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Krannert Doctoral Student Association 2004 Survey Results


Allow students to change their online application even after they submitted it. ... The MBA networking, job interview opportunities might be extended to us at ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Krannert Doctoral Student Association 2004 Survey Results

Krannert Doctoral Student Association 2004
Survey Results
  • October 29, 2004

Executive Summary
  • Main issues
  • 3rd floor printer
  • Double sided printer access
  • Computing storage space (network drive)
  • Laptops (loaners) available for conferences
  • Software introduction / training

2004 survey of new doctoral students!
  • 2003 11/07/2003-11/17/2003, 13 responses
  • 2004 9/28/2004-10/18/2004, 16 responses

1. The application process (timing of offer,
deadlines, etc.) worked well for me.
Mean 4.4 (4.2 in 2003)
2. How could it be improved?
  • Allow students to change their online application
    even after they submitted it.
  • By giving fast information on what documents are
    missing etc. to process my application.
  • I would have liked to know the profile of the
    people I was competing with. It would have helped
    me to better prepare my application.
  • Overall I was pleased with the process. My only
    complaint is the lack of agreement of different
    sources on how to complete the process. For
    example, on some documentation the resume is
    listed as optional, apparently it is required.
  • It's fine. There is not much difference in the
    application process between Purdue and many other
    schools. Purdue requires a shorter personal
    statement which I think is a good idea.
  • Some schools had automatic emails notifying
    deadlines for the online applicants, which I
    thought was helpful.

3. What was your next best alternative to Purdue?
  • Arizona St. University
  • UNC Ch. Hill / UT Austin / Duke
  • Sunny-Buffalo
  • Arizona State University
  • Law school or working.
  • Substitute teaching
  • Pennsylvania State University, Smeal
  • MIT, School of Engineering (No funding)
  • Getting a job
  • Vanderbilt University.
  • University of Minnesota

4. Which of the following most influenced your
decision to come to Purdue?
5. If other, please specify your reasons.
  • Only American university participating in my
    program. In addition, the scholarship I got was
    also a key element for the decision.
  • Actually it was a combination of all of the above
    items, in addition to the environment. I knew
    several students and recent graduates of the Econ
    PhD who spoke highly of the program. For me that
    was the most important.
  • There were a lot of reasons why Purdue was
    appealing... it certainly has a great reputation
    and a great faculty, but I had geographic
    limitations and needed to find either
    post-undergraduate education or a job in the
    immediate area.

6. My expectations for this first year are being
met thus far.
Mean 3.7 (3.7 in 2003)
7. How could it be improved?
  • I would like to be offered a general course
    (short?) on how to perform research, a course
    related to the databases commonly used for the
    Research in Finance, and another crash course on
    statistical software.
  • Hope we can have more chance to meet PhD.
    students and professors. 4-year funding makes me
    feel uncertain. I hope to learn more about
    research even in the first year.
  • Better planning for first semester courses.
    Having two theory classes start in the second
    module will be challenging with two other classes
    as well. It is too bad that one of them couldn't
    have been in the first module. That would help to
    spread the work load a little more evenly.
  • I think I would like more information when it
    gets started. After the orientation week I had no
    more idea what to expect than before.
  • My biggest problem is ECON 608, and I don't
    really think that the professor is the problem. I
    do not have a very strong econ background, and
    this class is not very "friendly" for newbies. My
    suggestion would be to send out some kind of
    reading the summer before (like Novshek did for
    615 and 607) to help people with a weaker econ
    background prepare more.
  • The amount of material is very high.
  • It would be great if each PhD student could be
    given a computer in their office rooms as it is
    difficult to work from a common PhD lab.

8. Additional comments or suggestions?
  • People have been extremely helpful and friendly.
    I don't feel a competitive environment (in the
    negative way), on the contrary, it is challenging
    and encouraging.

