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Aake Edlund, PhD


Started 1st of May, 2008, duration - 2 years. Continues the ... Started information gathering and sharing through our site; went to cloud expos and conferences ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Aake Edlund, PhD

Baltic Cloud
Aake Edlund, PhD KTH and SNIC, Sweden Northern
Europe Cloud (Project Manager)NEW BalticGrid
(Project Director) BalticGrid Innovation Lab and
BalticCloud (Initiator, Manager)
BalticGrid - the Foundation
  • Started 1st of May, 2008, duration - 2 years
  • Continues the BalticGrid project (2005-2008)
  • 13 partners from Baltic States, Belarus, Poland,
    Sweden, Switzerland
  • Financing 3 MEUR
  • Collaborating project for EGEE
  • Supporting NGIs and their collaboration

Normalized computing hours for the BalticGrid
project and that of the first six months of
Startup and prototyping focus
  • When we started, cloud was considered immature,
    and only for startups and possibly prototyping.
  • This suited us well, knowing that we had not been
    very successful in attracting bigger companies.

The Vision
A new way to attract startups
  • Initiated in January 20, 2009
  • A program for early stage companies in our
  • by inviting them to a hands-on course in grid and
    cloud computing.
  • A course prepared and run by us, on our resources
    as well as on donated dito from e.g. Amazon.
  • The aim with the course is to help early stage
    high-tech Internet based companies to try their
    services on new platforms, resulting in early
    proof of concepts and later exploitation of grid
    and cloud in the region.
  • On top of the course we'll build a network of
    innovative companies in the region.

Complement to current grid services
  • Low number of applications and application areas
    in BG.
  • Need of elasticy - volume on demand - a way to
    handle capacity on the fly, to balance the usage
  • Too steep learning curve for grid users
  • Low acceptance within industry so far
  • Complicated to adapt new applications, typically,
    need a project to do that

So, one more access point
  • One more, hopefully, easier access point to our
    BalticGrid resources.

Baltic CloudHow it all fits together
Practicalities Learning by doing
  • BalticGrid asked one center per country to
    install a cloud instance
  • SNIC (Swedish National Infrastructure for
    Computing) supported the coordination of the work
  • Learning by doing - what's in it for eScience,
    really? Is industry interested?
  • Started information gathering and sharing through
    our site went to cloud expos and conferences
  • Took early contact with open source cloud
    vendors, decided to focus on Eucalyptus

First users
Virtual worlds and movies
  • First usage
  • Virtual world installations (Wonderland), for the
    Immersive Education organization
  • Film rendering, for Estonian film company

Open source cloud in a box
  • Our (main) choice
  • Lead by Rich Wolski, UCSB.
  • Integrated with
  • Integrated with

Major Concerns
  • Will the open source alternatives be supported in
    a satisfactory way?
  • Not invented here easily becomes Not supported
  • Early success open source alternatives branching
    off a private version think Xen, Eucalyptus,
    which branch will get the best support?
  • Missing standards for interoperability, c f
  • Lock-in and de facto lock-in, the
    bidding-on-a-dollar syndrome

Status Baltic Cloud
See http//cloud.balticgrid.eu
Status Estonia - NICPB (1/3)
  • KVM-based setup with Eucalyptus interface
  • Evaluating
  • other virtualisation technologies, e.g. vmware
  • creation of the virtual private networks using
    Eucalyptus, OpenVPN and dynamic DNS - to be able
    to provide something like the recently rolled out
    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (http//aws.amazon.co
  • Usage
  • primarily NICPB
  • ImmersiveEducation project with the developement
    and demo resources for running the Project
    Wonderland-based virtual worlds

Status Estonia - NICPB (2/3)
  • The KVM infrastructure is also used as a platform
    for the ongoing
  • SME collaboration - on-demand render farm
    creation. The plans
  • are to make it controllable by Eucalyptus, but so
    far it is not
  • capable of supporting Windows machines out of the
    box (ongoing).
  • Investigating the creation of the private virtual
    networks (using
  • OpenVPN and dynamic DNS solutions) to be able to
  • something like the recently rolled out Amazon
  • Virtual Private Cloud (http//aws.amazon.com/vpc/)

Status Estonia - NICPB (3/3)
  • Storage
  • testbed installation of the hadoopFS in NICPB
    with SRM interfaces. Trying to migrate the
    storage infrastructure from dCache to HDFS.
  • Wins easier administration, cloud flavor - can
    run hadoop jobs much more efficiently.
  • Problems
  • Eucalyptus sw is still too alpha/pre-beta. The
    1.6 _should_ be better, incl. support for
    multiple data centers (availability zones) and
    more robust operations, but it's not out yet.
  • Accounting of consumed resources is complicated
    the virtualisation tools are not making an accent
    on that.

