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Our Village on a Flat World


an online journal. Web Log = Weblog = BLOG ... related information such as calendars, classroom events, homework assignments and activities. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Our Village on a Flat World

Our Village on a Flat World
HISD Math/Science/Technology Summit February 9,
  • Presented by
  • Maria B. Benzon
  • Madison Feeder Pattern, South Region Office
  • Increase ones value for utilizing technology
    inside and outside of the classroom
  • Explore math websites
  • Describe the components of a weblog
  • Utilize a website to create own weblog
  • Explore options and revise personalized weblog

mbenzon_at_houstonisd.org http//mbenzon.wordpress.co
Informal Survey
  • Please respond on a scale of 1 to 5
  • How important is it to integrate technology into
    your classroom and to use it?
  • How important is it to use technology in your
    personal life?
  • How competent are you with searching and surfing
    the internet?
  • How competent are you at Microsoft Office (Word,
    Excel, Powerpoint)?

Forces that Flattened the World
  • Finish your dinner. There are children in China
    and India who are starving.
  • Finish your homework. There are students in China
    and India who want your job.

The Perfect Storm The Numbers, Ambition and
Education Gaps
  • The Numbers Gap
  • Retiring Sputnik Scientists
  • American students earning Science degrees has
    fallen to 17th in the world from 3rd (30 years
  • Science Engineering Degrees
  • China 60 Taiwan 41 US 31
  • Engineering Degrees China 46 US 5

The Perfect Storm The Numbers, Ambition and
Education Gaps
The Perfect Storm The Numbers, Ambition and
Education Gaps
  • The Ambition Gap
  • When American CEOs send jobs abroad, they not
    only save 75 on wages, they get 100 increase in
  • Attitude of workers who take pride and are
    willing to do whats needed to succeed.
  • American Idol Problem
  • My goal as an educator is to provide the best
    education on the planet (because of the
    competition overseas).

The Perfect Storm The Numbers, Ambition and
Education Gaps
The Perfect Storm The Numbers, Ambition and
Education Gaps
  • The Education Gap
  • 2004 TIMSS Advanced level of 8th grade math
  • Singapore 44 Taiwan 38 US 7
  • In US 60 of top Science students and 65 of top
    Math students are kids of recent immigrants
  • People want to do stuff that is fun.
  • No fun in algebra?
  • No fun in memorizing multiplication table?
  • No fun in advanced classes?

It is not the strongest of the species that
survives nor the most intelligent but the one
most responsive to change.
  • Charles Darwin

Fun Math Internet Resources
  • Billy Bug www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/BillyBug2
  • Math Dictionary http//www.teachers.ash.org.au/jea
  • Math Science Games http//education.jlab.org/ind
  • Stop the Clock http//www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/game
  • Speed Grid Challenge Multiplication
  • Sudoku http//www.activityvillage.co.uk/sudoku_f
  • SHARE What other sites do you frequently visit?

What is a Blog?
  • The main purpose of a blog is
  • an online journal.
  • Web Log Weblog BLOG
  • However, because of the editable templates,
    ability to hyperlink, add images and audio,
    comment on entries, blogs have evolved into a
    plethora of uses.

Pin Oak MS http//www.pinoak.us/academics-cluster
_blogs.php Math Playground http//www.actionmath.
com/blog/MathPlayground.html Thoughts on how
technology and math can be integrated
Anatomy of a Blog
Blogs make integrating technology in the
classroom easy no technical knowledge is needed
and users' thoughts are instantly published to
the Web. Blogs also make it easy to give
students feedback on their thoughts. At the end
of each entry is a comment link for others to
give opinions or thoughts about the entries.
Sample Blogs
  • Maria Benzon http//mbenzon.wordpress.com
  • Sample for Today
  • Pin Oak MS http//www.pinoak.us/academics-cluster
  • Sample Cluster Blog
  • Math Playground http//www.actionmath.com/blog/Ma
  • Thoughts on how technology and math can be
  • Blogger.com
  • wordpress.com
  • 21publish.com

You Can Create a Class Blog to
  • Post class-related information such as calendars,
    classroom events, homework assignments and
  • Communicate with parents and invite their
  • Post photos of class activities.
  • Invite student comments or postings on issues.
  • Publish examples of good student writing done in
  • Exhibit student art, poetry, and other written
  • Build a class newsletter using student-written
    articles and photos they take.