Annual Fall Survey of Krannert Doctoral Students
2004 (all PhD students)
  • 2003 11/07/2003-11/17/2003, 59 responses
  • 2004 9/28/2004-10/18/2004, 62 responses

1. I receive an adequate salary for the work that
I perform in my current assistantship assignment.
Mean 3.0 (3.4 in 2003)
2. My assistantship at Krannert helps my
professional/career development.
Mean 3.7 (4.0 in 2003)
3. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding assistantships?
  • Faculty/project matching should be better
    organized and goal driven towards journal and
    conference paper production. Conference travel
    should be more adequately funded (i.e. it's
    impossible to get even the promised partial
    funding for two conferences per year).
  • Much like Cost of Living increases found in a
    normal job, we should get paid COL increases
    every year (like 3).
  • Try and bring up to par with Engineering School
  • It is hard to allocate the right time to my RA
    duties in my case where I have to work for two
    professors and sometimes they seem to ask for
    more than the time for each one. In any case,
    this is a time-mgt issue.
  • The work load is not standardized even though
    there are max hrs to work.. I end up working a
    lot more hrs than I am supposed to.
  • I've taught four out of my first seven semesters
    - that's more than 50 of the time. When will I
    have time to focus on my research and
    dissertation? And how come my fellow students
    have taught half as much as me?
  • The stipend needs to be revised significantly.
    The stipend should be made comparable to
    assistantships in engineering that range in the
  • 4-year funding makes me feel uncertain.
  • I appreciate the effort to make the assignments
    balanced. I recognize that it is a tough job to
    asses the effort level that different assignments
    require. Maybe the professors that ask for an RA
    can actually privately communicate to the RA
    coordinator what is the required RA duties .
  • Moreover, it might be important that all the
    student that request it are at least once
    assigned to grade for the MBA courses. This might
    be a rewarding experience especially for the last
    years students.
  • I think it depends on the faculty you are working
  • I am very happy with my RA assignments.
  • The salary we get is one of the lowest at Purdue,
    and there is no annual raises

4. The Krannert Computing Center (KCC) labs
provide adequate software support for my research
and instructional computing needs.
Mean 3.7 (3.8 in 2003)
5. A (fully functional) computer is available in
the KCC lab when I need to use one.
Mean 3.8 (4.0 in 2003)
6. The KCC provides me with access to adequate
storage space for my computer files (e.g., data
sets, word processing files, spreadsheet files).
Mean 3.2 (3.6 in 2003)
7. The KCC help desk consultants and staff are
very approachable and helpful in resolving
computer-related problems.
Mean 3.4 (3.3 in 2003)
8. I am satisfied with the computing facilities
in the PhD lab.
Mean 3.5 (3.6 in 2003)
9. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding computing?
  • PhD students would like better access to double
    sided printing.
  • 500 MB space is not even close to sufficient for
    empirical work.
  • Would prefer a lab with cubicles or partitions to
    reduce distractions in the lab.
  • There have been times last year when I needed to
    use AMOS and the AMOS computers were being
    occupied by someone running large SAS programs
    for hours at a time (s/he wasn't in the room
    because the program needed hours to complete its
  • I would like more crash courses on how to use
    specific software (for ex. the typical software
    required for PhD studies SAS, STAT, etc).
  • I would like to be able to connect to Purdue from
    my house for periods longer than 1.5 hrs.
  • I need a lot more storage space for my files.
    It's hard to keep track of who is in charge of
    what in terms of KCC and ITAP, and the KCC
    "consultants" aren't nice when you approach them
    with a problem that should be directed to ITAP .
    . . as if I can keep track of who I should be
    talking to for each problem that comes up.
  • We need to take serious steps to keep the PhD lab
    from being used as personal office spaces. People
    should not be allowed to lock out computers for
    extended periods of time, especially since
    certain software then becomes inaccessible to
    other students.
  • I would say that the PhD lab printer (7th floor)
    needs to be changed

9. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding computing?
  • I have not had a need to use the computing
    facilities as of yet.
  • I think school laptops should be made available
    for take-out PhD students and not be restricted
    to faculty only. It is the PhD students that are
    more likely to have insufficient funds for
    laptops. When attending a conference and
    presenting a paper having a laptop would be
  • With regards to checking out laptops from KCC,
    graduate students should not need to have a
    professor present to sign one out for them.
    Trying to get time with professors to discuss
    research is hard enough, without trying to drag
    them to the 7th floor. Perhaps this rule could be
    amended so professors sign them out, but not in
  • Sometimes it is difficult to print long
    documents. Maybe there should be a printer
    dedicated to this kind of printing for grad
  • Most students I know try and stay away from the
    lab. It's currently totally utilitarian. A lounge
    atmosphere would promote idea sharing.
  • I would like them to be more supportive of users
    who may use non-Windows based platforms. If you
    don't have a PC and you have problems with the
    network, you often have to jump through hoops to
    get any solutions.
  • It would be great if PhD students could have
    limited but free access to color printer.
  • Although computing lab works well, as a first
    year student, I don't have computer in my office.
  • My office is in third floor and in order to do
    work with computer I have to come up to seventh
    floor and this is very inconvenient.

