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Welcome to the Bethel Seminary Library SOE directions for presentation: use the down arrow to advanc


Explanation of how to use our online catalogs to find books ... When you are logged into the CLICnet Catalog you can see what books you have ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to the Bethel Seminary Library SOE directions for presentation: use the down arrow to advanc

Welcome to the Bethel Seminary Library
(SOE)(directions for presentation use the down
arrow to advance and the up arrow to go back)
Contents of this Introduction
  • Overview of the Bethel Seminary Library Homepage
  • Explanation of how to use our online catalogs to
    find books
  • Description of some helpful search techniques to
    use when using the online tools
  • Descriptions of some of the important search
    databases for finding journal articles

CLICnet is Bethels catalog
This link will take you to other databases and
The Bethel Seminary Library Homepage
Use WorldCat when you want to search for books
in CLICnet and beyond.
These links provide general library information
You may also use the links in the left column
Here are some other links for getting help as
Got a question? You can call or email us.
Let's learn how to search for a book using the
WorldCat searching tool
First, click on the WorldCat" link
To search simply enter your search in the box and
hit Search
This is the main search page of WorldCat
Please note Some items at the Bethel Seminary
Library will not show up in the WorldCat search.
For a complete list of library holdings, please
go to CLICnet
The advanced search will give you more searching
You can also limit your search to just CLICnet
(Bethels consortium only)
Lets do a simple search to see how it works
Amos and justice
You can use the facets on the side to reduce
the number of book results
There is a lot of information you can get on this
Book covers
Book locations
To get more specific information, click on the
title of the book
Bibliographic information
This page will tell you a lot about the specific
And if you scroll down
This box will have more bibliographic
information, notes, and sometimes the table of
This box will help you find similar books based
on their subject matter
Lets look at a different book
This area will tell you if the book is available
through the CLICnet catalog.
If the book is available at your SOE center you
can pick up the book in the library.
If the book is not available at your center, but
available somewhere else in CLICnet, hit the
Request through CLICnet button.
Heres the call number
Lets click on the Request button and look at
the next page
We are now in the CLICnet catalog
John Smith

Enter your name and library barcode number here
Then hit Submit
Make sure you pick Bethel Seminary (ST PAUL) for
When you pick Bethel Seminary (ST PAUL) as
your delivery option the book will be mailed to
you from St. Paul (it usually takes about a week
to get it).
When you are logged into the CLICnet Catalog you
can see what books you have checked out, renew
them online and also cancel holds. (Remember, you
can also access CLICnet from the Library
You may also find some articles listed in
WorldCat, these can be accessed starting at the
Journal List or requesting them through
InterLibrary loan if we dont have them in our
collection. More on this in a few minutes
Lets look at one more book
This book is not available in CLICnet (our
library system)
If you would like the library to find a copy of
the book click on the Interlibrary Loan button
Log into InterLibrary Loan
First time users must set up an account!
This is the InterLibary Loan log in page.
This is the beginning page for InterLibrary Loan
requests, use the links on the left to select
what you want to do.
From this page you can request items, track
requests, ask for renewal of items and pick up
e-mailed articles
Next, we are going to look at some basic
searching tips to help you more effectively use
the keyword search function on WorldCat, the
CLICnet catalog and many other online databases
Basic Ideas
  • If your searching keywords are too general you
    will get too many results
  • If your searching keywords are too specific you
    may not get enough material
  • Try to glean good searching terms from syllabi,
    class lectures and other books and journals that
    you have read on your subject.

Improving your Chances
  • Think of related terms, synonyms and sometimes
    even opposites.
  • For example when searching "missions" try
  • Or for a search on the book of "Ecclesiastes" try
    its alternative name "Qohelet"
  • Don't forget to look at the subject categories
    for records that you will use as keywords for
    other searches.

