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October, 2009


by partnering with world-class educational and research institutions. ... Qatar Business & Research Organizations. Qatar Governmental Institutions ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: October, 2009


Qatar National Research Fund
October, 2009 Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie,
Executive Director, QNRF
  • Overview
  • Qatar Foundation (QF)
  • Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS)
  • Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)
  • QNRF Programs Activities
  • National Priorities Research Program
  • Undergraduate Research Experience Program
  • Biannual National Research Survey
  • Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship Program
  • Special Research Program

QATAR FOUNDATION for Education, Science and
Community Development
An independent, chartered, nonprofit organization
committed to the development of Qatar and its
people. Founded in 1995 by HH the Emir Sheikh
Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. Chairperson HH
Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned.
Qatar Foundation Overview
  • QF Mission and Vision
  • Qatar Foundation is guided by the principle that
    a nations true
  • wealth is its people. Our goal is to develop
    that human potential
  • by creating a network of centers committed to
  • first-rate education, supporting science and
  • and promoting community development.
  • by partnering with world-class educational and
    research institutions.
  • by building a unique Education City, featuring
    state-of- the-art technology and facilities, that
    is a hub for the creating, sharing and finding
    practical uses of knowledge.

Qatar Foundation Overview
  • QF Innovation, Science, Technology and Research
  • QF supports a network of centers and
  • partnerships with elite institutions
  • Education City.
  • Research Centers of Excellence.
  • The Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP).
  • The Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).
  • International Partners.

Qatar Foundation
Convention Centre
Sidra Medical and Research Centre
Faculty of Islamic Studies
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
Northwestern University
Georgetown University in Qatar
  • Schools
  • Qatar Academy
  • Bridge program
  • The Learning Centre

Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Texas AM University at Qatar
Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar
Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS)
  • Overview of QNRS
  • QF is entrusted with the implementation of the
  • National Research Strategy (QNRS) whose main
    drivers are
  • Support for existing industry.
  • Diversification.
  • International Recognition.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Improving Health.
  • Education.
  • Quality of Life.

QF Research - Long Term Vision
Phase 1 Pursuit of Cutting Edge Science
  • Enrich people skills and research capabilities
    through the pursuit of cutting edge science in
  • Specific programs initiated in year 1
  • (New programs)
  • Support other ongoing programs and initiatives

Building Qatars strength from Day 1 progressing
in parallel
Phase 2 Position Qatar as Major Regional
Contributor of Science
Advance the national ability to become a major
contributor of science and technology at regional
stage and position among the world leaders in
patent filings
Phase 3 Become A Magnet for Innovative RD
Achieve significant advancement in niche areas of
research and ensure this step forward becomes
the growth sectors of tomorrow
QF Model for Research Integration and Coordination
Qatar Business Research Organizations
Qatar Governmental Institutions
Multi-disciplinary Research Programs
Research Innovation Portfolio
Qatar Institute for Biomedical Reserch
Hamad Medical Corporation
Qatar Institute for Computational Sciences
Data Mining
Qatar Institute for Energy Environment
Corporate Research
Qatar National Research Fund
Qatar National Research Fund
  • Vision
  • The Qatar Foundation envisions research as a
    catalyst for expanding and diversifying the
    country's economy enhancing the education of its
    citizens and the training of its workforce and
    fostering improvements in the health, well-being,
    environment, and security of its own people and
    those of the region.
  • Mission
  • QNRF will lead the strategic development of a
    national research enterprise within Qatar. It is
    required to work in close cooperation with
    government ministries and departments that have a
    legitimate interest in the research enterprise of


Qatar National Research Fund
  • QNRF Goals
  • Build national human potential by using research
  • and other activities to accelerate
    development of
  • opportunities for education and
    training in basic and
  • applied research in Qatar.
  • Fund research that focuses on related national
  • Raise Qatars international profile in research
    and expand non-QNRF funding.

QNRF Programs Activities
QNRF Programs Activities
  • Current
  • National Priorities Research Program.
  • Undergraduate Research Experience Program.
  • Biannual National Research Survey.
  • Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship Program.
  • Arab Expatriate Scientists - Fast Track Launch
  • Tasked
  • Theme Projects Program.
  • Distinguished Fellowships.
  • Facilitate the application of research results.
  • Graduate Research Experience Program.
  • Secondary Schools Research Program.
  • Young Scientists Research Program.

Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)
  • The QNRF seeks to stimulate a broad array of
    undergraduate research opportunities in Education
    City and Qatar University through faculty- and
    other researcher-led projects involving one or
    more students inside Qatar.
  • The (UREP) promotes Learning by Doing
    mentorship activities as effective methods for
    undergraduate education. Students gain experience
    with team-based research collaboration with
    faculty, graduate students, and other
    undergraduates or research staff.

Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)
  • QNRF conducts two UREP cycles per year, six UREP
    cycles have been implemented since the fall of
    2006 the seventh cycle is due in October 2009.
  • So far the following has been achieved
  • 6 cycles were launched.
  • 563 proposals were submitted.
  • 299 proposals were awarded.
  • Around 60 publications so far.
  • 781 students awarded and mentored by 325 faculty
  • US6,36 million total funded.

Biannual National Research Survey(BNRS)
Biannual National Research Survey
  • The BNRS is intended to be the national
    repository of research activities, including data
    collection efforts, findings, and scientific and
    technical publications in Qatar.
  • So far the following has been achieved
  • QNRF launched the BNRS search engine on Thursday,
    5th Feb, 2009.
  • 4600 records encompassing Qatari research from
  • New records over the period 2007 2009 is
    expected to be incorporated in the BNRS database
    late this year.

Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship
Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship
Program (CWSP)
  • Goals and Guidelines
  • To create a framework that fosters collaboration
    among researchers in Qatar with the global
    research communities.
  • To encourage all academic institutions and
    relevant stakeholders in Qatar to engage in
    hosting scientific and academic conferences.
  • To attract national and international academic
    institutions and relevant stakeholders to host
    their periodic conferences in Qatar.
  • To give exposure to the importance of research
    for undergraduate and postgraduate students in

Conferences and Workshops Sponsorship
Program(CWSP) Achievements
  • QNRF sponsored 4 major international conferences
    through the CWSP over the last year
  • Logic Programming Artificial Inelegance and
    Reasoning (LPAR 08).
  • Information and Communication Technologies and
    Development (ICTD 09).
  • 11th International Conference on Relational
    Methods in Computer Science/6th Applications of
    Kleene Algebra (RelMiCS11).
  • 17th International Conference on

QNRF Support Activities Achievements
  • Launched the 1st QNRF Newsletter.
  • As a testament of its continuing efforts to
    introduction research culture in Qatar, 23
    Research Offices were created in academic and
    non-academic Qatari institutions to support
    research and researchers.
  • Launched QNRFs in-house revamped website (more
    than 1.7M hits to date).

QNRF Support Activities Achievements
  • Enhanced (in-house) the online submission
    solution with 3 separate channels for
  • Applicants (around 7000).
  • Research Offices (23).
  • Peer Reviewers (around 3500).

National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)
National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)
  • Overview of NPRP
  • QNRFs largest grant funding activity.
  • Seeking to address key national, regional, and
    global needs through research.
  • Pursuing research opportunities for which Qatar
    has a comparative advantage.
  • QNRF seeks to support a broad variety of projects
    in basic and applied research in
  • Natural sciences.
  • Engineering and Technology.
  • Medical and Health sciences.
  • Agricultural sciences.
  • Social sciences.
  • Humanities.

National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)
  • Benefits of NPRP
  • Service to Qatar.
  • Collaboration and sustainability.
  • Merit-based research awards.
  • Active publication, promotion and outreach.
  • Furthering research culture in Qatar.
  • Expand knowledge in Qatar.

NPRP Proposal
  • Project Design and Program Eligibility
  • QNRF accepts individual or collaborative, small
    or large proposals spanning between one and three
  • QNRF encourages
  • Multi-year, multi-disciplinary, and
    multi-institutional projects.
  • Collaborative projects partnering researchers and
    academia from different campuses or organizations
    outside academia.
  • Partnerships between institutions in Qatar and
    outside Qatar.
  • Awards will be made to institutions and
    organizations only.

