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Congratulations to the winners of our Christmas Party door prizes. ... We turn on some classical or soft-rock music. Then comes the real fun! ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Playgroups

Parents As Teachers January 2008 Newsletter
  • Playgroups
  • Lyons Tues. January 15th
  • 1000-1130 a.m.
  • PAT Office
  • Sterling Wed. January 9th and 23rd Sterling
  • 930-1100 a.m.
  • Little Wed. January 9th and 23rd
  • River 1000-1130 a.m.
  • Congregational Church

Book Club There is no Book Club in
January. We will resume in February.
Activity Groups Sterling January 4th and 18th
Library 900-945 a.m. Corner- January 4th and
18th stone 1030-1145 a.m. PAT January 11th
and 25th Center 900-945
a.m. Little January 11th and 25th
River 1030-1115 a.m.
Congratulations! Congratulations to the winners
of our Christmas Party door prizes. Brynne
Stockman guessed the correct number of mints in
the stocking (50) and Kassie Maria had the
closest guess without going over on the mms
(543). Thanks to everyone who attended the
Christmas party. We hope you had a nice time!
REMEMBER, if the temperature is at or below 32
degrees at 800 a.m. on a Lyons Playgroup day,
that playgroup will be held in the PAT office,
not the Rec. Center.
Happy New Year!
Curing the Winter
A big case of boredom sometimes requires a big
cure--like this towering, build-it-yourself
skyscraper. Made from stuff you already have
around the house, it can keep children busy for
hours. Start by collecting cardboard boxes in
various sizes. Tape the boxes shut with packing
tape, then stack and tape them atop each other.
Using markers or crayons, your kids can decorate
the boxes with windows, columns, gargoyles,
mailboxes and so on. They might also add some 3-D
touches, such as tissue paper flowers and bushes,
construction paper flags or even some plastic
figurines. CRAFTER'S TIP If you don't have
plain brown boxes, wrap yours with butcher paper
or turn them inside out and tape them back
Indoor Wax Paper Skates Our family has a great
winter or rainy-day activity that is low cost and
high energy. We clear out the coffee table and
make an open space in the living room. We turn on
some classical or soft-rock music. Then comes the
real fun! We cut squares of wax paper and fasten
them around our feet with rubber bands on our
ankles. It's like magic we have created "ice
skates." We skate slow and fast, and we boogie.
It's so much fun. We are all pooped out when
we're done. --Deborah C. Editor's note Please
check the slipperiness of all surfaces before
trying this activity.

Getting Baby Ready For Winter Tips and
Products to Keep Them Warm, Dry Healthy For a
new mother, traveling with an infant in flurries
and freezing temp- eratures can be cause for
concern. It can be worrisome trying to figure
out how to keep your newborn warm and safe. When
you do venture out, follow this rule of thumb
If youre finding it cold, your baby is too.
Infants and children lose body heat more quickly
than adults do, and its harder for them to
generate heat once theyve lost it. Bunting
Bags This wonderful idea has been around for
many years but with the development of a wide
variety of new fabrics, such as fleece, they have
once again become popular and rightfully so. If
you and your baby enjoy spending time outside
walking to the shops or strolling through the
parks or if you spend a lot of time getting in
and out of your vehicle and dashing through the
chilly weather this is a must have item. The
other key point about todays bunting bags is
that they are designed to accommodate and allow
for the proper fit of the straps in both the car
seat and the stroller in fact they have met the
crash testing requirements.Hat a must! In
cold weather, pay special attention to covering
your babys head. Babies lose 50 of their body
heat through their heads. Hats are the simplest
of all gear to put on and take off. Front
Carriers If you are trying to get out for a
some exercise on a chilly day with your baby the
best way to ensure they stay warm is to use a
front carrier, especially if you have a coat that
is large enough to zip over your baby in the
front carrier. If you dont have a large winter
coat or if you are tired of trying to tuck
blankets around your baby to keep them warm these
wonderful accessories are available for front
carriers. An additional feature with both of
these products is that they work with the
stroller as well as the front carriers. How to
tell if your baby is too hot - How can you tell
if your sleeping baby is getting overheated? She
may feel very warm behind her neck, her hair may
be damp from sweat or her cheeks may become quite
red. A tremendous amount of heat is lost when we
sweat and your baby is no exception. Monitor your
babys temperature closely, unzip their bunting
and remove their hat when you put them in the car
or go into a warm shop, and bring an extra set of
cloths just in case they get sweaty. Dress in
Layers Multiple thin layers will keep your
toddler warmer than a single thick layer, as heat
has to pass through each layer to leave your
body. There are thermal layers which go on first
and waterproof layers to keep the insulating
layers dry. Try to avoid using cotton as the
layer closest to the skin because you want to get
the moisture away from your childs body with a
wicking layer. Cotton makes an excellent towel
because it absorbs and holds water very well but
this very property makes it a terrible fabric to
have next to the skin. Of course, kids dont do
well in excessive heat, either, so its important
to not overdress them with too many layers of
clothing. When preparing to go outside, put your
childs sweater and/or jacket on last so they
dont overheat while waiting. Additionally, when
you get where youre going, remove the outer
layer of clothing. In cold weather it's not good
to break a sweat because as soon as your child
stops moving they will start to cool down
rapidly. Keep their temperature in a comfortable
range and watch them to make sure they arent
sweating up a storm. By dressing in layers, you
can easily adjust your childs clothing to keep
him/her comfortable. Polar Fleece - You see
fleece everywhere these days its the new wool,
except that it is much easier to take care of and
it doesnt shrink. This wonderful fabric will
maintain its insulating properties even when it
is wet! It is great for layering.
Christmas Party Candids
Thanks to everyone who attended our Christmas
party this year! We had a nice time and got a
lot of cute pictures!
January 2008
Happy Birthday!
Karson Chance Campbell
Parents As Teachers (620)257-5293
Shannon Buckman ext. 152 Tracy Suhler ext.128
Kari Troyer ext. 142
Coming in February Meals in a Minute, if there
is enough interest. We will put
together meals that you can freeze and fix
later. There will be a fee involved this
time (about 10 to 15 for three main
dishes). Please inform your
Educator right away if you are interested in
Parents As Teachers 800 South Workman Lyons,
KS 67554