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Super Charge Your Immune System
  • The World's First Plant Derived Mineral and Trace
  • In a Convenient Effervescent Form

Team Support Coach and Independent Member Celia
Graham Duck 18 Goenoeng Drive Tanah Merah 4128
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Ph 07 3801 5404
International 61 7 3801 5404 Mob 0414 395
184 Email Website
Sponsors ID DuckD0888
17th January 07
References from The Book the Root of All
Disease , by Elmer Heinrich
The Rockland Corporation and TRC Nutritional
Laboratories Inc.are the largest producers of
plant derived minerals for human consumption in
the world! US Naturals is a sister company to
The Rockland Corporation. The TRC Minerals and
Trace Elements, in Sizzling Minerals are the
most comprehensive mineral and trace element
product available. These minerals come from
the world famous, 840 acre TRC Emery County Mine.

The Rockland Corporation is a huge mining and
manufacturing facility owned by Elmer Heinrich
and his family. They produce nearly 200 different
products from its headquarters in Tulsa,
Oklahoma. The Rockland Corporation has marketed
these products by conventional methods for 30
This NEW networking marketing program you are
about to see, is called US Naturals, and was
setup as the Networking division of the
Rockland Corporation. It started its
operations in 2004 to globally market the
companies NEW Flag Ship networking product
Sizzling Minerals which will only be available
from the Members of this, word of mouth referral
marketing plan. There are many more products to
come in the future
Rockland Corporation, Tulsa Oklahoma Founded
Entrance to the world famous TRC Emery County
Mine. Mine entrance is 6,600 feet above sea level
Mr Elmer Heinrich is the President and Chairman
of the Rockland Corporation, which he founded in
1978 Elmer was an entrepreneur at the age of 24.
He has 26 patents and dozens of trademarks to
his name. He invented the first drive thru Car
Wash. He is a member of Whos Who in American
Inventors and Whos Who in America Finance He
owned the Santa Monica Health Institute in
Mexico, where his minerals and other health
products have been used for many years treating
chronic diseased and cancer patients.
He is the Author of the book The Root of all
Disease of which more than one million copies
are in circulation. His success story has been
written up in Fortune magazine and other
publications. He is
now committed to directing US Naturals to
becoming a major global multilevel company.
He offers every person who introduces just one
customer to US Naturals
a IC Settlement ATM Debit Card
with no CRC (Credit Reference Check) This card
will be used to pay your bonus commissions
into. His goal is to teach people they can be
successful in life if they work hard, use common
sense and follow the three Rs golden rule.
That is Respect yourself, Respect others and
be Responsible for what you do!
TRC minerals have been sold in liquid form
since 1983. It is now spray dried to remove all
liquid, leaving only the pure dry mineral
powder, which is then pressed into a tablet
wafer, with the addition of natural flavours and
colours. When dropped into a glass or bottle of
water the Sizzling Mineral
wafer fizzles and quickly dissolves,
leaving a deliciously intense taste.
The highest component in the cost of liquid
formulas is often the cost of freight and
damages. Sizzling Minerals incurs minimal
postage, and NO damage because the liquid has
been removed, making it light and easy to post,
anywhere in the world.
These Sizzling Mineral products will only be
available from people who have joined the US
Naturals program, either as a Preferred Customer
or Referring Member
We all need minerals. 95 of our body is made up
of minerals, and I think we all need an income
outside of our primary source.
A Weak Immune System is due to a lack of
Minerals! Causing such common diseases as Colds,
Flu, Infections, Low Energy Allergies, Chronic
Diseases and Chronic Fatigue etc One could trace
every sickness, every disease and every ailment
to a mineral deficiency. (Dr Linus Pauling - two
time Nobel Laureate)
The book The ROOT of All Disease talks about
Cancers, Heart Disease, Blood Pressures,
Tumours and Preventable
degenerative diseases such as Arthritis,
Diabetes, Osteoporosis, etc
The U.S. Naturals company offers you both!
Each Sizzling Mineral tablet wafer supplies
600 milligrams
of an assortment of 75 plant-derived minerals
and trace elements that tastes great.Nothing in
the nutritional field is more important
than a complete spectrum of minerals
NO Carbohydrates, NO Fats, NO
Calories, NO Refrigeration required, NATURAL
flavours colours.
