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Introduction to Digital Imaging


Disks and Web -Photo CD, Clip Art, Stock images, others. Learn iT! ... Illustration: Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Fireworks, Corel Draw ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Introduction to Digital Imaging

Introduction to Digital Imaging
  • Learn iT!
  • January 2000

Digital Imaging Class
  • Overview of class topics
  • Terms and Concepts
  • Scanners
  • Digital cameras
  • Disks and Web -Photo CD, Clip Art, Stock images,

Goal of classes
  • To learn the skills to get images into your
    computer by scanner, digital camera, disks and
    the web, as well as develop an understanding of
    the concepts and tools needed to work with those

Part 1 Terms and Concepts
  • To acquire good quality images well examine
    several important concepts as we go along
  • Pixels
  • Resolution
  • File sizes
  • File formats- TIF, JPEG, GIF, BMP…
  • Compression
  • Color Depth
  • Color palettes
  • Web color issues
  • Raster vs. vector based images

Graphics Applications
  • We also want to learn what we can do with images
    once we acquire them. Well discuss the major
    graphics and desktop publishing applications-
    what they do and how they fit together

Graphics Applications Desktop Publishing
  • For printed output
  • Newsletters, flyers, posters, business cards
  • Page Layout programs Adobe PageMaker, InDesign,
    Quark XPress, Microsoft Publisher
  • Illustration Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia
    Freehand, Corel Draw
  • Image editing Adobe Photoshop
  • Document Delivery Adobe Acrobat- creates PDF

Desktop Publishing
Text imported from Word
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daio8vh vlosivh aloiuv cxoi h fvoib8 sboi
Flat color illustrations or logos from Illustrator
Photographs from scanner or edited in Photoshop
Page Layout Program
Output to Printer or saved as a file
Graphics Applications- Web Publishing
  • For onscreen viewing via Internet or Intranet
  • Created by HTML
  • WYSWIG HTML generators Adobe GoLive, PageMill,
    Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Illustration Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia
    Freehand, Fireworks, Corel Draw
  • Image editing Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia
  • Animation Macromedia Flash, Director
  • Acrobat PDFs
  • http//
  • http//

Bitmap vs. Vector based images
  • Bitmapped Images
  • Photoshop, MS Paint, Image Ready, Paintshop Pro
  • Continuous tone photos
  • More lifelike
  • Vector Based Images
  • Illustrator, Freehand, Fireworks, Corel Draw
  • Flat color artwork
  • Easier to edit shapes

Graphics Applications- Business Graphics
  • Presentation Graphics PowerPoint
  • Sales, training, informational presentations on
  • Output for screen, print 35mm slides, web
  • Business Graphics Visio
  • Flow charts, schematic drawings, network
    diagrams, floor plans
  • http//

Graphics Applications- Others
  • 3D Drawing/ Modeling/ CAD
  • Animation
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Video Editing
  • Media Asset Management
  • Font Management Utilities

Concepts of Digital Imaging
  • Most digital images are a grid of pixels, a
    checkerboard of colored squares, where each
    square is a single color
  • Each pixel is described by a number

  • The resolution of an image tells you how small
    and densely packed the pixels are. It tells you
    how many pixels you have per inch.

  • The higher the resolution, the sharper the images
    look, to a point. Monitors only have about 72
    screen pixels per inch so any resolution above 72
    wont look any sharper.
  • Most web graphics have a resolution of 72 pixels
    per inch.

72 ppi
150 ppi
Common File Types
  • For Print
  • TIF Tagged Image File Format High color
    quality, large file
  • EPS Encapsulated Postscript Illustrations,
    logos. Lrg. File
  • For General Use
  • BMP Bitmap Not great for color printing, very
  • WMF Windows Meta File, used in some clip art.
  • For Web, Onscreen Use
  • GIF Graphic Interchange Format WEB Only 256
    colors. Good for flat color art. Allows
    transparency. Small files.
  • JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group WEB
    Millions of colors. Good for compressing photos.
    Small files, but lossy. No transparency.
  • PNG Portable Network Graphics WEB 256 or
    Millions of colors, allows transparency. Not
    widely supported yet.

  • Reduces the file size of a picture dramatically
    by trying to eliminate or abbreviate redundant
  • JPEG Lossy
  • LZW Lossless. Used in GIF, some TIFs

Color Depth
  • Number of colors each pixel can be.
  • 1 bit black or white
  • 8 bit 256 colors
  • 16 bit 65,536 colors
  • 24 bit 16.7 million colors
  • 32 bit Millions plus extra information
  • The more colors per pixel, the larger the file

Color Modes
  • What kinds of colors make up each pixel
  • RGB color- Red, Green Blue used for web, screen
  • CMYK Color- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black used
    for commercial print output.
  • Index Color - 256 colors used for GIFs on the
  • Greyscale for print or web
  • 1 Bit- Black or White smallest, simplest files.
    Many uses

File Size
  • File size is determined by the number of pixels,
    the color depth of each pixel and any compression
    used in the file format.

Web Color- Monitor Color Depth
  • How many colors per pixel are displayed on the
    screen even if more colors may be in the file
  • Display Properties control panel
  • Changes the number of colors your screen will
  • Many older computers can only display 256 colors-
    8 bit color
  • Many people with newer computers have it set to
    256 without knowing it!
  • A million color image will look dithered on a
    monitor set to 256 colors.
  • Lynda pages example

Web Color Palettes
  • Used in 256 color images
  • Mac system palette Windows system palette
  • Web safe color 216 colors shared by mac
    windows palettes
  • Web safe colors do not dither on an 8 bit/256
    color monitor
  • http//

Web Color Palettes
216 Color Web Palette
Web Color - Dither
  • When a program fakes a color it cant display
    by mixing different colors next to each other.
  • Looks terrible in flat color artwork
  • Looks OK in continuous tone photographs
  • Goals reduce dither in flat color artwork by
    using web safe color
  • In photos, have dither only when necessary as
    when using transparent GIFs.
  • http//

Web Color
  • Colors in HTML are referenced with hexadecimal
  • 3 pairs of numbers or letters
  • Web safe colors are a combination of 00, 33, 66,
    99, CC, FF
  • hexidecimal color palette

  • Next Section Scanning
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