Status - Latvia - RTU
  • Installation Eucalyptus installation, xen, 4 cpu
    for users. HW updates expected (user request).
  • Usage Submitted simple tests, including students
    testing cloud
  • Issues System not quite stable. imho so far
    not usable for serious project.

Status - Belarus UIIP NASB (1/3)
  • Installation
  • HW 6 CPU, 24 cores (enough for present tasks)
  • Virtualisation Xen
  • Cloud technolgies Eucalyptus, Walrus
  • How to reach https//
  • Status 3 GNU/Linux images available, commonly
    running from 2 to 10 instances.
  • Usage
  • verified by regular manual monitoring of hosts
    and services running within the cloud
  • used by UIIP NASB grid team for designing dynamic
    grid resource reservation and adjustment
    mechanisms for UNICORE sites

Status - Belarus UIIP NASB (2/3)
  • Usage pilot project of many users
  • we have prepared a pilot project proposal on
    deploying one of the advanced information systems
    of the State Committee for Science and
    Technologies of the Republic of Belarus (SCST)
    into the cloud infrastructure provided by the
    datacenter of the UIIP NASB.
  • The information system to be cloudified is
    created and administered on behalf of the SCST by
    Republican Centre for Technology Transfer
    (http//ictt.by). The system has thousands of
    visitors and hundreds of active users who
    regularly post and update their Technology Offers
    and Requests, disseminate news, upload technology
    transfer related applications, graphical and
    video data.
  • The primary goal of the pilot project is proving
    the concept of cloud computing being a good way
    to go not only for SMEs but for some governmental
    agencies as well.

Status - Belarus UIIP NASB (3/3)
  • Plans
  • UIIP NASB have plans for cloud usage growth,
    expansion, connection to the
  • outside world and to other countries. e.g. right
    now we are buying hardware
  • for the expansion of our cloud infrastructure
  • Issues
  • To increase cloud infrastructure stability we use
    custom kernel builds for Xen virtual machine
    images deployed in the cloud.

Status - Lithuania VGTU (1/7) Eucalyptus Cloud
Status - Lithuania VGTU (2/7) Cloud cluster
  • Cluster installation is done using Rocks Clusters
    5.2 (Chimichanga)
  • VGTU cloud instance is available at
  • Eucalyptus v1.5.2 is installed
  • XEN hypervisor is used for paravirtualization
  • MANAGED network mode is configured i.e. machine
    instances can be accessed directly from internet
  • Available two virtual machine images compiled
  • CentOS 5.3 (Base setup)
  • SLC 53 (Scientific Linux Cern) (Base setup)

Status - Lithuania VGTU (3/7) Available
  • Frontend (Cluster controler, Cloud controler)
  • 1 x Pentium 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, 1 Gbps
  • Nodes (Node controler)
  • 4 x Pentium 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, 1 Gbps
  • 2 x Quad Qore CPU, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, 1 Gbps
  • Availability zone DEBESELIS
  • AVAILABILITYZONE - vm types free / max cpu
    ram disk
  • AVAILABILITYZONE - m1.small 0016 / 0016 1
    128 3
  • AVAILABILITYZONE - c1.medium 0016 / 0016 1
    256 5
  • AVAILABILITYZONE - m1.large 0016 / 0016 1
    512 5
  • AVAILABILITYZONE - m1.xlarge 0016 / 0016 1
    768 5
  • AVAILABILITYZONE - c1.xlarge 0008 / 0008 2
    1024 5

Total 12 Cores
Status - Lithuania VGTU (4/7) Technical ISSUES
(problems and limitations)
  • In recent eucalyptus version 1.5.2 famous error
  • Error 500 message expired
  • that prevented graphical tools like Elasticfox,
    Rightscale, Ylastic, EC2Dream from working with
    eucalyptus instance, was not fixed
  • We have fixed this issue manually
  • Added this code to
  • HMACQuerySecurityHandler.java as a temporary fix
  • tsFormat.setTimeZone(TimeZone.getTimeZone("EES
    T")) // Add this Line and import TimeZone
  • ts.setTime( tsFormat.parse( timestamp ) )
  • And then Eucalyptus rpms were rebuilt.

