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Personal Marketing Strategy


I don't know very many people and I feel funny about asking Networking type questions' ... Ensure your voice mail message sounds professional and polite ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Personal Marketing Strategy

Personal Marketing Strategy
  • In a Poor Economy

A compilation of personal lessons learned
  • Author Rick A. Ross
  • 214-471-3462 (C)
  • http//
  • 28 Feb. 2 Mar. 2009
  • St Jude Career Alliance Council

Seminar Purpose
Losing a job can happen to anyone and can be a
very emotional and confusing event in life.
To provide job seekers with an effective method
to quickly organize, strengthen personal self
confidence and save time in preparing and
initiating an effective job search
Summary of Discussion Topics
  • Effective Resume Development
  • Effective Cover Letter Structure
  • Networking
  • Search Engines Search Agents
  • Weekly Personal Goal Setting
  • Interview Preparation Tips

Note Examples provided are intended to help
people in the General Labor or Experienced
Professional field
Effective Resume Development
  • Step 1.) Compile Personal Success Stories
    (minimum of 10 success stories more is better)
  • The Situation you were in
  • The Action you took
  • The Result of your action
  • Note This up front brainstorming is time
    consuming but very necessary
  • Example Reference Archived personal end of
    year priorities
  • Situation ltA random business need or your role
    called for action to resolve 1-2 sentencesgt
  • Action ltSummarize the action you took to either
    partner with others or that you yourself stepped
    up to resolve the issue 1-2 sentencesgt
  • Result ltBased on the action you took, express
    the outcome or impact to the business 1-2
  • Note Your personal skills to first capture then
    condense these success stories on scratch paper
    may take little time to further develop. Taking
    even 1-2 full days to condense your message is
    normal so try not to get too frustrated on this

Intended take away understanding
Personal Success Stories provide the foundation
for effective personal marketing
Effective Resume Development
  • Step 1.) (Continued from last slide)
  • Compile Personal Success Stories (minimum of 10
    success stories more is better)
  • General Examples
  • Mgmt Example (Note skill sets employed
    Statistical Analysis, Performance Management)
  • Situation Customer satisfaction metrics
    indicated 39 of customers were
  • dissatisfied with customer service response time
    average of 48 hours to resolve issues.
  • Action In examining the lead time average for
    the team and areas of opportunity to
  • shorten the time to engagement, I compiled the
    Business Case for trouble ticket
  • automation to replace manual methods.
  • Result Customer satisfaction metrics in
    regards to customer service response time
  • improved to 78.
  • General Example (Note skill sets employed
    Self Starter, Coaching / Mentoring)
  • Situation A newly hired employee needed time to
    ramp up and become a productive employee
  • Action I approached management and volunteered
    to mentor the new employee

Intended take away understanding
Strive for a short and crisp message that is easy
to recall and recite
Effective Resume Development
  • Step 2.) Derive 30 second Elevator Speech
  • General boilerplate example
  • I hold (insert college degrees or
    certifications). I offer (optional insert
    years of relevant experience in a given industry
    or function). I utilize (insert computer
    literacy tools, special or specialized computer
    applications, subject matter expertise that
    differentiates your personal offering). I am
    skilled at (insert special skills or
    differentiators that provide insight into what
    you yourself bring to the table). I (optional
    if it applies to you, consider adding a
    consolidated Action/Result here to emphasize an
    instance that further supports the background
    sentences above or hooks the reader/listener into
    quickly understanding the magnitude of your
    contribution to a business)

Intended take away understanding
Elevator speech will provide crisp summary of
the value you offer in your resume, your
personalized cover letters, and your introductory
comments in actual interviews
Effective Resume Development
  • Step 2.) Derive 30 second Elevator Speech
  • Mgmt Example
  • I hold technical and business Bachelor
    and Masters degrees. I utilize Lean Six Sigma
    data fact based management techniques and
    PRINCE2 project management framework as a
    structured approach to deriving, managing and
    solving complex business problems. I am skilled
    at analyzing business unit performance metrics
    (Gross Margin, Operating Margin, and Revenue) to
    first begin to understand and target next step
    discussion opportunities for a business. I can
    isolate business unit critical path areas not
    performing best in class. I can conduct
    multi-function workshops to derive existing
    systems process and measure transaction variation
    to compile opportunities for simplification,
    areas of potential cost reduction and improved
    asset velocity. I can either propose or
    personally launch program manage a matrixed
    approach to implementing the resulting business
    streamlining business plan. I have personally
    program managed 18 engineering functions
    simultaneously in a matrixed fashion per the
    offered description resulting in 22M year over
    year EBIT improvement.
  • General Example
  • I was an honor student in high school and am very
    active in community improvement projects and
    church ministries. Personal assessments of my
    character reflect that I am an excellent
    collaborator, motivator and enthusiastic and
    energetic team member. I use strong
    interpersonal skills to cultivate positive
    working relationships with peers and management