Perfect product to introduce to anyone with
Anorexia, Vegans and Vegetarians
Two great flavours Lemon / Lime Cherry
Berry Plus the Original - unsweetened,
unflavoured, uncoloured Wafers tablets can be
inserted through the neck of a standard bottle of
drinking water
Sizzling MineralsTM come as an effervescent wafer
tablet that quickly and completely dissolves in
hot or cold water, and are in a convenient go
anywhere blister push-out flat packet.
Try the Lemon in the morning as a hot drink, or
when you think you have a sore throat or cold
coming on! Use the Original formula in cooking,
soups, casseroles, stews, stir frys etc
Sizzling Minerals is the perfect solution for
seniors, children, people who are sick or dont
feel well and for those who have a hard time
swallowing pills.
NO sticky liquid or stains if spilt!
Suitable for infants, children and
adults Suggested Use 1 to 4 wafers daily
(dissolved in water) 3 wafer per day for 7 to 14
days if on the body cleansing detox diet Refer to
the back section of the book The Root of all
This company has been in the plant derived
mineral business since 1978. There are literally
millions of people and animals who have been
totally revived by the 75 minerals trace
elements. Nothing is more beneficial than a
complete spectrum of plant derived minerals and
trace elements and Sizzling MineralsTM are the
Our bodies can go far longer suffering with a
deficiency of vitamins, that they can with a
deficit of minerals.
Vitamins have little or no benefit in the
absence of adequate minerals.
The Rockland Corporation is the exclusive
supplier of these minerals and trace elements to
Estee Lauder and Clinique for their skin care and
Its been said that possibly 100 of all humans
and animals suffer from a mineral deficiency!
Much of this can be attributed to a deficiency of
minerals in the soils where plants grow.In
prehistoric times the soils of the earth
contained at least 84 minerals nearly everywhere,
and in some areas of the planet, 100 mineral
elements were available within approximately
2400mm (8 feet) of the surface. Today we are
lucky to find more than 16 to 20 minerals, even
if from a certified organically derived source!
This deficiency occurred due to millions of
years of wind and rain erosion, several hundred
years of unwise farming practices and now to some
extent, from commercial fertilizers.
Sick soil causes sick plants, which causes sick
animals, and ultimately sick human beings
If the earth is deficient in minerals and trace
elements, how can Sizzling Minerals boast of
having 75 minerals?
  • TRC minerals in Sizzling Minerals comes from
    a very unique
    prehistoric deposit of plant humus,
    that accumulated in North America, before
  • Jurassic period.
  • This humus is referred to as Senonian CompostTM
    and has been safely encapsulated
    far below the earths surface for millions of
  • This mine reserve could produce enough Sizzling
    Minerals wafers to last approximately 500 years
  • every man, women and child in the world consumed
    one Sizzling Mineral a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It is NOT rock. It is from compressed vegetable
    matter, made up of a blend of plants, fruit and
    leaf materials.
  • Its consistency is more like compost, hence the
    name Senonian CompostTM
  • These minerals and trace elements are leached
    from this compost with nothing other than pure
    cold mountain water.

Cliff face of Senonian Compost. Laminated leaf
and plant materials, compressed over many
millions of years. This is not a rock mine. The
vegetation is more like chewing tobacco in
Senonian Compost being removed with bobcat loader
from inside the mine
Leaching tanks of pure cold water, for the
Senonian Compost mineral extraction process.
This is a fully certified and FDA registered
It is then filtered through a .05 micro filter
and bottled as Senonian Juice or spray dried to
make the Sizzling Minerals powder.
The average plant derived mineral is less than
0.00001 micron in size that could conceivably be
110,000th the size of a single red blood cell
Due to the solubility of this plant humus,
these hydrophilic minerals and
trace elements are easily assimilated into our
The Senonian Period, is the prehistoric time,
before the Jurassic Period.
The numerous minerals and trace elements
available at this time, may explain why the
plant eating Brontosaurus who weight over 70,000
pounds (32,000 Kg) grew to 70 feet
in length (22 meters) and yet had a mouth no
larger than a horse to feed from.
Do you or anyone you know suffers from any of
the following.?
