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Leadership Team Retreat


... Student Communication Committee to introduce Bulldog Blog, a biweekly email to ... conference focused on the success of Latino and African American students ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Leadership Team Retreat

Leadership Team Retreat
  • San Joaquin Country Club
  • June 6, 2007

Division of Student Affairs Vision for 2006-2011
Progress to Date JUNE 2007
The Division of Student Affairs will be
recognized for
  • Its ability to meet annual targets to recruit,
    enroll and retain quality students
  • Its focus on helping students learn and acquire
    the tools they need to succeed
  • Its effective and timely service to students and
    other offices around the campus
  • Its attention to the professional development of
    staff at all levels

The Division of Student Affairs will be
recognized for
  • Its active promotion of student wellness and
    health education
  • Its thoughtful use of technology to serve
    students, without compromising personal contact
    with students
  • Its collaboration with faculty and other
    departments across the campus
  • Its commitment to fostering diversity and
    preparing students to function in a diverse world

  • Hired new Director of University Health
    Psychological Services, Joyce Harris, and new
    Associate Director for University Health
    Psychological Services, Dirk Rutchrauff, upon
    retirement of the previous Director/Associate
    Directors of UHPS.
  • Added an additional psychologist to the
    Department of Psychological Services
  • Created a new position of Director of Student
    Involvement to provide leadership to more closely
    align the University Student Union and Student
    Activities units to improve services to students

Reorganization of Division Senior Management Team
  • Appointed Dr. Carolyn Coon as Dean of Students
  • Created Assistant Vice President for Judicial
    Affairs and Division Planning
  • To include assessment, professional development
    and budget responsibilities

Reorganization of Division Senior Management Team
  • Created Director of Federal Programs and Division
  • Added Assistant Vice President title to Student
    Success Services and added campus wide retention
    responsibilities to her role.
  • Added Assistant Vice President title to Director,

Additional Staffing Actions
  • Will hire consultant to work with Leadership Team
    on assessment during 2007-08
  • Have added positions in ARE, SSS, UHPS, and
    Student Life to manage increased workload
  • Continuing to work with ITS to identify
    additional desktop support for the Division of
    Student Affairs
  • Thirty-six staff hired during 2006-07 50 were
    person of color

  • Participated in on-going discussion on Campus
    Master Plan
  • Advocated for Visitor Center
  • Advocate for Student Success Center in Thomas
  • Advocating for better visitor parking in the
    vicinity of Joyal

  • Support archive project in ARE to free up space
  • Advocating for Division of Student Affairs
    presence in renovated library
  • Looking for vacated space in Joyal

  • Revised Division websites to be in compliance
    with new University standards
  • Continue to work on having all Division websites
    ADA compliant
  • Added new websites for Judicial Affairs, Wellness
    Services, Undeclared Students, and Campus
    Advisors Network (CAN)
  • Provided access to degree audit information for
    junior/senior students

  • Have accomplished upfront evaluations for 80 of
    incoming transfer students
  • Created Division Technology Committee to improve
    communication and increase technology support to
    all departments
  • Work with Academic Affairs and CIS to make
    decisions to maintain degree audit functionality
    of DARS by creating an interface with PeopleSoft

Functions Services
  • Excellent efforts undertaken by departments to
    conduct quality assessment efforts to include
    student learning outcomes assessment
  • Student Activities (Leadership)
  • Wellness Services (Alcohol use)
  • Enrollment Services (Service)
  • Conducted SAFARI event to familiarize students
    with Division programs and services at the start
    of the year will maintain this as an annual
  • Provided a State of the Division address at the
    beginning of the year to familiarize all Division
    staff with the Division Vision and to place
    emphasis on service, student learning, and
    student success

Functions Services
  • Provided additional recognition and support to
    student staff by introducing the Student Affairs
    pin, providing welcoming and congratulatory
    luncheon at the beginning and end of the year to
    recognize their service
  • Expanded Senior Experience
  • Initiated Sophomore Experience
  • Initiated a new Wellness Services Program that
    resulted in the Wellness Challenge in
    coordination with Employee Assistance and
    Development Program - created campus wide
    momentum to promote wellness
  • Continued to expand student leadership
    development programs
  • Introduced Greek Plan for Excellence

Functions Services
  • Provided professional developmental opportunities
    for staff at all levels to include
  • Brought in an expert on student learning and
    student engagement (Dr. George Kuh) to conduct a
    series of seminars for Academic and Student
    Affairs staff.
  • Conducted the 2nd annual Mid-level Professional
    Development series.
  • Created a Tier II level of professional
    development experience for mid-level staff who
    participated in the previous years professional
    development series.
  • Conducted a series of 3 professional development
    sessions for all Division professional support

