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Firework Facts


Fireworks that send out bright stars snaking around in the sky are tiny rockets. ... recommend leaving the fireworks spectacle to the ... Fireworks ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Firework Facts

Firework Facts
  • By Kim Chung
  • Maddie Bliske

Where fireworks came from
  • Legend has it that the Chinese made the first
    fireworks in the 800s, filling bamboo shoots with
    gunpowder and exploding them at the New Year with
    the hope that the sound would scare away evil
  • During the 1700s displays became more elaborate
    and were popular with European royalty. French
    king Louis XV ordered extravagant displays of
    fireworks at Versailles, and Russian czar Peter
    the Great put on a five-hour show after the birth
    of his son.
  • Meanwhile, in the American colonists thought,
    however, that the origins of fireworks are
    shrouded in smoke the China story is widespread,
    and possibly true, but fireworks may in fact have
    developed in India or the Arab world.

Shapes and Colors
  • Blue, Copper salts
  • Gold, Aluminum,
  • magnesium
  • Green, Barium salts
  • Red, Strontium salts
  • White, Aluminum, magnesium
  • Yellow, Sodium salts
  • Shapes
  • The way theyre packed in the shell creates
    the shapes when the firework explodes. Packing
    the stars into the shell differently creates
    different shapes in the final firework explosion

More Shapes Colors
  • Fireworks that send out bright stars snaking
    around in the sky are tiny rockets. The burning
    fuel sends them spinning in all
    directions.Controlled explosions produce shapes
    like palm trees or slithering snakes. Fast
    explosions would be a disappointing sight.
  • Firework ForcesSome fireworks are like space
    rockets - burning gases from the fuel shoot out
    the bottom zooming the rocket upwards.

Even More Shapes
  • Some of the most popular shapes are the peony,
    willow, spiral, Chrysanthemum.

  • A Catherine Wheel is a trapped rocket. Unable
    to go up it spins round and round spitting out
    fire and sparks.
  • Salutes, made with titanium, produce the
    concussion booms at the end of a show. Smaller
    salutes made of flash powder or a titanium
    mixture produce a flash and bang. Whistles are
    tubes that fly across the sky making shrieks and
    whistles. Hammers spin and scream.

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Firework Danger
  • In 1999 the U.S Consumer Product Safety
    Commission reported 8,500 firework-related
    emergency-room visitsabout two-thirds of these
    in July. And there's no tally of the countless
    blistered hands, traumatized pets, singed shrubs,
    and melted G.I. Joe dolls. Experts recommend
    leaving the fireworks spectacle to the
    professionals and limiting your flame-tending
    interests to the barbecue.

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