Then why not try Sizzling Minerals????? For less
than the cost of a bottle of water a day!!!
Most popular nationally advertised mineral
formulations contain less than 12 minerals,and
very few have trace elements because they come
from ground up rocks, clay, soil or the sea.Due
to the soils mineral deficiency, there arent
more than about 12 to 15 natural minerals
available in any quantity to go into these
We highly recommend you begin a daily
supplementation program of pure plant derived
minerals for you, your family and Pets!
Why not try the Sizzling MineralsTM 7 to 14 day
body cleanse and detox diet to flush your
system of toxins and impurities
Question My Vet has told me my pets should be on
minerals, how many would I give them? We have
people giving their large Dogs ½ to 1 wafer,
Racing greyhounds 1, Cats ¼, Alpacas 1 wafer Race
Horses 8 wafer and for caged birds,
put some of your naturals drink in with
their water.
Macro Minerals Calcium, Carbon, Chloride,
Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium,
Sulphur. Essential Trace Minerals Chromium,
Copper, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum,
Selenium, Zinc Plus approximately 59 additional
magical trace minerals.
CONTENTS ANALYSIS. Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic,
Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Boron, Bromine,
Cadmium, Calcium, Carbon, Cerium, Cesium,
Chloride, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Dysprosium,
Erbium, Europium, Fluoride, Gadolinium, Gallium,
Germanium, Gold, Hafnium, Holmium, Indium,
Iodine, Iridium, Iron, Lanthanum, Lead, Lithium,
Lutetium, Magnesium, Manganese, Mercury,
Molybdenum, Neodymium, Nickel, Niobium, Osmium,
Palladium, Phosphorus, Platinum, Potassium,
Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rhodium, Rubidium,
Ruthenium, Samarium, Scandium, Selenium,
Silicon, Silver, Sodium, Strontium, Sulfur,
Tantalum, Tellurium, Terbium, Thallium, Thorium,
Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium,
Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zinc, Zirconium plus Oxygen,
Hydrogen and Nitrogen
According to food chemistry, plant derived
minerals are possibly 100 absorbable, because
the minerals are kind of pre-digested by the
plants! The average plant derived mineral is
less than 0.00001 micron in size that could
conceivably be 110,000th the size of a single red
blood cell
This type of hydrophilic mineral is unlike
metallic minerals obtained from the sea, silt,
soil or ground up rocks, which may have no more
absorption than 8This makes a big difference in
the bodys ability to assimilate minerals for
the utmost benefit, as plant derived minerals are
kind of pre-digested by the plants.
The Minerals in Sizzling Minerals are the same
kind of minerals that are found in fruits and
vegetables which means they are water soluble and
therefore easily digested.
The Results obtained are unbelievable!
People say they feel calmer, sleep better, are
more relaxed, and have much more energy and
motivation by having one or two Sizzling Mineral
drinks a day!
Minerals initiate, regulate and control every
organ and function in our bodies
People usually find after taking the Sizzling
Minerals for a period of time, that they have
lost weight! If you are underweight it will help
to regulate your weight. This happens naturally,
as they begin to consume a full spectrum of these
minerals and especially the Trace Elements on a
daily basis. People just dont eat as much when
their bodies are getting a daily dose of
minerals, because they are now able to get more
out of their food, and they digest their foods
much better as well. People also say the trace
elements have lowered their craving for
Better digestion means less constipation, more
energy, less sluggishness, more
motivation, better attitudes, concentration,
clarity and memory retention etc.
Minerals make it happen! and plant derived
minerals can be a million
times smaller than the smallest metallic minerals
Try Sizzling Minerals for Jet-lag, Hang-overs and
when working Night Shifts etc!
Vast VitalityTM Liquid Vitamins, Energy
BoosterAn example of just one of their
complementary products
  • Vast Vitality contains a premium combination of
    12 Vitamins, 12 Herbs,
    18 Amino Acids, and 8 other
    nutritional constituents.
  • 32 Servings per container US37.52 includes

Together Sizzling Minerals Vast Vitality
contain over 125 vitamins, minerals, amino acids
and herbs.
