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New Perspectives on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial 4


You can easily link charts you create in Excel to a in a PowerPoint presentation. ... You can hold an online meeting via the Internet. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: New Perspectives on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial 4

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
  • Tutorial 4 Integrating PowerPoint With Other
    Programs and Collaborating With Workgroups

Apply a template from another presentation
  • You have learned how to apply a design template
    from a template file to your presentation.
  • You can use the same method to apply a design
    template from another presentation to your
  • Click the Slide Design button to display the
    Slide Design Task Pane
  • Click the Browse button and locate the
    presentation from which you want to apply the
    design template
  • Select the presentation file, and click the Apply
    button to apply the other presentations design
    template to the current presentation

A presentation with its existing design scheme
Presentation with new design scheme applied
Import, modify, and export a Word outline
  • To import an object is to insert a file that was
    created in one program into another program's
  • When you insert an object, such as a Word
    outline, it automatically becomes part of the
    PowerPoint presentation.
  • To insert a Word outline into a PowerPoint
    presentation, open the Insert Outline dialog box
    by selecting Slides from Outline from the Insert
  • Locate the Word file containing the outline,
    select it, and then click the Insert button
  • The outline is now part of PowerPoint, and the
    text of the outline can be modified within
    PowerPoint just as any other PowerPoint
    presentation outline.

An illustration of importing
Modify a Word outline within PowerPoint
Import considerations
  • Since the outline is now part of PowerPoint, any
    changes you make to the outline will not be
    reflected in the original Word document.
  • When importing something into PowerPoint, there
    is no connection between PowerPoint and the
    original application.
  • You can also save the modified outline as a Word
    document by exporting the outline from PowerPoint
    to a Word file.

An exported outline in a Word document
Embed and modify a table from Word
  • When you embed an object, you edit the object
    using the source application's toolbars and
    commands, but the changes you make take effect in
    the destination file only.
  • Embedding is similar to importing except that it
    allows a one-way connection to be maintained with
    the source program.
  • For example, if you embed a Word table in a
    PowerPoint presentation and then double-click on
    the table, you can use Word commands to edit the
    table while still in PowerPoint
  • This is referred to as in-place editing
  • When you edit the embedded table in PowerPoint,
    however, the changes are not made to the original
    Word table.

An embedded Word table
An illustration of embedding
Embed an object
  • To embed a Word table into a PowerPoint
  • Open PowerPoint in Normal View with the Slide
    Pane active
  • Click Insert on the menu bar and then click
    Object to open the Insert Object dialog box
  • Click the Create from file option button to
    select it. Make sure the Link check box is not
    selected, and then click the Browse button
  • Select the file that you want to embed, click the
    OK button in the Open dialog box, and then click
    the OK button in the Insert Object dialog box
  • To modify the embedded table, you can
    double-click anywhere in the table and use Word.

Embedding an object using the Insert Object
dialog box
Link and modify an Excel chart
  • Presentations can often be strengthened with data
    in a chart.
  • You can easily link charts you create in Excel to
    a slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • To link an Excel chart to a PowerPoint
  • Open PowerPoint in Normal View, click Insert on
    the menu bar, and then click Object
  • In the Insert Object dialog box, click the Link
    check box, click the Create from File option
    button, select or type the filename of the chart,
    and then click the OK button
  • To modify the chart, double-click anywhere on the
    chart in PowerPoint, which opens the chart in

An illustration of linking an object
Add hyperlinks to slides within a presentation
and to other presentations
  • A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or graphic image
    that you click to jump to another location,
    called the target.
  • Text hyperlinks are usually underlined and appear
    in a different color than the rest of the
  • The target of a hyperlink can be another slide
    within the presentation or a slide in another
  • You also can link to a Web page.
  • When you link to a slide you are adding the
    hyperlink to a word or phrase and then
    identifying the target of the link.

The Insert Hyperlinks dialog box
Identifying text hyperlinks
Use action buttons as hyperlinks
  • To link to a slide in another presentation, you
    can use an action button, which is a ready-made
  • You can use one of the 12 predefined action
    buttons in PowerPoint or create and customize
    your own.
  • To add an action button that links to another
  • Go to the slide that will contain the action
    button, click Slide Show on the menu bar, point
    to Action Buttons, and click the desired button
  • Click the pointer at the location on the slide
    where you want the action button to appear
  • Within the Action Settings dialog box accept or
    change the "Hyperlink to" target and click the OK
  • You can resize and move the action button icon as

The Action Settings dialog box
A slide with an action button
Saving a presentation as a Web page
  • Open the presentation you wish to save as a Web
    page and select Save as Web Page from the File
  • Verify the Save as type list box displays Single
    File Web Page.
  • Change the file name and Page title as
  • Click the Save button in the Save As dialog box.

The Save As Web Page dialog box
Viewing the Presentation in a Web Browser
  • Its always a good idea to see exactly what the
    presentation looks like in a browser before you
    actually publish it to a Web server.
  • To preview your presentation in a browser, select
    Web Page Preview from the File menu.
  • PowerPoint starts your browser with the Web page
    open in the browser window
  • If necessary, maximize the browser window so it
    fills the screen
  • Use the navigation toolbar or the outline pane to
    navigate among your slides

Presentation Web page in browser
Collaborate with workgroups
  • PowerPoint provides a wide variety of methods for
    sharing your presentations and collaborating with
  • For example, you can send presentations via
  • Attach the presentation file to the e-mail
  • You can also make your presentation available to
    Web users by saving it in Web Page format.

Hold an online meeting or broadcast an online
  • You can hold an online meeting via the Internet.
  • To hold an online meeting from within an Office
    2003 program such as PowerPoint, you need the
    Microsoft NetMeeting program installed on your
  • You could also broadcast a presentation via the
  • An online broadcast shows a PowerPoint
    presentation online by sending the presentation
    electronically to all the participants at a
    prearranged time.