Engagement with the Region
  • In collaboration with Academic Affairs, hired
    Francine Oputa to serve as Director of CVCHI to
    increase outreach to cultural groups within the
  • University Outreach Services collaborated with
    Fresno Unified School District to increase
    outreach to high school juniors and seniors and
    to identify other initiatives to increase the
    college going rate.
  • Development Office cultivated new relationships
    with Sallie Mae College Loans, Whole Foods, Blue
    Cross, e-Scholar/Nel Net Corporation, Aetna
    Corporation, Mervyns, Producers Dairy, and San
    Marcos Condiminums.
  • Career Services initiated an expanded and very
    successful job fair that engaged over 200
    employers/organizations across the Central Valley

Delivery of Services
  • Work with Student Communication Committee to
    introduce Bulldog Blog, a biweekly email to all
    students about campus events
  • Conducted Work Smart lunches with Administrative
    Services to improve collaboration with that
  • Utilized Student Voice Assessment tools to
    conduct 17 surveys using PDA devices topics
    included communication with students, advising,
    wellness, staff development
  • Continued to bring student groups to Leadership
    Team meetings and to Administrative Roundtable of
    senior campus managers to increase communication
    with students

Enrollment Services Vision for the Future
  • (2012 and Beyond)

  • 25,000 student headcount by 2012 (Master Planners
  • Increased number of students living on-campus
    (Campus Point Project)
  • Increase in Graduate Student enrollment by 15
    over Fall 06
  • International Student enrollment to reach 800 by

  • Out-of-state enrollment will increase by 15 over
    Fall 06 Purchased over 5,000 PSAT names in key
    states and sent them a special brochure to
    attract out of state students.
  • Enrollment Services Offices will be moved to
    Visitor Center and/or other buildings central to
  • Embrace various communication technologies but
    also rely on face to face interactions

  • Modest improvement of entering student profile as
    measured by GPA and test scores
  • Enhanced general scholarship opportunities for
    student body by at least 30 by 2012

  • All direct reports to Associate VP for Enrollment
    Services will have Assistant Director (FA and
    ISSP currently have position)
  • FTE for Enrollment Services will be slightly
    higher in 2012
  • At least .5 FTE position for data
    analysis/assessment reporting to AVP

Space Issues
  • University Outreach Services and Scholarship
    Office to move to Campus Visitor Center near the
    main entrance to campus
  • ARE, FA and ISSP to be located in facility near
    the center of campus for convenience and ease of
    access for currently enrolled and prospective
    students. We also believe that Student Accounting
    probably needs to be our neighbor.

Space Issues
  • More space for small conference rooms to support
    the many work units that have been or are being
  • Public contact/Open areas need to have
    appropriate visuals/signage to better assist
  • Webcam added to Financial Aid website so students
    can view line (before coming to the office)
  • Need large modern facility to host programs, such
    as, Open House, Preview Day, etc. Currently using
    the Student Recreation Center.
  • Need access to decent size classroom/conference
    rooms to conduct small group sessions

Technology Delivery of Services
  • Paperless environment by 2012
  • Document requests sent via email if CSU email
    address exists otherwise hard copy
  • Documents available on line for completion
  • Award notifications entirely email
  • Links to additional information, i.e. loan
    workshops, etc
  • All necessary forms, applications, etc. will be
    available on web and appropriate technology to
    download data and populate student records system
  • All FA documents are available on the web
  • Transitioning to online submission for student
  • Projected implementation by early fall 2007
  • Parent documents cannot be submitted in this
    manner w/o PIN

Technology Delivery of Services
  • Dramatic improvement to quality of phone system.
    Phones will be answered within 3 to 4 rings. In
    peak period, callers will be advised of wait
    time. All messages left on machines will have
    return call within 24 hours during week days.
  • FA Adjustment made to handling of calls through
    tiers, i.e. 15 second delay between calls
    (allowing person to complete prior transaction)
    5 minute wait before transfer to next tier
    (previously 30 minutes)
  • Continue to be CSU leader in area of
    communication technologies with prospective
    domestic and international students Implemented
    Connect 2 (enhanced) for email communication,
    dashboard for reporting , and telecenter for

Admissions, Records and Evaluations
  • Vision for the Future
  • (2012 and Beyond)

Highlights ARE
  • Efficiently process the applications needed to
    meet the goal for a headcount of 25,000 students
  • - We believe that we have optimized
    technological enhancements and are processing
    applications efficiently. Additional workload to
    meet headcount goal may require additional staff
  • Collaborate with Graduate Division Program
    Coordinators to increase the enrollment of
    students in graduate programs
  • Collaborate with University Outreach and AES to
    facilitate transition of out of state students

Highlights ARE, cont.
  • Deliver a complete and accurate student record at
    the end for each term by
  • implementing the automated grade sub process
    prior to setting of academic standing, reducing
    the number of late grade rosters, and improving
    timeline for submission of final grade changes
    and incomplete make ups.
  • A PAWS request was submitted to allow automatic
    grade substitution for Fresno State grades. Due
    to conversion to 8.9, testing of grade change and
    other functionality, and focus on 2007 summer
    semester, this enhancement was not implemented.
  • Improve interactions with all students and
    constituents and have the best customer service
    team on campus
  • - We continue to work with front-line staff to
    improve customer service skills. Targeted
    exercises with specific staff will be offered to
    improve courteous service.
  • Improve student knowledge about university policy
    pertaining to all areas that affect maintenance
    of their academic record
  • - We printed and distributed at the SAFARI
    event a guide for us of the new Student Center.
    We also updated the ARE website. We have
    received positive comments about these efforts.

