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Conspiracy Realities OKC FBI to 911 Nukes, Avian Pandemics New World DisOrder


Providing Advanced Technologies to Receive and Intercept Operational Terrorism ... and Standardized Medical Electronic Record and Betty Crocker Medicine for ALL ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Conspiracy Realities OKC FBI to 911 Nukes, Avian Pandemics New World DisOrder

Conspiracy RealitiesOKC FBI to 911 Nukes,
Avian PandemicsNew World DisOrder
  • Dr Bill Deagle MD
  • May 2007
  • SanDiego L.A. 911
  • Truth Conferences

P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Acts Of Abuse
  • Providing Advanced Technologies to Receive and
    Intercept Operational Terrorism
  • 1999 Special Ops / Delta Norfork, VA 2
    years before 911 received huge section of near
    complete PATRIOT Antiterror Act
  • March 1st 2001 Adams Mark Hotel Denver
    Lunch Dr Reddington VA Infectious Disease
    Director U of CO and US BioTerror FBI and CDC
    Directors ? FBI There will be a Pearl Harbour
    Event a large NE US city that will bring
    the United States under Martial Law..with a 95
    probability within 24 months
  • Delta Agent The PATRIOT Act was written ten
    years before 911 and the whole operation..

Conspiracy Realities!
  • 1988 Tom-Scott Gordon Photographer of WTC
    Complex for Port Authority of NY in preparation
    for demoliton of the WTC Complex
  • Ruby Ridge Randy Weavers Family Attacked and
    Wife and Child Killed by ATF Agents
  • Waco, TX Attack and Incineration of US Citizens
    Branch Dividians
  • WTC 1993 FBI Hired Egyptian Munitions Expert
    Failed Demolition 6 US Citizens die
  • OKC 1995 168 US Citizens Die including Nursery
  • 911 WTC Pentagon Over 3000 citizens die
    immediately and many times this are dying from
    environmental pollution of lower Manhattan

Lenin Show me the man and I will tell you the
OKC 1995
  • OKC 1995 Murrah Special Ops Removed 2
    Unexplosed Micronukes Fourth Gen US Army Corp
    Engineers 1/10th Kiloton and C4 Pineapple with
    RDX and High Explosive Cord, 3 Radiation
    Detectors positive with Tritium Elevation at
    Scene CCOM Exit Dr. Bill Deage MD
  • Wakenhut security armed guarded 24/7 debris
    burried and concreted capped Carlyle Owned
    Security Company

OKC Federal Murrah After Demolition April 1995
911 WTC Pentagon 2001
  • 911- Dr Ward MD ? THE ONLY Explanation of
    Nanoparticularied WTC 1 and 2 with, FLIR
    Satellite images weeks later, Massive Craters,
    Footprint of Fallen WTC Complex AND fall speeded
    by vacuum collapse by microNukes
  • Ted Tweitmeyer DOD Engineer ? EMP hundreds
    of thousands of Tesla of 3/1000th second
    paramagnetic effects on engine blocks and
    aluminized mirrors

Does 911 WTC appear to be a nuclear event?
911WTC EMP Eddy Magnetic Giga Tesla Vectors
WTC Vehicle Vectored Paramagnetic Thermal Effects
Paramagnetic InducedEngine Block Fires Ignore
NYPD on Vehicle
Micronuclear Materials Analysis
  • Beryllium-9
  • Polonium-210 with 138 day t1/2 half life
    Neutron Trigger MicroNukes
  • Yttrium Used in Neutron Reflector
  • Lithium Deuteride Red Mercury?
  • Plutonium, Strontium 90, Iridium

Micronuclear Materials Analysis
  • Plutonium-239
  • Uranium-237 and 235
  • Tritiium Heavy Water Isotope 55 times
    background after 120 millions liters of fire
    suppression from water hoses at WTC
  • IRON in Girders Fe 57, Fe 58 and Radioactive Fe

Dr Ed Ward Tritium Calculations
  • _at_ 120 million liters of water - 30 mil gallons -
    4 million gallons is from rain and fire hoses,
  • AND 26 million gallons of leakage of the bathtub
  • Unknown how much got to WTC 6 of that 26 million
    gallons but that dilution level was used for the
    sewerage water calculations
  • About 7 Billion Tritium units possible for the
    sewerage water.
  • Calculated estimated 1 million liters of water
    was calculated as the approximate amount of water
    that would have been in WTC 6 - that dilution
    amount would have been OVER 1 Billion total
    Tritium units possible at the quoted levels of
    the USGS report for JUST WTC 6.

