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Special Education Orientation August 24, 2006

Special Education Orientation August 24, 2006
  • Stand up and share
  • Moved and/or bought a new house
  • Got married
  • Had a child or grandchild or is going to have one
  • Completed a credential or degree program
  • Went on a fun summer vacation
  • Sent your kids on a fun summer vacation
  • Accomplished house hold project
  • Proud of accomplishment of child (off to college,
    service in armed forces, etc.)
  • Bought a new car
  • Made a life changing decision
  • Recovered from surgery
  • Etc.

Message from our leaders
  • John Anderson, Superintendent
  • David Schoneman, Assistant Superintendent

  • Rosie Chew honored as Teacher of the Year by ACSA
  • John Caltagirone honored as Administrator of the
    Year by ACSA.
  • Lisa Soto was named outstanding graduate student
    by SDSU.
  • Teachers completed credentialing program Matilde
    Gonzalez, Lisa Soto, Melinda Mone-Lydick, Alex
  • Rick and Elia Wolery honored as Parent volunteers
    of the year.
  • Two students from D/HH program accepted into GATE
  • Evelyn Vazquez, student in D/HH program was
    selected to merit based science program - weekend
    at Palomar College.
  • Several students won gold medal in SO basketball

Celebrations continued
  • Teachers updating CASEMIS data in web-based IEP
    system and affirming/attesting IEPs.
  • Closed the budget in the black
  • 91 of parents indicated satisfaction
  • Continued implementation of online District
    Satisfaction Survey
  • Staff successfully complete certifications
    Matilde Gonzalez, Alex Garcia, Melinda
    Mone-Lydick successfully completed CLAD
  • 36 of teachers NCLB compliant
  • Liz Willinghams class had the best staff
    attendance record with Brian Stokleys class
    coming in second.
  • Kurt, John, Isabel Garcia, Ester Gonzalez, and
    Josefina Gonzalez had perfect attendance -
    leading by example!

Celebrations continued
  • Staff with less than 5 absences Lucy Alcantar,
    Araceli Alvarez, Rosa Alvarado, Sandra
    Aburto, Elsa Camacho, Angelica Casarez, Carmen
    Chavarria, Rosie Chew, Martha Flores, Betty
    Gales, Luz  Guerrero, Elizabeth Garcia, Marisela
    Garcia, Rose Garcia, Araceli Garcia, Antonia Lara,
     Pablo Lynn, Margarita Martinez, Gina
    Martinez, Antonia Nichols,  Francisco  Nunez,
    Janet Otter, Teresita Padilla, Josephine
    Richmond, Evelia Sanchez, Brian
    Stokely, Elizabeth Willingham, and Dinah Yeager
  • Our own presenting staff development activities
    Sheri Huerta, Pam Mills-Morita, Patty McDonald,
    Laura Perez, Jessica Sullivan, and Paul Romayor
  • Patty McDonald conducted Writing without Tears
    training for district students.
  • Had first successfully completed TTP job training
    and placement.
  • Transferred Transition Partnership Program (TTP)
    to SELPA.
  • Adult Life Skills Program at IVC completed first
    year successfully.
  • Four interpreters continuing PiNES Program
    (Francisco Bravo, Lucia Rascon, Reggie Vaughn,
    and Santana Henderson)

Celebrations continued
  • IVCEC fundraisers raised more than 8,500 up
    3,500 from last year (IVCEC BBQ, Donation from
    Rick Elia Wolery, Leonard LaCaze, and Rotary
  • Authorized as a production district for CSIS.
  • Staff volunteering time for SO.
  • Southwest Interact Club completed a IVCEC
    beautification project - planted 20 trees.
  • Calexico High School ASB sponsored the annual
    special prom.
  • Teacher notebook now on ICOE web page
  • SEACO Curriculum guide goals in SEIS goal bank.
  • Received Families First Commission grant for
    Preschool program to serve students exiting
    Infant program still at risk of disabilities not
    eligible for other preschool services.

Current Trends/Major Impacts
  • Legislative Reform (accountability, student
    results, teacher quality, and reading/math)
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Reauthorization of IDEA (Regulations released
  • Student Assessment
  • Physical Fitness
  • STAR (SAT 9 now CAT 6, Content Standards Tests,
  • Self - Review Year

  • The Imperial County Office of Education is
    committed to improve the quality of life in
    Imperial County by providing excellent
    educational service and leadership to children,
    school districts, and our community.