Vitamins A as Vitamin A Palmitate B6 as
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride B12 as
Cyanocobalamin C - as Ascorbic Acid D as
Cholecalciferol E as Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate K
as Phytonadione Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Niacin
(as Niacinamide) Biotin, Pantothenic acid -
(essential during pregnancy) (as Calcium
Pantothenate), Potassium (from Potassium
Citrate) Herbal Complex containing Natural
polysaccharide fibre, Green tea extract, Ginkgo
biloba leaf, Siberian ginseng root, Grape seed
extract, Pau d'Arco bark extract, Suma root,
Nopal cactus fiber, Grape skin extract, White
willow bark extract, Citrus pectin, Caffeine,
Myrrh, Bromelain, Royal jelly, Cat's claw powder
extract, Chuchuhuasi. Amino Acid Complex
containing Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic acid,
Cystine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Histidine,
Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine,
Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine,
Taurine, Tyrosine, Valine. CoQ10, Citrus
Bioflavonoid, Aloe Vera (inner Fillet 2001
conc) purified water, natural flavours and
  • All Six B Vitamins
  • B1 Thiamine
  • B2 Riboflavine
  • B3 Nicotinamide / Niacinamide
  • B5 Pantothenic Acid / Calcium Pantothenate
  • B6 Pyridoxine
  • B12 Cyanocobalamin

Oil Arthritis, joint aches, bone loss, and
osteoporosis are at an all time high throughout
the world. Joint care was formulated in liquid
form, for joint function and contains Glucosamine
HCL 1,000mg, Chondroitin
Sulphur, MSM, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and
Hydrolyzed Collagen that helps lubricate bone
Try Omega-3 Joint Care to help relieve and ease
the pain of Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibro
Myalgia, Sports Injures, Stiff and Swollen
Joints, Spurs, Hips, Knees, Spinal problems,
Finger Joints, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Frozen
Shoulders, Inflammation, Athletic Injures,
Restless Legs, Cramps, Car Accident Injuries
etc.. in fact, try the combination of these two
great products with any aches and pains
,especially if they come with inflammation or
swelling. The US Naturals Joint Care combined
with the Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate used
together at the same time will potentise and
maximize your results.
Also try Omega 3 Fish Oils for high cholesterol
/ triglycerides, migraine headaches, prostate
problems, poor memory, mood swings,
concentration, asthma, psoriasis, high blood
pressure, itching, scaling skin conditions, hay
fever, bronchial coughs, etc may also assist
with conditions such as ADD, autism, dyslexia and
pervasive development disorder, and tendencies
towards aggressive behavior.
Supports healthy Heart, Eye and Joint Function.
 Who else will benefit?  Everyone, especially
vegetarians and vegans, menopausal women,
pregnancy, children and teenagers.  Omega 3 also
supports healthy hearts and eyes and general
wellbeing as well as helps with concentration,
behaviour, ADD, autism and dyslexia.
Just 30 to 60 mls each day of Joint Care and 2 to
6 Omega -3 soft gels, can give your body the
support it needs to relieve pain, stiffness and
lack of mobility.
Many people have experienced considerable relief
within 2 weeks.
OXY-GENTM (Liquid) Energy Immune Support
Oxygenated Liquid Aloe Vera Supplement Oxy-Gen
contains pure cold pressed Aloe Vera which is
saturated with
anaerocidal oxygen and powerful nutritional
constituents. It is best utilized
when 30 to 60mls is taken on an
empty stomach 30 minutes one hour
before meals or at least 2 hours after
eating. ULTRA CORAL CALCIUMTM Relieve and
Ease the Pain of Sports Injures, Joint Swelling,
Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Spurs, Hips, Knees,
Spinal problems,
Finger Joints, Inflammation, Athletic Injures,

Car Accident Injuries etc To save your
daughter or granddaughter from bone crippling
osteoporosis in old age, start them on Sizzling
Minerals and Ultra Coral Calcium, especially
between the ages of five and ten.
Try Oxy-Gen for Energy, shortness of breath,
asthma, infections, viruses, cancer, colds and
flu, if you smoke, respiratory problems,
bronchial coughs, shortness of breath, fatigue,
weakness, lung infections, blood clots,
circulation etc
THERMO -7 DIETTM Appetite Suppressant
targets seven specific bodily functions
Multi phasic diet energy formula with
CitriMax and Rhodiola Rosa, and Forslean
It is much more than a weight management product.