Status - Lithuania VGTU (5/7)
We have installed and use ElasticFox for
Eucalyptus management.
Status - Lithuania VGTU (6/7)
We have tried EC2Dream for Eucalyptus management
as well.
Status - Lithuania VGTU (7/7) Nearest future
  • Cloud computing activity is included into
    LitGrid programme 2009.
  • Walrus based storage will be installed.
  • Status - Sweden PDC
  • Installation (ongoing) 4 quad core machines,
    Eucalyptus, XEN
  • Usage for testing and learning, to prepare
    larger installation based on older HPC resources

Status - Lithuania - VU
  • Installation Small eucaluptus intallation (might
    be increased
  • if demand arrises), xen based, hardware is only
    32 bit. Doing
  • some tests with vmware and MS hyper-v
  • Usage Small tests, nothing in production
  • Plans Thinking of expanding (have to think more
    about which
  • technology), maybe some services to some other
  • Issues Current system is not very stable, some
  • crashes and system hangings were noticed.

Status - Poland PSNC
  • Installation
  • two dual CPU machines (one for cloud controller
    one for cloud nodes), 2x dual core Intel Xeon ,
    8GM ram/each
  • 147 GB SAS hdd
  • two 1Gbit Eth network card/each virtualization
    kvm or xen ( on demand )
  • cloud stack  eucalyptus 1.5.2
  • url https//bgcloud.man.poznan.pl8443 ,
    currently available only from PSNC network
  • Usage test stage
  • Plans for usage and expansion
  • as part of Baltic Cloud
  • for local users (PSNC developers and research
    team), education institution in Poznan
  • expansion according to load and utilization we
    can provide additional cloudnode controllers

  • VGTU Bachelor thesis on cloud computing (2009)
    Deployment of Service Oriented IT
  • VGTU Cloud computing is part of the MSc course
    High performance systems at VGTU
  • BG general presentations, e.g. at ISSGC09
  • NICPB A course in IT college (in Tallinn) about
    the distributed systems. Cloud computing is part
    of the course, labs will be run on the BC
  • NICPB Tartu cloud and startup school May, 2009

Expectations on 2009
  • Connecting the Baltic Cloud with the Northern
    Europe Cloud- Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia,
    Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland Iceland(?)
  • Availability zones connecting the clouds
  • Connecting with other clouds, e.g. in the
  • See more cloud computing being used by startups
    and in-house quick prototyping
  • See more cloud computing being used in academia
    esp. HPC flavours
  • See more open source alternatives, and
    alternative cloud providers also in academia
  • Improved solutions addressing the dangers in
    cloud computing.
  • Low expectations on standard APIs

Cloud computing, Virtualisation the Future
  • BalticCloud have learned quite much about the
    current open source cloud technologies what
    there is to use, what is missing, the quality
  • The user side is evolving, now that we have some
    basic courses and an clouds to play with
  • Next level, beyond this pilot project, is to be
    part of the Northern Europe Cloud

  • Thank you!
  • Aake Edlund
  • ake.edlund_at_gmail.com
  • www.pdc.kth.se/Members/edlund
  • www.balticgrid.eu (Baltic Grid)
  • cloud.balticgrid.eu (Baltic Cloud)
  • bgin.wordpress.com (BG Innovation Lab)

Cloud Interface
Cloud Controller
Cluster Controller
Node Controller
Cloud controller
  • Web service
  • Java
  • Handles distribution of VM instance control
    events to clusters of resources

SLA Engine
Cloud controller
Instance Scheduler
Other Schedulers?
Cluster controller
  • Web service
  • C based
  • Handles distribution of VM instance control
    events to individual of resources
  • Investigation what are the performance,
    invasiveness and functionality tradeoffs of
    various cloud networking strategies?

Virtual Network
Cluster controller
Instance Scheduler
Other Network/Scheduler solutions?
Cloud interface
  • Web service based
  • Written in Java
  • Handles user event to cloud VM instance control
  • Experiment instance creation time

EC2 compatible user interface
Cloud interface
Web-based admin interface
Other interfaces?
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