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S'K'H' Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School


Chan Hung Chau ,Tong Chun Lok ,Wong Pok Tsung, Lui Wing Lam Chan Ling Yuk and I ... candel, Aegicera corniculatum, Excoecaria agallocha and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: S'K'H' Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School

S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School
  • Primary 5B Project

  • Chan Hung Chau ,Tong Chun Lok ,Wong Pok Tsung,
    Lui Wing Lam Chan Ling Yuk and I did a survey at
    the Peak .We interviewed twenty-seven tourists.
    We learnt some information about their favourite
    places through this survey.

31 of tourists came from mainland China. There
are 25 tourists coming from Europe.
Shopping Malls
18 of the tourists would like to see views of
Causeway Bay
16 of tourists had been to Tsim Sha Tsui.
11 of tourists had been to Repulse Bay and the
Space Museum.
A Place You Shouldnt Miss
According to the percentage of three bar charts,
we found that most tourists prefer views of
nature. Here, we would like to recommend Hoi Ha
Wan Marine Park which the tourists should love.
Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
The Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is one of the first
Marine Parks established in Hong Kong. It was
designated on 5 July 1996. Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
is a sheltered bay located north of Sai Kung West
Country Park. It covers an area of about 260
hectares. The landward boundary follows the high
water mark along the coastline.
Ecology of Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Mangrove A
small mangrove community is located at the
estuarine of the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. The
mangrove community occupies about 0.53 hectares .
Four native mangrove species including Kandelia
candel, Aegicera corniculatum, Excoecaria
agallocha and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza are recorded
in this mangrove community.
Two other native mangrove plants, Avicennia
marina and Lumnitzera racemosa has also been
recorded in other mangroves sites in Hoi Ha Wan
Marine Park.
Mangrove areas commonly act as nursery grounds
for juvenile fishes and other intertidal and
subtidal invertebrates.
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Coral Communities and Other Marine Lives Hoi Ha
Wan Marine Park is a sheltered bay with pristine
water quality, so it provides a good marine
environment for housing a great variety of marine
organisms. It is well known that Hoi Ha Wan
Marine Park has lush coral communities.
Historical Remnant One of the famous scenic
heritage spots in Hoi Ha Wan, is the remnants of
lime kilns. There are 4 lime kilns in Hoi Ha Wan
but only 2 remain relatively intact. They are
located on the eastern shore of inner Hoi Ha Wan.
Fifty-nine out of 88 stony coral species recorded
in Hong Kong can be found in this marine park.The
hard corals Cyphastrea spp., Echinophyllia spp.,
Favia spp., Favites spp., Goniopora spp.,
Leptastrea spp., Lithophyllon spp., Pavona spp.
and Platygyra spp. are dominant in either one or
more coral sites within the Marine Park. Over 120
species of reef-associated fishes have been
recorded in this Marine Park.
Furthermore, records of the wide variety of
marine animals in this marine parks such as
starfish and jellyfish, further demonstrate its
ecological significance.
Our Impressions
  • After doing this project, I have learn more
    about tourists. The tourists we survey were kind.
    They were eager to answer our questions. Tourists
    like shopping in Hong Kong very much. They like
    eating seafood too. English is better now. No
    longer afraid to speak to people from other
    countries now. I feel very happy about this.
  •   Michael

Lui wing lam On 19th March , 2004,I
felt very happy when I interviewed tourists at
the Peak. The tourists were very friendly. They
said my English was good! I was very happy.
I think this project was helpful. It helped us
learn how to help each other. I want to do
another project like this. I like the interviews
very much.
I am happy I did this project. I could finish
this project on the computer. However, I did not
like that this project because was time
consuming. Tom Chan  

In March, I went to the Peak. The Peak was big.
The view was beautiful . At the Peak, I
interviewed tourists. The tourists were kind. My
classmates helped me to survey the tourists. My
Mandarin is good so I searchedfor Chinese
tourists. I was happy that day. I liked doing
this project because it was fun. 
Angel Chan
We did a survey in March, 2005. That day, I went
to school in the morning. After lunch, we went to
the Peak. I was happy. I hope I can do a survey
again so I can practice my English. I hope my
English can get better through this kind of
activity. Tommy Law
In my group,I did many things. I feel lucky
because I can learn more about tourists in Hong
Kong. We have made a Web-site together.We have
researched things step by step. But , I want to
do much better next time so that our group can
get higher scores. Angus Tong
Thank you!
  • http//hk.yahoo.com
  • http//parks.afcd.gov.hk/newmarine/eng/Oparks_info
  • http//parks.afcd.gov.hk/newmarine/event/Hoihawan/
  • http//www.pbase.com/joecheng/hoihapageall
  • http//www.artificial-reef.net/English/2_3.htm
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