Highlights ARE, cont.
  • Efficient processing of transfer credit, setting
    catalog year, department course substitutions,
    and other functions that affect student progress
    toward the degree
  • - DARS reports were provided for all fall 2006
    and spring 2007 admits prior to Dog Days
    Orientation and their first registration at
    Fresno State. Yeah!
  • Increased efficiency in all processing activities
    and improved staff morale
  • Collaborate with colleagues to represent a
    coordinated and professional admission and
    enrolment process for prospective students and
    new enrollees

Staffing ARE
  • Have additional staff needed to process increase
    in applications and meet new enrollment goals for
    undergraduate and graduate students
  • - Recruitment is underway for a new Associate
    Director of Admissions, Records, and Evaluations.
    This position will provide leadership for
    undergraduate admissions.
  • Have additional staff to handle transfer credit,
    LDTP, and DARS workload
  • Due to staff changes, we actually had fewer staff
    this past year for these efforts. We are
    currently filling vacancies to assist with
    transfer credit tasks, articulation, and LDTP

Space ARE
  • Have increased space to provide staff with more
    adequate workstations including private offices
    for all supervisory staff
  • - We managed to archive several hundred boxes
    of academic records, thus releasing space for two
    work stations. We expect to have space for four
    stations when the archive project is completed.
  • Be in a centrally located office with financial
    aid and cashiers office to represent a one stop
    operation for students

Technology - ARE
  • Improved online self service features related
    to admission and enrollment functions have EDI
    for all community college transcripts
  • - With assistance from CIS, we tested and
    deployed DARs reports for all currently enrolled
    students via self-service. Yeah!
  • Electronic submission of campus froms, especially
    transcript requests so that they are handled on
    an overnight basis
  • - We have placed all ARE forms on the ARE
  • A paperless environment and enhanced electronic
    processes such as email confirmation to faculty
    regarding submission of grade changes
  • - A new electronic email confirmation of grade
    changes will be activated on June 17, 2007. This
    feature will ensure greater security for the
    faculty grade change process.

HIGHLIGHTS Directly related to Enrollment
Services Vision
  • Efficiently process financial aid applications
    for 16,000 18,000 recipients based on 65 - 70
    of the projected 25,000 student head count by
  • Increased coordination with on-campus housing
    based on projected increase to the number of
    students living on-campus
  • Continued coordination established process to
    confirm appropriate budget as directed by the
    Chancellors Office
  • Increased coordination with the Division of
    Graduate Studies to insure knowledge of financial
    aid options/processes for graduate students
  • Collaborate with University Outreach Services to
    assist out-of-state students with the financial
    aid application process

Highlights cont. General
  • Increased overall efficiency in the processing of
    all financial aid applications
  • Continue to meet awarding target of first week in
  • 2007-08 initial award run reflects approx 6.5
    increase over initial run for 2006-07
  • Increased efficiency in delivery of aid to
    recipients, including moving to direct deposit,
    rather than the current method of mailing paper
  • Approx. 5.9 increase in number of students
    receiving funds during the initial fall
    disbursement for fall 2007 compared to fall 2006
  • In coordination w/Accounting Student Financial
    Services, project initial implementation of
    direct deposit in late fall 2007
  • Continued movement toward technological advances
    lending to increased reliance on self-service,
    the web and imaging
  • On line document completion projected
    implementation of online submission by early fall
  • Full implementation of the online (FFELP) loan
  • Reliance on self-service, the web and imaging
    will allow staff more time to assist students
    with more detailed questions, budgeting advise,

Highlights cont.
  • Continual work on customer service assisting in
    a student-friendly manner without hampering a
    students independence with too much hand holding
  • Continued work with parents to help them let go
    and allow their son/daughter to handle all
  • On going process currently relying on individual
    staff communication with students and parents
  • Collaboration with the Business Office
    delay-free disbursement of funds matching
    business processes insuring coordination between
    the general ledger and financial aid figures
  • Continued improvement reduced delays
  • Minimal issues fall 2006 smooth sailing spring

