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Special Education Update


Our special education parent advisory group, composed of parents of special ... The Amazing Race- Students created passports and used clues to figure out what ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Special Education Update

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Montvale Public SchoolsSpecial Education Data
  • Our special education parent advisory group,
    composed of parents of special education
    students, special education teachers, speech
    therapists and the child study team have met to
    develop Transition Criteria for students
    transitioning from Pre-K to Kindergarten,
    Elementary to Middle, and Middle to High School.
  • Continuing our efforts to develop a more
    meaningful IEP document with measurable data and
    skilled-based goals and objectives.
  • Continuing to work on a study skills curriculum
    for the middle schools special education

  • Continuing to work with the Organizational Skills
    Committee in the elementary school, composed of
    regular and special education teachers, speech
    therapist, and our learning disabilities teacher
  • Continuing to provide highly individualized
    programs that meet the needs of our special
    education students
  • Continuing to incorporate increased utilization
    of assistive technology for our special education
    students to help them access the general
    education curriculum
  • Developing decoding procedures for special
    education teachers to utilize with specific

  • Evening Workshops (2007-2008)
  • Promoting Social Skills Within the Home and
  • Generation Text Raising Well Adjusted Kids In A
    World of Instant Everything-(5/08)
  • Day Workshops (2007-2008)
  • Organizational Skills-(10/07)
  • Why is Reading Important and How Does It Impact
    Students Across the Curriculum- (2/08)
  • Assistive Technology-(4/08)

  • CST Presentation at faculty meetings- Memorial
    School (10/07)and Fieldstone (12/07)
  • Assistive Technology-(9/07, 10/07, 3/08)
  • Collaborative Training-(10/08, 11/08, 2/08,
  • How to Develop Measurable Goals and
    Objectives-(11/07 and 1/08)
  • GRADE/GMADE-(1/08)
  • LindaMood Bell-(2/08)
  • Sensory Processing Disorders-Fieldstone-(3/08)
  • Positive Behavioral Supports- Fieldstone (3/08)
    and Memorial (4/08)
  • What Do These Special Education Classifications
    Mean? Teacher Assistants-(10/07)

  • Extra Academic Enrichment Committee will have met
    three times during the school year
  • Excellent parent newsletters
  • Program brochures
  • At-home Enrichment Projects for Grades K-4
  • Monthly Brain Busters for Grades 1-8
  • Guidance counselors met with all grade levels
  • Self-reflection student questionnaire
  • Activity binders at both schools
  • Positive feedback from parents and students who
    have attended extra academic enrichment classes
    at Fieldstone five days per week for one marking
  • First grader project presentations to the PTO
  • Four 4th grade students won Celebrate N.J.
    writing contest
  • Six students selected for the National Sally Ride
    Toy Challenge competition

  • 1st Grade
  • Quilt- Students learned about quilt making,
    geometric shapes, and symmetry to make their own
    quilt square.
  • School Zoo- Students researched an animal, built
    a diorama depicting the animals habitat, and
    created a PowerPoint slideshow about that animal.
  • 2nd Grade
  • Innovative Introductions- Students came up with
    creative ways to introduce themselves to one
    another (Example scavenger hunt, baseball card,
    game show, etc.)
  • Dino Show- Students were curators of a museum and
    had to research a dinosaur, build a diorama, and
    created a brochure inviting others to come to the
    museum and see their exhibit. 
  • Travel Agency-Students were hired by a travel
    agency to research a location in the United
    States and create a travel brochure for that
  • I Spy- Students are creating their own I Spy
    books by coming up with a theme for their page, a
    list of materials needed, and writing riddles for
    their clues.  Students will create their display,
    take a photo of it, and use Word to create the

  • Innovative Introductions- Students came up with
    creative ways to introduce themselves to one
    another (Example scavenger hunt, baseball card,
    game show, etc.)
  • A World Without Electricity-Students took an
    invention and altered it to operate by using a
    renewable source of energy.  Students created a
    PowerPoint slideshow to present their new
    invention to the class.
  • Lego Digital Designer-Students took on the role
    of an architect and designed a building using
    Lego Digital Designer. 
  • Space Webquest- Students became astronauts and
    designed a crew patch for a mission to another
    planet.  After gathering information about their
    planet, the astronauts wrote about an adventure
    they had on the planet and mailed it using a
    virtual post card.
  • Simple Machines- Students are studying simple
    machines and will create an invention that will
    operate using all the different types of simple

