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New Retail Concepts: Storebased


Just Married Centre shopping mall for engaged couples. Potential: ... Shopping mall where one can buy. everything for weddings. USPs: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: New Retail Concepts: Storebased

New Retail Concepts Store-based
OriginO health and wellness convenience store
NBO/Operator Craenendonck NV, Belgium
Description Health wellness convenience store
specialising in naturally healthy and mainly
organic food
Launch date and location May 2006 Louvain,
USPsOffers healthy, fresh and packaged food in
a trendy environment. Products aimed at breakfast
are in the entrance area and are followed by
bread, cheese, vegetarian snacks and ready meals.
PotentialOriginO could successfully attract
wealthy young consumers, particularly in areas
such as university towns.
Eden Teva Market- organic hypermarket
NBO/Operator Blue Square Israel Ltd, Israel
Description Hypermarket specialising in organic
and health and wellness products
Launch date and location June 2007, Poleg
Industrial Zone
USPs Largest retailer specialising in organic
and bio products in Israel
  • Potential
  • In line with the rising health and
  • wellness trend
  • Benefits from the growing popularity of
    health-oriented products among Israeli consumers

ThreeSixty supermarket for the health conscious
NBO/Operator Dairy Farm International, Hong Kong
Description First organic supermarket
Launch date and location December 2006, Landmark
Central, Hong Kong
Insert photo
USPsOffers a large range of organic
foodproducts, cosmetics and toiletries and
environmentally-friendly household products.
Experts in naturopathicand homeopathic medicine
stationed in the Wellness Centre to provide free
advice on health supplements and beauty products.
  • Potential
  • A second outlet opened in Oct 2007, with a third
    planned for 2008. Targets a niche
  • market, attractive to a higher-income group but
    is likely to move into the mainstream
  • in view of growing health awareness. Jusco and
    ParknShop supermarkets are also
  • introducing organic sections to cater for the
    growing demand.

Marjane fairtrade in hypermarkets
NBO/Operator Group ONA, Morocco
Description Marjane Hypermarket offers
fairtradeproducts and products made by
Launch date and location June 2007, Morocco
USPsFairtrade products section in hypermarket,
with a share of profits given to less
privilegedfarmers. Display of products made by
prison detainees funds to help in their
resettlement after release.
  • Potential
  • Marjane chain grew in popularity following these
    initiatives. Other
  • supermarket chains such as Label Vie have
    followed in its footsteps.

Happily - convenience store for women
NBO/Operator am/pm Japan Co Ltd
Description Convenience store with products
specifically tailored to women
Launch date and location December 2005 Tokyo,
USPsStaffed only by women Powder room furnished
with a dressing table Offers wide range of skin
care products and dietary supplements
  • Potential
  • Targets a high-spending demographic
  • Strong potential in largest cities in developed

Nutradia convenience store for diabetics
NBO/Operator Diabeticom, Belgium
Description Health and wellness convenience
store for diabetics
Insert photo
Launch date and location April 2006 Brussels,
USPsOffers a complete range of high-quality
health and wellness for food intolerance
packaged food for diabetics but also people
suffering from obesity. All saleswomen are
dieticians and thus advise customers with
PotentialAlthough it is set to remain a market
niche, Nutradia should benefit from the growing
incidence of diabetes II in Belgium, with 8 of
the population already diagnosed as diabetic. In
addition, the Nutridia brand is already being
distributed by other shops (eg Delhaize).
Kidfresh convenience store for kids
NBO/Operator Kidfresh Inc, US
Description Health and wellness convenience
storefor children
Launch date and location January 2007 Manhattan,
New York, US
USPsSells healthy ready meals made in
conjunction with paediatric nutritionist Offers
additional services cooking classes and story
  • Potential
  • Will remain niche, not likely to move into
    mainstream grocery retailing.
  • Could be converted into a childrens corner in
    outlets offering similar
  • assortment for adults eg Wholefoods Market.

