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Bringing the Community to Consensus


Bringing the Community to Consensus – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Bringing the Community to Consensus

Bringing the Community to Consensus
Research into the Possible Construction of a New
Center for the Arts
  • Presented by
  • Kari Koch
  • Thomas McGuffin
  • Darrell Walker
  • Jeremy Gill
  • Ben Snyder
  • David Moore

Initial Research
  • How much would it cost to construct and operate
    the new center, and how does that compare with
    the cost of remodeling and upkeep for the old
  • Where would the new center be built? Are there
    zoning or building permit issues? How much will
    it cost?
  • Where is the money coming from?
  • Get estimates from many different construction
  • Research the year to year costs for operating the
    old center.
  • The cost of remodeling
  • Heating, cooling, and lighting efficiency
  • Yearly maintenance costs
  • Research the year to year costs for operating the
    new center.
  • How have the needs of the center changed over the
  • What would the new building offer and how will it
    accommodate the changes that have taken place?

Researching the Target Audiences
  • The primary target would be the board of
  • Interview each one of them.
  • Find out specifically why each one would be for
    or against the construction of a new building.
  • The secondary target would be the community.
  • What does the current Center for the Arts offer
    to the public?
  • What would the community like to see in a new
  • What are the age demographics of the community?
    Of the people who currently frequent the center?
  • The large client of the firm would be another
    audience to consider.

Possible Way to Generate Additional Funding or
  • Bring other attractions, exhibits, performers,
    etc. to town that the old Center for the Arts did
    not offer.
  • Scientific and historical exhibits
  • Non-classical musicians suited to playing smaller

What Will Happen to the Old Center?
  • Research the history of the old Center for the
    Arts and find out how the community really feels
    about it.
  • Look into options for use of the old center.

Main Goal
  • Following the research weve decided that the
    main goal is to build a new fine arts center that
    would serve a larger demographic.
  • The new center would be able to reach a larger
    portion of the community than the previous center
    because it could offer new activities to
    different age groups, races and, cultures.

Other Goals/Objectives
  • Induct the previous building into the historical
    landmark association.
  • Offer a ceremony in honor of the previous
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Fine Arts
  • Promote the arts in a holistic manner involving
    all ages, races, and cultures.

  • Why is persuasion important?
  • There are those in the community who are opposed
    to the construction of a new Fine Arts Center.
  • They believe it would be more efficient to
    renovate the current Center.
  • They are concerned that a historical landmark
    will be destroyed when it is a 170 years old.

Persuasive Strategies
  • Inform the public that renovating the old center
    is NOT the most cost efficient way of preserving
    a Fine Arts Center.
  • Arrange a press conference and a press release to
    better inform our priority public about the cost
    effectiveness of building a new Center.

Persuasive Tactics
  • At the press conference and in the release inform
    the public of these facts in favor of a new Fine
    Arts Center
  • No new taxes
  • National Convention Center
  • Will help economy
  • Educational services
  • Old building inducted as a historical landmark
  • Community Event
  • Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the
    new center.

Funding Objectives/Goals
  • Our main goal is to raise 5.25 million dollars
    to build and fund a new Fine Arts Center without
    having to raise taxes in the local community.

Funding Strategy
  • Involve the local community businesses.
  • Bring the new center situation to the attention
    of the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Put the Center on the city budget.
  • Internal revenue sources.

Funding Tactics
  • Tax deductible donations
  • Sponsorships from banks, hospitals, and local
  • Donations from the local gambling association.
  • Submit a proposal to the NEA for grants and other
  • Collect revenue from all events and Center
  • Submit proposal letter to the City Council for
    inclusion onto city budget.

  • Persuasion Campaign 2/05 to 7/05
  • Funding Campaign 5/05 to 2/06
  • New building construction scheduled to begin 3/06
    and completed by 3/08

Projected Budget
  • Architect 760,000
  • Construction 1.2 m
  • Plumbing 375,000
  • Heating 415,000
  • Electricity 650,000
  • In House Décor 1.15m
  • Advertising 700,000
  • TOTAL 5.25 million
  • PR Productions Fee 550,000

Plan Summary
  • New building can house more people and bigger
  • The old historical building will be kept.
  • Funding will be tax-deductible.

Communication Channel
  • A web site will be set up.
  • A campaign will be held.
  • The Communication Model method will be used
    throughout the process.

Communication Theories
  • Communication Model
  • Create or maintain levels of awareness
  • Emphasizes messages designed to affect attitudes
    and opinions
  • Encompasses publicity, publications, advertising,
    and special events

Communication Method
  • Start a website
  • Send out press releases to the media
  • Post info. Such as the when whereabouts of our
    diff. events

Some Major Events
  • Art Sale, and auctions
  • Brochures will be sent out to business so they
    can donate money to schools explaining to them
    what the new center has to offer them
  • Special money donations will result in prizes
    acknowledgments for the donors

Communication Theory
  • We want to reach out to everyone by informing
    them getting them involved in our fundraiser
  • We want to stay positive for the people so they
    can be positive with our contributing to the new
    centers for the community

Monitoring Adjusting on Research
  • Ultimately from the research that we gathered
    there were two goals that the community wanted
  • A. To build a new state-of-the-art Center for the
    Arts.B. To keep the old building due to its
    historical value.

Assessment of Objectives Achieved in Planning
  • Why the New building?
  • No new taxes
  • National convention center
  • This will raise the tourist count and create more
  • Optional classes geared towards specific
  • Old building not destroyed
  • Old Building inducted into the historical

Assessment of Objectives Achieved in Communicating
  • The communication team was able to come up with
    more alternatives for coming up with money
  • While promoting the project at the same time.
    Some of these options included an art sale and
    auction, t-shirt sales, as well as a black tie
    affair with a dinner.
  • These events can kill two birds with one stone
    by promoting the project and raising money at the
    same time.

Final Comments
  • Upon completion of the evaluation process it was
    very obvious that the teams involved in the
    project worked very efficiently while working
    very nicely as a complete team.
  • Some minor slipups were found, however it was
    nothing too critical that couldnt be fixed.
    With the current status of the project, I cant
    imagine that we wont be done on time.
  • The new Art Center will serve as a great asset
    to the community while the old Art Center will
    serve as a great historical landmark for years to