  • Development of an Associate Director who can fill
    in for the Director in her absence
  • Evolvement of current staff roles to reflect
    technology progression
  • Increase in system staffing located within the
    Financial Aid Office who can focus on the needs
    of the office and provide more immediate

  • Centrally located on campus, or located in a
    space that is easily found and accessible, i.e.
  • Located with/near ARE, University Outreach
    Services, Scholarships, Academic Enhancement
    Services, and the Business Office with whom we
    interact regularly
  • If we were to move toward a one-stop shop model
    Triage set up for Financial Aid, ARE, and the
    Business Office
  • Possibly include Scholarships in this joining?
  • Increased space to allow all staff to be located
    within the same office
  • Private office space for director and supervisory
  • Increased number of conference/meeting rooms

Location/Space Cont.
  • Public contact windows set up in a manner that
    allows security for staff, privacy for the
    student, and easy wheelchair access
  • One Public Contact station has been lowered for
    ease in communicating with wheelchair bound
    students as well as students who may need to sit
    while conducting business
  • In addition to allowing students a view of the
    line, the webcam allows for staff check the line
    (increasing security)

  • Submission of all documents electronically which
    would require assignment of PIN for parents as
    well as students
  • Student PIN access resolved by accessing
    documents via the student portal requiring login
  • Expect to launch student document electronic
    submission by early fall 2007
  • No immediate resolution for Parent PIN/document
  • Direct link with IRS to allow transfer of
    student/parent tax information directly to the
    Financial Aid Office (or the Central Processor)
  • Parent Self-Service Page which allows parents
    access to specified information with student
  • Movement toward a paperless environment,
    although I dont know that we will ever be
    completely paperless
  • Increased technological communication options

Technology cont.
  • Enhanced self-service options for students easy
    to access, use and understand
  • Full implementation of the (FFELP) self-service
    loan acceptance
  • Improved telephone system that can handle heavy
    volume, advise students of wait time, provide
    answers to general questions (menu options), etc.
  • Still dreaming ?

International Student Services and Programs
  • Vision for the Future
  • (2012 and beyond)

  • Increase international student enrollment
  • Spring 2007 enrollment was higher (592) than
    Spring 2006 (574).
  • Work with international students in poor academic
    standing to encourage improved performance and
    increased retention
  • Ongoing project…

  • Leverage collaboration with colleagues in
    University Outreach, ARE, CIS
  • May need dedicated staff expert for web,
    PeopleSoft and SEVIS issues as enrollment
    increases and work migrates from paper to
    electronic forms
  • Note For 7 months of 2006-7, ISSP operated
    short one or two staff (International Admissions
    Specialist from Dec-May Office Manager from

  • Central campus facility location for ISSP office
  • Small conference room space needed for
    confidential international student advising
  • Mid-sized conference room space needed for staff
    meetings of 10-12 people
  • Maximize current space and open work area for
    International Admissions staff by removing wall
    (decision to proceed pending)

Technology Delivery of Services
  • Set up faculty advisory group to develop and
    implement a recruitment and retention plan,
    reviewing and adjusting periodically for maximum
  • Group appointed by Provost at end of Fall 06
    semester met 4 times in Spring 07 with three
    professors (business, computer science,
    education), Associate VP of Continuing and Global
    Ed, one student/alum, Associate VP Enrollment
    Services, and ISSP Director.

Technology Delivery of Services
  • Identify several recent international alums and
    train for regional recruitment
  • Two students identified, one to begin
    immediately in Japan, another soon in Malaysia.
  • Work with Provost, Graduate Studies and
    Scholarship Offices to identify scholarships for
    international students
  • International students received 46 of the
    Spring 07 Graduate Recruitment Grants.

Technology Delivery of Services
  • Note
  • International prospect data now entered into
    EMT/Connect2 database instead of PeopleSoft for
    improved reporting.

Office of University Scholarships and Student
Affairs Development Vision for the Future
(2012 and Beyond)
  • Continuation of present structure combining
    University Scholarships with Student Affairs
  • 30 increase in university scholarship awards
    from nearly 3,000,000 at present, to 3,900,000.
  • On track with a 6.5 increase for 06-07 alone.
  • Presidents Honor Scholarship Program will be
    fully solvent and in position to increase from 50
    to 75 new honor students annually.
  • 2012 projected finish for the comprehensive
    campaign with development efforts from the
    Division of Student Affairs contributing an
    excess of 7,000,000 for a variety of projects
    including our Leadership Program, Wellness
    Services and the Central Valley Cultural Heritage
  • Approximately 600,000 was raised in 2006-2007.
    This is a work in progress with the Leadership
    and Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute
    Programs not yet ready for donor presentations.

