Released on November 17, 2006 to MSDN subscribers. Release - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Released on November 17, 2006 to MSDN subscribers. Release


Released on November 17, 2006 to MSDN subscribers. Released on November 30, 2006 for ... New games include Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans and Purble Place. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Released on November 17, 2006 to MSDN subscribers. Release

Windows Vista
  • Willis Kim
  • 13 January 2007

Release dates
  • Released on November 8, 2006 to manufacturing.
  • Released on November 17, 2006 to MSDN
  • Released on November 30, 2006 for volume license
  • Released on January 3, 2007 to MSDN Academic
  • Planned release on January 30, 2007 for worldwide
    retail availability.

Hardware Requirements
Source http//
Editions (cont)
Vista Features
  • Windows Aero a new hardware-based graphical user
    interface, named Windows Aero  an acronym
    (possibly a backronym) for Authentic, Energetic,
    Reflective, and Open. The new interface is
    intended to be cleaner and more aesthetically
    pleasing than previous Windows, including new
    transparencies, animations and eye candy.
  • Windows Shell The new Windows shell is
    significantly different from Windows XP, offering
    a new range of organization, navigation, and
    search capabilities. Windows Explorer's task pane
    has been removed, integrating the relevant task
    options into the toolbar. A "Favorite links" pane
    has been added, enabling one-click access to
    common directories. The address bar has been
    replaced with a breadcrumb navigation system. The
    Start menu has changed as well it no longer uses
    ever-expanding boxes when navigating through
    Programs. Even the word "Start" itself has been
    removed in favor of a blue Windows Orb.
  • Windows Search (also known as Instant Search or
    search as you type) significantly faster and
    more thorough search capabilities. Search boxes
    have been added to the Start menu, Windows
    Explorer, and several of the applications
    included with Vista. By default, Instant Search
    indexes only a small number of folders such as
    the start menu, the names of files opened, the
    Documents folder, and the user's e-mail. Advanced
    options allow to choose for a specific file type
    how it should be indexed, the properties only or
    the properties and the file contents or exclude
  • Windows Sidebar A transparent panel anchored to
    the side of the screen where a user can place
    Desktop Gadgets, which are small applets designed
    for a specialized purpose (such as displaying the
    weather or sports scores). Gadgets can also be
    placed on other parts of the Desktop, if desired.

Vista Features (cont)
  • Windows Internet Explorer 7 new user interface,
    tabbed browsing, RSS, a search box, improved
    printing, Page Zoom, Quick Tabs (thumbnails of
    all open tabs), a number of new security
    protection features, and improved web standards
    support. IE7 in Windows Vista runs in isolation
    from other applications in the operating system
    (protected mode) exploits and malicious software
    are restricted from writing to any location
    beyond Temporary Internet Files without explicit
    user consent.
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • Windows Media Player 11, a major revamp of
    Microsoft's program for playing and organizing
    music and video. New features in this version
    include word wheeling (or "search as you type"),
    a completely new and highly graphical interface
    for the media library, photo display and
    organization, and the ability to share music
    libraries over a network with other Vista
    machines, Xbox 360 integration, and support for
    other Media Center Extenders.
  • Backup and Restore Center Includes a backup and
    restore application that gives users the ability
    to schedule periodic backups of files on their
    computer, as well as recovery from previous
    backups. Backups are incremental, storing only
    the changes each time, minimizing the disk usage.
    It also features CompletePC Backup which backs up
    an entire computer as an image onto a hard disk
    or DVD. CompletePC Backup can automatically
    recreate a machine setup onto new hardware or
    hard disk in case of any hardware failures.

Vista Features (cont)
  • Windows Mail A replacement for Outlook Express
    that includes a completely replaced mail store
    that improves stability, and enables real-time
    search. It has the Phishing Filter like IE7 and a
    Junk mail filtering which is enhanced through
    regular updates via Windows Update.9
  • Windows Update with Windows Ultimate Extras
  • Windows Calendar is a new calendar and task
  • Windows Photo Gallery, a photo and movie library
    management application. WPG can import from
    digital cameras, tag and rate individual items,
    adjust colors and exposure, create and display
    slideshows (with pan and fade effects), and burn
    slideshows to DVD.
  • Windows DVD Maker, a companion program to Windows
    Movie Maker, which provides the ability to create
    video DVDs based on a user's content.
  • Windows Meeting Space is the replacement for
    NetMeeting. Users can share applications (or
    their entire Desktop) with other users on the
    local network, or over the Internet using
    peer-to-peer technology.
  • Windows Media Center, which was previously
    exclusively bundled as a separate version of
    Windows XP, known as Windows XP Media Center
    Edition, will be incorporated into the Home
    Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista.
  • Games Every game included with Windows has been
    rewritten to take advantage of Vista's new
    graphics capabilities. New games include Chess
    Titans, Mahjong Titans and Purble Place. The
    Games section will also hold links and
    information to all games on the user's computer.
    One piece of information that will be shown is
    the game's ESRB rating.

Reasons to use Vista
  • New Networking Stack Networking stack has been
    rewritten and includes IPv6 support
  • New Audio Stack Rewritten and includes
    per-application audio control
  • Desktop search feature that is built
  • New fonts and readability
  • New features for international users

Reasons to use Vista (cont)
  • New Print Stack
  • New Installer
  • New sidebar and gadgets
  • New Auxiliary Displays
  • New encryption
  • New RSS
  • New sound

Reasons not to use Vista
  • Microsoft has a tendenacy to push out their
    operating systems to quick
  • Wait until the first service pack has been
  • Vista drivers may not be available
  • WinTV card

If you decide to upgrade
Approach / Risk
Kill the game Eat the meat raw
Cook your meat Well done
Cook your meat Medium well
Cook your meat Medium rare
Upgrade your Primary computer
Clean install on Secondary computer or hard drive
Clean install on Primary computer or hard drive
Upgrade on Secondary computer or hard drive
In all case, BACKUP your computer otherwise you
have no parachute
Upgrading path
Other software
Productivity Suite
Operating System
Two hard drive system
  • Primary drive with data
  • Secondary drive with backup data
  • When rebuilding swap drives