Boolean Searching
Boolean who?
What's a Boolean?
Is he really Mr. Boolean?
No, he is George Boole (1815-1864)
George Boole was a mathematician who
developed advanced ideas about linguistic
algebra. His "Boolean Terms" help us relate and
differentiate important search terms
There are 3 important Boolean terms
Using "AND"
Searching with "and" will combine two terms. For
missions and evangelism
This search will retrieve all records which
contain both the terms missions and evangelism
Using "OR"
Searching with "or" will search two different
terms. For example
Ecclesiastes or Qohelet
This search will retrieve all records which
contain either the terms Ecclesiastes or
Qohelet NOTE some databases require that you
capitalize OR
Using "Not or - (the minus sign)
Searching with "not" or - will limit your
results. For example
Gospels not John
This search will retrieve all records which
contain the term Gospels in it, but eliminate
all of the Gospels records with the word John in
them. NOTE Some databases will only use not
or - some will use both.
Using Combinations
Using combinations of Boolean terms can help your
search be more specific. For example
Matthew and Mark not Luke
This search will retrieve all records which
contain both the terms Matthew and Mark and
eliminate all those with the term Luke in them
Using Parentheses
Parenthesis will make your search even more
specific. For example
(counsel or care) and pastor
This search will retrieve all records with the
word pastoral and either the term counsel or
care NOTE Not all databases support parentheses
Truncation with ""
Use for word variants. For example
This search will retrieve records containing
Baptist, Baptists, baptism, baptize and
baptizing. Simply type in the part of the word
you want searched and add an asterisk
Truncation with "?"
Use ? for letter variations . For example
This search will retrieve records containing the
words women or woman. This is especially good
for words which you are not sure of the spelling.
Phrase searching
Use " " to keep word order exact. For example
"new testament"
This search will retrieve records containing the
exact phrase New Testament and will not retrieve
a record like The New Dictionary of the Old
Finally, we are going to look at some online
databases to use for finding journal articles.
The best way to begin search for journal
articles is to use the "Search Library" link
Let's briefly highlight a few of our online
You can access journal article databases by
subject here
Here is a link to all our databases in
alphabetical order.
The "Journal List" is a current list of all our
journals, both in print and online.
In order to use these databases off campus you
must sign up and create a password for yourself
(You need your student ID and the last 4 digits
of your social security number to sign up its
that easy!)
Here is a "quick access" to Bethel's One-Stop
This is a "Quick Link" list to our most popular
ATLA Religion Database is the best online journal
search engine available for religious topics.
You can use the same Boolean search terms we have
already learned about to search in this database
It is sometimes helpful to limit your search
Amos and Justice
Let's search for articles which contain the
keywords Amos and justice
These are the titles of the journal articles
Here are the authors
Here are the sources for the articles
Use these links to narrow your search.
This link tells you that this article is online
click the link to go to the article!
This link will search our collection for both
print and online copies of your article.
An essay is a chapter in a book
One special feature of ATLA(S) is that you can
search by Scripture text just click the
"Scriptures" button
Or you can expand the book to search by chapter
or verse
You can search by the whole book of the Bible.
Generally the best practice is to search by
entire chapter, but you can also expand the
search to search by verse.
By learning one EBSCOhost database you have
actually learned how to use them all! Click on
the "Choose Database" link to access other EBSCO
Use the "Selected Online Databases/Reference
Works by Subject" link to find appropriate
databases to search in.
Use these links to find subject specific databases
Use the "All Bethel University Databases" link
to get an alphabetical list of all our databases.
ASP is a good multi-disciplinary database for
general searching
Books in print is a good book search tool
Let's scroll down
BSP is a great database for business and
leadership related material.
JSTOR is a humanities database which is
particularly valuable for Christian Thought
OCLC is the most complete library database in
the world because it is so big, sometimes
searching it can be cumbersome but if you really
need to find something and have tried other
places, go here.
Let's scroll down
New Testament Abstracts is helpful for biblical
studies articles.
We have access to several online encyclopedias!
Old Testament Abstracts is a good place to look
for Old Testament articles
ProQuest Psychology Journals, PsycINFO and
PsycARTICLES are good databases for psychology
and sociology searches
RefWorks is a great online bibliography and paper
writing help.
There are also many other databases on this page
that we did not mention check them all out.
Please Ask!!!
Finally, if you are stuck. If you need help. If
there is anything that we can do to help.
We are here to help!
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