  • Parents Association will have more doubled in
    size to include an active membership of more than
    3,000 families dedicated to assisting the
    Division in our mission of promoting student
  • On track. 283 new families were added during
  • Establishment of an internally run annual parents
    fund cosponsored by the Parents Association and
    the Division of Student Affairs. Combined parent
    fundraising efforts will contribute more than
    50,000 annually to the Division for general
    funding purposes.
  • A Director of Annual Funds was hired by Central
    Development this year and an internal call center
    is anticipated to begin operation next year. We
    are on track to meet this goal.

  • A minimum of two staff persons will be added to
    the program including an Assistant Director and
    one full-time support person
  • A half time support person was added to the
    Scholarship staff in November 06. Long term
    projection still includes an Assistant Director
    of Student Affairs Development.

  • Move to the Campus Visitor Center near the main
    entrance of campus

University Outreach Services Vision for the Future
  • 2012 and beyond

  • Increase the number of out of state student
    enrollment by 15 over Fall 06
  • Purchased over 5,000 PSAT names from key states
  • Developed a special brochure to attract
    out-of-state students.
  • Develop marketing strategies using surveys of
    enrolled and non-enrolled students, enrollment
    information, and ETS data.
  • Used Connect 2 to email survey to students
    accepting our offer of admission and those who
    declined our offer.
  • Used data to develop recruitment strategies and
    key messages.

  • Within the next 5-10 years, vacancies will be
    filled with individuals that possess more
    technical skills
  • Filled 4 vacancies with technically skilled
  • Web design, publications, flash emails, and other
    forms of media are used by staff
  • Hire an assistant director in Outreach
  • Additional student assistants will be necessary
    to implement expanded telecounseling and campus
    visit program

  • University Outreach to move to the Campus Visitor
    Center which will have adequate space to house
    all of the outreach staff
  • Need to address immediate space needsdo not
    have space for existing staff, recruitment
    materials, and telecounseling stations
  • Facility will have adequate telecounseling
    stations Current space inadequate
  • Classroom/meeting room space for presentation
    Unable to implement the Campus Visit Program
    unless is issue is addressed

Technology Delivery of Services
  • Continue the practice of utilizing Hobsons or
    similar product to communicate with prospects
  • Currently implementing Connect 2 (Enhanced),
    Dashboard, and Telecenter
  • Use technology in our communications (email,
    online chat) but continue the personal face to
    face and phone contact
  • Continue student appointments and telecounseling-
    technology is used to enhance our personal
    approach to recruitment.

Student Life
  • Vision For the future
  • 2006-2011

Student Life Departments Include
  • Career Services
  • Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute
  • Services For Students With Disabilities
  • Student Activities and Leadership Development
  • Student Recreation Center
  • University Courtyard (Liaison Relationship)
  • University Student Union
  • Womens Resource Center

Vision on Based on Three Steps in the Division of
Student Affairs Critical Processes for Student
  • Integration
  • To encourage students to become engaged in
    co-curricular learning experiences that
    complement their academic curriculum and provide
    opportunities for personal development.

  • To provide opportunities for leadership
    development, self responsibility, participation
    in community service and appreciation of

  • To assist students in their pursuit of
    employment/post baccalaureate education and to
    provide celebratory recognition of their academic
    and personal achievements at Fresno State.

  • Cross Training of Student Activities and USU
    Productions Advisors
  • Student intern served as an advisor to USU
    Productions and Student Activities/leadership
  • Added one semester temporary advisory to assist
    with Student Activities/Leadership development
    and USU Productions
  • All USU staff and one SRC staff served as
    advisors for Vintage Days
  • University Courtyard director and judicial
    affairs officer were funded to attend CALCASA
    training institute on sexual assault and domestic
    violence. One counselor from UHPS will attend in
  • University Courtyard judicial affairs officer
    received 40 hours of training on crisis advocacy
    through the Marjoree Mason Center and the
    Violence Prevention Project.

  • Carefully review roles and functions of vacant
  • The USU Director position description was
    reevaluated and rewritten to create the new
    position of Director of Student Involvement.
  • Reviewed the roles of vacant Career Services
    advisors positions and realigned duties
  • Reviewed duties and responsibilities related to
    the post Office express staffing
  • Reviewed duties and demands of the Intramural
    program and created an assistant director position

  • Provide current staff with opportunities for
    professional development, and allow them to
    position themselves for additional
    responsibilities within the Division
  • Staff from each area participated in the Division
    of Student Affairs professional development
    opportunities, and off campus workshops.
  • Vacancies should be filled by professional staff
    who are trained/experienced in the area in which
    they will be working

  • Review priorities for utilization of the USU
    pavilion space area with the thought that this
    space may serve students better if student
    success/student life services were located here.
  • Find ways to increase service visibility and
  • Temporary relocation of Service for Students with
    Disabilities Office to the center of campus.
  • Created student study space in the Student
    Recreation Center
  • Added 25 study/work stations in the USU lounge
    added 10 laptop computers
  • Utilized unused space to accommodate additional
    Spinning classes at the Student Recreation center

