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Children of the Holocaust


... would have been like to been in one of the concentration camps. ... Songs of the Concentration Camps from the Repertoire of Emma Schaver. Rise Up and Fight! ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Children of the Holocaust

Children of the Holocaust
  • A web quest
  • By Renee Hulm

  • The purpose of this web quest is to give students
    a better understanding of what it would have been
    like to been in one of the concentration camps.
    The goal of this web quest is to educate people
    so that a tragedy like the Holocaust never
    happens again.

Introduction Last night you had a dream and in
your dream you heard the voice of a child.
Please remember me and my family. I do not want
to be forgotten or be a number. Learn from my
horrible experience and make sure that the
horrible event never repeats itself, said the
  • You wake up immediately in a cold sweat, the
    voice seemed so real almost like the child was in
    your bedroom. Earlier that week your teacher had
    mentioned how your class would soon be studying
    the Holocaust. You now believe that the voice
    you heard in your dream was the voice of a child
    from the Holocaust.

  • The next day at school your teacher announces
    that today your class is going to begin studying
    the Holocaust. After your dream last night you
    are focused on finding out as much about the
    Holocaust as you can. Whether or not it was an
    actual voice you heard, you are excited to learn
    about the children who lived through the

Your tasks are as follows
  • Read one of the following books.
  • Hidden Children of the Holocaust
  • So Young to Die
  • Behind the Bedroom Wall
  • Survivors True Stories of Children in the

  • You will keep a daily journal expressing your
    opinions about the book you select. You need to
    note how you would have felt to have been treated
    like the Jews were and how it would have felt to
    been a prison guard at the concentration camps.
    You must place yourself in that setting and
    imagine what these people went through and

  • You will visit the site o Children of the
    Holocaust and read at least 3 of the biographies.
    From those 3 biographies you will select one
    child you are going to adopt to remember. You
    need to take notes about that child on index
    cards or use the note taking form. Using your
    notes you will create an 8 ½ x 11 memory tile
    that will inform other people about the child.
    You will also write a poem about your child or as
    if you were that child and your experiences.
    Make sure to type this poem on a word processing

  • You will visit a rescuers site and read about
    three different people or groups that assisted
    the Jews. Select a rescuer you would like to
    honor and take notes on your rescuer on index
    cards or on note taking form. Create a plaque
    which honors your rescuer. Write poem about you
    rescuer and then type it on a word processing

In order to show others all the important
information you have learned from doing this web
quest you will need to make a power point
presentation. Create a power point presentation
with the following requirements.
  • Title slide (title of presentation an presenter
  • 2-3 slides about your child (you may cut and
    paste the picture of child from the website
  • 2-3 slides about your rescuer
  • At least one of your poems
  • A resource page citing your references

  • Please set your presentation to automatic, and
    make sure each slide has enough time for you to
    watch. Additional slides may be added after the
    requirements have been completed. Please
    remember the tone of the subjects that we are
    learning about and consider that in your
    selection of power point graphics.

  • Process
  • The students will begin this web quest by
    selecting a book from list. The students will
    keep a daily journal which will document any
    thoughts they have about their book and people
    that are in the story. The students will be
    asked to put themselves in some of the characters
    places and decide what decisions they would have
    made. The journal entrees the students make
    should be daily and approximately ½ page in

  • The students will also have to go to certain
    websites and research the biographies or children
    and rescuers. After they have researched both
    they will select 3 biographies from each group
    and create poems and a memory tile for the child
    they adopt and a plaque for the rescuer.

  • As a closing activity to this web quest the
    students will be asked to create a power point
    presentation. The goal of this activity is to
    educate other people about the importance of
    learning from this tragedy in history. Each
    power point will be assessed by using the rubrics

  • Resources
  • Internet sites
  • Children of the holocaust
  • Rescuers of Jews
  • Audio Clips and Instructional aids
  • Music and Artwork
  • Facts Photographs of the Holocaust

  • Books
  • Hidden Children of the Holocaust
  • by Stacy Cretzmeyer
  • So Young to Die
  • by Candice F. Ransom
  • Behind the Bedroom Wall
  • by Laura E. Williams
  • Survivors True Stories of Children in the
  • by Allan Gullo Mara Boysan

  • Additional Resources
  • Movies
  • Witnesses to the Holocaust
  • Images Before My Eyes
  • Life is Beautiful
  • We Were Marked with a Big A
  • More Than Broken Glass Memories of Kristallnacht
  • Persecuted and Forgotten

  • We Will Never Forget Auschwitz
  • by Alexander Kimel
  • The Ghetto Prayer
  • by Janusz Korczak
  • Aftermath
  • by Evelyn Roman
  • Homeland
  • by Lois E. Olena
  • The Archivist
  • by Lois E. Olena

  • Music
  • I Shall Wait for your Return
  • Echoes of Vilna Songs of Remembrance from the
  • Songs of the Concentration Camps from the
    Repertoire of Emma Schaver
  • Rise Up and Fight! Songs of the Jewish Partisans
  • Terezin The Music 1941-44

  • For each task the student is suppose to complete
    there is a rubric or checklist that will be used
    to assess the students work.

The rubrics for the power point presentation and
students class participation are enclosed in the
web quest. Each area gives a well-detailed
summary of what the students need to do to meet
the criteria addressed. The power point
presentation is worth a possible 20
  • 2. Journals will be evaluated using the
    following criteria, the journals are worth 20
  • Open-ended journal responses
  • Quality of thinking revealed in the journal
  • Quality of details about various people in the
    book the student read

  • The memory tiles and rescuers plaque will be
    evaluated using the checklists enclosed in the
    packets. Each one is worth 15 points.
  • Group participation throughout this project is
    evaluated using a rubric that is attached in the
    handout. Group participation is worth a possible
    20 points.
  • The total web quest is worth a possible 90
    points! Good luck

  • Conclusion
  • Now that you have learned in depth about two
    special people. Two people who were brave one
    who faced adversities beyond their control and
    one who was brave to stand up for someone else
    despite the danger they faced.

I hope that through your studies of the rescuers
you have learned that when you see wrong being
done to others you wont sit by idly.
  • The Holocaust is more than a mistake, yet in life
    we learn from our mistakes. If we dont study
    and remember the Holocaust we may repeat the same
    tragedies in history.

  • I hope that you will keep what you learn through
    this web quest alive in your heart so that they
    will always be remembered!

The End