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FARDOG 04JAN01 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: FARDOG 04JAN01

  • Discussion of FY01 Budget and Goals for RF

FY01 LC RD Goals / Technical Division
  • Collaboration High Gradient Tests
  • Have made, now send, 20 disks to SLAC
  • First, we do RF QA on them
  • SLAC provides couplers etc and assembles into a
    complete structure
  • Same as SLAC / Robertson model
  • Make two entire 20 cell structures
  • aka 1st Fermilab Xband structures
  • To get on SLAC High Power Testing List, need to
    Show me the structure!
  • IB5 CDR w/ FESS
  • 25K from RAT, 25K from TD
  • Assembly Line for beam line units
  • Not necessarily NLC Project building … could
    instead be for additional space needed for
    ongoing TD activities
  • RF Structure Factory
  • Make first Fermilab Xband structure
  • By about mid-March01 or so (we hope)
  • (See below also)
  • Occupy IB4 SW Corner
  • Finish RF QC Lab
  • Need expertise from BD and TD
  • Using expertise from INR Collaboration (see later
  • Now have BD Network Analyzer from BD (Thanks,
  • Need a second NA bySEP01 (Peter?)
  • Get first furnace operating
  • Full Size Furnace by SEP01 (we hope)
  • Baby Furnace (120K) by APR01
  • Magnets
  • Finish four prototypes
  • Measure with mostly existing equipment
  • Take over some motion control development
  • Understand beam alignment requirements

Industrial Building 4 (IB4)
Notes 1. Southwest Corner is lower right of
picture 2. RF structure work - Uses all of SW
corner (2 clean rooms, rf lab, work area, furnace
area) - Shares QC Laboratory for mechanical QC -
Shares Machine Shop 3. This is not an optimum
arrangement for the work flow for making
structures 4. Beam Line Unit Assembly area
would occupy most (if not all) of IB4
IB4 SW Corner
Copper parts go in … structures come out
Note Furnace area is large enough for baby
furnace … full size furnace is mounted over Clean
Room B (the one on the left)
INR Collaboration (Troitsk, Russia)
  • Reference Finley to Yarba 12/20/00 email INR
    and TD
  • Item 1 In support of the RF QC Lab
  • Gennady Romanov (TD Guest) coordinating the
    setting up of the RF QC Lab
  • with Ding Sun (BD), Tug Arkan, Brian Smith,
    Evgueni Borissov(TD)
  • What is to be done in IB4?
  • Short stack and full length structure
  • plunger and bead pull techniques
  • FY01 New Guests
  • Gonin rf calculations to help understand
  • Khabibulin improve throughput (aka automation)
  • 3rd person Brazing
  • Small piece of hardware from INR
  • Item 2 In support of understanding structure
  • To be done at INR
  • Develop realistic and useful computer codes
  • Start with 1.8 meter RDDS as specific example at
    appropriate level of detail
  • Example Model the time development of the vacuum
    after a discharge and outgassing
  • How fast does the gas move?
  • Which direction?
  • How long does it take to pump down so that
    processing can continue?

FY01 LC RD Goals for TD / Background
  • Update multi-year plan
  • Integrate into SLAC tests
  • Make Structures so that SLAC can do High Gradient
    tests on them
  • Integrate into ETF
  • Will force 1 structure / month issue
  • Will force beam line unit issues into the open
  • Integrate into Industry
  • Need to determine appropriate strategy for
    scaling up industrialization issues
  • Need to determine sensible role for SBIRs
  • Budget 1.3M
  • Top Down (see slide from LaDaune T.)
  • Magnets (MAT)
  • 195K Salaries, 70K MS
  • RF Structures (RAT)
  • 540K Salaries, 495K MS
  • Sum
  • 735K Salaries, 565K MS
  • Caution November 2000 obligations already close
    to linear budget for FY01 …
  • Develop funding understandings
  • 100K TD Equipment for Baby Furnace
  • Small FTEs not charged to LC RD?
  • Have made no changes in TD reporting yet, small
    changes might be needed.
  • 75K TD Equipment for 2nd Network Analyzer
  • 600K Full Size Furnace - NIU funds

Note on throughput RD needs about 1 structure /
month Project production rate is 6 structures /
TD NLC RD Budget Report November 2000
FY01 TD LC RD FTEs and Salaries
Start with 5.42 FTE at FY00 End
Plan on FY01 Salaries 735K
Plan to add 0.3 FTE / month through August
2001 Have 8.72 FTE at FY01 End
Preliminary FY01 TD LC RD Projection
  • Note Oct Nov are history

FY01 LC RD … Waiting in the Wings
  • Parametric Study on Bonding
  • 75K to 150K MS estimate
  • initiated in FY00 when RDDS structure design was
    thought to be final ...but is actually premature
    at this time
  • Parametric Study systematically map out costs
    of producing disks vs required performance of
    bond joints
  • but will need to be done to determine a
    defensible cost estimate of the full linac … once
    a structure design has been determined
  • settle the issue of brazing vs. bonding
  • Equipment, equipment, equipment ...
  • optical measurements (gt 200K)
  • laser interferometer for magnet measurements
  • Windowtron RD
  • 100K MS estimate
  • Windowtron single cell (or less) rf breakdown
    studies led by SLAC
  • Grew out of breakdown workshop
  • Miss opportunity for more global involvement
    (CERN, Cornell, Fermilab)
  • Moderately Damped Design
  • … at least not under TD leadership
  • 0.5 FTE
  • Beam Line Unit Design
  • Unit rf structures and a magnet on a support
  • Unit is repeated throughout linac
  • Need final structure design (Q Are there three
    or four per unit?)
  • Generic design for support girder is not
  • 1 FTE
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