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IT Leaders of the Now Economy


White House seeking IT security spending increase from $2.7 billion to $4.2 billion ... The ultimate wireless home network low cost, easy to install, totally ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: IT Leaders of the Now Economy

OSRA 2002
IT Leadership in the New Landscape
Maryfran Johnson Editor in Chief
New Image Anyone?
  • False alarms (Y2K)
  • bubble (burst)
  • Tech stocks (in freefall)
  • High-tech layoffs (rising)
  • Software viruses (rampant)
  • Microsoft behavior (monopolist)

We Depend on Technology in Times of Crisis
  • Cell phones and email
  • Websites
  • Videoconferencing
  • Telecommuting
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Wireless LANs

The Power of the IT Volunteer Spirit
Sept. 10, 2001
HP/Compaq merger worries Microsoft breakup
musings Peoplesoft project ends up in court
(No Transcript)
Oct. 22, 2001
Air Security Concerns and IT Security
Overhaul E-Signature failure Anthrax threats
expose public health IT systems
Our Top 10 for 2002
  • Security/Privacy Infrastructure Protection
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Government Legal Issues
  • Data Management
  • Wireless Mobile
  • Web Infrastructure Web Services
  • Enterprise Systems
  • IT Management Leadership
  • Careers Training
  • Server Operating Systems

Always On Your Minds
  • Security Checks Balances
  • Infrastructure Leverage
  • Business continuity in the supply chain
  • Managing partners and vendors (especially
  • Emerging Web services, wireless, CRM
  • Proving ROI on IT projects

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Is it time to go back to the days when IT
supported the business rather than became the
Enron Lesson Tech is for Support, CW, 2/18/02
What the 90s showed us was how much IT can do.
The next decade is going to be about businesses
finding ways to harness all that creativity and
use it
Charlie Feld, CEO, The Feld Group, CW, 2/18/02
Balancing The Bottom Line with Innovation
  • Dont dismiss the idea of information creating
  • Integrate applications rather than creating new
  • Conduct business with customers via multiple
    channels (not just the Web)
  • Seek out natural alliances between IT business
    units (such as logistics, distribution)
  • Find some solid ROI figures for the CFO

Brace Yourselves for Big Brother Meets IT
  • National ID card, privacy debates
  • Expanded use of biometrics (facial recognition,
    finger imaging, etc.)
  • Wider use of wiretapping
  • Email monitoring
  • Credit card tracing
  • International data-sharing

(No Transcript)
Proposed CIO Cyberthreat Response Reporting
  • FBI Secret Service support standard procedures
    for businesses to use in reporting serious
    hacking incidents
  • Only major incidents that damage property,
    revenues would be reported
  • Big question How will this information be

Cybercrime Reporting Procedure Draws Fire, CW,
Proposed Increased Federal IT Spending
  • White House seeking IT security spending increase
    from 2.7 billion to 4.2 billion
  • 64 increase will boost total IT spending to 8.1
    of feds proposed 52B IT budget in 2003
  • Average share of private-sector IT spending in
    company budgets is 3-5

Source IDC, U.S. govt documents, CW, 2/18/02
(No Transcript)
Thinking Security in a Post-911 World
  • Revisit IT budget staffing with security in
  • Make sure critical systems can be replicated
    remotely coordinate security, infrastructure
    protection efforts
  • Prepare for govt regulations in encryption,
    employee monitoring, info protection and data

Dealing with Internal Security Threats
  • Develop publish access policies
  • Check employee backgrounds (contractors, too)
  • Classify corporate information and control
    access segment networks, where possible
  • Get full disclosure from trading partners and
    service providers
  • Dont forget physical access checks

Security experts advice, CW, 10/15/01
Web Services An umbrella term for the broad
movement to use the Internet to automate tasks in
new ways
Web-Enabled Processes to the Rescue?
  • Can allow easier, more cost-effective connections
    across applications
  • Better access to best-in-class apps no matter
    where they reside
  • Provides set of tools to take legacy apps and
    node-enable them

