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Field in which the Golden Retriever is good at:


Don't be impatient ,you can see several and choose the most favorite puppy from it. ... Can find out about its development from the weight of puppy: ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Field in which the Golden Retriever is good at:

Field in which the Golden Retriever is good at
  • 1.Lead the blind dog
  • 2.Star's dog
  • 3.Police dog
  • 4.Psychotherapy dog

Are you suitable for raising the Golden
  • 1.Living environment
  • 1.Cold area The Golden Retriever s physique is
    cold-resistant, not afraid of cold weather , in
    cold winter, you can feed it to the dog food that
    had high protein , higher heat . In order to
    prevent the cold wind from blowing to directly on
    their bodies, can enclose dog's cage with the
    blanket .
  • 2.Scorch area So the relation , the damp and hot
    weather that the Golden Retriever is afraid that
    the fur nature and skin were constructed, can
    take it to take a walk in nice and cool early
    morning and at dusk , can take them to dabble .

  • 2. Family's environment
  • 1.In the apartment room You must teach and want
    the Golden Retriever go back to dog room , offer
    dogs food at regular time in diet , can't let
    them eat the human food . Raising the Golden
    Retriever will take it to excrete in outside.
  • 2.The open air Don't let the sun penetrate dog's
    cage directly , should pay attention to
    sun-proof. Is it put in can let place to reach
    owner that dog watch , in order to avoid
    infecting parasites to want, so should keep dog's
    cleanness in the room , don't use the wooden dog
    room to prevent from and is bitten by the dog
    badly and shaved and injured dogs .

  • 3.Personality of the raiser
  • 1.Person that the individual character is
    optimistic , person liking running with dog, are
    suitable for the kind of dog of raising this
  • 2.It is suitable for raising this kind of dog too
    hoping to enjoy the person communicating with the
  • 3.Because the Golden Retriever is a dog with
    gentle individual character , so have a good
    temper, the character who was not irritable are
    very suitable for raising this kind of dog.

Official Standard of the Golden Retriever
  • General Appearance -- a symmetrical, powerful,
    active dog, sound and well put together, not
    clumsy nor long in the leg, displaying a kindly
    expression and possessing a personality that is
    eager, alert and self-confident. Primarily a
    hunting dog, he should be shown in hard working
    condition. Over-all appearance, balance, gait and
    purpose to be given more emphasis than any of his
    component parts.
  • Faults Any departure from the described ideal
    shall be considered faulty to the degree to which
    it interferes with the breeds purpose or is
    contrary to breed character.

  • Size, Proportion, Substance -- Males 23-24 inches
    in height at withers females 21 1/222 1/2
    inches. Dogs up to one inch above or below
    standard size should be proportionately
    penalized. Deviation in height of more than one
    inch from the standard shall disqualify.
  • Length from breastbone to point of buttocks
    slightly greater than height at withers in ratio
    of 1211. Weight for dogs 65-75 pounds bitches
    55-65 pounds.
  • Tail -- well set on, thick and muscular at the
    base, following the natural line of the croup.
    Tail bones extend to, but not below, the point of
    hock. Carried with merry action, level or with
    some moderate upward curve never curled over
    back nor between legs.

  • Feet -- medium size, round, compact and well
    knuckled, with thick pads. Excess hair may be
    trimmed to show natural size and contour. Splayed
    or hare feet to be faulted.
  • Color -- rich, lustrous golden of various shades.
    Feathering may be lighter than rest of coat. With
    the exception of graying or whitening of face or
    body due to age, any white marking, other than a
    few white hairs on the chest, should be penalized
    according to its extent. Allowable light shadings
    are not to be confused with white markings.
    Predominant body color which is either extremely
    pale or extremely dark is undesirable. Some
    latitude should be given to the light puppy whose
    coloring shows promise of deepening with
    maturity. Any noticeable area of black or other
    off-color hair is a serious fault.

How to buy puppies?
  • Buy from pet shop
  • Don't be impatient ,you can see several and
    choose the most favorite puppy from it . Look
    first and getting to the pet shop whether it is
    clean while enveloping or not, and observed shop
    assistant's attitude dogs, if the puppy bought
    the assurance measure of falling ill soon or
    death and after-sale service. Go to what you
    trust and there is the pet shop that traffic the
    license to buy.

  • Buy from person who breeds field industry
  • Make a telephone call to the puppy and breed
    the field and tell what kind of puppy you want
    first , call on environment of the dog room in
    person , confirm puppy and how about it will be
    state of mother, had better visit several more
    dogs rooms . And breed the field and have
    persistent emotions to the kind of dog , have
    knowledge with abundant in this respect, so, it
    is better than that of the general pet shop to
    sell the after-sale service of the puppy. So must
    to have government authorize reproduction field
    of license buy puppies.

  • Others
  • Can is it raise friend or acquaintance ,
    Golden Retriever divide into you a dog to
    request, or the one that utilize the magazine '
    raise dog's special column ' adopts, or request a
    veterinarian while helping dog's mother to
    deliver a child, is it is it give oneself a puppy
    mainly to raise originally to beg. Can go to the
    collecting post or the Group Of Animal Protect
    too , utilize ' adopt ' the system is adopted.

