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Disaster Recovery 2'0


'To go forward, you must backup.' Cardinal rule of computing 'If it wasn't ... Application Specific WAN Optimizers. Common apps are CIFS, HTTP. Also Oracle, SQL ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Disaster Recovery 2'0

Disaster Recovery 2.0 Presented by Bob
Graney bgraney_at_eaglerockalliance.com
Food for Thought
  • To go forward, you must backup.
  • Cardinal rule of computing
  • If it wasnt backed-up,
  • then it wasnt important.
  • The Sysadmins motto

  • Realities of Disaster Recovery Today
  • Industry Trends / Statistics
  • Disaster Recovery Components
  • External Waves
  • Financial Tsunami
  • Going Green

Questions Posed
  • Disk based backup versus tape based. Do I still
    need tape?
  • Replication options host, network, application
    specific and array based solutions. Which is the
    right approach for my organization?
  • How can snapshots be used to improve recovery
  • Why is virtualization having such a big impact on
    DR strategies?
  • What infrastructure systems need to be self
    healing to ensure application recovery?
  • How do WAN accelerators fit into the DR strategy?
    Do they work in all scenarios (live replication
    versus replicating backups offsite)

DR Realities
  • Production environments have grown more complex
    with increasing availability requirements
  • 24 X 7 always on Internet apps
  • Work from home ? increased availability for all
  • Days of KO backup job _at_ 600 PM and send the
    tapes offsite the next morning are Going or
  • Manual business recovery workarounds are just a
    fond memory

DR Realities
  • Has your DR capability kept current?
  • Are you trapped in a tape based recovery
  • Are critical applications missing from DR
  • Does your test program validate recovery
  • Can you hit the defined RTOs?
  • Time for declaration, travel etc. included? Are
    they realistic?
  • Good mix of exercises across all critical

DR Proclamations
  • Tape is dead Long live Disk!
  • Not quite dead yet but only disk for critical DR
  • Tape may be only option for single site and SMBs
  • Still needed for long term retention (archive)
  • Also good for less critical systems with RTO in
  • Infrastructure needs to be resilient
  • Recover AD better not be Step One of DR plan
  • Has the tape catalog been recovered at the DR
  • Work from Home has/will be the dominant work area
    recovery platform

The Need for Resiliency
A New Paradigm Has Emerged
Disaster Recovery Components
DR 2.0 Planning
  • It is the maintenance that kills you
  • How manual is your update process?
  • Do you have a tool or database in place?
  • Is there a current application / server map?
  • All applications or specific to certain data
    centers? Just in scope or just DR?

DR 2.0 Testing
  • Is there a documented Test schedule? Enforced?
  • Different examples of two tests per year
  • 1 mainframe 1 one distributed
  • 1 big (almost all) 1 little (NetBackup,
    one DB)
  • 1 50 of apps 1 the other 50
  • Another approach
  • All apps with defined DR solution are tested
    every 18 months
  • Plans updated/enhanced as a result of testing?
  • Are walkthroughs done effectively?

DR 2.0 Data Center Availability
The Uptime Institute, Inc. has developed a four
Tier classification approach to facility
infrastructure functionality that addresses the
need for a common benchmarking standard.
Availability considerations on site
infrastructure should use this standard. www.uptim
DR 2.0
  • Migration from Hot Site vendors to Internal
  • Coincides with migration to DR replication
  • Co-Lo facilities as part of Internal strategy
  • Outsourcing getting multi-faceted
  • Infrastructure support
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Computing

DR 2.0 Cloud Computing
  • It started with SaaS
  • Salesforce.com / LDRPS
  • Cloud vendors now looking toprovide scalability
  • Vendors
  • Web 2.0 (Google, Amazon)
  • Traditional IT (IBM, MS)

DR 2.0 Cloud Computing
  • Cloud DR Considerations
  • Risk Profile has changed
  • Risk is diversified by moving app/data off
    corporate network
  • Negotiate/define DR SLAs in contract
  • Consider compliance requirements
  • Where is my data stored?