  • Continue to find ways to provide students with
    access to new technology in campus common areas.
  • Added pay for print stations in the USU lounge
    and Womens Resource Center
  • Provided office space and computer for use by
    members of the Greek community
  • Added a videophone for use by the hearing
    impaired (located in the SSD Office)
  • Added wireless function to the common areas of
    the Student Recreation Center
  • Added JAWS software (to assist the visually
  • Provide software training and support to meet the
    needs of all departments

  • Focus on Communicating with Commuter Students
  • Ongoing assessment and utilization of services to
    assure we are meeting the needs of current and
    future students
  • Began implementation of the Greek Life Plan for
  • Began implementation of universal design and the
    Accessible Technology Initiative

  • Provide services that are beneficial to the
    entire campus community (faculty/staff/students)
  • Provided webinars and other training related to
    domestic violence/sexual abuse to campus
  • Provide legal options classes through the
    Marjoree Mason Center
  • Provided Dealing with Controversial Issues
    discussion through the NCBI

  • We must link our services/goals with those of the
    Student Success Task Force and other Student
    Success initiatives.
  • We must focus on developing student leaders who
    exemplify the Characteristics of a Fresno State

  • Co-lead campus efforts to increase retention and
    graduation rates for Latino and African-American
  • CVCHI co-sponsored monthly activities and
    discussion groups targeted toward these students
  • The second CVCHI diversity conference focused on
    the success of Latino and African American
  • Co-lead campus efforts to celebrate the diversity
    of our students, staff and faculty
  • The USU provided diversity grants and
    con-sponsorships to International Culture Night
    to support campus programming

Student Success Services Vision Plan Progress
Report June 6, 2007
Primary Function
  • To facilitate transition of students to the
    university (Moving In)
  • To foster retention and student persistence
    toward graduation (Moving Through)
  • To help prepare students for graduation and
    beyond (Moving On)
  • To collaborate with and support the campus

  • Student Success Services will be recognized for
    providing highly effective and innovative
    services and programs that support student
    retention and graduation.

Delivery of Services-Learning Assistance
  • Offered Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions
    for high failure high enrollment courses
  • (BA 18, Acct 4A, His 12, Math 45, Bio 10,Math
  • SI attendees received higher overall grades and
    had fewer DFW grades than non attendees
  • SI attendees report a high degree of satisfaction
    with the SI experience

Delivery of Services-Learning Assistance
  • Researched Early Warning Systems for
    implementation on our campus
  • Secured permission to use software developed by
    CSU Northridge
  • Developed a business plan for implementation of
    an Early Warning System on our campus

Delivery of Services-Learning Assistance
  • Provided Academic Skills Workshops to courses
    upon request from faculty
  • APA Social Work
  • Exam Prep-Math 1RA/B and Math 4R
  • Exam game plan-Womens Studies
  • Continued PowerLearn Workshops

Delivery of Services-Learning Assistance
  • Conducted a survey to analyze the effects of
    self-efficacy on academic success of
  • first-generation college sophomore students
  • The results showed self-efficacy is an important
    factor in predicting academic success and

Delivery of Services-Retention Support
  • Up front evaluations (UFE) were used in providing
    better advising to new transfer students
  • Implemented a specific break-out session for
    transfer students at DOG DAYS

Delivery of Services-Retention Support
  • Provided training sessions to orient the campus
    community to the PS mandatory advising session
  • Produced and widely circulated a newsletter to
    introduce the mandatory advising requirements
  • Produced posters and compiled a handout which
    described the Fresno State student success

Retention Services-Special Programs
  • Established a new symbol to mark the achievement
    of graduation status by presenting each
    graduating student with a commemorative medallion
    key chain
  • Acknowledged graduating seniors at the last home
    football and basketball games
  • Diploma frames and medals were presented to UMS
    graduating students
  • Collaborated with Career Services, the Kennel
    Bookstore, and the Alumni Association to offer
    Senior Week activities and events
  • Doubled community partnerships in support of
    scholarships and internships for migrant students

Testing Services-Progress Report
  • Established a 25-seat satellite TOEFL computer
    lab for testing
  • Increased in-house seat capacity for
    computer-based and on-line testing
  • Collaborated with Kremen School of Education and
    Human Development to administer the MAT for
    incoming graduate students
  • Negotiated a contract to offer TEAS test for
    Department of Nursing
  • Compiled a library of test preparation material

Testing Services-Progress Report
  • Coordinated notification to the campus community
    of changes to the Graduate Record Examination
    (GRE) and the potential impact on graduate
  • Worked with the Graduate Studies and Enrollment
    Services to develop a response plan that would
    minimize the effect of GRE changes on graduate
    student enrollment