10. I am provided with adequate office space for
my teaching and research needs.
Mean 3.2 (3.6 in 2003)
11. Do you have a computer in your office?
12. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding office facilities?
  • Much better than our cubes in the basement!
  • Should have a better office allocation process
    and coordinate students by academic area.
  • Shelf space is rather limited
  • We need more shelving and storage space for
    research and teaching files.
  • I wish I had a window, but I know space is
  • My office and computer are nice.
  • I don't like the fact that I have to share my
    office with mice. This may be due to less
    frequent garbage take-out.
  • Some of the offices have too many people in them.
    I think two people per "large" office is enough.
    Some of the offices remind me more of a jail-cell
    than office (seriously).
  • I got PC from Krannert but never use it. The PC
    provided by Krannert is too old and noisy to work
  • My office mate can barely fit his files in the
    office. I have to move so he can get out of the
  • Each PhD student should be provided with a
    computer in the office.

13. Krannert encourages me to participate in
regional national academic conferences.
Mean 3.1 (3.4 in 2003)
14. The faculty in my department provide me with
adequate guidance and feedback on my research.
Mean 3.9 (3.9 in 2003)
15. The facilities (computing, database, etc.) in
the Krannert library are adequate for my research
Mean 3.6 (3.7 in 2003)
16. The journal collection (in both electronic
and hard copy) satisfies my research needs.
Mean 3.9 (4.1 in 2003)
17. I am satisfied with the printing facility on
the third floor.
Mean 2.8 (3.6 in 2003)
18. The library staff at the Krannert library are
approachable and helpful.
Mean 4.1 (4.3 in 2003)
19. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding library or research
  • The times I have been in the library are times
    when the student staff are only available... and
    when I have a question, they can't answer it.
    More complete training needs to be given to the
    student temporary staff.
  • It might be important to bring the old editions
    of Journal of Economic Theory back to the 3rd
    floor library.
  • I would like to have access to some European
    journals in an electronic format
  • The printer on the 3rd floor is bad.
  • Please! Please! Please! can we have a double
    sided printer on the third floor. Providing that
    is almost as vital as providing a water
    fountain.... both conserve important resources
  • It will be helpful if a Printer with double-sided
    printing is installed in the third floor where
    the library offices are. This will result in a
    lot of paper being saved.
  • We need a new 3rd floor printer. This one is too
    slow and make ink smear. It would be worthwhile
    to have one that prints 2-sided.
  • We need a new/additional printer on the 3rd
  • Do something about that 3rd floor printer

20. I receive adequate guidance and support from
the faculty member(s) who supervises my teaching
Mean 3.7 (3.8 in 2003)
21. I receive adequate administrative and
clerical support from Krannert in my teaching
Mean 3.5 (4.0 in 2003)
22. Krannert provides an environment that is
conducive to high quality teaching.
Mean 3.4 (3.8 in 2003)
23. Teaching at Krannert has been a rewarding
Mean 3.7 (4.1 in 2003)
24. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding teaching?
  • There are some concerns over PhDs opportunities
    to teach with the reduction of doctoral students
  • My academic support for exams, grading, etc.
  • Emphasis here is on research. I've been told many
    times to not prepare for my classes until the
    hour before or the day of. This is not going to
    make the business people of tomorrow more
  • Should provide some type of training before we
  • I am not a TA
  • The teaching load is not always well-balanced
    among students.
  • With the exception of the 4th floor "printers",
    things tend to run smoothly.