Use the COMMENT Feature to Enhance Student
  • Assess student learning by posting prompts and
    having students respond.
  • Post photos and have students respond to them.
  • Gather and organize Internet resources for a
    specific subject, providing links to sites.
  • Post tasks to carry out project-based learning.
  • Create a parent/child blog with writing prompts
    for parents to work on with their children.

Student-Created Blogs
  • Post their own ideas, reactions and written work.
  • Post their reactions to writing prompts.
  • React to photos you post.
  • Keep a journal for class.
  • Keep a learning log for class.
  • Write about their ideas and opinions about topics
    discussed in class.
  • Keep a digital portfolio of their work.
  • Write comments, opinions, or questions on daily
    news items or issues of interest.
  • Showcase their best writing pieces.

Informal Professional Development
  • You can read or create a blog to grow
  • Reflect on teaching experiences.
  • Write a description of a teaching unit.
  • Save links for later use.
  • Describe what worked during a lesson and what
  • Get and provide teaching tips for other teachers.
  • Write about what you learned from another
  • Explore important teaching and learning issues.
  • Find out about professional development
  • Get information on new learning technologies.
  • Collaborate with other teachers.

Whats On Wordpress.com?
Blogger.com 21publish.com
Whos in charge? How many blogs can you have? How
long does it take to update? How reliable is it?
Multiple Blogs AuthorsInstant Reliable
Who visits my blog? Will I get spam?
Spell-check, Docs, Photos, Videos
Choose Your Theme
Tags are Keywords
Categories are like file folders
Widgets, Pages Posts
Get Started!
  • WRITE Plan Your Blog
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the focus of your blog?
  • What will you call your blog? (This is your
    title and becomes part of your URL address.)

UPDATE Users ? Your Profile
  • Choose a theme
  • Choose widgets
  • Calendar
  • Blogroll
  • Search
  • Page
  • Categories
  • Archives
  • Extra Snap Preview

Create Your Blog WRITE
  • Write Post
  • Categories
  • Discussion Comments Pings
  • Write a comment about what youve learned so far.
  • Include a web address or email address in the
  • Tags
  • Save (draft) vs. Publish (upload)
  • Write Page
  • Write your classroom rules and procedures
  • Write your About Me page
  • Upload doc, jpg, ppt, etc.

Other things TO DO
  • MANAGE (lets you fix things)
  • BLOGROLL (load web links)
  • OPTIONS ? General
  • Blog Title
  • Tag line
  • OPTIONS ? Discussion Options

ACTIVITY Add these Web Links
  • Houston ISD
  • http//www.houstonisd.org
  • Dallas County Schools
  • http//www.dcschools.com/TAKS/default.asp
  • Detailed analysis of every TAKS items
  • Why are correct answers correct?
  • What kinds of distracters/incorrect answers were
    used? How did students think/compute that caused
    them to answer incorrectly?
  • What information will help teachers focus their
    instruction more specifically?
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  • http//nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • Base Blocks Addition (Whole Numbers or Decimals)
  • Color Chips Addition (Integers)
  • Color Patterns
  • Factor Tree (Prime Factorization and GCF/LCM)
  • Fraction Rectangle Multiplication (Multiplying
    Fractions does not show lowest terms)
  • Rectangle Multiplication (Grouping, Lattice,
    Common Algorithms)
  • Money
  • Time Analog and Digital Clocks

Classroom Blog Post Images
  • Posting Images - Digital images, in the form of
    photos or computer produced drawings, have the
    power to make mathematical concepts come alive.
    Teachers can post images to
  • Connect concepts to the real world. (see a great
    example at the GCHS Blog).
  • Create problems to solve. (see example at think
    again! 7th grade math)
  • Give visual learners a reference.

Classroom Blog Writing Prompts
  • Writing Prompts - Teachers can write blog entries
    for their students in the form of writing
    prompts. By clicking on the comment link under
    each entry (all blogs have one of these),
    students can respond to the prompt. After each
    student has responded, all of the comments will
    appear on the same page. Of course, this creates
    new learning opportunities for students and
  • Teachers can quickly assess student knowledge of
    a current classroom topic by simply scrolling
    down a page full of comments.
  • Students can read the responses of other
  • Students who may not normally participate in
    classroom discussions can now respond to
    questions without being embarrassed.
  • http//verity7math.blogspot.com/2005/04/solving-on
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