DR 2.0 WAN Accelerators
  • Who are the players?
  • Riverbed has mindshare Also Cisco, Bluecoat,
  • Types of environments
  • Branch to Data Center vs. Data Center to Data
  • Application Specific WAN Optimizers
  • Common apps are CIFS, HTTP
  • Also Oracle, SQL
  • Drivers to implementation
  • Data Center consolidation
  • Software As a Service (SAAS)
  • Branch environments

DR 2.0 Case Study
International Law Firm Critical Applications MS
Exchange Files / Doc Mgmt Voice
DR 2.0 Case Study
Wan Accelerators Eliminated Resynch
bottleneck Kept Bandwidth requirements
down Reduced data loss (RPO) Improved Recovery
Time (RTO)
DR 2.0
  • Work from Home Deployment
  • Supplement / replace fixed workarea recovery
  • Major Deployments
  • VPN
  • Citrix
  • Remote Desktop Protocol

DR 2.0 Recovery Tier Chart
1 Point-of Failure data protected to the time
of disaster 2 Intra-Day data protected
periodically during the business day 3 Last
Capture data protected via tape which is
typically last nights backup cycle
DR 2.0
  • High Availability Candidates
  • Directories/Authentication
  • Active Directory (AD)
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Network Routing
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Disaster Recovery Candidates
  • Firewall and other security devices
  • Data backup system

DR 2.0 Virtualization Defined
  • Virtualization is the creation of a virtual
    layer between the actual physical element and the
    virtual interface. The virtualization layer
    shields the user from hardware differences and
    masks changes to the actual element.
  • There are four areas of IT where Virtualization
    is making inroads
  • Network Virtualization Established technology
    including the use of VLANS, VPNs
  • Server Virtualization Great fit for DR/Test/Dev
    environments. Production also.
  • Storage Virtualization Gaining traction in the
    market. It is the pooling of physical storage
    from multiple devices into what appears to be a
    single storage device.
  • Desktop Virtualization The latest hot topic in
    this space. Tremendous potential to simplify
    workarea recovery, but requires network bandwidth.

Bottom Line Server Virtualization is a game
changer. Storage Virtualization is
just starting. Desktop is TBD
DR 2.0 Server Virtualization
  • 1,038 VMware customers from North America, Europe
    and Asia Pacific
  • 45 of respondents cited business continuity as
    main driver for virtualization deployment.
  • Server consolidation - 2nd most popular reason

DR 2.0 Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Vendors VM Ware, MS Hyper V, XenSource
  • DR Variations V2V, P2V, V2P
  • Primarily Windows moving slowly into Linux
  • Watch out for management issues

DR 2.0 Virtualization Case Study
  • International Manufacturing Company
  • Outsourced iSeries platform with RTO 24 hours
  • Windows environment with no DR capability

DR 2.0 Virtualization Case Study
International Manufacturing Company
DR 2.0 Disk vs. Tape
  • DR of critical apps must be on disk
  • Tape adds too much risk
  • Tape means 1 to 2 days of data loss. Is that
  • Cost differential between Tape / Disk is closing

DR 2.0 Data Replication
  • Replication options
  • Array based
  • SAN (also NAS)
  • iSCSI is gaining traction on Fiber Channel
  • Host (Server to Server)
  • Application specific
  • Oracle, Exchange, SharePoint etc.

DR 2.0 Data Replication
  • Replication vendors
  • Array based
  • SAN EMC, Hitachi, IBM
  • NAS NetApp, BlueArc
  • Host
  • DoubleTake, NeverFail
  • Application specific
  • Oracle, MS and others

DR 2.0 Data Backup
  • Advances in Data Backup Systems
  • Data De-duplication
  • 20-50x or more compression ratio often achieved
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Snapshots

Surviving The Meltdown
  • Current financial environment will drastically
    impact us all.
  • What can the BCP / DR professional do about it?
  • Option 1 Hide in a corner and wait for 2010
  • Option 2 Get proactive identify cost
    effective solutions

Surviving The Meltdown
  • Tighten up plans
  • Identify Top Two Risks address them
  • Reallocate funds
  • Gap Analysis
  • Install saving technologies
  • Virtualization
  • WAN Accelerators
  • IP based replication

Going Green
  • By 2008, Gartner estimates that 48 of all IT
    budgets will be spent on energy alone.
  • The energy used to power the nations data
    centers doubled between 2000 and 2006, and could
    double again in another five years.

Network World 10 Ways to make your data center
more efficient Federal Times.com - Huge
savings seen in power-hungry data centers
Going Green
  • Server Virtualization
  • Data De-duplication
  • Hot / Cold aisle - blanking panels / vinyl
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Server Shut Down

Final Thoughts
  • Thank You !
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