It is a combined nutritional and weight loss

formulation that targets seven specific bodily
functions. That is, energy, metabolism, appetite
control, balanced muscle to fat ratio, balanced
blood sugar, breakdown of fat and building of
lean muscle. It also supports thermogenic
metabolism without the harmful effects of often,
so called Diet Products. It also suppresses
appetite, and reduces the rate fat is absorbed
and stored in the body.
There is also a Body Booster Seven Day Cleansing
Diet available in the back of the book The
Root of all Disease 30mls or one ounce of
Liquid Minerals is equal to one Sizzling
Minerals. Three Sizzling Minerals are required
for 7 to 14 days on the Body Cleanse
US Naturals - Market many other products
Sizzling Minerals and Vast Vitality taken
together Contain over 125 Vitamins, Minerals,
Herbs and Amino Acids
Vast Vitality-Liquid Vitamins containing 12
Vitamins, 12 Herbs, 18 Amino Acids, Folic Acid,
caffeine, fibre, green tea and 8 additional
nutritional constituents Thermo 7 Diet-
appetite suppressant for weight management
product 60 capsules Coral Calcium- Okinawa
Coral Reef Calcium for strong bone growth 120
capsules Enzyme Plus- to help you digest your
food properly 180 Tablets Joint CareTM- for
joint function and contains glucosamine HCI 1,000
mg (liquid form) Omega-3 Fish Oils- for normal
development and function of the nervous system
200 caps Oxy-Gen Energy Immune Support
liquid oxygenated Aloe Vera based
supplement Cardio E-ZTM- Oral chelation product
for the cardiovascular system 180 caps Senonian
JuiceTM- Pure Liquid Minerals no added
flavouring, colouring or sweetener Selenium 25
Mcg 250 tablets recommended dosage one tablet,
20 cents per day. ProstaGolaTM - Male Prostatic
natural herbal dietary supplement a must
product for any man with elevated PSA 4 Vitamin B
Complex Vitamin E 400 Vitamin C Ester
We have application forms and starter packs
available for those who would like to try the
products. Following is a brief introduction to
registering and the rewards program offered for
any referrals,now or in the future.
This is a very unique and unparalleled product!
The US Naturals program is the SIMPLEST,
FLEXIBLE Marketing program in the history of
the industry! You will easily understand and
appreciate why you will have little chance of
failing, when you compare this sales and
compensation plan to every other plan out
there in the market place today.
50 commission on all first startup orders on
both members and preferred customer
accountsUnlimited Width Matrix rewards those
who do the work.7 x levels of residual
commission (compressed) on all monthly
product reorders 5 x bonus levels on total
commissions of 8 to 204 in the
Diamond Bonus Pools to be shared each
month with the qualifiers
Compensation Points to be covered in the next
few minutes
Exceptional 94 monthly customer reorder rate of
The US Naturals Marketing plan utilizes the
Heinrich Concept, which is a concertina effect
multi-level marketing program with an Indefinite
expanding and Compression Matrix. You will never
lose your group! This is unique, simple and
extremely lucrative.Introduce just one customer
and you will qualify to receive a ATM commission
Debit Card. ALL the negative aspects of
typical Network Marketing Programs have been
There are no credit reference checks to receive
this IC Settlement Debit Card
Your business and its residual incomeis
willable, generation after generation.
NO Large Set-up Costs - US14 one-time global
member registration feeNO On Going Renewal Fees
ever! The Business is FREENO Data Processing
Fees changed on bonus commissionsNO Stock
Inventory NO Monies Handled NO PaperworkNO
Large Monthly Quotas (the lowest in the
industry)NO Time Pressures to Reach any
LevelsNOT Volume Driven - STRESS FREENO On
Going Personal Enrolling requirements to be paid
on all levels and volumeNO Age Restriction
outside of America. USA citizens must be 18
years oldNO Restrictions on being involved with
any other networks NO Territories or Boundaries
GLOBAL the world is your oyster!NOT a Binary
or Forced Matrix system You DO NOT lose your
group if you are unable to order products for a
period of time!