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 1 Super heated steel beams creating steel
    vapor comet trails while falling
  • 2 Sub-100 micron pulverization of 99 of
    concrete in floors
  • 3 330 ton sections of outer wall steel columns
    ripped off
  • 4 Ponds of molten metal in basements of WTC 1,
    2 and 7

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 5 100 days required to cool down the debris
  • 6 Pyroclastic flow of debris with tall chimney
    rising upward
  • 7 People, computers furniture vanished but
    paper remained
  • 8 20 of WTC dust is made of metals in atomic

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 9 WTC1 transmission tower falls first
    indicating central support was removed
  • 10 Tritiium levels elevated in area weeks after
  • 11 Witnesses say cars exploded and burned our
    wrecks that had not been hit by debris surrounded
    the area
  • 12 Wide power outage that cut off all
    communications in a very large area

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 13 Winter Garden hit by 22 ton steel ejected
    600 ft. from WTC1
  • 14 Sharp spikes in seismograph at nearby
    Lamont-Doherty earthquake lab
  • 15 Brown shades of color in the air due to
    nuclear radiation forming sulfuric acid
  • 16 Huge expanding dust clouds taking five times
    the volume of the tower

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 17 Rubble height only 10 of original instead
    of 33 for normal demolition
  • 18 No survivors found except for one isolated
    stairway without overhead debris
  • 19 Decontamination procedure seen at WTC with
    hi-pressure water spraying
  • 20 Rooftop 200,000 gallon water tanks for
    sprinkler system but no water in ruins

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 21 Forensic Toxicology of Trace Minerals and
    Isotopes Found at Scene of Nuclear Detonations
    Beryllium, Tritium, etc.
  • 22 Cancers of Rare Types Secondary to Radiation
    and Nanoparticulate Heavy Metals and
    Radioisotopes e.g. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
  • 23 Fibrotic Lung Conditions Secondary to Heavy
    Metals and Radioisotopic Nanoparticles

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 24 Bone dust cloud around the WTC. This was
    found not until spring 2006 from the Deutsche
    Bank building
  • 25 Brown shades of color in the air due nuclear
    radiation forming NO2, NO3 and nitric acid.
  • 26 Massive Craters WTC 1, 2 and 6 from massive
    blasts at the base of each building

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 27 Radiation At Great Kills, Staten Island
    Shut Down of Access to Site of Debris
  • 28 Infrared Satellite Based Photos WTC 1 and 2
    Molten Steel and Building Magma 1 acre hot
    for five months WTC 1 and six weeks WTC 2

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 29 14 rescue dogs and some rescue workers died
    far too soon afterward to be attributed to
    asbestos or dust toxins (respiratory problems due
    to alpha and tritium particles created by fusion
    are far more toxic)

WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC
  • 30 One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's
    east side has the potential for becoming a
    political hot spot A strong radiation spike
    from the area of the Israeli Embassy.
  • Officials would not comment on why they thought
    that particular area allegedly showed such a
    stunning peak in radiation.

Thermate Nanoparticlized Aluminum Cutting Charges
  • 911- Dr Steven Jones Thermate High Explosives
    to cut the building into sections for collapse
  • Sulfurized amplification of high temperature
    cutting charges
  • No distant heating and vaporization properties of
    giant iron girders postulated Super Thermate

Thermate Cut Up the WTC Bldg Complex
Avian Flu Global Pandemic
  • The Brainiac Virus
  • Same Lethal Gene SNP Polymorphisms as 1918 Human
    WSN33 Iowa Pig Hybrid Flu with New NS1 four
    amino acid deletion Bypass of IL4 Immune Alarm
  • Polybasic 6 Amino Acids Nuclease Allows
    Invasion of All Tissues in All Mammals ? Dr Niman
    Ph.D. Interviews

