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What is the importance of physical activity? What are the benefits of physical activity? Fitness ... the physical benefits of fitness? Mental Benefits ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fitness

  • The Benefits of Exercise

The Benefits of Fitness
  • Pick up a copy of the article and a copy of the
    notes from the back table.
  • Take out your syllabus and notebook.
  • Write homework in your agenda.
  • Partner up and read the purple article to each
  • Discuss with your partner
  • What is the importance of physical activity?
  • What are the benefits of physical activity?

  • Fitness means more than being physically healthy.
  • Fitness is the ability of your mind and body to
    work together to their highest possible levels.
  • What does fitness mean to you?

Being Fit…..
  • gives you energy to last the whole day
  • helps keep your weight at the right level for you
  • helps you deal with stress and the ups and downs
    of life
  • gives you self confidence and makes it more
    likely you will succeed at whatever you attempt
  • makes your life more fun

Staying Active
  • Get outside and do something active with friends
  • Dance
  • Join a Team
  • Go for a Walk
  • Run Races
  • Etc.
  • What will you do today?

Physical Benefits
  • Exercise builds strong muscles
  • Exercise is good for your heart and lungs.
  • Exercise also helps you maintain a desirable
  • Have you ever experienced the physical benefits
    of fitness?

Mental Benefits
  • Exercise makes you feel more energetic.
  • You will get tired less easily.
  • Exercise can help you relieve stress.
  • You will feel proud of what you have
  • Have you ever experienced the mental benefits of

Social Benefits
  • Some exercises can be done with a group. This
    kind of exercise allows you to meet new people
    and make new friends.
  • Working out with friends also helps keep you
    going when you think youd like to quit. Friends
    can encourage you and cheer you on.
  • Have you ever experienced the social benefits of

How Exercise Helps You
  • Exercise builds muscular strength.
  • Muscle strength is the most work your muscles can
    do at any given time.
  • Anaerobic Fast powerful movements

How Exercise Helps You
  • Exercise builds muscular endurance.
  • Muscle endurance means how well a muscle group
    can perform over a given time without becoming
    overly tired.
  • Heart and Lung Endurance means how well the heart
    and lungs get oxygen to the body during exercise
    and how quickly they return to normal.
  • Aerobic Exercise Rhythmic, nonstop, vigorous
    activities, such as running or cycling, that aid
    the heart.

How Exercise Helps You
  • Exercise promotes flexibility.
  • Your flexibility is the ability you have to move
    your body joints in certain ways.
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Exercise helps you relax.
  • Exercise actually causes chemical changes in the
    brain that make you feel more relaxed.
  • Endorphins are released into the bloodstream.
  • Vigorous exercise can also be an outlet for

How Exercise Helps You
  • Exercise helps control your weight.
  • Exercise makes your body burn calories faster.
    For a short time after you stop exercising, your
    body continues to burn calories at a higher rate.
  • Exercise makes you feel and look good.
  • Exercise gives you more energy and helps firm up
    your muscles. As a result you feel better.
  • See figure 4-9 on page 120 and 4-10 on 121

  • On a piece of paper list at least five ways that
    you can get more exercise than you do on an
    ordinary day. For example you could jog to
    school instead of walking, take the stairs rather
    than the elevator, or use your muscles instead of
    a machine to do a task.

  • Define Fitness
  • What are the three areas of benefit from
  • List and explain 6 Ways that exercise helps you.
  • What is aerobic activity?
  • What is anaerobic fitness?

Applying Health Concepts
  • Work with a partner to list excuses people give
    for not exercising. Create a skit to show how to
    not fall for this excuse.