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Marijuana is useful in reducing the ocular pressure caused by glaucoma and the ... Positive correlation exists between marijuana smoking and cigarette smoking; ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Marijuana

  • ...a long-standing argument continues into the
    21st Century

-- Pro and Con --
  • There is less interference with work performance
    due to hangover than in persons who use alcohol
    as a social relaxant
  • different mechanisms for distribution and
  • Abnormal brain wave readings (EEG) and brain
    synapse alterations are common with marijuana
    smokers who use the drug at least 2x per week
  • dont appear to be permanent unless use is chronic

-- Pro and Con --
  • Most research data seems to support a decrease in
    consumption of alcohol by marijuana smokers and
    that there is much less prevalence of addiction
  • cross tolerance
  • heavy users of each correlate highly
  • THC (the active drug substance) accumulates in
    the brain and reproductive tissues and is not
    easily broken down
  • abnormal menstrual cycles
  • results in decreases in prolactin, testosterone
    and sperm production

-- Pro and Con --
  • Few acute physiological changes are attributed to
    the use of marijuana
  • hormonal influences
  • cardiovascular effects
  • dosage of THC differs with different forms of the
  • THC increases heart rate and produces other
    stress-like effects contraindicated in those
    with heart disease
  • tolerance does develop to these effects

-- Pro and Con --
  • Marijuana is useful in reducing the ocular
    pressure caused by glaucoma and the nausea caused
    by chemotherapy
  • other forms of marijuana are available (e.g.,
  • other legal drugs can be used
  • Psychological and behavioral effects are common
    apathy, lack of concern, amotivation, and
    disturbance of perception
  • not dangerous forms of mental disturbance

-- Pro and Con --
  • Much of the research into the harmful effects
    caused by marijuana has, at best, been ambivalent
  • influenced by the decriminalization movement
  • influenced by the renewal of interest in medical
  • hard to keep up with newer, more potent varieties
    (e.g., sinsemilla)
  • Positive correlation exists between marijuana
    smoking and cigarette smoking adds to the risk
    of heart / lung disease
  • cardiovascular effects are typically not permanent

-- Pro and Con --
  • Few, if any, deaths can be attributed directly to
    marijuana aspirin in comparison is linked to
    approximately 1000 deaths per year
  • difficult to measure amounts in blood
  • intoxication on marijuana is not identified in
    most states
  • Short term memory loss is common
  • state dependent learning is the norm with
    marijuana use

-- Pro and Con --
  • Marijuana is an effective relaxant and intoxicant
    with few acute side effects
  • low dosage
  • psychedelic effects at high dosage levels
  • polydrug use is common
  • As with any drug used as a coping mechanism,
    marijuana use for coping may inhibit
    psychological maturation
  • less effect on older, more mature individuals

-- Pro and Con --
  • Marijuana use is thought to be much less harmful
    than tobacco and/or alcohol use when used
    moderately by adults
  • potentiates harm of tobacco smoke
  • presents an ambivalent drug message to young
  • Chronic marijuana use can result in a burnout

-- Pro and Con --
  • Marijuana use is not addicting for most and
    doesnt lead to the use of narcotics
  • more likely to come into contact with other
    illegal drugs (availability accessibility)
  • sometimes combined with PCP or heroin, then smoked
  • Complex psychomotor performance (e.g., driving a
    car) is impaired by the intoxicating qualities of
    marijuana (reaction time, motor coordination, cue
    detection, tracking behavior, etc.)
  • less aggressive driving behavior than with
    alcohol intoxication

-- Pro and Con --
  • Sexuality and sexual experiences are often
    heightened by the use of marijuana (relaxation
    reduced inhibitions)
  • chronic use effects hormones related to cell /
    tissue development and reproduction
  • animal research
  • A majority of the people who smoke marijuana do
    so to get high, not simply to take advantage of
    its relaxant qualities
  • becoming the reality for much of drug use
    (alcohol, cocaine, hallucinogens, etc.)
  • potential for panic reaction

-- Pro and Con --
  • Youthful drug experimenters, if unable to get
    marijuana, may end up with more dangerous
    substitutes LSD, PCP, heroin, cocaine, etc.
  • gateway for some
  • Marijuana use is thought to be major factor in
    upswing of bronchitis, pharyngitis and pulmonary
    system cancers due to ciliary paralysis

-- Pro and Con --
  • The illegality of marijuana use and subsequent
    Black Market sales have attracted criminal
    types to the dispensation of this drug
  • criminal by definition
  • Chemicals in marijuana can cross the placental
    barrier and are stored in mothers milk
  • contraindicated with pregnancy

-- Pro and Con --
  • The relative harm from the use of marijuana when
    compared to the use of other legal drugs does not
    warrant its prohibition
  • equivocal
  • potential problems related to legalization
  • Evidence exists that THC effects the function and
    reproduction of T lymphocytes and, therefore,
    basic immune functioning
  • again, equivocal

Areas of Agreement
  • Marijuana should not be used by
  • children
  • pregnant women
  • persons with lung / heart diseases
  • persons who are schizophrenic or pre-
  • Infrequent use (i.e., less than once a week) will
    probably not result in ill effects
  • Marijuana and the use of complex equipment (e.g.,
    a car) do not mix!