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The American Recovery


The American Recovery – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The American Recovery

The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act
Effects Of Investing In Technology
One of the best uses of technology
The worst case of technology use…….
Or lack there of…
Your Real questions
What is the stimulus package?
How much am I getting?
When am I getting it?
What do I get to do with it when I get it?
Who is going to get in my business?
ARRA and Education
What is the stimulus package?
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Signed into law on February 17, 2009. Also
called the Stimulus Bill or the Recovery Act.
The purpose is intended to create jobs, prevent
layoffs, and keep state and local governments
from having to make budget cuts in areas such as
The Bill contains significant transparency and
accountability provisions
  • Reporting requirements
  • Expenditure reports
  • Program evaluations
  • Were teachers retained?
  • Was there student growth?

The office of the Inspector General (OIG) will
review, audit, and investigate the use of funds,
act to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of funds.
Safeguards continued
ARRA has established the Recovery Accountability
and Transportation Board. This board will
coordinate and conduct the overseeing of funds
and develop and maintain a public website to
communicate information about the funds.
Who would like to guess where the majority of
their time will be spent?
Texas Has four purposes
Improve curriculum Content to a college Ready
  • Increase efforts to institute rigorous
    post-secondary standards and high quality (valid,
    reliable) assessments.

Monitoring student and teacher progress
Enhance pre-kindergarten to
post-seconday data systems that track
progress and foster continuous
Texas Purposes Continued
Highly Effective Professional Development
Continuing to improve teacher effectiveness and
supporting the equitable distribution of
qualified teachers across the state.
Commit resourcces to Students in schools
that Need the most assistance
Expanding the states support and effective
interventions for the lowest-performing schools.
How much am I getting
Depends !
How many live in the Attendance zone and How old
they are
The formula is based on 61 relative population
of individuals ages 5 to 24 and 39 on the basis
of their relative total populations.
Texas Estimated Revenue
Title I, Part A
944,630,905 Title I, School Improvement Grant
285,212,000 Title II, Part D (Education
Technology) 59,395,748 IDEA, Part B
(ages 3 to 21)
945,636,328 IDEA, Part B (pre-school)
Region VI Highest District Amount
4,306,094 Region VI Lowest District Amount
How much can be Spent on technology?
It could be quite a sum of money. The amount
of funds spent on technology should be directly
reflected by what is finalized in your districts
comprehensive needs assessment. The primary
component of this program is to plan. The
planning process should be thorough, data driven,
and involve key stakeholders.
Whats The comprehensive Needs Assessment?
It is the piece of campus planning and decision
making………….required by law………for districts to
develop and complete prior to building a campus
and district improvement plan. It is the summary
of raw data that tells the site- based decision-
making team where the districts greatest
strengths and areas of needed improvement are.
The data comes from student performance, parent
involvement, facilities, community perception,
teacher needs, tracking graduates, ect..
When am I getting the money?
Title I, Part A funds are available now. 50 of
the funds were released on April 15, 2009. The
other 50 will be released later in the fall of
2009. An application is manditory Funds can
only be spent on items or services that the
regular Title I, part A funds are expended
on. The Title II, Part D Technology funds will
be available sometime in the fall of 2009……or …..
when the governor releases them. These are part
of the stabilization funds.
The stabilization funds are in the hands of the
Governor of each state. At this time no final
decision has been made as to what amount the
Governor will assign to which stabilization fund.
The decision will come after the 81st
legislature adjourns and all appropriation bills
are totaled and the budget is set for the next
What do I get to do With it when I get it?
General Provisions
Federal Side Improving teacher effectiveness and
the equitable distribution of highly qualified
teachers. Establish data systems and using data
for improvement Turning around the
lowest-performing schools
What do I get to do With it when I get it?
General Provisions
State side Increase efforts to institute rigorous
post-secondary standards and highly qualified
(valid, reliable) assessments
Enhancing pre-kindergarten to post-secondary data
systems that track progress and foster
continuous improvement.
Ensure continuation of improving teacher
effectiveness and support the equitable
distribution of qualified teachers across the
What do I get to do With it when I get it?
General Provisions
State side cont…. Expand the state support and
effective intervention for the lowest-performing
Title I, Part A areas of expenditures listed on
the application
  • High school completion and dropout prevention
  • Supplemental Education Services
  • High quality professional development
  • Activities related to Reading First or similar
    implemented reading programs
  • Response To Intervention activities
  • Technology
  • 1. Accelerate the implementation of the LEAs
    strategic plan for technology on Title I
    campuses and create or enhance quality
    curriculum management systems.
  • 2. Implement quality curriculum
    management systems.