Intended take away understanding
Elevator speech will provide crisp summary of
the value you offer in your resume, your
personalized cover letters, and your introductory
comments in actual interviews
Effective Resume Development
  • Step 3.) Derive Common Skills Terminology /
    Search Engine Hooks Sound Bite Skill Set
  • Requirement Referencing your personal Success
    Stories, compile a list of marketable skills that
    you utilized to enable yourself to be successful
    in each case.
  • Note Industry common skill set bullets quickly
    summarize your skills in the first 10 seconds of
    viewing along with your elevator speech. Skill
    Set Bullets should provide the reader with a very
    quick summary of skills that you bring to the
    table for discussion in the upper 1/3 of your
  • Additionally
  • Skill Set bullets will serve to help employers
    and recruiters find you
  • Skill Set bullets also serve to help you to set
    up electronic search agents to help you find
    targeted opportunities on job boards and have
    them delivered to your inbox daily thus
    simplifying a job search campaign.
  • gtGood Example Industry common marketable
  • ? Business Analytics ? Operations Supervision ?
    Program Management ? Strategic Planning ?
    Statistical Analysis ?
  • gtBad Example not so common yet valuable skills
    spelled out in acronyms
    Prime ? Vzn TSE ?
  • Need more help defining personal skills bullets?
  • Suggested alternate source
  • http//

Intended take away understanding
The derivation of your Personal Success Stories,
your Elevator Speech and your Skill Set Bullets
are intended to create a necessary Hook in the
upper 1/3 of your Resume
Effective Resume Development
  • Professional Experience section Lower 2/3s of
  • Quick summary of your past and key contribution
    impacts each tied to a Success Story
  • i.) Focus on most Senior or most current role
    which defines who you are today.
  • Note For many of us that have experienced
    industry downturn, you may have had to go
    backward in your career to remain employed. Do
    not communicate that here.
  • ii.) Only elaborate on roles that you have
    supporting Success Stories and marketable skills
  • The goal is encourage an interviewer to ask you
    to further explain about this skill set bullet
    or that success story comment in an interview.
  • iii.) Summarizing every role you have ever
    occupied in your total career can create negative
  • Know that you can create negative perceptions of
    obsolete outdated skills and business maturity
    concerns. Focus on most current and most
    marketable skills only.
  • iv.) Be mindful of which dates you provide.
  • Does the work youve compiled show excessive job
    hopping? Stayed too long at one company? Only
    experienced at one company?
  • Does the dates youve provided for college
    degrees over emphasize your age?
  • Common Initial Perceptions

Intended take away understanding
Consider your message and resulting perceptions
experienced by the hiring manager Message must
be crisp, experience must be solid, no negative
perceptions allowed
Effective Resume Development
  • Education and Training section List Degrees,
    Certification and year achieved.
  • i.) Elaborate on training for coursework that led
    to skills high in demand.
  • gtGood Example Provides enough topical
    information to generate interest
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training DMAIC,
    DMADV, PMCS, Lean DMAIC, Benchmarking
  • gtBad Example Leaves the reader guessing
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training
  • Note Be careful in assuming that a hiring
    manager will know intuitively that you have been
    trained on a given skill requirement for a job
    listing based on a certification or degree
  • Community Involvement section (Optional) Can
    say something of your character, personality,
    willingness to help others, or simply that you
    are interested in giving back to the community.
  • Examples
  • -Church Ministry Organizations (specify which
  • -Make a Wish foundation volunteer
  • -JDRF foundation volunteer
  • -Angel Food distribution volunteer

Intended take away understanding
Consider listing the sub-topics that make up a
college degree or certification
Pulling it all together
  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone / email

  • (Your Current or Industry Recognized title)
  • Summary of Qualifications

  • Elevator Speech (5-8 Sentences)
  • Industry Common Skill Set Bullets

  • Professional Experience

  • Company
  • 1.) Job Title or Industry Recognized Title
  • -Success Story summary comment
  • -Success Story summary comment
  • 2.) Job Title or Industry Recognized Title
  • -Success Story summary comment

