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Religion, Peace and Justice


Some Christians may agree with War if they think it is necessary and is for a ... people are oppressed and where people are kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Religion, Peace and Justice

Topic 10
  • Religion, Peace and Justice

Conflict and War - Issues
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Just War…
  • Some Christians may agree with War if they think
    it is necessary and is for a good reason.
  • Stories in the Old Testament about the Jews
    fighting with Gods support.
  • Thomas Aquinas developed Conditions for a war to
    be Just

Conditions of Just War
  • The war must be started by the proper authority
    i.e. Government.
  • The reason for going to war must be just or good,
    it must not be for greed or revenge. It must
    attempt to make the world a better place.
  • Everything should be done to bring about good and
    restore peace.
  • The war must be the last resort, peaceful means
    should be tried first.
  • The force used should be just enough to win and
    should avoid killing innocent people.

Putting beliefs on Just War into practice
  • A Christian may join the Army etc.
  • May agree to fight
  • Become an Army Chaplain
  • Do medical or relief work in time of war.
  • Pray for victims of war.
  • Help victims of War.

Peace and Pacifism Christian Beliefs…
  • War is wrong
  • War means taking life life is Sacred.
  • War makes things worse.
  • Jesus taught people to forgive others.

Putting beliefs into practice Peace and
  • A Christian might be a PACIFIST Someone who
    believes war and violence are always wrong. They
    prefer to find peaceful ways of solving dispute.
  • QUAKERS a Christian denomination famous for
    being pacifists and refusing to fight during
    times of war.
  • CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS a pacifist of any faith
    may refuse to fight in a war.

  • A pacifist may do alternative work during time of
    war e.g. Medical
  • Non-Violent Protest
  • Vote for MPs opposed to War.
  • Campaign against war.
  • Help victims of war e.g. Charity

  • Different Types of Crime
  • Stealing
  • Murder (Planned)
  • Manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Drug Dealing
  • Terrorism
  • Perverting the course of justice.
  • How People should be punished
  • Prison Sentence
  • Death Penalty
  • Amputation
  • Probation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Community Service
  • Caution
  • Tagging
  • Anti-Social Behavioural Order (ASBO)

  • Treatment of Criminals
  • Fairly
  • Get what they deserve
  • Support them
  • Educate them
  • Why people commit crime
  • Fund a habit Drugs
  • Revenge
  • Self-Defence
  • Peer Pressure
  • Have mental problems

Purpose of Punishment
  • DETERRENCE warns people what might happen if
    they commit the crime.
  • PROTECTION protect society from the criminal.
  • RETRIBUTION a way for criminals to be paid back
    for what they have done.
  • REFORMATION criminal thinks about what they
    have done and hopefully changes behaviour.

Christian views on Crime
  • Jesus taught about forgiveness. People should be
    punished but will be forgiven.
  • Jesus taught people to look at their own faults
    before judge and condemn others.
  • Christians believe criminals should be punished
    and agree with the 4 aims of punishment.
  • Criminals must repent (say sorry) before they can
    be forgiven.

Capital Punishment Christian Views…
  • Against
  • Only God can take life.
  • Life is Sacred.
  • It makes us as bad as the criminal.
  • The criminal doesnt get a chance to repent or
  • Could be innocent.
  • For
  • The crime may be serious like murder or
  • Protects society and warns others.
  • The criminal can never re-offend.
  • OT Eye for an Eye

Beliefs in Practice…
  • Christians would want punishment to be fair and
  • Decent living conditions.
  • Help given to prisoners to stop them
  • Christians may campaign or protest against
    capital punishment.
  • Elizabeth Fry Quaker Worked to improve
    conditions for prisoners.

Social Injustice
  • Social Injustice is when certain members of
    society are given fewer rights and privileges
    than others.

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Christian Views about Injustice
  • All people were created by God.
  • All people deserve Human Rights.
  • All People should be treated equally.
  • Prophets in the OT spoke out against Injustice.
  • Jesus taught people to Share their Wealth
  • Bible teachings to support treating people

Beliefs into Action…
  • Join organisations which promote equality.
  • Work for Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • Work in their local community.
  • Do Voluntary work e.g. for disabled.
  • Work for Amnesty International
  • Visit Local Prisons

Liberation Theology
  • A Christian Movement which tries to put beliefs
    about justice into action. In countries where
    people are oppressed and where people are
    kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned, some
    Christians believe they have a duty to speak out
    about injustice and change things.
  • Examples Martin Luther King (Treatment of Black
    people in USA), Desmond Tutu (Treatment of Black
    South Africans during Apartheid), Oscar Romero
    (Treatment of Poor people of El Salvador).