NPRP Proposal
  • Conditions that must be met
  • At least 50 of the research must be conducted in
    Qatar by the research team in Qatar, as measured
    in person-days spent on the project.
  • At least 65 of the proposed project funds must
    be administered by an institution in Qatar and
    expended within Qatar.
  • The Co-LPI must reside in Qatar (but need not be
    a Qatari citizen).

NPRP Flowchart
RO Vet
Submit LOI
Submit Proposal
Lead PI Registration
RO Registration
Statistical Analysis Funding Option
Notifying Ineligible Proposals
QNRF screening
Evaluation Received
Receiving Complementary Documents For Funded
FMA Signing and Disbursement Of Funds
QF EBOD Approval
Award Notification (RO/LPI)
Steering Committee
NPRP 3rd Cycle Timeline
Payment Schedule
  • 100 for equipment and any associated material
    cost, plus up to 50 of the remaining annual
  • 50 upon receipt and acceptance of the 1st
    interim progress report.
  • Year 1
  • 100 for equipment and any associated material
    cost, plus up to 50 of the remaining annual
  • 50 upon receipt and acceptance of the 1st
    interim progress report.
  • 100 for equipment and any associated material
    cost, plus up to 50 of the remaining annual
  • 30 upon receipt and acceptance of the interim
    progress report.
  • 20 upon receipt and acceptance of the final
  • Year 2
  • 100 for equipment and any associated material
    cost, plus up to 50 of the remaining annual
    budget upon acceptance of the Annual Progress
  • 30 upon receipt and acceptance of the 2nd
    interim progress report
  • 20 upon receipt and acceptance of the final
    progress report
  • 100 for equipment and any associated material
    cost, plus up to 50 of the remaining annual
    budget upon acceptance of the 1st Annual Progress
  • 50 upon receipt and acceptance of the 2nd
    interim progress report
  • 100 for equipment and any associated material
    cost, plus up to 50 of the remaining annual
    budget upon acceptance of the 2nd Annual
    Progress Report.
  • 30 upon receipt and acceptance of the 3rd
    interim progress report
  • 20 upon receipt and acceptance of the final
    progress report

NPRP Achievements
  • QNRF Launched three NPRP cycles since April 2007.
  • QNRF received over 700 proposals through its
    in-house developed submission solution.
  • Each proposal was sent to 5 internationally
    renowned PRs.
  • Strict PRs screening criteria were applied (at
    least assistant professor with min. 20
    publications, has no conflict of interest, etc).
  • Funding was increased from US25 to US 86
    million per cycle.
  • Size of grants per year was increased from 250k
    to 350k per project.

1st 2nd NPRP Cycles General Statistics
Distribution of Proposals per Disciplines
Results of the NPRP 2nd cycle
To sign in/sign up (www.qnrfsubmission.info/prog/
QNRF website ( www.qnrf.org )
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Qatar Development
(No Transcript)
Doha 2025
Thank You for Your Attention
Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie Executive
Director, QNRF
Qatar Science Technology Park
  • 600,000-square-meter campus.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Free trade zone.
  • Business incubator QF.
  • Promotes economic diversity, job
  • creation and commercial investment
  • in Qatar.
  • - Anchor tenants include Microsoft,
  • Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, GE.

Sidra Medical and Research Centre
  • All-digital 348-bed academic medical center.
  • Specialty care for women and children plus
    clinical/surgical services for all patients.
  • - World-class biomedical research center.
  • Teaching facility for Weill Cornell Medical
  • Working in concert with Hamad Medical
  • - 8 billion US dollar endowment.
  • - Opening 2012.

Weill Cornell Medical College
- 2 year Premedical Program. - 4 year M.D.
Carnegie Mellon University
  • - Business Administration.
  • Computer Science.
  • Information Systems.

Texas AM University in Qatar
- Chemical Engineering. - Electrical
Engineering. - Mechanical Engineering. -
Petroleum Engineering.
Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts in Qatar
- Graphic Design. - Interior Design. - Fashion
Design and Merchandising.
Qatar National Convention Centre
- Opening in 2011 and setting a new benchmark in
global venue design. - QNCC will feature 40,000
sqm of exhibition space over 9 halls with the
capacity for a conference or gala dinner for
10,000 guests, a 4,000-seat conference hall,
2,300-seat lyric style theatre, three tiered
auditoria, an additional 52 meeting rooms, all
adaptable to accommodate the full range of events.

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