H5N1 Avian Flu Structure
Vectors for Avian Flu Spread
H5N1 Migratory Bird Pathways
The Perfect Cover for Natural Pandemic
Avian Flu Global Pandemic
  • Only 2 more H gene single amino acids H226 and
    H228 or other combinations
  • 12 substrains 6 genetic distinct LETHAL
    Pre-pandemic Strains Globally
  • The Killer Bees of all Viruses
  • Brainiac Human H5N1 The Zychronian 12 Plaque

The Next Pandemic ?Xichronian 12 Plague !
Phase 5 Now of Human H5N1 Pandemic
  • Interpandemic period
  • Phase 1 No new influenza virus subtypes found in
  • Phase 2 Circulating animal influenza virus
    subtype poses a substantial risk of human disease
  • Pandemic alert period
  • Phase 3 Human infection(s) with a influenza
    virus new subtype, but no human-to-human spread,
    or at most rare instances of spread to close

Phase 5 Now of Human H5N1 Pandemic
  • Phase 4 Small cluster(s) of cases with limited
    human-to-human transmission but spread highly
    localized (i.e. virus not well adapted to humans)
  • Phase 5 Larger cluster(s) of cases but
    human-to-human spread still localized (i.e. virus
    becoming increasingly better adapted to humans)
  • Pandemic period
  • Phase 6 Influenza pandemic increased and
    sustained transmission of novel human influenza
    virus in the general population

  • N.A.I.S. Active Live Chip trackable from
    space to 1 cu meter on all in US Herd
  • Jan 1st 2008 to May 11th 2008 full implementation
    ? National RFID Biometric Drivers ID in All US
  • Jan 17th to 23rd 2007 ? No Canadians will enter
    the US without a passport (already a passive
    RFID) and US Citizens into Canada reciprocate
    with US Passports or RFID Drivers ID Substitute
    for phase-in

US Real ID May 11th 2008
This is the Goal to Track the Middle Class!
Der Fuehrer Bush Fourth Reich
Phases I, II and III of the Global M.A.R.K.
National ID Passports
Implantable ID
Brain Interface Chip
Key Globalist Dialectics to Crush the People
  • National Debt and Real Estate Bubble 2007
  • Avian Flu Pandemic ? Window Winter 2007 to 2008
  • Regional Nuclear Conflict with Iran Russian and
    Chinese Proxy War
  • Real Hyperinflation AND Devaluation of Currency
    ? Disappearance of Penny, Nickle, Dime and
    Quarter and Two and Five Dollar Coins

National Health Care in 2008
  • National Health Plus Database with UNIVERSAL
    HEALHCARE and Reduced Medical Errors and
    Standardized Medical Electronic Record and Betty
    Crocker Medicine for ALL
  • Data Mining tied to Military, Purchase, Fines and
  • RFID ID NAID North American ID
  • Trackable Biometric Regional Panopticon
  • A days wages for a days food

USA Healthcare Pills vs Money
TRACK ALL TRANSACTIONS by May 11th 2008 National
  • ALL Silver and Gold Coin or Barter and All
    Non-traceable transactions violate the
    P.A.T.R.I.O.T. I II
  • RFID Chips in all goods, so profile can compose
    an identity match to every citizen for tracking
    and control Sensors in Doorways, Elevators,
    Roadways, Cell Towers, etc.

Minority Report Amerika
  • Hate Crimes Bill April 2007 Democrats Rev Ted
    Pike Shows Antidefamation League ADL ? Feelings
    Result in Prosecutions Not Evidence
  • Congressional and Senate Bills Repeatedly Tabled
  • First Amendment Rights attack against speaking
    truth against any protected group under the

VIRTUAL WORLD PROJECTQuantum Computing Array
  • Virtual Model of Every Building, Roadway,
    Harbour, Railway on EARTH
  • Model Icons of Every Person to be entered when
    RFID Regional IDs added to system
  • RFID Tags on all products on Earth
  • BBPL Broadband Over Powerlines Converts Home/
    Workplace/ Office in Virtural World Cybernetic

VIRTUAL WORLD PROJECTQuantum Computing Array
  • Denver, CO Based Co. GPS Military Grade
    Cybernetic Surveying EARTH with Satellite Photos
    3D Analysis with Programmed Cybernetic Modelling
  • Planet Model Completed 2004 Approx
  • Citizen Model ICONS RFID Regional IDs Start
  • RFID Consumer Tags in All Products 2010 Approx

