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The Underground Railroad


... 5th Grade. Social Studies. Designed by Amy Y Gutkoski. ... You will need to be brave, smart, and a little lucky to make your journey a safe ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad
  • Introduction
  • Process
  • Tasks
  • Conclusion
  • Evaluation
  • Resources
  • Standards
  • Citations
  • Teacher Notes
  • A WebQuest for 5th Grade
  • Social Studies
  • Designed by Amy Y Gutkoski
  • EDTL 680 Information Literacy for Teaching and
    Learning Summer 2006
  • Based on a template from The WebQuest Page

  • The life of a slave in the 1800s was a very
    hard one. Slaves were often sold to owners far
    from their families. The only way out of a life
    of slavery was to wait for your master to free
    you or escape. This one chance at freedom is why
    many chose to take a ride on the Underground

  • You will work in groups of three, taking on the
    role of escaping slaves. First, you need to find
    out what your life as a slave is like. Will your
    group chose to escape?
  • You must make your escape from your plantation in
    Montgomery, Alabama to the promised land. Your
    group must learn about the underground railroad
    and those who will be helpful to you on your
    journey. You must then plan your escape route.
  • Now its time for you to take a ride on the
    underground railroad! Get ready for an exciting
  • Finally, each person must produce a quilt square
    telling of your escape to freedom and present it
    to your group. The quilt squares will be joined
    together and displayed outside the classroom.

Task 1- Life as a slave
  • What was life like for slaves on a plantation?
    As you read, think about the differences between
    how the slaves and their masters lived. Would you
    stay and remain a slave or take your chances at a
    better life?
  • Click here!

Task 2- The Plan
  • Your group has made its decision- escape is the
    only answer! Now you must learn about the
    underground railroad and its conductors. Pick
    two of the people highlighted on the website and
    read about them.
  • Click Here
  • Next, you must plan your escape from the
    plantation in Montgomery, Alabama to Toledo,
    Ohio. Once youre in Toledo you will board a boat
    for Canada. You will plot your escape route on
    the blank United States map, using the
    underground railroad site map. Correctly label
    all the states you will pass through and color
    your route to freedom red.
  • Click Here

Task 3- All Aboard!
  • Time to ride the Underground Railroad!
  • Get ready for a perilous journey aboard the
    freedom train to a new life in the promised
    land. You will need to be brave, smart, and a
    little lucky to make your journey a safe and
    successful one.
  • Good Luck!

Task 4- Making a Quilt Square
  • Gather your supplies tag board square, crayons,
    colored pencils or markers.
  • Put your name on the back of the square. Divide
    the square into 4 parts (they do not have to be
  • Think about the things you learned. You need to
    illustrate 2 facts about the underground railroad
    and 2 facts about a person you read about.
  • You may use pictures you draw, facts you write,
    symbols, or a combination to illustrate your
  • Be creative and have fun!
  • Be prepared to present your quilt square to your

  • Congratulations on your successful journey to the
    promised land aboard the underground railroad!
    It was a difficult and sometimes scary adventure
    but it was worth it. Now you have a greater
    appreciation of what some of your fellow citizens
    have gone through to enjoy the freedom we

  • Ohio Academic Content Standards- Grade 5- Social
  • Benchmark Explain the reasons people from
    various cultural groups came to North America and
    the consequences of their interactions with each
  • Grade Level Indicator Describe the experiences
    of African-Americans under the institution of
  • Ohio Academic Content Standards- Grade 5-
  • Benchmark Define responsible citizenship
    relative to technology.
  • Grade Level Indicator Identify and show
    cooperative and collaborative strategies to work
    with others when using technology systems.

  • Photograph of Harriet Tubman
  • http//
  • Map of underground railroad
  • http//
  • Interactive underground railroad online site,
    swinging lantern graphic http//www.nationalgeogr
  • Underground Railroad sign
  • http//
  • Underground Railroad Runner Image
  • http//
  • Hands and chain image
  • Life As A Slave
  • http//

  • Computer - there is a sound component for the
    interactive underground railroad site.
  • Map of the United States
  • Paper and pencil for notes
  • Materials for quilt square (see teacher notes for
    entire list)

Teacher Notes
  • Materials needed To make quilt squares each
    student will need an 8inch x 8 inch square of tag
    board, markers, crayons, and colored pencils.
  • May want to encourage students to take notes
    during the webquest to make recall easier when
    they make their quilt squares.
  • Blank, printable map of the United States
    available at
  • http//
  • Additional materials for evaluation
  • Brain BUiLDeRS, Weekly Reader News- Edition 4
    1/28/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 17, p8-8, 1p Article.
  • Crossword Puzzle Railroad Crossing, Ken
    Feisel dig Jan/Feb 2003, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p 14 _at_