  • Integrity
  • We believe in open, honest, and trustworthy
    conduct that values diversity and is demonstrated
    through effective communication, a commitment to
    quality outcomes, and a strong work ethic.
  • Life-Long learning
  • We recognize that continuous improvement requires
    flexibility and responsive leadership, which
    supports risk-taking and celebrates personal,
    social, and academic growth.
  • Shared leadership through teamwork
  • We practice collaboration in order to accomplish
    individual and organizational goals.
  • Respect for individual differences
  • We believe in the individual as we accept and
    build upon diversity.
  • Commitment to excellence
  • We believe that the highest standards can be
    achieved through our collective skills.

Core Values
  • Integrity is vital. It will be evidenced at ICOE
    by accuracy, clarity, and transparency of
    information. In response to unanswered
    questions, we use all appropriate sources to
    research and provide responsive answers.
  • We strive to be forthcoming through effective
    oral and written communications, which are well
    organized, concise, and professionally presented.
    We take pride in our communications, recognize
    their potential for impact, and present a united
    message to the public.
  • We are dedicated to life-long learning to support
    continuous improvement. We enjoy and are
    passionate about our work. We value and show
    appreciation for what we learn from others.

Core Values continued
  • Through active listening, we support risk taking
    and innovative thinking. We are not afraid to
    enter into difficult discussions, which include
    diverse perspectives, but do so in a respectful,
    caring and open manner always searching for
    win-win outcomes.
  • Through shared leadership and teamwork we address
    current and future needs. Utilizing a supportive
    and collaborative environment, we learn through
    our successes and challenges. Focusing on the
    job to be performed, we accept varying roles as
    required with a positive outlook ensuring follow
    through that delivers on promises.
  • We accept individual responsibility for the work
    of the group by sharing our individual talents
    and expertise.

Core Values continued
  • We are loyal to the organization and committed to
    each others success. We make informed decisions
    based upon accurate data with the goal of
    improving our products and services.
  • We acknowledge we are stewards of the resources
    entrusted to us. We have an obligation to use
    them wisely and to their fullest potential.
  • We perform valuable services for our clients and
    the community that are consistent with our
    mission and respectful of the services other
    entities are better equipped to provide.
  • Excellence is the result of good planning and
    skillful implementation. Our successes are built
    on a series of smaller steps. No task is
    considered too inconsequential to be performed
    with excellence.

A Quality and Effective School District has…..
  • A belief that they can teach all students and all
    students can learn
  • High expectations
  • A Vision
  • Leadership must focus the organization on the
  • An aligned strategic planning process
  • Professional Learning Communities that utilize a
    (Plan-Do-Check-Act) instructional process

Building our Focus
  • Four Agreements
  • Be impeccable with your world
  • Dont take anything personally
  • Dont make assumptions
  • Always do your best
  • Emphasis on Literacy/Math and Instructional
  • Professional Learning Communities -Teacher
    Instructional Planning Strategies (TIPS)
    implementation (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

Continuing our improvement The 8th Habit Stephen
R. Covey
Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs
Review of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Be Proactive--be responsible for your own choices
  • Begin with the end in mind--have a mental vision
  • Put first things first --organize around your
    most important priorities
  • Think win-win-- the importance of mutual benefit

7 Habits Review
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood--
    be a good listener
  • Synergize-- finding a third and better way to
    solve a problem
  • Sharpen the Saw-- renew ourselves in the four
    basic areas of life physical, heart, mental and

The 8th Habit
  • Find you voice-- your unique personal
    significance-- and inspire others to find theirs
  • A third dimension to the 7 Habits-- it meets the
    central challenge of the new Knowledge Worker Age
  • Its a choice we make, not a position
  • Moving from Effective to Great
  • Leave a legacy

  • Show Leave a Legacy video

Our Complex World a state of permanent whitewater
  • Hunter/Gatherer
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Information/Knowledge Worker

  • Show Whitewater video

Find Your Voice
  • Three most important gifts
  • Freedom and Power to Choose
  • Principles (Natural Laws)
  • Universal
  • Timeless
  • Self-Evident
  • The 4 Intelligences/Capacities
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Spirit

Inspire Others to Find Their Voice
  • Modeling
  • Trim Tab (What is the best I can do under the
  • Voice of Trustworthiness (modeling character and
  • Build trust (seek first to understand, make and
    keep promises, honesty/integrity,
  • Path Finding
  • Blending voices (Searching for the Third
    Alternative - beyond Win/Win
  • One Voice (Shared mission, vision, values, goals)

A Need for Common Goals
  • Principled Centered Leadership
  • Making Individual Choices to Accomplish a Common

  • Show The Nature of Leadership Video

What Did You Learn?
  • Discussion - How can you apply what you have
    learned to your work environment.