Just Married Centre shopping mall for engaged
NBO/Operator Immogrinvest Kft, Hungary
Description Shopping mall where one can buy
everything for weddings
Launch date and location Spring 2009,
Biatorbágy, Hungary
USPsLocated near Budapest, the centre will be
40,000 sqm, including 200 shops and restaurants,
banks, a playground for children, party rooms
etc. All goods and services needed for a wedding
will be available in an exclusive environment.
Target group is engaged couples and relatives, as
well as friends invited to a wedding. Seasonally
changing rental fees for tenants.
  • Potential
  • The population in the immediate catchment area
    (less than 15 minutes journey) is about 2
    million. Future development depends on the
    composition of outlets, offered goods, services
    and their price level.

Volg mobile village store
NBO/Operator Volg Konsumwaren AG, Switzerland
Description Village grocery store on wheels
Insert photo
Launch date and location June 2007, Switzerland
USPsPresent in rural areas where there are no
shops. Convenient, particularly in areas with a
high proportion of elderly customers, as the
store comes to its customers. Offers limited
product assortment of 450 products at standard
Volg prices.
  • Potential
  • Higher consumer potential than in normal stores
    the investment is about the same for a store and
    the mobile version.
  • Good potential in rural areas, but not in cities.

Passabene self scanning
NBO/Operator Coop Schweiz, Switzerland
Description Self-scanning option to be rolled
out to Coop stores all over Switzerland
Insert photo
Launch date and location June 2007, Wankdorf
USPsNo more queuing at the cash desk Timesaving
self-service The use of self-scanning is limited
to holders of a loyalty card
  • Potential
  • Matches increasingly hectic lifestyles of Swiss
  • Cost saving from the retailers point of view
  • Helps strengthen the customer-retailer
    relationship and gather information about
  • consumer habits

Tesco Fresh Easy self-operated checkouts
NBO/Operator Fresh and Easy Neighbourhood
Markets Inc (owned by Tesco PLC), US
Description New, smaller supermarket format
includes 100 self-operated checkouts and a
number of health/environmentally- friendly
Launch date and location November 1, Hemet,
California, US.
USPsSmaller format than normal US supermarkets,
high proportion of ready meals, checkouts 100
self-operated. Own brand foods include no
artificial additives or colours and no added
trans fats. Solar-powered distribution centre.
  • Potential
  • Tesco sees major development potential within the
    US market, with consumers
  • responding well to the new format that the Fresh
    Easy brand has unveiled after
  • extensive testing. Possibility that elements such
    as self-operated checkouts may
  • not appeal to consumers looking for a more
    personal approach.

Tesco Poland talking trolleys
NBO/Operator Tesco Polska Sp zoo
Description Tesco shopping carts have an
integrated audio system, activated by infrared
Launch date and location June 2007, Tesco
Krakow, Poland
USPsCarts play advertisements for particular
products as the customerpasses the shelf
  • Potential
  • The advertisement reaches the customer at the
    most appropriate time while
  • choosing the product. This is an advantage for
    manufacturers and distributors
  • as a new marketing form and eases choice for
  • As there are lots of ads all around, this could
    be annoying for the customer,
  • especially when he/she simply passes the product,
    without the intention to buy.

New Retail Concepts Non-Store
Casa Mediashopping TV shopping
NBO/Operator Media Shopping SpA, Italy
Description TV shopping in sitcom format
combining shopping and entertainment. Broadcast
daily on Mediaset channel 4
Launch date and location January 2006
USPs First tv shopping formatted as part of a
real half-hour sitcom. The story is set in
a flat share and focuses on the actors/tv
sellers friendships and daily life. Products are
promoted by being used as part of the scene
within the sitcom. Products include general
household care products, furniture, cosmetics,
  • Potential
  • Strengths - customers become familiar with the
    idea after a few episodes viewers
  • appreciate the sitcom shopping/entertainment mix,
    and prefer this to other
  • conventional and less enjoyable TV shopping
  • Weaknesses - targets mainly pensioners and
    housewives the first group could
  • find this innovative format misleading.