Puppy looking for oneself to be suitable for
  • Observe puppies
  • After being born in the puppy for six weeks,
    one's own individual characters and positions
    among the brothers, partner were established
  • There is a regular position in each puppy is in
    the game ( The dog of the advantage knows)
  • 1.  Lick ears of other dogs
  • 2.  Grip other dogs
  • 3. Push over other dogs

  • Choose the puppy of the health
  • Limpid eyes
  • Clean ears
  • Wet nose
  • Have no mouth of peculiar smell
  • Rich in the fur of the gloss
  • Stalwart four limbs
  • Tail that is waving constantly
  • Clean anus

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Community life with the Golden Retriever
  • A.  Neonate (born for 30 days of new life)
  • Growth course and precautions
  • The puppy is infancy from first day when was
    born to about one month, the ones that grew up
    were very fast. The puppy of this period, life of
    drinks milk and sleeping continuously every day.
    In mother's milk drunk of 2.3 days after being
    born, the immune antibody with mother, can
    prevent the infectious disease of the puppy
    effectively . Can find out about its development
    from the weight of puppy

  • 1. Born from one week to about 10 days. The
    weight, for about twice when born in
  • 2. Open eyes from 10 days to two weeks, but can
    not still see clearly, begin to have hearing,
    learn to creep slowly
  • 3. Eyes can already be seen clearly in about 17
    days, and will wave the tail
  • 4. About three weeks grows deciduous teeth , and
    with the brothers play
  • 5. Three gets all around to wean one, leave the
    mother and learn the independence gradually
  • In addition, the mother will help the puppy
    defecate, the mother will lick the urethras and
    rectums of the puppy, for stimulate the puppy to
    defecate, three weeks later, the puppy will
    eliminate alone .

  • A.  Childhood (300 days)
  • Growth course and precautions
  • The young growth of times of dog is very
    surprising , in the 30 days , when the weight is
    reached fourfold of firstborn,it means the puppy
    is very healthy,it will increase puppy game time
    at this moment, will begin to gnaw and dragged
    things too, 28 deciduous teeth all develop ,
    about seven weeks after being born in, finished
    weaning . The speed of the growth is very
    surprising , it is very vivaciously after 50 day
    of being born, and became interested in a lot of
    things, it is very abundant that the emotion is
    expressed . The puppy of this period can be
    separated from mother, adapt to the new
    environment and begin to train to go to toilet
    and eat . Two to three months later, the skeleton
    will be strong gradually, let people feel very
    reliable . In addition, the ones that especially
    should pay attention to are, for health of puppy
    , let it free sport fully.

  • Feed the method of eating
  • After weaning , begin to feed it with the
    young dog food. It needs various kinds of
    nutrition , such as sufficient protein and
    calcium quality ,etc. to help it to grow up at
    this moment, it needs 700 to 1500 calorie to
    absorb , as puppy develop full 30 days, the
    stomach will be crescent, the repast of once will
    increase too , can eat three times in one day. It
    is very important to feed with the balanced
    nutrition of diet, the high-quality dog's food
    contains balanced nutrition at growth stage, it
    is the best choice. In order to make the tooth
    and chin of the puppy firm , let it grip ox's
    bone or hard quality rubber bone once in a while,
    but take care not to let it eat , otherwise will
    cause the indigestion , will suffer from
    diarrhoea .

  • (6 months-6 months for 1 year old)
  • 1.Young young period
  • Will determine the diet of the dog and other
    habits in this period , it can begin to carry on
    highly difficult training too. At this moment,
    the body and mind of the dogs will all grow up

  • 2.The bitch will be in heat every half a year
  • The bitch is in eight - May be in heat for the
    first time in ten months. Later , it will be in
    heat once in six months. When she is in heat ,
    shows that ' I can be pregnant now ', it nearly
    lasts about three weeks. Period that in heat, her
    fur of color become good, the appetite will
    become bad, urinate number of times can increase
  • 3.When the male dog is ripe, will display on the
  • When the reproduction ability of the male dog
    is ripe , the obvious will change appears on the
    attitude and behavior . When the male dog
    urinates , will stick up some back leg of one
    side, this is the symbol that the male dog grows
    up. When the male dog is ripe in sex, will
    receive stimulus of taste of bitch that in
    heat,then will be in heat, the all right mating
    at any time.

  • 4.Must let dog sport one hard every day
  • The dog can train the waists and legs of the
    dog in the course of constant sport. It is social
    in order to train the dog, enable dog to be used
    to the crowd and noise , can take dogs out in
    early morning or at dusk every day, even rainy
  • 5.After the dog reaches the age of one, should
    accept the sterilization operation
  • If not planned to let dog's mating , in order
    to prevent understanding outside of dog from
    being pregnant, the dog after reaching the age of
    one, and after being ripe in sex , can let the
    male dog or the bitch accept the sterilization
    operation .