Learning For All
Through PLCs  
Review of Goals for the 2005/2006 School Year
Student Achievement
  • What Develop program quality standards and a
    review system
  • How Form a committee representative of programs
    to develop standards and provide recommendations
    for implementation
  • Process measure Development of standards and
    review system
  • Outcome Standards and review system will be
    ready for implementation for the 2006/2007 school
  • Results Standards are ready for implementation
    and will be one of the measures used in PLC

Student Achievement
  • What Improve student and staff attendance
  • How Implement employee absentee policy and track
    student attendance monthly
  • Process measure Administrative oversight will
    provide ongoing feedback to staff.
  • Outcome Reduce chronic and pattern number of
  • Results Student attendance rates 88 for 05/06
    down from 89 from prior year. Staff attendance
    - HR estimates they entered 10,000 to 15,000
    absence reports for our department and 150 dock

Student Achievement
  • What Continue improvement in STAR testing
  • How Develop recommendations for instruction in
    subject matter and time requirements.
  • Process measure Teacher lesson plans will
    reflect subject and time recommendations
  • Outcome Steady increase in test results
  • Results Increases in upper grades but declines
    in lower grades

CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
CAPA Scores
IEP Achievement Data Results
  • What Improve collaboration with district and
    other service providers regarding scheduling of
    student IEPs IEP notices will be sent to all
    team members 10 days prior to meeting
  • How IEPs will be scheduled around the District
    Sp. Ed Directors schedules when it is necessary
    for them to be there and IEP notice requirement
    will be part of quality standards
  • Process measure District survey with targeted
  • Outcome Survey results
  • Results Very favorable survey results

Service Evaluation Survey
  • Sent surveys to District Superintendents, Special
    Education Directors, and site Principals for the
    past five years
  • Number of surveys returned - 23
  • Used solely for overall program evaluation and
    development of goals not individual evaluations
  • Rated on a 5 point scale with 1 being low and 5
    being high

(No Transcript)
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
The majority of the responses for this survey are
mostly based upon the following three services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Severely Handicapped,
and Visually Impaired.
Question 2 ICOE Special Education Programs are
responsive to the needs of the community and are
fulfilling their mission statement.
Question 3 The ICOE Special Education Program
services were implemented in a dependable and
well-planned manner.
Question 4 On a regular basis, there is
collaboration, interaction and planning among
program staff and regular school/district staff?
Question 5 The services provided by ICOE
Special Education Programs reinforce classroom
Question 6 Effective parental contact was
generated through IEP meetings, home calls, and
formal and informal conferences.
Question 7 The ICOE Special Education Program
staff was professional (punctual, respectful,
well groomed, etc.) and provided a positive role
model for students.
Question 8 District administrators and staff
were kept informed of program concerns,
caseloads, mainstreaming progress, and pertinent
parent contacts/information.
Question 9 The ICOE Special Education Programs
made a difference in the academic achievement of
Question 11 Positive comments related to
services youve received
  • Teachers are friendly and willing to do whatever
    necessary for success of their students.
  • I appreciate the administrative support that is
    provided by ICOE Administration. I think their
    strong commitment has strengthened the overall
    program delivery.
  • It is a pleasure to work with Dr. John
    Caltagirone, Principal of IVCEC and his wife
    Renee. They are professional and very kind
    people who really care about children, parents,
    and staff.
  • Michael Bliss seems an excellent addition as O/M.
  • Staff is professional
  • The services provided to the students are
    extremely beneficial.
  • Staff is highly competent.

Question 10 Areas where you feel improvement is
  • Following procedures
  • Training on Open Court Reading
  • Notification of IEPs within timely manner
  • Parking lot at IVCEC (increased number of buses
    blocking entrance)
  • Improvement of IEPs for Junior High and High
    School students
  • Speech therapist staffing in community-based
  • Visibility of Sr. Staff

Question 12 If there are certain
services/departments that did not meet your
expectations please indicate below
  • Overflow class of SDC young students had
    numerous calls to their classroom on a daily
    basis. Lines were tied up a lot… they may need
    their own phone line.

