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Saint Francis High School Guidance and Counseling Department Presents College Advising


Senior PowerPoints and access forms and information as needed. Read: ... electronic applications, be sure to print out a receipt and a ... Update your resume. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Saint Francis High School Guidance and Counseling Department Presents College Advising

Saint Francis High School Guidance and Counseling
Department PresentsCollege Advising
  • 2008

  • The Academic Office does not allow for any
    student to miss more than 80 minutes of class
    time for Senior College Counseling during this
    semester, as students should not miss academic
    instruction. (Many high schools do not allow
    students to miss any class time for appointments
    so BE Appreciative.)
  • Alternate times counselors are available for
  • Collaboration
  • Lunch
  • After school
  • One forty minute meeting per student beginning
    Wednesday 9/17.
  • Be prepared with tentative list and questions.
  • Be on time for your meeting and use this valuable
    time wisely.
  • If you are concerned about missing class time-go
    by and make an appointment for one of your free

  • The pink Transcript Release Form must be returned
    to Mrs. Weber in the Counseling Center by Friday
    Sept. 19.
  • Your appointment will be postponed until this
    form is turned in.
  • Senior Parent Night
  • Sept. 18th at 700P.M.
  • 600 PM Financial Aid Presentation

How to Access the Senior PowerPoints
  • Go to the Saint Francis High School webpage at
  • Go to the Guidance and Counseling page at
  • Senior PowerPoint Topics
  • How to Obtain a Counselor Letter Of
  • How to Obtain a Teacher Letter of Recommendation
  • Extended Calendar of Senior Year Planning
  • Admissions Plans
  • Applying to the University of California
  • Applying to the California State Universities
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Accessing Information
  • Read Senior PowerPoint Presentations
  • Download Counselor Recommendation Packet as
  • Download the Teacher Recommendation Packet as
  • Link to important sites and information from the
    Senior College PowerPoints.

The Informed Participant
  • Read
  • Senior PowerPoints and access forms and
    information as needed.
  • Read
  • All applications thoroughly.
  • Attend
  • College rep visits-on and off campus. Find the
    schedule for College Rep Visits on
  • Counseling Department Web Site
  • Ask
  • Questions-
  • This is your life-think about the best match for
    you-ignore peer pressure.

TestingRemember Only You Can Send Your Scores
to a College!!
  • UC and Private Colleges
  • All testing must be completed no later than Dec
    test date for both UC and private colleges.
  • Early Action or Early Decision admissions plans
    may use no later than October 2008 test scores.
    Check with each college for more information on
    testing requirements.
  • Check each Private College application for the
    last date test scores will be accepted by the
  • CSU Campuses
  • For all impacted campuses, October should be the
    last test date for completion of the SAT I or
  • Some impacted campuses may also accept November
    scores-check each campus application for
  • For non-impacted campuses, December is the last
    test date for SAT Is and ACT.

UC and Selective Colleges
  • Make sure scores are sent to each campus you are
    applying to by the appropriate date set by that
  • SAT I and ACT include a Writing section-
  • check with your colleges policy in using this
    score for evaluation.
  • SAT II-Two Subject Areas-
  • The UC will select the best score of two areas to
    use for admissions.

  • Any student interested in Division I or II
    athletic programs must register with the NCAA
    Eligibility Center
  • Go to the front office and also request a
    transcript sent to NCAA.
  • You must send your test scores to the
    clearinghouse or order scores sent to NCAA when
    registering for an SAT or ACT this fall.
  • Use code 9999
  • It is your responsibility to send your scores and
    transcript to NCAA

Admission Plans
  • Early Action
  • Early Action is non-binding
  • Admitted students are not obligated to enroll and
    may apply to other colleges.
  • Decisions must be made by May 1, 2009.
  • Single Choice Early Action is a unique plan where
    a student can only apply to one school. Stanford
    and Yale use this plan.
  • Early Decision
  • Early decision is binding.
  • Students must commit in advance to attend the
    Early Decision college if admitted under its
    early program.