  • (90 days - 6 months)
  • 1.Grow up in man young girl times for vigorous
  • Three - It is the most vigorous that the puppy
    six months old is equivalent to the human
    appetite, grow up in the fastest period. In order
    to enable the puppy to become the mankind's good
    partner, at this stage, the dog must study a lot
    of common rule and etiquette , use it in the
    human society.

  • 2.Make the dog familiar with the neck ring ,
    begin to practise leading the rope first ,should
    make the dog familiar with the neck ring and
    dog's chain, the neck ring is the style that will
    choose the neck ring and dog's chain to connect
    together. After putting on dog chain , can make
    dog's free activity for a moment. After he is
    familiar with, while no longer minding hes
    chain, can take dogs to go out .

  • 3.Begin real training and look after and guide
  • The gold hunting dog is in three - When being
    four months old, equivalent to first grade
    primary school a human one, this moment for
    looking after and guiding to suitable for most.
    Besides studying to have a meal and to urinate,it
    can also go on ?stop??sit down??come on?etc.
    train will teach dogs at the same
    time , don't attack on people's body . While
    teaching, we must notice , the ones that don't be
    scolded are very fierce, know how to make the
    best of abusing and praising.

Have turned into a old dog
  • 1.Create a comfortable dwelling for dog
  • The life of the dog is more transient much
    than the mankind, seven - At the age of eight,
    have already entered the era of the old dog. With
    the increase of the age, gradually, the dog will
    have stayed in one's own nest all the time . At
    this moment, let the dog enter home , live with

  • 2.The health is the first
  • When the dog becomes old, his fur will
    tarnish, so should pay attention to attending to,
    come clean with the comb and brush every day. The
    dog wants sports of the law every day, but the
    amount of exercise can't be excessive, if the dog
    does not feel like moving , don't force him to go
    out! With the increase of the age, the decline of
    the body function, the dog, to the external
    stimulus, will become tardy too. Will present the
    symptoms , such as the skin disease and eyes
    disease ,etc..

  • 3.the food absorb rich in nutrition , easy
  • The digestion absorbability of the old dog
    declines gradually, so, need the apt digesting ,
    high protein , diet low in calories. Ten years
    old later, the tooth of the dog will drop ,
    shouldnt eat food of the hard . If it is the
    ready-made dog food, nutrition is enough If made
    personally by the host , pay attention to the
    control of fat quantity . And should change water
    frequently. When its getting hotter , the
    appetite of the dog will drop by a wide margin ,
    can let him have a dinner when it is cool .

10 Tips For A Good Mannered Dog
  • 1.Start training early It is generally easier to
    learn than to un-learn and learn new. Even though
    you can teach an old dog new tricks, it is better
    to start teaching good behavior from the minute
    your dog enters your family.
  • 2.Use of dog's name Your dog's name should only
    be used to signify a positive event. When your
    dog hears its name, there should be no hesitation
    whether this is a good thing or not. Do not call
    your dog in order to punish or reprimand. A
    reliable "recall" is based on trust and
    confidence that coming back to you is one of the
    better things in life.

  • 3.Humane training techniques and Positive
    Reinforcement Your dog should respond to you out
    of respect and trust, not domination. Harsh
    training techniques will only break down the
    relationship you should have with your dog.
    Through the use of Positive Reinforcement your
    dog will not only learn but enjoy it as well.
  • 4.Don't say it if you don't mean it Be sure
    "you" are ready to train. If you cannot reinforce
    a command, do not give it. If you do and you
    cannot properly reinforce and instruct, it
    becomes an optional request to your dog.
  • 5.Calm Atmosphere When you begin to teach your
    dog a new behavior, choose a training environment
    that is conducive to learning. Start with zero
    distractions and as your dog begins to catch on,
    add a few distractions. You should be upbeat and
    pleasant without being frenzied and loud.

  • 6.Timing is important There are basically three
    times to correct and modify a behavior
  • 1.After the dog does the behavior --Of little
  • 2.While the dog is doing the behavior -- Better
    but still of little value
  • 3.Before and while the dog is thinking of doing
    the behavior -- Best Time
  • 7.Don't echo commands Say it once. If your dog
    does not respond, show him or her what you would
    like. Do not continually repeat the same command
    as this will simply allow your dog to "turn you
  • 8.Tone of voice and posture Your tone of voice
    and posture are powerful tools in training your
    dog. Be firm and confident in your tone without
    being overly harsh. Shouting is of no benefit to
    a dog since it has very keen hearing and the
    increased volume may actually inhibit learning.
    Do not bend down toward your dog. Stand tall and
    sure communicate confidence in your physical

  • 9.No room for frustration Because training your
    dog should be a fun experience, frustration has
    no part in it. If you find that your dog is just
    not responding and is trying your patience, STOP
    and end the training session. It will be of no
    value to you or your dog to continue in a "no
    learn situation". It is best to keep training
    sessions short at first and then build up to a
    longer time.
  • 10.End all training sessions on a happy note
    Training sessions should be a good experience for
    you and your dog. When you have ended the formal
    part of the training exercise, play a game or
    have some fun with your dog. Let him or her look
    forward to the next time you get together to

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