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Welcome To Alexander Ferguson School


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Title: Welcome To Alexander Ferguson School

Welcome To Alexander Ferguson School
  • where were
  • Making a World of Difference!

The Building
  • We turned 50 years old on October 24, 2006. With
    this special year, the following renovations and
    additions were done to continue making this great
    school a school of choice
  • The roof replacement was completed
  • Ceilings painted where necessary
  • Three sets of windows in the administration area
    were replaced
  • Grade 5/6 coat hooks were raised and the area
  • The front ramp walkway was repaired and painted
  • School was rekeyed
  • New office curtains were purchased
  • New fire, alarm and electrical systems were
    installed and tested
  • The curtain dividing our library from room 6 was
    installed (3500.00)
  • Whiteboards in four rooms were installed as well
    as in the staffroom retrofitting this area as an
    efficient and pleasant part time classroom
  • Installation of the 50th Anniversary Mosaic
    mural, commemorative tiles and
  • hanging Gully Day Natural art piece was
  • Picture frames for student artwork were purchased
    for the library
  • Two grants of a total of 75 000 were received to
    begin installing the Naturalization Area
    (www.raingarden.ca) . This included removal of
    the blue bucketball nets.
  • Two classrooms were painted (Rm. 7 and 8)
  • A portable green house was purchased for Rm.8

The People Adults
  • We were at capacity for 2006 -07 due to positive
    marketing and reputation outstanding staff,
    program and community. This has allowed us to
    have Dan Dornan, our new assistant principal.
  • LTTA has been a great success with a true team of
    Fine Artists backing us up.
  • We have a half time Resource Teacher and an 8/10
    Class Size Initiative teacher.
  • Teachers have participated in over 5000 in
    workshops/ courses/visitations
  • Additional workshops by Karen Shaw ESL
    consultant, Student Services, GLAR team and
    Elementary Language Arts consultant, Julie Bain
  • We have mentored a full cadre of student teachers
    again this year (9) and 4 Mount Royal S. T.
  • We have run an extremely successful Before and
    After School Care program and a lunchroom
    servicing 160 students
  • We have hosted two International Bureau
    visitations 8 teachers from England and 2 from
    Japan. Both groups honored us with extremely
    positive comments
  • We have hosted numerous Kindergarten workshops
    and small group visitations
  • Our kindergarten teacher, Lana Kostiuk, was
    featured in 7 national newspapers
  • Our mural artist, Doug Driedeger, has displayed
    his work during the Ferguson Festival a
    Celebration of Visual Learning, and is again
    coming to teach our students on Activity Day
  • We continue to have more volunteers generously
    donate their time to the school
  • Enough parents returned the Gr. 4 Accountability
    Pillar Survey so their responses could be
  • All support staff are returning and there was
    increased support
  • staff time this year
  • Full time help again from Cheryl Beatty, literacy

People The Students
  • Our population has increased from 169 in 2004 to
    225 (capacity)
  • Students have participated in numerous acts of
    Generosity such as the Give Meaning Program,
    Childrens Cottage (Mitten Tree) Food Bank
  • Foster parents, Alberta Cancer Foundation,
    YWCA Sheriff King Home and the Naturalization
  • School Patrols won First Place trophy in their
  • Scholastic Book Fairs annual Kids Are Authors
    competition recognized our Gr. 1 /2 entry A
    Northern Alphabet are one of 9 finalists out of
    202 entries across Canada.
  • Excellent participation in continuing Division I
    Leadership Core and high participation in
    Division II Leadership Core, particularly in the
    Phys Ed Monitors.
  • Alberta Learnings Accountability Pillar Survey
    of 2007 shows students increased feelings of
    safety and engagement. Overall
  • continued improvement and Ratings of
  • were received from students, parents and

