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Passport to Literature


Lisa Gutman 410 INMD ... When Lisa's woolen stocking flies off the clothesline, Hedgie finds it and pokes ... And where is Lisa when all of this is going on? ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Passport to Literature

Passport to Literature
Created By Theresa Isaacson Lisa Gutman Robert
Troher Britt Anderson
Visit India and England with The Secret Garden
Lisa Gutman 410 INMD

The Secret Garden
Lisa Gutman 410 INMD
  • After her parents die in India of cholera,
    a privileged Mary Lennox learns about what life
    is really like for a female in the 1890s. The
    orphaned Mary Lennox is sent to live with her
    uncle on the Yorkshire moors and discovers
    wonderful secrets and magic.
  • Where tha tend a rose, a thistle canna grow

Utilizing This Novel You Can Teach the Global
Theme of Power and How it is Used and Abused.
Lisa Gutman 410 INMD
  • After being sent to Misselthwaite Manor
    and meeting some colorful characters, Mary learns
    what the power of mind over body, growth and
    rebirth, increased self-esteem and friendship
    can do.
  • I shall get well! I shall get well! he cried
    out. Mary! Dickon! I shall get well! And I shall
    live forever and ever and ever!

Thematic standards that can be addressed while
reading and discussing The Secret Garden

Lisa Gutman 410 INMD

Visit Scandinavia with The Hat by Jan Brett
Britt Anderson 410 INMD
The Hat
Britt Anderson 410 INMD
  • When Lisa's woolen stocking flies off the
    clothesline, Hedgie finds it and pokes his nose
    in. When he tries to pull it out, the stocking
    gets stuck on his prickles.
  • A mother hen comes by, then a noisy goose, a
    talkative barn cat, a playful farm dog, a mama
    pig and her piglets, and a pony. They all laugh
    at Hedgie, especially when he pretends he's
    wearing a new hat. But in the end, it is clever
    Hedgie who has the last laugh. And where is Lisa
    when all of this is going on? She's in the
    borders, getting ready for the cold Scandinavian
    winter, until she realizes her stocking is
    missing and she enters the story to look for it.

This Wonderful Childrens Picture Book Teaches
the Global Theme of Perseverance
Britt Anderson 410 INMD
  • Hedgie gets himself tied up in a stocking. Even
    though all of his fellow animals find him silly
    and funny-looking, he does not give up getting it
  • Soon after realizing the stocking just wont come
    off, Hedgie has turned his misfortune into a new
    opportunity. He now has a new Hat to keep him

Thematic Standards That Can Be Utilized Through
Reading The Hat
Britt Anderson 410 INMD
  • Compare cultures and their characteristics
  • Identify and describe literary elements
  • Make connections to self

Understand the cultural climate of
Theresa Isaacson 410 INMD
through the eyes of a young girl in Kabul.
Author Deborah Ellis reaches into the lives of
women who live by the brutal and crushing rule of
an extreme religious group known as the
Book Cover Design by Michael Solomon
Who are the women of Afghanistan?
Theresa Isaacson 410 INMD
Parvana, a spunky eleven year old girl, has lost
her older brother to a land mine, and watched her
beloved father beaten and dragged to prison. She
is left with her mother and two sisters who are
forbidden to go outside without a male escort.
She dons the clothing of a boy and goes out into
the streets of Kabul to earn a living for her
The brave women in The Breadwinner are stripped
of their identities and denied their freedoms by
the Taliban regime. They rediscover themselves in
their struggle to survive and preserve the
integrity of their families. The friendships they
form during their plight endure the evils of the
Taliban and they are absolutely triumphant in
their efforts.
Photos by John Patten Graphics
Discover Ourselves through Literature
Theresa Isaacson 410 INMD
Theme The central message, or purpose which the
writer communicates in a literary work.
Character A person or animal who takes part in
the action of a literary work.
Plot The plot is the sequence of events in a
literary work.
Setting The time and place of the action in a
literary work.
Conflict A conflict is a struggle between
opposing forces which causes the action in a
literary work.
Identity defined through literature!
Parvana was tired. She wanted to sit in a
classroom and be bored by a geography lesson…She
didnt want to know any more about death or blood
or pain. The Breadwinner Deborah Ellis
How do writers convey meaning?
Relate fiction to current events, people and
Make inferences and draw conclusions.
Describe how literary elements are used
in fiction.
Compare to personal experience, prior
knowledge and other texts.
plot theme setting character conflict tone
Explain themes which are explored in
literature from different societies.
If students understand how gender and cultural
perspectives define the characters in a book,
there is hope they may better understand each
other and themselves.
Theresa Isaacson 410 INMD
Explore Asian Literature Linda Sue Park When my
name was Keoke
Robert Troher 410 INMD
During World War II Japanese rule over Korea
almost caused a countries identity to disappear.
Linda Sue Park follows a brother and sister
living in these times with their parents and
relatives. They are forced to change their names
and forget who they were and adapt to a different
Read and find out what gets them through this
ordeal triumphantly!
Discovering Ourselves in Literature and Life
Robert Troher 410 INMD
This book demonstrates the importance of family
and heritage. For this project we will find out
a little more about ourselves and our ancestors
before us
Taking pride in your own heritage and learning
about where you came from can be fun and

Ask your family about your history. Ask your
grandparents if possible they would love to share
some great stories about your family tree
Use your computer and get on the internet. You
can find out more about your family going far
back in history
Your Ancestry
Robert Troher 410 INMD
1. Ask your parents their full names including
any names they may have had. 2. Ask them for
their birth date, marriage date and locations of
each. 3. Ask them for their parents' names and
their grandparents' names. 4. Ask them for
their birth, marriage dates and locations of
each. 5. Ask them for their great grandparents
names and locations of each. 6. Did your
parents, grandparents or great grandparents come
to this country from another country? 7. When
did they come to this country?       
Who Am I Finding more information
Robert Troher 410 INMD