(No Transcript)
Before Applying Early Consider Advantages and
  • Preparation-are junior grades strong?
  • Is testing complete by October testing dates?
  • Admission Rates?
  • Financial Aid?

Other Admission Plans
  • Rolling Admissions
  • The sooner you apply the sooner you learn of the
    admissions decision.
  • Decisions come between 2 and 6 weeks after all
    required application documents are received.
  • Some colleges have an admission deadline and do
    not notify students of admission decisions until
    a certain date. Highly selective colleges may
    follow this plan. UCs notify between March 1-30
    of admission decisions.
  • Admission Deadline-the last possible date to
    submit an application.

Getting the Applications
  • Apply Online to UC and CSU Colleges
  • UC Pathways at
  • CSU Mentor at

Out of State Public and All Private Schools
  • Applications may be downloaded from the colleges
    website or submitted electronically .
  • Go to the colleges website for information on
  • Also check on any additional deadlines for
  • Housing Application-may be required at the same
    time as filing application. Be sure to check
    each colleges website for housing deadlines. You
    may be able to apply for housing along with your
    application for admission.
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships

Electronic Communications
  • Make sure you give the college a current and
    reasonably worded email address. Check it
    frequently! Many colleges will issue a Portal
    access where all communications will be posted
    including admission status.
  • Check deadlines carefully and consistently check
    the email address you place on the application
    for instructions.
  • With electronic applications, be sure to print
    out a receipt and a copy.

Common Application
  • The Common Application allows you to fill out one
    application and send it to any one of the 300
    colleges who accept this application.
  • If using the Common Application make sure you
    also fill out the Supplement for the college you
    are applying to
  • check for supplements
  • If a college is your top choice and the school
    provides its own application?
  • If you use the Common Application be sure to show
    expressed interest in the campus
  • Attend college rep visits
  • Tour campus
  • Ask for interview if available
  • Stay current with communication from that campus

Applying to the University of California
  • File ASAP during the period Nov. 1-30.
  • (You may begin working on the application Oct.1)
  • Use Pathways if
  • One application may be generated to all campuses.
  • Attend Application Workshop sponsored by the
    Guidance and Counseling Department. TBA
  • Make sure to order test scores sent to each
  • Comprehensive Review is used for all students-
  • Be sure to detail leadership, service,
    involvement and describe it in language that
    focuses in on your strengths.
  • This can be part of
  • Section V-Extracurricular Information section of
    the application.

In Anticipation of Applications
  • Update your resume. You will be asked to submit
    an updated resume with your Letter of
    Recommendation Request.
  • Check your transcript for activity credit NOW!
  • If you completed a Community College course this
    past summer, order transcripts. You will need to
    send a CC transcript to each private and out of
    state public school you are applying to so order

After You Have Applied to the University of
  • The Application Status website allows you to
    review your personal/background information
  • Campus and major choices
  • Test scores reported
  • Revise portions of your application.
  • The information will be online four to five weeks
    after you submit your application.

Importance of Senior Grades
  • All colleges accept students on a conditional
  • Senior grades are evaluated and admissions can be
    rescinded at any time -even after students have
    moved into dorms.
  • UCSC rescinded more than 358 admission decisions
    this past summer.
  • First and second semester senior grades will be
    important for admissions.
  • Immediately notify each campus of any D or F
    grades in the senior year.
  • Immediately notify each campus if dropping a
    course that is listed on your application.

Tips on Writing the Personal Statement Questions
and Essays for All Schools
  • Purpose of the UC Personal Statement Questions
  • To help Admissions personnel get to know the
    student as an individual and to provide a context
    for consideration of all other applicants.
  • To allow the applicant to fill in the gaps,
    explain unusual circumstances, and provide a more
    complete picture of her or himself.
  • To help the reader understand a students
    interests, achievements, opportunities, and
    challenges faced while achieving academic and
    personal success.
  • Scholarship consideration.
  • Assigned in senior
  • English classrooms.
  • Personal Statement and Essay Questions
  • Be sure to access Fall
  • 2009 applications.
  • Get feedback from others-edit-edit-edit.
  • Review more tips here.