NotSo DU Depleted Uranium Global Spread
Cancers, Birth Defectswith Diabetes Plagues
  • Nanoparticles are like having a chest xray every
    four minutes for high exposure vets of Gulf 1 or
  • Uranium Ion DNA damage damages cell healing,
    promotes cancer and causes birth defects
  • Half life 4.5 Billion Years to reduce to ½
    concentration in air, soil and water globally

Gulf War DU Munitions Sites
to Die For
  • W.T.O. Codex Alimentarius NAZI Food Rules 7
    of 9 Banned Pesticide, GMO Genetically Modified
    Frankenfoods, Irradiation 100,000 times lethal to
    all food crossing national borders, Nanotech
    foods that cross normal organ tissue barriers,
    and mineral depletion of soils with GMO and Big
    Pharma / Big Agri / Big Chema toxins

NO Codex Alimentarium Commission Weaponized FOOD
Franken-Vaccines Cancer Viruses Mind-bending
  • Vaccines Take or Shot or Get Shot April 1st
    2005 Presidential Executive Order
  • 275 Vaccines in the Operation Bioshield Pipeline
  • Mercury Ethyl Salicylate, Aluminum salts,
    Formaldehyde, Toxins and

Franken-Vaccines Cancer Viruses Mind-bending
  • DNA from Fetal Retinal Cells to Larval Insects
  • Oncogenetic Viruses and DNA transport vector
    organisms Mycoplasma, Viruses, Bacteria and
    Spirochetes e.g. Mycoplasma Fermentans
    Incognita Dr Garth Nicolson Institute for
    Molecular Medicine
  • Planned 27 Vaccines _at_ BIRTH !!

Vaccinated to DEATH!
Chemtrails World Sunscreen, Weather Cocktails
and Mind Tenderizers
Terror in the Air Neurotoxins, Bioweapons,
Weather Mind Control
  • Barium Salts 10,000 more neurotoxic than Lead
  • Mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas fluorencis,
  • Morgellons Silicon Epigenetic Controlling
    Self-Replicating Nanomachines

Go to Sleep Little Sheep Permanently!
HAARP Weather Mind Control Cell Towers Iridium
  • Conversion of the Atmosphere into a Plasma for
    Weather Warfare, Geotechtonic Warfare, and Scalar
    Mind Control Technologies Woodpecker to HAARP
    and Tetrus System in UK
  • GWEN Towers in US ? IRIDIUM CELL TOWERS and Nokia
    Beamed Biocoded Cell Phone Signal with Scalar
    Biophyiologic and Event Insertion and Behavior
    Control Technologies

HAARP Weather Mind Control Cell Towers Iridium
HAARP Weather Mind Control Cell Towers Iridium
Morgellons Invasion of the Epigenetic Body
  • Morgellons Silicon Based Nanomachine Organisms
    ? Orgins Off World???
  • Ambloid Protein Pseudostructures e.g. hair
  • Scalar Control of Cellular Genetics Expression of
    Host Organism

Morgellons Invasion of the Epigenetic Body
Superstrorms, Tornado Armies, Flooding and ICE
  • Force Five Plus Super Storms Katrinas Monthly
    Worldwide Planet X Tesla Solar Plasmatic
    Induced Volcanism and Solar Warming of All
    Planets Gravitonic Effects
  • Dec 7th 2006 Tornado In London, UK
  • Geothermal Oceanic Warming
  • Loss of Escalator Gulf Stream to North Europe

Super Tornados Wipe Away Cities and Towns
Greensburg, KS, USA
Earthquake and Volcanism Scalar Warfare
  • Tsunamis and Yellowstone Supercaldera Volcanism
    with Nuclear Winter
  • Ace, Indonesia Tsunami 250,000 Died
  • Bam, Iran Earthquake
  • Canary Islands Tsunami Risk
  • Hawaiian Islands Volcanic Tsunami Risk
  • South African Open Crack in Continent
  • Mid-Atlantic Ridge Underoceanic Magma