YES You can be involved with other MLM
businesses YES You can be under the age of 18
if residing outside of America YES You can place
people under people if you choose YES You can
use the program to fund raise for Not For
Profit type organizations, schools, churches,
clubs, etc YES You will never, ever, lose your
group if you dont order YES You have FREE 24
hours, 7 days on-line tracking
of your business and FREE back office
access YES You can enrol into any country of the
world at NO extra charge YES You do get paid from
the very first person in your group, and you do
not need to keep enrolling to get paid YES You
can Advertise and sell US Naturals products
anywhere you choose, including markets,
exhibits, health food stores, shows, school
fetes, or retail outlets and at whatever price
you choose. Refer to Website Policies and
Procedures and more information
There are no breakaways, infinity bonuses or
special management levels that only a few can
attain. This concept produces a significant
increased income potential in a short period of
time when compared to typical network marketing
programs. You dont have to wait until you have
a huge downline before you receive sizable
bonuses for your efforts. In fact, you can earn
a sizeable bonus in your very first month.
At the end of this presentation
I will ask you
What is your level of interest?
  • Be a Sizzling Minerals Preferred Customer
  • Earn 100 - 250 each month?
  • 3. Earn 500 to 1,000 each month?

You can become a US Naturals Member or Preferred
Customer by completing the easy to follow
application and order form on-line or by faxing
in the completed hand written form. Your
initial purchase is at retail and is either for
2 or 4 sleeves (packets) of Sizzling Minerals.
Two sleeves for Preferred Customers - Total
US65.70 includes postage and any government
charges (USA residences Preferred Customers
initial setting up order is US57) Full Members
(to be commission eligible) US102.63 including
postage, handling and GST plus US14.00 for the
initial Member setup fee. Total of US116.63
Approx AUD155.50 if
exchange rate is AUD1 _at_ US 75centsAll
on-going orders are at the wholesale price of
US38.70 including postage handling for a one
month supply Approx AUD51.60
if _at_ .75cents Every four months you will
receive a FREE sleeve of Sizzling Minerals in
your fifth months order as a Loyalty Reward
Thank You from the company,
when you are on the monthly auto-ship
A replicating website is available for Members
with your name and ID for only US10 This
fee is only ever paid for once.
As a US Naturals Dealer all future purchases are
at WHOLESALE Your wholesale price for 2 sleeves
(one months supply) of Sizzling Minerals will
only be US38.70 You will also be allowed to
enhance the health of others by sponsoring them
into the Sizzling Minerals
program. These people could live in any country
of the world. They will all receive their orders
by post, directly from US Naturals. This is a
seven level marketing program. A 50 first order
commission is paid to the introducing dealer on
ALL first orders. Then a 5 (of the US dollar)
commission is paid on all of the
seven levels from you, on all reorders.
This means, you earn US43 commission whenever a
new MEMBER is introduced by you and US28.50 for
a Preferred Customer
If you introduce just one new member, you will
be paid at the full 50 commission rate of US43
(approximately 58 AUD _at_ .75 exchange rate) Two
people US86 Five people US215 (plus 8 bonus
on commission) Ten people US430 (plus 10
bonus on commission) Twenty people US860 (Aust
conversion approx 1,000)
What would YOU do with an extra 500 to ,1000
per month?
All products are sent by post from the Australian
warehouses. Orders received by 12 noon will be
posted the following day.
The market plan is an unlimited width by
seven deep matrix plan available for full
members only.- The Plan pays 5 of the US
Product DOLLAR VALUE on each of the 7
levels (you only get paid commissions the month
you order) - The monthly order requirement is
only US38.70 to receive group
commissions- If someone does not order, they do
not lose their position the matrix
compresses up for the purpose of paying
bonuses on all of the seven levels for that
months commission.
Perfect System to introduce to Not for Profit

Clubs, Schools, Scouts,
Lions, Churches, Charities etc etc .
What this means is if the person on level 6 does
not order one month, then level 6 closes up for
that month and you would get paid on the level
8s, as they would have compressed up to level
seven for that months bonus only. It is very
simple, what this means is that every month 5 x
7 levels is paid out in the organization.No
missed gaps, or holes in the commission plan, as
in other networks. There are also other bonuses
of 8 to 20 for personally enrolling and
another 4 shared in the Diamond Leadership
Pools. The promotional materials, DVDs, CDs
CD Roms available cover these bonuses in
detail, and the book The Root of all Disease is
about mineral depletion
E.g. If levels 2 and 6 do not order, Commissions
will roll-up from levels 8 and 9 (original level
8 become 6 9 become 7)
US Naturals pays out on all seven levels, every
You never lose your organisational group if you
do not order, you just do not get paid that
months commission bonus.