Note that the hiring manager very likely wrote
a given job description that you may be
interested in or applying for. Your personal
elevator speech and skill set bullets help the
reader to quickly see the fit in under the
statistical average of 10 seconds.
Recommend maintaining a minimum of 2 Resumes in
soft copy Resume 1 Draft 1 (1- 1 ½ pages
long) Resume 2 Draft 1 the flexibility to
substitute in Success Story summary comments to
emphasize a fit to an opportunity you are
interested in.
Intended take away understanding
Statistically speaking you have 10 seconds to
hook the intended reader. Who you are and
what you offer is the critical message of the
upper 1/3 of resume
Effective Cover Letter Structure
  • Cover letters are key to demonstrating to a
    hiring manager that you actually read the posted
    job description
  • while also providing the opportunity to point out
    how you directly meet or exceed posted job
  • General structure recommendation (A personal
    short, crisp message (dont ramble) and stick to
    the point)

  • Dear (Company Name) Human Resources
  • -(Optional Brief Company research comment
    demonstrating your peripheral understanding of a
  • needs)
  • -Introduce yourself, plug in elevator speech
    (tweak / adjust as needed for brevity).
  • -Site specific posted opportunity requirements
    (1, 2, 3) from the hiring manager, spell out (1,
    2, 3,) how you
  • are a direct fit and meet or exceed posted
    requirements. ltYou need I have is the key
    message heregt
  • (Request and interview or- state that you will
    call the receiver in 3 business days if you have
    a name.)
  • Name
  • Phone Number

  • Common Initial Perceptions
  • I need a job and dont have time to provide a
    cover letter in each case. Wont I be successful
    if my strategy is in the volume of resumes I send

Intended take away understanding
Cover Letters are a personal differentiator in
that they provide the opportunity to spell out
the job skills match that may not be obvious to a
busy hiring manager
  • Published job search statistics show that
  • 15 of job seeker candidates are successful by
    directly applying over the internet.
  • 85 of job seekers are successful through
    utilizing creative networking means.
  • Common Initial Perceptions
  • I dont know very many people and I feel funny
    about asking Networking type questions

Warm Contacts -Family -Friends -Parishoners -Neig
Business Contacts -Co-Workers -Industry
Organizations -Industry Affiliations -Former
Clients -Customers -Vendors -Suppliers
Internet Sources -Linked In
-St Jude Career Alliance
Intended take away understanding
A Networking Strategy focus is key to shortening
a successful job search campaign
Search Agents Search Engines
  • Job Board Search Engines provide key insight into
    whos hiring. Do not consider these to be your
    only or final source for applying. These are a
    point of reference for next steps period.
  • Learn to recognize when a recruiting firm has
    posted a companys opportunity vs. a posting
    directly from a company.
  • Apply through recruiting firm postings only if
    you feel confident that you are a very close or
    an exact fit for a posted opportunity
  • If you are close but not an exact fit, consider
    going directly to the company web site and
    applying directly for the posted opportunity
  • Job Board Search Agents are common. Learning to
    quickly add your skill set bullets to a search
    agent and setting up for daily electronic
    notification of new and existing opportunities
    will save you time.
  • Very Important Consider electronic Search
    Agents to be an ongoing work in progress until
    you to fine tune the search agent skill bullet
    criteria wording to bring the right opportunities
    to you. (i.e. you have to experiment with terms
    that do bring opportunities that exactly match
    what you are looking for.)
  • Many companies provide job seekers the
    opportunity to set up a personal candidate
    profile and also company specific Job Search
    Agents. Note Many company specific
    opportunities do not get posted on public Job
    Boards. Your personal strategy must include
    targeting industries / companies of interest to
  • Common Initial Perceptions
  • Ive applied to countless opportunities on
    Career Builder and havent heard a thing
  • In Reality
  • Ask yourself Am I applying in a shotgun fashion
    (spray and pray)? Am I personalizing each
    submission with a cover letter that spells out
    the job
  • requirements and the skills match to the
    intended receiver?

Intended take away understanding
Use technology to simplify your daily job search
by bringing targeted opportunities directly to
your email inbox
Weekly Personal Goal Setting
  • Consider Keeping a weekly log of opportunities
    you have applied to.
  • Company Name, Job Listing title, date of resume
    cover letter submission, phone call follow up
  • Consider capturing jobs you have applied to
    (copy/paste) into a text editor such as MS Word
    and then labeling and archiving the electronic
    version for future reference if called to
  • Consider setting an aggressive minimum weekly
    target of opportunities you will apply for.
  • Consider allocating time each week to Networking
    strategies St. Jude Brown Bag Networking Lunch
    1st 3rd Thursday of the month starting in
    March, Linked In, etc.
  • Consider visiting local city Chamber of Commerce
    offices for free announcements intended for
    people considering moving to that local city.
  • Chamber of Commerce brochures provide key
    insight into companies that may be moving into
    your area or are preparing to build in your area.
    Consider writing or calling Human Resources for
    that company, introducing yourself and of course
    request an interview.
  • Consider subscribing to on-line company profiling
    engines that help you understand which industries
    or companies have offices within driving distance
    of your home, annual report summaries, key
    decision makers and their contact information and
    that same companies top competitors.
  • Consider researching current on-line articles
    regarding a given company or industry to
    understand how you yourself can help. An
    introduction letter to the companies key decision
    maker to spell out how you can help, can be an
    effective approach.
  • Common Initial Perceptions
  • This speaker is asking for a lot of work on my
    part to obtain a new job
  • In Reality