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
US Earthquakes Causing Damage 1750 to 1996
Earthquake Warning Piezoelectric Thermal Map
Cybernetic Supersoldiers and ROV Remote Operated
  • 2010 to 2025 US to NA Military Revolution in
    Military Affairs Non-lethal weapons ? Laser
    Dazzle, Microwave, Infrasound, Scalar Focused
    High Intensity Low Frequency Sound Cannon, DNA
    Apoptosis Induction with Tunable Sideband
  • R.O.V. Remote Operational Vehicles Nanotech
    Small to Collasal Air, Land and Sea with X-ray,
    Infrared and Satellite Group Constellation
    Intelligence mode with remote battlefield and AI
    Super Quantum Array Supercomputer Capacities

Cybernetic Supersoldiers
ROV Remote Operated Vehicles Supercomputer Wars
ROV Remote Operated Vehicles Supercomputer Wars
Destruction of US Military Policing vs Combat
Roles IED Amputee
Mayan 2012 Effect!
  • They are rushing to a deadline Something
    Cataclysmic This Way Comes !!
  • DUMB1 Bases 132 in US 1.5 to 4.0 miles down
    with unidirectional megleve trains at Mach 2.0 to
    2.8 ? 1400 worldwide plus

Cycle 24 Super Solar Max
The Bees Who Flew Too High
Colony Collapse Disorder
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the latest
problem facing bee keepers today.
  • Symtoms of CCD are1) In collapsed colonies
  • The complete absence of adult bees in colonies,
    with no or little build up of dead bees in the
    colonies or in front of those colonies. The
    presence of capped brood in colonies. The
    presence of food stores, both honey and bee bread
        i. which is not immediately robbed by other
    bees     ii. when attacked by hive pests such as
    wax moth and small hive beetle, the attack is
    noticeably delayed. 2) In cases where the
    colony appear to be actively collapsing An
    insufficient workforce to maintain the brood that
    is present The workforce seems to be made up of
    young adult bees The queen is present The cluster
    is reluctant to consume provided feed, such as
    sugar syrup and protein supplement

Solar Flares X and M Class
  • Black Ops Omega Project Above Top Secret
    Illegal Drug Trade DEA CIA DOJ and MI6
  • Control of Rouge Units in All Secret Agencies on
  • Intel Gathering for Global Leaders and Illuminati
    Corporatocracy Council of 300 Druid Council
    of Thirteen Black Pope

Above All Alphabet Agencies Omega Agency
Global Population Reduction
  • Global Population Control WTO CODEX, Vaccines,
    DU Global and Nuclear Reactors, Suppressed Energy
    Technologies, Hoarded Anti-aging and Disease
    Cures, and Financial Henchman
  • Linked to Global IMF Population Control,
    Morgellons, CWD Chronic Wasting Disease Prions 10
    states and two provinces

Monsanto Seeds of Famine
CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Induced Global Famine
I-35 Can-Am-Mex Transportation Corridor
  • King of Spain Consortium 10 mile right of way
    with 200 feet below ground right of way for
    pipelines, subway, gas, water, electricity, mail,
    toxic waste, etc.
  • Imminent Domain Seizure of Property using
    Abusive Administrative Courts violating
    constitution property rights

NASCO NAFTA CanAmMex Super Corrido Coalition
I-35 Can-Am-Mex Transportation Corridor
  • Full Integration with existing freeways Canada ?
    America ? Mexico
  • Smart Highways ? Total Tag Tracking by Satellite
    and Roadbed Sensors of All Vehicles for
    Speeding Interdiction Taxation Tolls and
    Federalized or Private Policing Seizure and

FTAA Free Trade Area of the Americas
  • Zone 3 of 10 Global Regional Currency and Trade
    Areas CFR Foreign Affairs Sept 1971
  • Fortress North America Passport for North
  • New Cannon Fodder for New W.A.R.S. White
    Angolsaxon Rich Scum ? New Poor, Black,
    Hispanic, Mexican, Central and South America ?
    The Next 100 Million
  • On Par with EURO and Asian Regional Currencies
    and Pegging Remaining Currencies by 2010 to These
    Three for Global Electronic M.A.R.K. World ID