All commissions and bonuses are paid into your US
Naturals commission on the 20th of the following
Example At the Diamond level, if your
commission is 1,000 you would also get an extra
15 making it a total of 1,150 This 8 to 20
bonus is also paid on top of the 50 introductory
The Power of Duplication To start it all off,
its up to you!!!!
Because you have introduced 10 personal members
extra 10 US110 Bonus US1,213 This example
does not include any 50 commissions, 8 to 20
personal enrolling commissions or 4 Diamond
Bonus Pools!!!!
The Power of Two You put in 15 and teach them 2
Because you have introduced 15 personals - extra
15 US645 Bonus This example does not include
any 50 commissions, 8 to 20 personal enrolling
commissions or 4 Diamond Bonus Pools!!!!
  • are available to reward those Dealers
  • who build business to this level and beyond. The
    company will contribute 4 of the total monthly
    gross sales of products, at wholesale, each month
    into the diamond bonus pools!

2 in the Diamond Pool 15 x 1st
level dealers US 5,000 group sales volume 1
in the Double Diamond Pool 25 x 1st level
dealers US10,000 group sales volume 1 in
the Triple Diamond Pool 50 x 1st level
dealers US20,000 group sales volume
Triple Diamonds share in the total 4 of the
Diamond Pools!!
No Time Limit to achieve these Bonuses!
These bonuses will be distributed to qualified
Ranked Diamonds on a monthly basis. A Triple
Diamond shares in all three diamond bonus pools
Full House ProgramAllows you to fill in gaps in
the down line to maximize the one time - Full
House Program Bonus
You can place someone under someone else. You
will get the Initial 50 retail commission. But
they would now not be your personals, for the
purpose of the 8 20 bonuses.
There is NO time limit to achieve these Bonuses!
NO stock to carry, NO paper work, NO monies
handledUS Naturals is Internet based for
ordering, registration etc. You touch
nothing.Global Registration is on-line. ONCE
ONLY EVER MEMBER FEE US14 NO annual renewal
fee - everNO A.B.N. required for Australian
dealers, as this is an
international accountCommissions
are paid monthly, available in cash from ATMs
with a pin numbered Global Access IC
Settlement Debit Card. Unlimited income
opportunity those that do the work get
paid!Highly consumable product
Couples, partner and family members of the same
household etc can have their own business if they
chooseUS Naturals does not restrict you from
involvement with any other networking business,
this is TRUE FREE ENTERPRISESimple one page of
Policies and Procedures.NO Data Processing Fee
on Commission ReportsPersonalised Promotional
CDs for 1.50 and DVDs for only AUD2State of
the Art on-line ordering. FREE Back Office
Genealogy Tracking, in real time, 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week.
Some companies charge from
110 to 330 per year for this service (some up
to 10 per week!)
If you introduce just one person, you will get
paid from that person down through to the seventh
level. Very low monthly order to receive
products and commissions, only US38.70 per month
for a one months supply.You do not have to
order every month if you don't want to.You do
not lose your group if you do not order you just
do not get paid a commission the months you don't
order.The months you do order a minimum of two
sleeves of Sizzling Minerals, you get paid.
How simple is that!
Loyalty Reward Program of one FREE Sleeve of
Sizzling Minerals every 4 months when registered
on the Auto-Ship Program.
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Registrations can be done on-line or by filling
out the hand written registration and initial
order form
Click on the web address to register and get your
Sizzling Minerals
(One of the most important websites you may
ever visit) To register go to the top right
hand corner of the website and click on
Member sign-up or Preferred Customer
Area and enter as your Sponsors ID DuckD0888
Registration on-line requires payment by Visa,
MasterCard or Amex only
For a hand written Fax Application Form please
visit the
website or phone
Team Support Coaches Celia Graham
Duck 18 Goenoeng Drive, Tanah Merah
4128 Phone 07 3801 5404 or International 61
7 3801 5404 Mobile 0414 395 184 Email 
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