  • Innovative Introductions- Students came up with
    creative ways to introduce themselves to one
    another (Example scavenger hunt, baseball card,
    game show, etc.)
  • Celebrate NJ- Students wrote an article about New
    Jersey for a specific section of the newspaper. 
    The articles were entered into the Celebrate New
    Jersey Contest.
  • Word Masters- Three times during the year the
    students were given a list of 25 vocabulary words
    to learn and then complete an analogy test.  The
    test results were entered into the Word Masters
  • Continental Math league- Students participated in
    5 meets during the year.  For each meet, students
    had 30 minutes to answer 6 math problems.  The
    test results were sent to the Continental Math
    League Company. 
  • The Amazing Race- Students created passports and
    used clues to figure out what country to travel
    to next.  At each destination, students had to
    complete a task specific to that country.
  • Kids and the Environment- Students participated
    in an environmental computer simulation. They
    were captains of their soccer teams and, during
    recess, they found that there was litter
    everywhere.  As students proceeded through this
    simulation, they discovered the consequences of
    their decisions and learned the importance of
    keeping our environment clean.

  • Mystery
  • 5th grade students read From the Mixed-Up Files
    of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and participated in
    a literary circle.
  • 6th grade students read The Westing Game and
    participated in a literary circle.
  • Lecture was given by a former NYPD detective
    regarding how detectives process a crime scene,
    do a grid search, and rely on forensic evidence.
  • Students worked cooperatively to methodically
    process a crime scene in the IMC.
  • Students completed 8 forensic lab tests, and
    charted and analyzed data.
  • Students wrote their own mysteries to share with
    the class.

  • Puzzles and Logic
  • Students worked independently and in pairs to
    solve puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Students created their own logic puzzles and
    published them to use with younger students.
  • Students learned about Rube Goldberg and created
    their own Rube Goldbergs in small groups.
  • Students learned about how some popular
    inventions were developed.
  • Students used their creativity to brainstorm some
    possible inventions for the future and made
    visual representations.
  • Poetry
  • Students were exposed to different forms of
    poetry, wrote poetry, and published and displayed
    finished products.
  • Students learned 3 different ancient math games
    and some facts about the countries of origin.
    Students competed against each other and devised
    winning strategies.
  • Sally Ride Toy Challenge
  • This challenging project was enjoyed by all.
  • Students researched popular games and analyzed
    what makes them fun.
  • Students worked in teams to brainstorm a new game
    idea in one of three categories.
  • Students followed the specific contest guidelines
    in creating a new and interesting game.
  • Students sketched the game board and discussed
    engineering designs.
  • Students wrote their 6 page preliminary entry
    papers to submit for judging.

  • Quadice Unit
  • Students were challenged to take what they know
    about probability and number relationships and
    apply these skills in playing Quadice.
  • Winning strategies were devised and probability
    outcomes were analyzed and charted.
  • Math Around the World
  • Students learned 4 ancient math games and solved
    the famous Konigsburg bridge problem. Critical
    thinking and creative problem solving were
  • Poetry
  • Students wrote, published, and displayed their
    own original poetry.
  • Inventions
  • Rube Goldberg was studied. Students worked in
    pairs to create their own Rube Goldbergs.
  • Architecture
  • Students researched types of architecture.
    Students worked collaboratively to create a
    3-dimensional floor plan for a 3-bedroom house.
    Plexiglas walls were used to delineate rooms.
  • Students visited the Museum of Modern Art in NYC
    to see the special exhibit entitled 75 Years of
    Architecture. It was a fabulous learning
    experience and provided the students with more
    knowledge to use in developing their own 3 foot
    high model homes!
  • Stock Market game
  • Students were introduced to the stock market game
    so that they could continue to play during the
    3rd Quarter during recess.

  • We have revised the program for the
  • 2008-2009 school year
  • Grade 1-Book Club
  • Grade 2-Math League
  • Grades 3 and 4-All students will participate in
    enrichment activities

  • Revised the code of conduct and received board
    approval. (10/07)
  • Presented at a state-wide conference on our
    character education program.
  • Instituted school-wide assemblies on Be Your
  • Disseminated recommendations to parents on Be
    Your Best.
  • Disseminated implementation guides to all
    teachers in the district.
  • Integrated Be Your Best into the curriculum in
    both schools.
  • Grade 1 and 2 music program highlighted Bee
    Your Best.
  • Presented workshop on the student code of conduct
    to both faculties regarding implementation of
    social/emotional skill lessons.
  • Met with parents/community members to review the
    revised code of conduct that includes our core
    ethical values.(4/08)
  • Mr. Maire, Vice Principal, met with teacher
    representatives from each grade level to review
    the revised code of conduct.
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