Just Fries French Fries vending machine
NBO/Operator Prolave, France
Description Vending machine located on the high
street, offering a portion of freshly cooked
French fries for 2 and in 2 minutes, with a
selection of sauces, salt and napkin
Launch date and location Valenciennes (Northern
France) in September 2007
USPsThe only vending machine to sell products
cooked on demand. Available 24/7 for on-the-go
consumption. Just Fries stresses the quality of
the fries, with high-quality oil and frozen
potatoes, and a new cooking process enabling
rapidity and great taste without odours.
  • Potential
  • Great buzz around this machine in terms of media
    coverage. Appeals especially to
  • young consumers because of its convenience and
    quality. Prolave aims to install a
  • machine in every region in France.
  • Another concept, Just Tapas, is in development
    and should be launched in 2008.

Photo sent by Prolave for the presentation
Datart mobile payment terminals
NBO/Operator DATART International, Czech Republic
Description Mobile payment terminals
Launch date and location June 2007, Prague, Brno
USPsOffers its customers the option to order
via the internet but pay with credit card on
delivery by mobile payment terminal installed in
delivery vans.
  • Potential
  • This solution improves the perceived security of
    card payment
  • and has increased on-line shopping business.

Arome packaged fresh cut fruit vending
NBO/Operator Dure CS, South Korea
Description Packaged fresh-cut fruits from a
vending machine
Launch date and location Launched 2nd half 2006
located in South Korean sports centres, saunas,
rest stops, educational institutions, tourist
resorts, etc
USPsFor Won1,000-2,000, consumers can select
packaged fresh fruits ranging from cherry
tomatoes and apples to oranges and kiwi fruit
from a vending machine disposable utensils are
included. The vending operation has a
refrigeration plant and well-planned logistics so
that the fruits are kept fresh at the ideal
temperature of 4-5C.
Potential As Korean consumers increasingly focus
on wellbeing and health, fruit vending machines
can be successful, given the convenience they
provide, and the fact that they offer a healthy
alternative to products such as carbonated
beverages or confectionery.
Retailing via Second Life
NBO/Operator Linden Labs, US
Description Retailers are offering sales of
their virtual products to Second Life users
for their residents.
Launch date and location Gained prominence
USPsUsers of Second Life are purchasing, with
actual money traded into Linden Dollars.
Mainstream retailers along with outside
entrepreneurs are looking to cash in.
Potential Big names include adidas, Sony,
Coldwell Banker, Toyota, Circuit City. Linden
Labs CEO There are more than 1.3 million per
day worth of interpersonal transactions. Not
verified, but likely only a small portion for
retail merchants. Some, such as American Apparel
(above), have already decided that the Second
Life phenomenon is over, and have left the site.
Healthcare For You OTC vending machine
NBO/Operator Shanghai No. 1 Pharmacy Co Ltd,
Description OTC healthcare vending machine
Launch date and location March 2007 Shanghai
metro, China
USPsHas direct phone link to doctor for help.
Provides wide range of OTC drugs. Can be used in
Chinese, Japanese or English.
  • Potential
  • Quick and easy way to get basic OTC
  • healthcare products
  • Convenient for office workers
  • Too expensive for most Chinese consumers

Comjoin water vending machine
NBO/Operator Beijing Comjoin Water Vending
Machine Co Ltd, China
Description Water vending machine providing
filtered water at RMB4 for a 8.9-litre barrel
but requiringconsumers to bring their own
Launch date and location Late 2004, Beijing,
USPsLocated in residential areas, easy to
purchase Consumers can purchase however much they
want The water is filtrated by eight
processes Much cheaper than packaged water
  • Potential
  • Rapidly increasing in terms of market coverage by
    attracting individual franchisers due to the
    cheap cost of the machine at only RMB8,500 per
  • Market is currently unregulated, there may be a
    need for increased regulatory control.
  • Need for further education on health and safety
    aspects of selling water via
  • vending machines.