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About Medical Transcription


that offers job placement assistance ... to find the perfect job right out of school ... 'MTs reported an average salary of $27,829, up from 2006's $25,408. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: About Medical Transcription

About Medical Transcription
  • Lea Sims, CMT, FAAMT
  • Kim Buchanan, CMT, FAAMT
  • Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

What is medical transcription?
  • Translating from oral to written form the record
    of a persons encounter with a healthcare

What characteristics are needed to be a medical
  • Strong English grammar
  • Compelling interest in the medical field
  • Superior research skills
  • Competent use of the computer
  • Keen listening skills
  • Fine attention to detail
  • Ability to sit (and concentrate) for long
    periods of time

Where do medical transcriptionists work?
  • Doctors offices Hospitals
  • Medical schools Legal offices
  • Insurance companies Veterinary offices
  • Rehab facilities Radiology departments
  • Pathology departments Clinics
  • Laboratories Medical libraries
  • Research centers Medical transcription companies

What other job titles do skilled
transcriptionists hold?
  • Quality Assurance Specialist Editor
  • Supervisor Teacher
  • Manager Department Head
  • Mentor/Trainer Business Owner

How to get started
  • Find a QUALITY medical transcription training
  • taught by qualified instructors, certified in the
    MT field
  • based on the AHDI Model Curriculum, 3rd edition
  • with access to a minimum of 30 hours of authentic
    physician dictation
  • incorporating the Book of Style, 2nd edition
  • with an advisory board that includes CMTs
  • that offers job placement assistance
  • that emphasizes excellence in medical
    transcription training in their advertising
    (rather than focusing on working from home)

MT Education Program Approval
  • Approval Committee for Certificate Programs
    (ACCP) collaboration of AHDI and AHIMA
  • Evaluates transcription programs and offers
    approval to those that meet a strict list of
  • Approval good for 3 years
  • ACCP votes quarterly

Approved Programs
  • Are supported by industry employers
  • Have a proven track record of employable
  • Have students that pass the RMT exam (83 pass

Evaluate the Advertising
  • Approved programs
  • average 9 to 18 months in length
  • average approximately 3000 in cost
  • provide a minimum of 40 hours overall of
    authentic dictation
  • adhere to the Model Curriculum
  • encourage participation in your professional
    organization (AHDI)

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is
Too many choices?
  • To narrow down your options, ask yourself these
  • Are you disciplined enough to study from home, or
    do you need to be in the classroom to focus?
  • Do you need deadlines, or would you rather work
    at your own pace? (the difference between open
    enrollment and seasonal enrollment programs)
  • Do you prefer direct contact with an instructor,
    or is email communication okay?

Questions for schools
  • What is their studentteacher ratio
  • Are the teachers experienced MTs?
  • What kind of feedback from your teacher can you
  • Do they accept financial aid or offer a payment
  • What is included in the quoted cost of the
  • What equipment do you need if youre studying

Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT)
  • Level 1 exam geared toward recent graduates and
    transcriptionists with limited experience
  • Two-part exam multiple choice and practical
  • Successful candidates earn the RMT credential
    good for 3 years

RMT Exam
  • Online Prep Assessment Courses
  • RMT Review Guide published by Stedmans
  • Book of Style Student Workbook published by
  • Cost of exam 120 AHDI members, 200 nonmembers

Registered Apprenticeship
  • National program recognized by the Department of
  • Eligible Graduates of approved schools who earn
    the RMT
  • Apprentices paired with employers for 2-year
  • Apprentices paid an hourly wage that increases
    over the course of the commitment
  • Apprentices receive on-the-job training in acute
    care work

Finding the first job
  • Expect to work full-time until youve gained
  • Dont expect to find the perfect job right out of
    school (though it does happen sometimes)
  • Many employers hire graduates of approved schools
    right away
  • Many employers hire RMTs right away

Excellent resources
  • Consider purchasing
  • Getting Your Foot in the Door Two Years
    Experience Not Required
  • A Career In Medical Transcription
  • E-books available through AHDI - 35
  • Full of valuable advice about the industry and
    finding your first job

Employee vs. Contractor
  • Employees can expect their employer to take taxes
    out of their paychecks. Some offer benefits like
    paid time off, health insurance, and even 401-k
  • Independent contractors own their own businesses.
    They are responsible for paying their own taxes.
    If they take time off from work, they dont get
  • Some companies hire independent contractors to
    work for them.

Salary range for MTs
  • BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS www.bls.gov/oco/ocos2
  • medical transcriptionists had median hourly
    earnings of 14.40 in May 2006. The middle 50
    percent earned between 12.17 and 17.06. The
    lowest 10 percent earned less than 10.22, and
    the highest 10 percent earned more than 20.15.
  • ADVANCE MAGAZINE 2007 Salary Survey
  • MTs reported an average salary of 27,829, up
    from 2006's 25,408..
  • The number of certified medical
    transcriptionists (CMTs) rose about 1 percent
    from last year, and the pay for CMTs grew from
    31,949 last year to a 37,864 in 2007.

Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT)
  • Level 2 exam geared toward transcriptionists
    with at least 2 years of acute care (hospital)
  • Two-part exam multiple choice and practical
  • Successful candidates earn the CMT credential
    good for 3 years
  • CMTs earn a minimum of 30 CECs every 3 years to
    maintain their credential

CMT Exam
  • Online Prep Assessment Courses
  • CMT Review Guide published by Stedmans
  • Cost of exam 195 AHDI members, 275 nonmembers

Is there a future in MT?
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a need for
    5.3 million healthcare workers
  • Supply not keeping up with demand
  • MTIA predicts 25,000 current openings
  • Aging population will put incredible pressure on
    our unprepared healthcare system

Speech Recognition
  • FRONT END Physician dictates into a computer
    program, a draft copy of the report appears on
    the screen, physician edits the report and then
    signs off on it. It goes into the patients
  • Pros Record available as soon as doctor
    dictates, no transcription costs
  • Cons Not cost-effective for physicians to spend
    their time editing, no checks and balances,
    physicians are resisting

Speech Recognition
  • BACK END Physician dictates into a computer
    program, draft copy of report sent to
    transcription for editing, transcriptionist edits
    report and sends back to doctor, doctor signs
    off, report goes into record.
  • Pros Provides checks and balances, physicians
    dont have to edit, editing can be faster than
  • Cons Some physicians are not good candidates
    for speech rec (ESL, poor dictators, etc.), can
    be expensive to implement

Point-and-Click Templates
  • Physicians use laptop computers to enter patient
    information directly into patients medical
    record using drop-down menus and small text
  • Pros Information immediately available and in
    the record, no transcription costs
  • Cons Expensive, physicians act as
    transcriptionists, no checks and balances,
    relies on technology (which doesnt always work
    properly), does not allow for narrative which
    tells the patients story, some physicians are

Future is bright
  • - for professionals willing to commit to lifelong
  • - for professionals willing to embrace standards
    and credentialing
  • - for professionals looking for a career and not
    just a job

Career Path of an MT
  • Lea Sims, CMT, FAAMT lsims_at_ahdionline.org
  • Director of Communications and Publications, AHDI
  • Kim Buchanan, CMT, FAAMT kbuchanan_at_ahdionline.or
  • Director of Credentialing and Education, AHDI
  • AHDI Association for Healthcare Documentation
  • WEBSITE www.ahdionline.org
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