Applying to the California State University
  • Use http// to apply-a separate
    application must be sent to each campus.
  • Read the directions at the beginning of each
    campus application to learn about Housing
    Applications and any instructions on how to
    communicate with the college.
  • Read the Senior PowerPoint Applying to the
    California State Universities
  • You can use the code when requesting scores sent
    from the College Board or ACT3594
  • Impacted campuses Fullerton, LB, Cal Poly SLO,
    Cal Poly Pomona, and San Diego and Sonoma.

Cal Poly SLO
  • Cal Poly SLO must apply online-
  • Be accurate in reporting hours of leadership,
    work, and activities-this does count.
  • Select a major you can live with.
  • Go to Cal Poly website and create your webpage
    for communication with Cal Poly.

Applying to a California Community College
  • Check community college website for application
    filing dates in early March. Apply early and
  • Transfer Admission Guarantee agreements
  • Each California community college has a TAA
    (Transfer Admissions Agreement or TAG (Transfer
    Admission Guarantee) with some UC, CSU, and
    Private colleges.
  • See Foothills TAA schools
  • Honors Programs available at the community
  • At this time the tuition at a California
    Community College is extremely inexpensive in
    comparison to other colleges.

How to Get a Letter of Recommendation
  • Read the Senior PowerPoint How to Obtain a
    Counselor Recommendation
  • Read the Senior PowerPoint How to Obtain a
    Teacher Recommendation
  • Teachers
  • Math, Science, Foreign Language, English, and
    Social Studies
  • Should be of junior level or higher
  • Coaches, moderators, people who have observed
    your special talents and abilities may write
    optional recommendations
  • No letters accepted by UC or CSU

  • Materials must be submitted no later than
  • October 6 for EA or ED
  • December 1 for all other admission plans
  • Give Counselor or Teacher at least 3 weeks
  • Will not be given back to students, but sent
    directly to the colleges.
  • Have the same teacher write and copy -do not ask
    several teachers.
  • Use the correct format or your request will be
    turned back to you for changes.
  • Thank people.

Letter of Recommendation Packets
  • Read the Senior PowerPoint How to Obtain a
    Counselor Letter of Recommendation-Download Forms
  • Read the Senior PowerPoint How to Obtain a
    Teacher Letter of Recommendation-Download Forms

TranscriptsTurn Transcript Release Form to your
counselor's box in the Counseling Center ASAP.
  • Official and Unofficial
  • Request from the main office for 2.OO
  • Must give 2 days notice
  • Request to have it placed in your counselors box
    for letters of recommendation.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Institutional Form-check with each school and
    submit on time.
  • FAFSA-required by all public and some private.
  • CCS Profile-required by some private-check list
    on the CSS Profile application. May start CCS
    Profile applications online.
  • Oct 1, 2008.
  • Beware of Scholarship Scams-searches are free
  • Dont pay for something you can get for free.

  • File FAFSA and CCS Profile to receive
    scholarships as well as need based financial aid.
    Dont leave any stone unturned.
  • File as early as possible after January 1-March 1
  • Persistence
  • Check Scholarship Notebook in the Counseling
  • Check the Guidance and Counseling website-under
    College Guidance.

Integrity Issues
  • Create and maintain an appropriate email address
    where colleges can communicate with you. (check
    it frequently)
  • Caution on Facebook/MySpace pages or self
    designed webpages-
  • Colleges and employers have reported checking
    these sites to learn more about an applicant.
  • Discuss any disciplinary/academic integrity
    issues with your counselor.

Be Informed, Proactive, and Organized
  • The following are areas of the application
    process that you will need to be considering and
    organizing for yourself as you begin the
    application process, some of which were addressed
    in this presentation
  • 1. Acquiring admission information and
  • 2. Knowing deadlines (applications submission
    (Regular, ED, EA), testing, financial
  • 3. Ordering transcripts(Saint Francis High
    School, community college, summer program courses
    with credit).
  • 4. Acquiring and organizing letters of
  • 5. Writing the college essay or Personal

  • Use the Guidance and Counseling website!!!!!!!!!!
  • Read the Senior College PowerPoints and use them
    to download forms needed.

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