Technology-Progress Report
  • Links to test prep materials and sample tests are
    on the Testing Services website
  • Maximizing Academic Potential (MAP) workshop is
    available online
  • Improved online DOG DAYS
  • Podcasts (credit cards and student involvement)
    are available online
  • Academic Skills workshop powepoint presentations
    are available at the Learning Center website
  • Launched a website for undeclared students
  • Refreshed Student Success Services web sites

Staff Progress Report
  • Filled SSP Vacancies (3)
  • Reclassifed several SSPII positions to SSPIII
  • Initiated a recruitment for two MPPs EOP
    Director and Learning Center Director
  • Added a ½ administrative support position
  • Continued to use graduate interns and SSG
    students to support service delivery

Space- The final Frontier
  • Space Need more of it
  • Academic departments made CBT lab space available
    for testing

2007-08 Priorities
  • Expanding the Supplemental Instruction Program
  • Implement the Early Warning program
  • Development of a campus SYE program
  • Increase UMS student involvement with internships
    and community service
  • Provide preliminary ELM/EPT scores for selected
    test dates
  • Increase the number of partnerships with Academic
    Departments and others to promote student
  • Focus on providing services to undeclared
    students utilizing a developmental model
  • Develop learning outcomes for Student Success
    Services departments and programs

Our major challenge in an environment change
  • To collaboratively draw from and expand our
    extensive knowledge base in student services in
    order to develop creative programs that keep pace
    with the ever-changing needs of our diverse
    student population.

Federal Programs
  • Vision for the Future

Federal Programs Recognized
  • Vision Envision programs that provide exemplary
    activities and services for nontraditional
    students. Ignite our students desire to learn,
    achieve, and become role models for their family
    and future generations.

  • Programs will attain higher levels of
    postsecondary enrollments program participants
  • In progress and ongoing
  • Programs serving enrolled students will attain
    higher levels of retention and graduation
  • In progress and ongoing
  • Program personnel will be recognized for
    expertise and leadership on campus and within
    professional organizations
  • Personnel elected to professional organization
    leadership positions
  • Personnel recognized for regional accomplishments

  • A new Director of Federal Programs will be
    selected and fully trained regarding campus,
    Foundation, and U.S. Department of Education
    guidelines and regulations
  • In progress
  • Will continue to employ fully qualified staff who
    are committed to serving program and university
  • Ongoing
  • All program staff will be provided comprehensive
    training, and extensive staff development
  • Program staff participated in Division and
    organization professional development training

  • All programs will be housed in adequate and
    appropriately located space to insure delivery of
    services to participants
  • Planning in progress

  • CSU, Fresno will provide all technological
    support to the federal programs
  • Discussions continuing
  • The federal programs will have all the necessary
    access to serve program participants
  • PeopleSoft access has been provided as needed
  • Programs and personnel will be able to purchase
    campus software in the same manner available to
    Stateside programs and personnel
  • Discussions in progress

Functions Delivery of Services
  • Programs will regularly assess activities and
    services provided to participants and will
    implement changes as appropriate
  • Ongoing assessment and reporting
  • Within the limitations of federal regulations,
    the federal programs will be effectively
    integrated with University programs and services
  • Ongoing
  • The programs will emphasize the use of and train
    students on rapidly changing technology for
    communications and interactions
  • SSS and CAMP taking lead role in this area

Judicial Affairs
  • Vision for the Future

Judicial Affairs Vision
  • Envision a program that effectively helps
    students to live within community established
    standards and to take ownership and accept
    responsibility for his or her own behavior

  • Program will attain higher levels of credibility
    for fair and timely intervention for problems
    associated with student conduct
  • Ongoing effort
  • Program will be recognized for high quality
    assistance and information regarding student
    rights and responsibilities to students, faculty,
    staff, administration, and parents
  • Continuous effort

  • In 2007, a new Judicial Affairs Officer and
    assistant will be selected and fully trained
    regarding campus, CSU, State and Federal
    regulations relative to student conduct
  • In progress
  • All program staff will be provided ongoing and
    comprehensive training through seminars, CSU
    associations, and national organizations
  • Ongoing

  • Judicial Affairs will be housed in or closely
    associated with the Office of the Vice President
    for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Ongoing

  • Technological advances and recent executive
    orders will provide expedited communications to
    students regarding disciplinary matters
  • Students sent email and snail mail notification.
    Email evoked rapid response by many students
  • Development of web based programs and forms will
    enable faculty, staff, and student to report and
    respond to judicial affairs related matters in a
    more expeditious manner
  • Discussions in progress

Focus Areas for 2007-2008
  • Vice President for Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Staffing
  • Make a decision on long term support needed to
    enhance Division assessment efforts.
  • Finalize agreement with ITS on Division desktop
    technology support
  • Space
  • Identify ways to improve the space available for
    UOS and ARE within Joyal.
  • Improve space and location of federal program
  • Successfully arrange and negotiate for Thomas
    Building to become Student Success Center

