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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


I mean the sweet melody dances through your ears and makes you jump to your toes. ... I would sit in mama's lap and from the hair bow box I would gather the colors in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
  • Kenyatta Hawkins
  • 12th
  • Mrs. Dowling

  • I would like to thank everyone for taking time
    and looking at my work. So sit back with a nice
    cup of coffee and enjoy.
  • Love is the pain, the struggle, but can that same
    love pick you up when all else is gone?
  • Raymond Harris

Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • A little more then what it really is
  • Feeln it in my bones Behind my back
  • Take a look at me now
  • Effects everyone
  • Artist of my roots
  • Her plaits on my breast
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

A little more then what it really is..
My favorite book is Designed by God, So I must
be special, is more then just a book. It is my
comforter after a long day at school. It is a
reminder that God made me the way that I am for a
reason. It is the reason why I love children. It
brings out the little blessings in me. It tells
me to appreciate those around you. Shows that
even the littlest tings matter.
Feeln it in my bones
Jazz music has always been my favorite music. I
mean the sweet melody dances through your ears
and makes you jump to your toes. People begin to
snap their finger and bop their heads. Hey play
that sax baby. No music is like jazz music.
The Woman that I am
I am a determined black young woman That doesn't
settle for less And if anyone gives me little to
do That's telling my that I'm not up for any
challenge I don't take hands outs Because later
you'll be excepting me to give you something
No means yes I know why people tell me No
They're afraid what my outcome maybe The world
handles me As if I will break Hello people I
am not fragile, because I receive strength from
God I can't say that I'm independent Not that I
rely on mortal man I rely on the Creator I
don't live by expectations I'm honest with
people rather they want to hear it or not I can
be mean sometimes But you'll get over it If not
build a bridge I want I am striving To be like
my mama So tell me Ani't I a Woman
10 years from now I see myself married, with a
child. I plan in being a first grade teacher and
owning a daycare in my home. My life will be busy
because I will be working with children, being a
housewife and maintaining a daycare. Im praying
that I marry my high school, sweetheart. I love
children so I pray that my life revolves around
Effect Everyone
Effects Everyone
I am 18 years old, I have yet to graduate or even
get my permit, but guess what? A 15 year old
wants me to be her mother. And you know what I am
all for it. I mean yes Im a baby myself, but Im
willing to help any child in need. I was talk to
my boyfriend about it and he was ok with it. But
the young girl doesnt know if she still wants to
go through with this because she doesnt want to
mess up the relationship that I have with my boy
friend. Its true, every decision we make effects
Artist of my Roots
My mama use to always dress me in pretty dresses
that were outlined with cream and white lacy. I
felt more like her baby doll as she prepared me
for Childrens Church. She would wake me up early
every Sunday morning, so she could press my hair.
I loved to get my hair pressed, even though
sometimes she would slip and burn my ear, but I
like the outcome of it. She would pick the hot
comb up from the oven, blow on it to just cool it
a little and slowly she would start from my roots
and down to my ends. When my mama had finished
pressing my hair she would put grease on my
scalp, I had the tendency to scratch. Kenya, go
get the hair bow box for me. This was no
ordinary box it was as if we caught the rainbow.
There were ribbons, knock-knocks and hair bows of
every color. Now here comes the fun part. I would
sit in mamas lap and from the hair bow box I
would gather the colors in my dress from the box.
Mama would part my hair in six pieces and every
piece she would put a knock-knock at the top and
a hair bow at the bottom. Before placing a hair
bow at the end she would split one piece of hair
into two and plat them together. I loved the way
my mama did my hair and she always took her time.
I will never forget my mamas hands in my hair.
I guess thats its true, the littlest things can
mean so much to you.
Her plaits on my breast
The strongest love I know Is a mother to a child
Her daughter becomes a lady Her son so meek and
mild I love my daughter With all my heart She i
s my pride and joy Gods blest work of art I was
nt able to plait her hair Or to see her first sm
ile But mow that I have her She is my child now
Her mom doesnt want her So give her to a
family that does Somewhere she hears I love you
But even more kisses and hugs You could just be
her birth mother To keep her for a while Just t
o keep her company Or just to make her smile I m
aybe eighteen But why cant she belong to me I kn
ow what she needs Less of friends and more of a m
ommy I wasnt able to plait her hair Or see her
first smile You may have been her birth mother B
ut soon shell be my child.
The Bible is our guide. Blacks are just as smart
as whites. Children see no color. A white child
can play with a black doll. My fight is in my
writing. People are placed where God wants
them. I can play the game just as any
man. People can restore and love pass
pain. Mallah Hayden is my life. He is my breath
of fresh air. He is my strength when I am
weak. He is my smile when I am down. He gives
his hand when I fall. He is my soul
mate. Everything happens for a reason.
A teenage mother can raise a child.
An eighteen year old can have custody over a
fifteen year old. A Childs sin can be forgiven.
A mothers heart can be healed.
An independent woman is not always independent.
There is a God. That the church SHOULD be a secon
d home. Love is everything but unsure. Sacrifice
is love. That I can be a better role model for m
y sisters. I can change the world, starting with
myself. Everyone has a purpose. God wakes me for
a reason. Abortion is murder. Bush isn't the bl
ame for our sorrow. We all have a mind of our own
. Virginity is self-respect. Time heals.
  • The one thing that I like best about this project
    and letting every one see my thoughts and how I
  • My favorite piece would be Her breast on my
    plaits. This is the deepest poem and it effects
    me every time I read it.
  • One thing that I would have put in would be more
    of my poems.