Other Benefits of Web Services
  • Not a new business model
  • Uses existing Internet standards
  • Provides integration more painlessly
  • Many application service vendors rolling out
    web-service-enabled versions of their software

Collaborate or Integrate?
  • Only 16 of users planning to use web services
    with new business partners
  • While 60 will use web services for enterprise
    application integration (EAI)
  • And 53 will use to integrate applications with
    partners and customers

Jupiter Media Metrix survey, Sept. 2001
Web services architecture will create an
environment where companies will be able to
access resources wherever they reside in
whatever enterprise.
John Hagel III, Harvard Business Review and CW,
Fall 2001
Web Services Tools Standards
  • WSDL Web Services Description Language.
    XML-based, used to describe services offered and
    provide e-access
  • SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol allows
    operating systems to speak with each other using
    http and XML
  • UDDI Universal Description, Discovery and
    Integration Web-based Yellow Pages to list your

User Examples of Web Services
  • GM connects internal apps to 8,000 auto dealers
  • GM and partners keep existing systems in place
  • More flexible in efficiently serving customers
  • Citibank offers major payment processing engine
    as a Web Service to electronic markets
  • Turns internal resource into revenue generator

GE Global Exchange Fuel Quest, Inc.
  • Creating a Web services-based EAI program
  • Lets fuel distributors plug into GXS-hosted
    trading network of U.S. refiners
  • Electronic bills of lading downloaded directly
    into financial systems
  • In an industry where fax machines were a novelty
    a decade ago, this is a big deal says one
    petroleum distributor

Phase 2 Leaner, Meaner CRM Projects
  • The New Modularity separating business rules
    from the system code
  • The U.N. Approach Appoint an ambassador to
    translate between IT and marketing
  • Capture only the info that matters (and leads to
    revenue growth)

Even in a down market, were still investing
heavily in both technology and integration. We
still invest in things that are critical to the
Robert Seidman, SVP, Charles Schwab Corp., CW,
Thinking About Tomorrow
Girls Warm Up to IT
  • 18 of teenage girls online believe they can hack
    into their school computers
  • Instant messaging the killer app for gender
  • Today only 25 women in IT declining enrollments
    in computer science
  • Thinking about technology as a socializing force

Girl Scouts survey, 1,000 young women aged
13-18, Feb. 2002
Three Questions to Ask
  • Whats the next transformational technology?
    (Its still the Internet)
  • Whats the business advantage to be gained?
    (Efficiency for IT value for customers)
  • Whatll it take to get to the next business
    level? (Look to customer/supplier processes for

Jim Champy, Perot Systems Corp, Cambridge, MA
The Brainiacs Speak Fast Forward to 2012
  • Devices are wafer-thin, high-performance, with
    always-on-access to the net
  • Large, high-resolution monitors (less than 1k)
  • Head-mounted, eyeglass displays no longer just
    for weirdos
  • Cell phones with small-color LCD screens and
    smart-card readers
  • Speech recognition finally works well

Extremely Cool but Unlikely
  • The ultimate wireless home network low cost,
    easy to install, totally interactive, with clear
    standards for audio, video, PCs, etc.
  • A golf ball with an embedded tracking system
  • Protective operating systems that guard users
    time and prevent information overload
  • Collaborative health machines that can diagnose,
    monitor, treat and prevent diseases

The Market is Missing The Boat On
  • E-Wallets truly secure, pervasive, accepted for
    use with credit card purchases, bank accounts,
    ID, passport, corporate ID and security cards
  • Truly Useful Cell Phones without competing
    system and standards reliable, cheap, ubiquitous
  • Interface Design Advancing beyond the clouds of
  • E-Learning High-tech fix for education as a
    vast, semi-automated learning machine

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some
people appear bright until you hear them speak
Some Anonymous Smart Aleck