Focus Areas for 2007-2008
Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Technology
  • Ensure all departments have updated user-friendly
    and compliant websites.
  • Increase the number of students who have access
    to degree audit information.
  • Develop regular technology/software training for
    Division staff
  • Ensure adequate and timely desktop support

Focus Areas for 2007-2008
Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Functions Services
  • Have 2 departments conduct student learning
    outcomes assessment
  • Provide 1 service to students outside the
    traditional (800 a.m. to 500 p.m.) office hours
  • Provide Student Leadership opportunities to 10
    of the undergraduate student population
  • Increase our engagement of the Development Office
    with corporate donor prospects
  • Develop the specifics of a Sophomore Experience
    for students

Focus Areas for 2007-2008
Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Functions Services
  • Increase participation of professional support
    staff in professional development opportunities
  • Provide professional development experiences each
    semester for Leadership Team and other staff
    utilizing experts in the field of student
    learning and student development
  • Develop plans for the introduction of satellite
    services in Spring 2008 or Fall 2008.
  • Determine the role and place of the CVCHI as a
    campus and community resource

Focus Areas for 2007-2008
Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Delivery of Services
  • Create at least one new online service for
    students somewhere within the Division.
  • Create a communication plan that provides timely
    notification to students in the event of an
  • Introduce electronic signage at key locations
    around the campus to provide updated information
    to students on programs, events, and services
  • Increase the quality and frequency of
    communication to students about SA programs and

Focus Areas for 2007-2008
University Health Psychological Services
  • Focus Areas for 2007-2008
  • Presented on June 6, 2007

Personnel and staffing
  • New Director and Associate Director
  • Recruitments in progress
  • Wellness Coordinator
  • Lab Supervisor
  • physician
  • nurse practitioner
  • psychologist
  • We anticipate a few more retirements before the
    end of the year

  • TII Project backbone for growth pending
  • (Scheduled for this summer)
  • Need to replace some key laboratory testing
    equipment and an x-ray processor that will
    digitalize the films and allow us to have films
    read off-site

Next Steps
  • Conduct a thorough review of UHPS services,
    programs, systems, and processes
  • Evaluate UHPS building space to determine how
    best to centralize Wellness Services and
    maximize square footage
  • Identify strategies to effectively address
    college mental health issues that appear to be
    increasing in number and severity

  • Hire the new Wellness Coordinator
  • Define wellness space in the Rec Center
  • Conduct a needs assessment that will drive the
    program planning process
  • Explore funding opportunities
  • Cultivate and enhance campus collaborations

  • Begin preparing for AAAHC Accreditation that will
    occur in early 2008.
  • Upgrade hardware and software as needed to
  • Electronic Medical Record (paperless system)
  • Patient portal (secure message system, patient
    check in, reminder system, etc.)
  • And implement………..

Family PACT
  • Planning, Access, Care and Treatment
  • Administered by the Office of Family Planning in
    the DHS
  • The intent of this program is to reduce
    unintended pregnancies and educate individuals to
    assist in their decision-making process regarding
    their sexual and reproductive health

Thank you!
  • Dirk and I would like to take this opportunity
    to thank you Dr. Oliaro for selecting us to lead
    the way for Fresno States Health Services.
  • Over the next few years we believe that with the
    assistance of our colleagues here and the UHPS
    team, we can and will take UHPS to the next

Federal Programs
  • Focus for 2006-2007

  • Develop options to effect higher retention rates
    of program staff
  • Explore ways to offer fee waiver program to
    federal program personnel

  • Continue to seek and obtain less crowded space
  • Pursue space in high traffic campus locations
    for programs serving enrolled students

  • Continue to pursue assistance from ITS on a
    regular basis
  • Obtain permission for program staff to purchase
    software from CVIP at State rate
  • Utilize Division web development assistance

Functions and Services
  • Expand collaborative efforts beyond federal
  • Pursue additional resources through outside
    grants and Division excellence funds to enhance
    services for student participants

Judicial Affairs Focus Areas for 2007-2008
  • Hire a new judicial affairs officer
  • Integrate judicial affairs officer into campus
  • Provide additional in-service training for
    judicial affairs administrative assistant

  • Continue close alignment with Vice President for
    Student Affairs
  • Review and develop safety initiatives for
    judicial affairs areas

  • Ensure that technology is used to better
    communicate with students regarding disciplinary
    matters yet provide safeguards for privacy of
  • Expand access to PeopleSoft and other database
    records for follow up with current and previous
  • Explore options for digital storage of student
    disciplinary records

Functions and Services
  • Work with University Courtyard to fully implement
    consistency with student conduct guidelines and
  • Expand student conduct database to improve follow
    up on completion of sanctions by students
  • Develop and implement an electronic reporting
    system for incidents of cheating and plagiarism
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