Student Activities
  • Over 2 / 3 the younger students are in Division I
    Leadership Core
  • Intramurals, Games Club, Drumming Club, Choir,
    Computer tutors, West African Dance, Games Club
  • Presenting musical composers on the PA system
  • Halloween dress up and dance
  • Division II Leadership Core including Special
    Projects, Office Helpers and Phys Ed Helpers
  • Dress Your Best Day and Winter Dance
  • Grade 5/6 Painting Club
  • Childrens Festival Flag Contribution
  • Two Writers Clubs
  • Dress as a Famous Person Day and Dance
  • Crazy Hair Day
  • Activity Day
  • Farewell Assembly
  • Talent show

The Programs
  • Music instead of the bells at school
  • Two Book Fairs
  • Monthly sharing assemblies
  • Pizza lunches
  • Half Pints Presentation on Bully Proofing
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration including Dress in
    your Decade, the Mosaic Mural, the Commemorative
    Tiles, Canadian Folk Songs and planting Alberta
    Wood Lilies
  • School Evacuation and Emergency Phone Fan out
  • 3 day Outdoor School at Rocky Mountain YMCA
  • Alien In-Line Skating
  • Every student has had one or two field trips this
    year. In addition, several guest speakers and
    presenters have visited our classrooms.
  • Decembers Light and the Sharing of Song
  • Honens Scholarship provided Gr. 6 with a chance
    to compose music with a professional from U of C
  • 3 Day Circle of Courage Student Radio Broadcast
    on 106.1FM
  • Author Dan Bar-el presented to both Divisions
  • Presentations by Canadian Space Agency Astronaut
    Dr. Robert Thursk
  • Swim Program
  • 6 String Nation Presentation
  • Ferguson Festival a Celebration of Visual
  • Naturalization Project installation

The Resources
  • A new copier has been purchased.
  • New staffroom flooring was purchased.
  • New shelving for the library has been purchased
    and will be installed as part of a successful 10
    000 Grant to Energize the library. Wall to
    wall murals will be painted by professional
    artists, and we will have a solar panel operating
    a moveable device. Our grant enables us to have
    students and/or interact with Energy Sources
    and experts, in order to work with musicians to
    develop a CD on Albertas Energy
  • New Grade 3 /4 Social studies materials
  • New Gr. 5 /6 Literacy Collection purchased.
  • JUMP Math purchased again for Gr. 3-6, due to
    positive feedback.
  • Printing Without Tears program purchased for
    Gr. 1 2.
  • 2500 of new books were placed in our library.
  • We have significantly upgraded our Music program
    to include new computer programs, new percussion
    instruments, a karaoke machine and CDs, and two
    synthesizers. We began using our Wireless
    Internet service.
  • Phys Ed equipment has been updated and maintained
    by the Division II Leadership Core.
  • Two carts of wireless mobile computers have been
    used effectively and daily in the classrooms.
    The laptops were significantly increased in
    number. We purchased a new Server as well and
    then we were reimbursed because of the grant for
    technology that we received.
  • Volunteer and staff name tags were created
  • 8 palm pilots and mini-keyboards were received
    from Area 4 for teacher use

Media Coverage
  • October City TV Coverage of 50th anniversary,
    focus on dress from a decade, music from
    different eras.
  • November Calgary Journal Applied School Hits
    Milestone Coverage of 50th anniversary,
  • LTTA, Innovative Teaching
  • Coverage of the November fire on City TV which
    emphasized students orderly behavior during the
    fire and evacuation.
  • December Calgary Herald, Regina, Winnipeg (7
    National newspapers) Articles focus on Alexander
    Ferguson Teacher Lana Kostiuk and her Reggio
    centered Kindergarten program.
  • February CTV Coverage of student interviews
    with Calgary Stampeders
  • City TV Coverage of Circle of Courage Radio
  • Shaw Cable
  • Global TV
  • Calgary Herald
  • Calgary Sun Coverage of student interviews with
    Astronaut Dr. Thursk

Thank you!!!
  • Thank you to everyone! You are what makes a world
    of difference! We cant do it without our
  • T Together
  • E Everyone
  • A Achieves
  • M More!
  • Heres to our ongoing Naturalization Area
    installation and our new library Transformation.
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