FTAA COPORATISM Global Worker Citizen Slavery
Administrative Rendition to Whistleblowers
  • Prof Steven Jones Physics and Engineering of
    Thermate in WTC 1 and 2 ? Administrative Leave
  • Dr Bill Deagle OKC Micronukes Whistleblower ?
    CO AG and BME ? Administrative Rendition /
    License re Pain Medicine and N.W.O. / Radio
  • Eric Shine US Merchant Navy Coast Guard ?
    Whistleblower of Missing from US Treasury and
    Sell out of Merchant Operations and National
    Security Issues ? Administrative Rendition and
    Legal / Mental Health Targeting

Whistleblowers Are the Tip of the Spear Against
Response Recommendations
  • First Line of Defense Kits and 3M N100 Masks
  • Super Silver 10 pack and 2nd hand Inhalation
  • 2nd Amendment Supplies Guns, Crossbows, Sling
    Shots, Air-compressor Cannon and MACE
    Non-lethal Homemade Items
  • Food URI International The Feast, Beyond
    Berries, Complete Food, Multi Meal ? Maximum
    Nutrient and Enzymes
  • Food Freeze Dry Guy and Ready Reserve Foods NOW
    and Soon eFoods Direct also on

Response Recommendations
  • Food Heritage Seeds, Canned and Dry Foods and
    Gardening Greenhouse Materials, Hydroponics, and
  • Local Citizen 3 Man Teams Not the Militia
    Get to Know Your Neighbor
  • How Large a Local Group How Many to Man A Watch
    is the Determining Factor
  • Your Worst Enemy is An Unprepared Neighbor !

Response Recommendations
  • Dressings, suture, and emergency first aid and
    relective blankets, portable stretcher, limb
    splints and vitamins, herbal medicines and
    regular medicines for three to six months minimum
  • Potassium Iodate and Decontamination Kits
  • Radiation Directional Detector RadDetect,
    NukAlert etc. and Zonal Radiation Detectors
  • Walkie-Talkies, Mirrors, Morse Code Books, and
    Signal Fire Training ? Gathering Times and Signal
    Information Transfer Network Non-wired Non-high
    Tech Networking and HAM Radio CB Radio Shielded
    with Ground Foil or Mesh from EMP Disruptions

Response Recommendations
  • Comfort Items
  • Clothes Changes and Extra Shoes and Boots, Extra
    Glasses, and
  • Toys, Books, Board Games and Entertainment
  • Solar and Wind Power Generators with Battery
    storage Must Be Portable and Protected

Response Recommendations
  • Run and Go Pack with Tarps, Shovels, etc or Car,
    Van or a Small Trailer
  • Off Freeway Back and Off-road Maps for All US,
    Canada, Mexico or Your Country
  • Compass and GPS Finder
  • Flares, LED Lights and Matches, Sterno and
    Portable Stoves e.g. Camping Supplies

CBN Chemical Biological Nuclear Checklist
  • ? Learning Center ? CTRL F ... nuclear
  • ? 14 Page Document on Checklist with Items and
    Protocols for Chemical, Biological and Nuclear
    Decontamination and Supplies Lists
  • ? Major Frank Stolz Weapons of Mass
    Destruction Attack on America ½ Novel ½
    Preparedness Protocols US Army War College Manual
  • Expanded Protocols Dr Bill Deagle MD Jan Feb
    2007 ? Call to Consult 888-212-8871

What Can I Do to Prepare?
  • Listen to The NutriMedical Report and
    CLAYandIRON Show on 2 to 4 PM C.S.T.
    Mondays to Fridays AND Sundays 8 to 10 PM also
    Sundays SW 5.050
  • Globalstar Galaxy 25 KU Band Digital Satellite
    North and South America and C Band Digital
    Satellite Ricks Satellite Receiver 169 12
    Installation Call Him _at_ 816-228-1801
  • North American AM/FM Affiliates
  • Spread the Signal with Microbroadcast FM
    transmitters under 5,000

What Can I Do to Prepare?
  • Copy CDs of Shows and Power Points and Email and
    Mail Links to Friends Colleagues
  • Weed Out the Real Patriots and Buy their
    products and services and support with financial
    and prayerful intention
  • Nutraceuticals Needs Consults 888-212-8871
  • Your Donations and Gifts are Welcome!