Question 13 Any other comments/suggestions?
  • Have traditional classroom teachers who deal with
    mainstreamed students trained on PART training
    (we will be glad to send our teachers if we are
    told when it will be held).
  • Hire summer school sign-language interpreters
    dependent on attendance in the same way that
    districts hire summer school employees so that if
    hearing impaired students register but dont
    attend or start but dont finish summer school,
    ICOE can terminate their summer employment.

Parent Survey Results
Number of Surveys 138 Overall Percentage 90.5
  • What Create document for teachers of what they
    need to know about CSEA contract
  • How Kurt will develop this for dissemination
    and review
  • Process measure Document will be ready by March
  • Outcome More informed teachers
  • Results Document is ready for distribution for
    2006/2007 School Year

Manage Growth
  • What Complete Mains and Kennedy and make
    progress on Cesar Chavez projects
  • How Work with Facilities department and
  • Process measure Completed projects
  • Results Mains and Kennedy being held up in DSA
    and Cesar Chavez moving forward anticipate ready
    for 2007/2008 School Year.

Quality Data Indicators
  • 35 Teachers/Specialist not fully credentialed
    2005/2006 10 decrease from prior year
  • 81.4 of student goals achieved at a level 3 or 4
    in 2004/2005 1.2 decrease from prior year
    1.4 decrease from prior year(Aim is 85)
  • Spent an average of 1,176 per student in
    2005/2006 decrease of 46 per student from
    prior year due to increase in CBEDS count
  • Average class size 11.25 2005/2006 Down by
    .75 from prior year
  • 2005/2006 End of Year Pupil Count
  • 1 Warnings Up one from last year
  • 0 Overdue Triennial Same as prior year
  • 0 Overdue IEPs Same as prior year
  • 0 Overdue IFSP Same as prior year

Areas that need continued work
  • Improvement in student learning
  • Implementation of a measurable quality review
  • IEP/Triennial compliance and timeline issues
  • Scheduling IEP/Triennial meetings at district
    convenience and sending notices at least 10 days
    prior to meeting to all meeting participants
  • Continue to monitor CCR systemic non-compliance
  • Staff issues retention and morale/team building
  • Staff and student attendance and timely reporting
  • Development of intervention protocols
  • Shared vision, mission, values, goals
  • Employee dress code
  • Continue to refine internal controls Procedural
    safeguards to prevent mismanagement (Phones, food
    services, vans)

Areas that need continued work
  • Further development of Professional Learning
  • Standardized training for volunteers, Work Study
    students especially around positive behavior
  • Continued staff training on ALPI, triennial
    review process, EL Plan, IEP process, SH
    curriculum, positive behavior support, legal
    requirements, etc.
  • SARB Process needs to be fully implemented
  • NCLB requirements for paraprofessionals and

  • Show Its Not Just Important, Its Wildly

Impacting Learning for All
  • What can you do to impact our focus and improve
    student learning?
  • Looking at the areas where continued work is
  • What is wildly important for your team to focus
  • What can you do as an individual to help your
    team with its WIG?

Budget Presentation
  • Espy Verdugo

ICOE Special Education Budget
  • Currently employ
  • 175 Permanent employees
  • 30 Substitute employees
  • 83 of SpEd Budget covers Employee Salary
  • Classrooms on 16 school sites in Brawley,
    Calexico, El Centro, and Imperial.

32 Funding Resources Totaling Approx. 10.2
(No Transcript)
Classroom Budgets
  • Instructional Account 200
  • Lottery Funds (3yr Average) 650
  • In addition, Lottery Committee reviews proposals
    3-4 times per year

Important PO/Reimbursment Procedures
PO Requests must indicate Vendor, Item , Item
Description, Price, Shipping, Tax, Person
Requesting PO and Purpose of Purchase. Make
sure all reimbursement requests are legible,
accurate and submitted ASAP. Account Clerk
Leslie Conard 312-6489
Budget/Personnel Questions
  • Espy Verdugo, Fiscal Mgr
  • Phone 312-6421 everdugo_at_icoe.org
  • Rosa Romayor, Office Clerk
  • Phone 312-6494 rromayor_at_icoe.org

Teacher Notebook
  • Web Version

Creed of the Conscientious Professional
  • I will do my best to meet students needs within
    the boundaries of my capacity and control. I
    will work hard, but I will not drive myself
    crazy, nor will I neglect myself and my family in
    the process. I will make appropriate changes
    that I can make in my professional situation. On
    a larger scale, I will advocate for productive
    education reform. I will enjoy my life
    personal and professional. I will not merely
    survive I will thrive!
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