Intended take away understanding
Job offers go to the most organized and prepared,
not the most qualified on paper.
Interview Preparation Tips
  • Consider Your Primary Interview Objectives
  • Build Rapport Initial greetings and small talk
    will help you and the Interviewer get started on
    the right cordial tone while also helping you to
  • Active Listening Ask the interviewer open ended
    questions and use soft techniques to gain insight
    into the employers needs. (Recall the job
    description itself is also key in providing this
  • Concerns Liabilities During the course of
    your discussion, use soft skills to move the
    conversation away from discussion pitfalls.
  • Ask for next steps in the process Consider
    summarizing the fit or overlap the two or more of
    you have discussed. Ask When can we
    reconnect? or So if I havent heard from you by
    _____, may I call you?
  • Consider 4 Basic Interviewing types
  • 1.) Screening Interview Initial engagement or
    Telephone conversation
  • Your number 1 goal is to obtain a face to face
  • 2.) One on One Face to Face traditional
  • 3.) Sequential Interview Series of several Face
    to Face interviews typically 30-60 minutes in
  • Request the names and titles of those you will be
    meeting with in advance for QA insight
  • 4.) Panel / Group Interview Panel of
    Departmental representatives interviewing in the
    same session
  • Establish early rapport with each if at all
    possible. Remain calm, dont rush to answer

Intended take away understanding
Interviews must be win / win for both parties.
Make it a two-way dialogue
Interview Preparation Tips
  • General tip Opportunity Engagement
  • Consider using personal cell phone as your
    personal contact number
  • Ensure your voice mail message sounds
    professional and polite
  • Smile as you record your VM response message.
    Smiles come through over the phone.
  • Consider letting unknown callers call go to
    voicemail giving you a little time to review the
    company and opportunity you applied to before you
    return the call.
  • Standing when you speak on the phone lowers your
    voice tone slightly . Lower tone exudes self
    confidence. Exhaling slowly lowers heart rate
    and can calm initial engagement nervousness.
  • Your priority must be to transition the initial
    engagement to next steps. If it is not offered
    first, request an understanding of Where do we
    go from here? or Can I expect to hear from you

Intended take away understanding
Interviews must be win / win for both parties.
Make it a two-way dialogue
Interview Preparation Tips
  • General Tip Interview Preparation
  • Always research the company in advance to
    understand who they are and what they do.
  • On-line periodical articles that provide insight
    into promotions or difficulties the company might
    be facing.
  • Annual Reports provide key insight into company
    performance, strengths and weaknesses
  • Always review commonly asked interview
    questions in advance of an interview to prepare
    crisp answers. Guard against negative responses
    to any question Example How do you feel about
    your last boss? (Positive response (He or She
    taught me quite a bit about budgeting and I am
    very grateful to he or she for that)
  • http//
  • Always prepare your own questions for the
    interviewer (consider the offered link above)
  • Remember The hiring manager very likely wrote
    the job description and as such provides key
    insight into that he or she is looking for.
  • Prior to your interview
  • Consider printing a copy of the job description
    and with a highlighter pen, highlight or
    underline key requirements you will likely be
    questioned about.
  • Review your personal Success Stories in relation
    to the job requirements and consider penciling
    through your answers in advance.
  • Consider how you might structure your personal
    priorities objectives for each of the job
    description key requirements and how you might
    personally meet or exceed supporting that job
  • Minimize weaknesses or perceived liabilities
  • Take the time to understand various techniques of
    how to answer effectively and emphasize
    personal strengths and tactfully channeling the
    conversation away from a perceived gap or

Intended take away understanding
Candidates that strategize to prepare are
naturally more confident and relaxed
Good Luck!
  • Tables in the back
  • St. Jude Career Alliance Committees
  • Human Resources Federal, State Local Agency
  • Interview Skills Texas Workforce Commission
  • Resume Writing Help Veteran Benefits
  • Civil Service (Federal jobs)
  • Technology Assistance FREE Computer Courses
  • Job Postings
  • Resume Bank
  • Search Agent Assistance
  • Networking and Outreach Career Advice and
  • Networking Events Job Change Support
  • Upcoming Career Fairs Mental Support
  • Spiritual Support