Title I, Part A areas of expenditures listed on
the application
Technology cont……… 3. Utilize strategies
and activities to incorporate technology
into the classroom 4. Use technology to
promote higher order thinking skills, problem
solving, and creativity 5. Offer new
media courses including web design, graphic
arts, and multimedia technology to integrate
project based learning 6. Develop an
early warning system to determine students at
risk of failure
Title I, Part A expenditures continued
  • Teacher quality
  • Activities aligned to STEM education
  • Early childhood
  • Perkins / Career and Technology Education

Title II Part D funds
Uses Primary goal is to improve academic
achievement through the use of technology in
public education
Expenditures not allowed
Payment of maintenance cost Stadium or other
facilities primarily used for athletic contest or
exhibitions of other events for which admission
is charged to the general public. Purchases or
upgrades of vehicles. Improvement of stand alone
facilities whose purpose is not the education of
children including central office administration
or operations of logistical support facilities.
School modernization, renovation, or repair
that is inconsistent with state law.
Guidance For State Fiscal Stabilization Funds
Who is going to get into my business?
Probably Everyone !!!
Purpose C Ensure transparency reporting and
accountability Recipients must publicly report
on how funds are used ARRA funds are subject to
additional and more rigorous reporting
requirements than normally apply to grant
Things to be prepared for
  • Will require quarterly reports
  • Need to keep all receipts for purchases and
  • Need to track professional development hours
    related to software or hardware use
  • Record the use of outside contractors and the
    bidding process on these contracts.
  • Expect compliance reporting
  • Expect compliance reporting from more than one
  • Expect desk top audits and possible site visits
  • Have the location of this information known to at
    least three people
  • Update information quarterly after each reporting

Why all the fuss?
The project ends on September 30, 2011 There is
a possible roll over for Title I funds for the
next fiscal year All of these funds are in
addition to regular Title money This money was
created out of a social package with nothing to
back it up or replace it on the short term The
final reports will probably be processed and
reported out by December of 2011.
What happens in 2012 ?
(No Transcript)
Role Of The Technology Director
Expert Expert in knowing the capabilities of your
technology system, machine limits, software
capabilities, server capacity, infrastructure
capacity, and the companies to contact for
various services. You have input as to what the
tech staff does in the district and on each
campus. You know who is reliable in the business
and which companies work best with educational
Role Of The Technology Director
Team Member Listening to what is being discussed
and formulating ideas of how to assist with
technology. Be a resource as to what technology
hard ware and soft ware cost, can it be
installed at certain locations, and is there
better solutions than those being
offered? Analyze the types of software to
determine if what is being sought after is
teacher friendly, novice friendly, and has
support for professional development activities.
Role Of The Technology Director
Advisor Look at new programs to determine if your
system will run the software. Identify
junk Compare prices and products among vendors.
Role Of The Technology Director
Trouble Shooter Trainer Delivering professional
development on program functions. Example In
the first year or two of C-Scope, some districts
purchased the program and the principals told
the teacher that this was their new curriculum
driver and they were to start using it…….. That
WORK Assist campus personnel to be trouble
shooters for Software and hardware. ANXIETY
Why you are so Important !
You have unique skills Your knowledge of an
industry in constant change is needed in decision
making You think out of the box You
have an understanding of how kids are
using technology in their lives and
how schools can use this to enhance
In conclusion
  • This is an un-paralleled point in history for
  • The whole idea of the stimulus package is to
    spend well short term to leave positive lasting
    effects on a long term basis
  • With this opportunity comes much responsibility
    in spending and the implementation of programs
  • Professional development is the key to improving
    sustained student performance
  • All of this must be transparent to all

The most important step is planning !!!
This rests is in your districts hands
Take the opportunity to have a hand in it.
Thank you for your attention
Are there any questions?