Vanity We get so caught up in how we look on the
outside rather then how we are are the inside.

I have three wishes that I would like to make and
my reasons for making them.. 1. I wish that I cou
ld be a better child then I have been to my
parents. I haven't always listened to them like I
should, because I use to think that I knew
everything, when all I knew was nothing.
2. I wish that the next young man that says he
loves me, not only says it but shows it.
3. I wish to become the woman that I've always
dreamed of my mom.
Your Wish is my Command
Learning to love myself…before I can love you
Or if he really loved me at all
This is my time This is Kenyatta Latrice Hawkins
time Yes I can finally be free Not to flirt bu
t to find the inner me And also to love God more
And to place my life back in His hands So that
when the next young man comes around
He can understand me As much as I understand myse
How in the world Can you ask God for someone Wh
en you cant even love yourself
I loved him so very much Everyone knew it His fa
mily, my family and all our friends
But its over now And Im back to square one Bein
g single This gives me time to love who I am Und
erstand what I do and why I do it
Figure out what can make me and what can break
me Not so much as worrying about why he did what
he did
My father often asks me what I look for in a
young man, so Im going to tell you just that.
First I want someone who wants to be my friend
first. Someone who respects my parents and their
rules. Someone who loves his mom because the way
he treats her will be the way he treats me. When
we go out or even on the phone we can hold a good
conversation but more important, a very good
listener, even when Im around he speaks good
things about me. A saved Christian who wants to
be a man of God. Takes care of himself and his
family. Works hard for what he wants. Who can
learn from his mistakes and not let me have to
pay for what some other female did to him.
Striving to me a man rather claiming to be one.
Willing to do things for me. Knowing that the
small things in a relationship matter the most.
Not on a childish level. Someone who wants to
like me before he can love me. Out of all these
things the one I think is the most important is,
someone who needs me because he loves me.
In the eyes of Mr.Right
June 12,2007
I was just like that little girl.I would look in
the mirror and ask myself where I would be in 11
years from now. 11years later I am a Senior and
in 2 1/2 months I will be graduating high school.
I'm not scared as much as I thought I would be.
Heading out to the real world on my own. The
reason for less fear is because my parents have
taught me how to take care of myself. Also
because God is watching me every step of the way.

I promise…last tear Its over and done I meant
what I said, I need a home, Some place to lay
my head. Why do I cry, because, My words aren't
enough, We can't get any better, If you make it
rough. You have internal issues That isn't
helping me, Others say go to God, Cause there's
peace on your knees. All I did was love a man
And this is my thanks, It's not that hard,
Sacrifices, everyday are to be made. You may
have been my first But surely not my last, I
have God on my side, You're just a tick mark in
my pass. I draw the line here Clean my hands,
I'm done This is the last tear I give,
Something new under my sun.
  • I've had boy friends Some I wish I never met
    some I wish I never gave my heart to But I was
    young I hungered for love But what was really
    lust All those games I played And lies I put up
    with Thank God for giving me a clear vision now
    I'm 18 years old And I'm in love This isn't
    your circle yes or no kind of love This is
    serious I finally found someone who loves me for
    me Who cares more about the inside rather the
    outside Who knew I could still love after being
    hurt over and over again But a lot of my friends
    and family don't understand Yes I'm young and
    you may think I don know what love is But I do
    Love is a sacrifice That at any cost We are
    willing to make for each other First loving God
    Then being about to love each other He is
    striving to be a man But more so a man of God
    Yes he has failures but we all do What he is
    to me