Ph.D. Office
25. The Ph.D. Office staff are are friendly and
Mean 4.7 (4.7 in 2003)
26. The Ph.D. Office staff give sufficient
guidance regarding rules, policies, and resources
at Krannert.
Mean 4.5 (4.5 in 2003)
27. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding the PhD Office?
  • The web site with the job placement should be
    ordered chronologically. We want to see where the
    students ended up working in these last years.
    This is of greatly importance as it gives us an
    idea on where we can end up to. Besides it might
    be crucial for networking.
  • Kelly is great!
  • Great job by Kelly
  • Great crew, very good support. Opportunities to
    be more proactive?
  • Kelly and Cindy are great!
  • Kelly and her team do a fantastic job.
  • Great Staff!!!
  • They do a very good job!
  • They are good. especially Cindy and Kelley
  • Not just Joyce.... even Kelly is Queen!! they
    both are....
  • Just many thanks to Kelly and other members.
  • The staff is very friendly and efficient.
  • Overall they are very helpful.
  • You guys do a great job.

Krannert Doctoral Students Association
28. The Krannert Doctoral Student Association
(KDSA) effectively handles the concerns of Ph.D.
Mean 3.8 (3.9 in 2003)
29. The weekly breakfast for Ph.D. students
provides an effective opportunity to interact
with other doctoral students.
Mean 4.4 (4.2 in 2004)
30. Additional comments, concerns, or
recommendations regarding KDSA?
  • Should serve as a conduit between students and
    faculty/administration to deal with
    issues/concerns. Was very delinquent in this
    respect and in serving the students over the
    previous year.
  • I like the little coffeecakes the best! You
    should get those every week!)
  • Great people!!
  • John does a good job.
  • Clean-up is a major issue. A "clean up after
    yourself" police force needs to be set up.
  • More people should be called for lunches
  • Email KDSA ( if you
    would like to attend a lunch.
  • I really enjoy the breakfast, it gives me a
    chance to meet and discuss various topics with
    other students.
  • It's too early in the morning.

31. Please choose a social event that sounds fun
to you or give your comments.
32. Additional suggestions?
  • A camping trip in the summer (like, right after
    finals) would be fun. Difficult to get people
    involved in anything more than a happy hour
    during the busy semesters.
  • More community service, too. I loved collecting
    trash and giving blood.
  • An outside family picnic would be great (weather
  • We should go for some trips organized by KDSA -
    outdoor stuff.
  • Everyone should get ready for the Annual Krannert
    Ph.D. Halloween party!

33. Based on your experience in Krannert, how do
you rate the overall quality of the Ph.D. program
(of your department)?
34. Please indicate your area of study/major.
35. If mgmt, please indicate your area of
study. No comment given for 41 responses (33 in
36. Please indicate your year in the Krannert
Ph.D. program.
37. In the box below, please list any
comments/suggestions you have for improving the
Ph.D. program.
  • More professional marketing, promotion, and
    organization. More alignment/connection with
    Rawls and the Krannert Graduate programs
    (currently there is none). Less alignment with
    the Econ program, which is considerably different
    in student body and focus than the management and
    OBHR programs.
  • We need more cohesion among faculty members as to
    what is good for the students. Old grudges hinder
    our ability to work as "one" department.
  • A short course on how to conduct productive
    research (Philosophy, methodologies, use of
    databases, use of software, etc)
  • More cross-department interactions.
  • There needs to be more of an emphasis on
    research, and less of an emphasis on teaching.
    Faculty should be encouraging students to go to
    conferences more, writing summer papers, etc. All
    this talk on teaching is just to influence us to
    teach classes that the faculty should be picking
  • Despite the fact that the PhD is mainly aimed to
    prepare for the academic profession, it has to be
    understood that the PhD program need to market us
    also in the private sector. The MBA networking,
    job interview opportunities might be extended to
    us at very low cost. Job fairs and such should
    have a place for the PhD students, not only for
    the MBA. This would enhance the opportunities for
    a richer job placement.
  • Give more research funds to graduate students. It
    would be very helpful.
  • Please have better spam and virus controls.

Next Steps
  • Benchmark Krannert Stipends with other schools
  • Add volunteer information to the KDSA website
  • Discuss printing options (3rd floor printer and
  • Discuss additional storage space for PhD students
  • Network space beyond 500 MB
  • Shelving for offices
  • Storage of surveys and research material for 3
  • Discuss options for computer training (SAS, etc.)
  • Discuss laptop options for students attending

The End Thank you to everyone that participated
in the survey!