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Diet Myth Busters:


Weight loss products = 40 BILLION dollar industry ... You have to cut out all fast food and desserts to lose weight. Diet Myths: Fact: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Diet Myth Busters:

Diet Myth Busters
  • Presented By
  • Renee M. Wolford RD, LD
  • Registered Dietitian

  • Why do so many diet myths exist?

Diet Myths
  • Weight loss products 40 BILLION dollar industry
  • Being told to lose weight the old fashioned way
    is not as profitable as gimmicks and fads.
  • Gimmick and fad dieting are how many nutrition
    myths are born.

Diet Myths
  • What types of myths could be derived from the
    following advertisements?

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Diet Myths
  • FACT Calories Count
  • Calories are energy from food
  • Excess calories stored primarily as fat
  • Fats, proteins, carbohydrates and alcohol
  • Eating more calories than the body burns causes
    weight gain
  • Eating less calories than the body burns causes
    weight loss
  • It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one
    pound of fat

Diet Myths
  • FACT
  • The only ways to lose weight (without surgery or
    prescription medications) are
  • 1. Eat fewer calories
  • 2. Burn more calories with activity
  • 3. Both

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • Fad Diets work for permanent weight loss

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • Fad diets are typically unrealistic to follow
    long term.
  • If weight loss does occur, its because of a
    strict calorie restriction, not because of the
    magic of the plan. Ie Atkins, Zone
  • Fad diets are often unhealthy because they may
    not provide all the nutrients you need.

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • High protein, low carbohydrate diets are the best
    for weight loss because carbs are stored as fat
    on your body and protein is stored as muscle.

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • Calories in excess, regardless if they are
    protein or carbohydrate calories, will be stored
    primarily as fat unless you are exercising
    frequently to build muscle mass.
  • The key to building muscle is weight lifting, not
    eating more protein.

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • You burn more calories digesting foods such as
    celery, cabbage, and grapefruit than the food
    actually contains. So these are negative
    calorie foods and can cause you to burn fat.

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • There are no negative calorie foods. No foods
    can cause you to burn fat.
  • You need to be in a calorie deficit induced by
    decreasing calories consumed, increasing calories
    burned, or both to burn fat.

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • Anything you eat after 800 pm will be stored as

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • No matter when you eat, your body will store
    most excess calories as fat.
  • Nothing magical happens at 800 pm that causes
    your body to automatically start storing food as

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • Skipping meals will help you eat less calories
    and lose weight.

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • Studies show that people who skip meals tend to
    be heavier than those who eat small, frequent
  • Skipping breakfast and other meals can lower your
    metabolic rate and often lead to overeating later
    in the day.

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • If a food has zero grams of fat or carbs, then
    you can eat as much as you want of that food and
    still lose weight.

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • Just because a food has zero fat or zero carbs
    does not mean it has zero calories.
  • Many foods that have no fat or no carbs are
    actually very high in calories and could cause
    weight gain.

Diet Myths
  • Myth
  • You have to cut out all fast food and desserts to
    lose weight.

Diet Myths
  • Fact
  • Deprivation is the downfall of all diets.
    Completely eliminating fast food and desserts is
    unrealistic and unnecessary.
  • However, you need to learn to make better choices
    and limit portions of these foods because they
    often are high in calories.

Diet Myths
  • A healthy diet is one that…
  • Is realistic for you to follow long-term
  • Provides a sufficient number of calories for one
    to achieve a healthy weight (BMI of 18.5-25) and
    encourages regular physical activity
  • Encourages wise spending of those calories (see
    the foods listed below) but allows you your
    favorite foods in moderation
  • Fruits/vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Lean proteins
  • Heart healthy fats (avoids saturated and trans

Diet Myths
  • Visit for more healthy eating