MeHimGodTrue Love
  • My soul mate Best friend Other half Backbone
    Love Protector My everything God wakes me
    every morning To help him through his day I
    pray for him more then I do myself I love him
    with all my Heart Soul Mind Body And spirit
    Some people may never find love But I did And
    no matter what you may think of it I love him
    very much This is not a game This is how I
    honestly feel Oh he's no good for you How do
    you know what's good for me You don't So quit
    thinking that you do Understand us first

  • You wanna be a man But you're still playing
    games It's easy to say you wanna be Your voice
    got deeper You grew to a bean stock That still
    doesn't make you into a man The same fellow that
    wants to be one Is the same one that pouts
    Finding a good black man Is stressful on your
    girl Oh no, not me I have a good black man I'm
    speaking for those who don't I understand these
    blind you Gigolos Pimps Cat daddy's Wannabes
    Thugs These little boys We get so distracted
    that we settle for what's
  • in front of us So what if your girlfriends say
    you need a man or being singles ani't fun
    but let me tell you this you don't need a man
    to complete you if so you wouldn't have
    independent women being single is fun but
    good things will come to an end You want Mr.
    Right Well do what I did It's not hard Any
    women can do it Just do this…. pray

Fearfully and wonderfully made
Who cares if you're to young? You should not be
having sex Oh but I'm grown, right, What you
sow you will regret. I'll burn down every
abortion clinic And I know I'm not alone, How
can you show your face? When you know you're
wrong. This poem is hurting my stomach But I
wont sit down I'm standing up to murders Who
don't deserve a mother's crown God can forgive
you No matter what you do But if I were God
I'd turn my back on you
No more baby steps
  • When my dad looks at me He doesn't see that
    little girl he use to push on the swing, That
    little girl on the seesaw, Or the little angel
    in Sunday school. Now he sees A young woman,
    Whose curves are winder then before, A
    determined young lady, Her own leader, Learning
    to take care of her self, Dating. I know that
    my dad isn't ready But it's time. I'm no longer
    a baby. Dad, just because I'm getting older,
    Doesnt mean I dont need you,
  • It just means I need you more
  • I know mom will have a hard time, But I'm more
    worried about you. I'm headed for the real
    world, I wont forget the things you taught me,
    And the lessons I've learned. P.S I maybe a
    young woman, but I'm still your baby girl. I
    love you, Daddy

The Love for Her People
  • I'm in love with a white boy
  • Back then they frowned on this
  • They killed a black boy for whistling at a white
  • Back this they killed for this
  • What makes us different?
  • When we bleed its red
  • And when little boys scrap their knee
  • Their mama uses a Band-Aid
  • We have a mind of our own
  • Whites are no better then blacks
  • Colored and whites want what's best for their
  • sons
  • What's the difference in that?
  • We work hard to the bone
  • To put food on the table
  • What makes me different from a white girl?
  • Little brown face is capable
  • So I'm in love with a white boy
  • Here's the rope, hang me

Love never had a color so why give it one
My I dont care attitude
I could care less if you dont like me Or if yo
u have to see my face everyday
If you dont like it Walk the other way down the
hall. I could care less If females talk behind
my back If youre that bold to speak Then speak
it to my face. I could care less if I lose a frie
nd You probably were one of the females Who talk
ed behind my back. I dont care what people think
about me Its what you think and not what you kno
w. I dont care if he doesn't want me Because wh
en you left God will and will always be there. S
Sticks and stones May break my bones But your w
ords cant weaken me
Reflections…looking back at my work
  • How have you developed as a writer this semester?
    (What have you learned or what skills have you
  • I've learned to free write a lot. Most of the
    poems I have written I made from free writing.
    Also to have not limits when I write. I write in
    different areas and different places.
  • What lessons about writing can you apply your
    other classes?
  • In English class but learning from Creative
    writing, is to expand and to go into details when
    needing to.
  • What do you feel is your best piece of writing in
    your portfolio? Why?
  • My best piece would have to be Learning to love
    myself…before I can love you. The reason for
    that is because its true, I really have and still
    am going through this process of loving who you
    are and letting God lead you in this life.
  • What strategies have you used to overcome some of
    the challenges of writing this semester?
  • Writing on topics that Ive never written about
    and writing about my personal life so others can
    learn from the mistakes that I have made and to
    know the outcome of them.
  • What were your strengths in writing?
  • Telling the truth, never biting my tongue when I
    write,and not worrying about who may not like my
  • What areas do you need to continue to develop as
    a writer?
  • Grammar and Spell check