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1100 Items, Mundane and Magical. Effects for Spells, Powers, and Items. 53 Classes Effects ... 400 Items, Mundane and Magical. No Effects. 44 Classes. 53 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: TOS vs. TOS FREE

  • Dynamicvs.StaticThe difference between old
    and new
  • Presented to you by James Colella (Duniagdra)

Download MS PowerPoint Viewer 2003 or 2007
What One Does Over The Other
  • TOS
  • Supports DD 3.5 and Pathfinder
  • Has LapTop sheet for Dynamic Play(show real time
    results from all conditions and effects)
  • Continued support by Author
  • Supports Gestalt - Unearthed Arcana
  • Skills can be re-arranged as desired
  • Ability Stats are tracked much closer
  • Locations, Magic Items worn tracked
  • 1100 Items, Mundane and Magical
  • Effects for Spells, Powers, and Items
  • 53 Classes Effects
  • 103 Races Templates Effects
  • Can customize included Races
  • Saves as .tos character file
  • Only supports DD 3.5
  • Does not support Dynamic PlayManually adjust
    character to see live in game effects and
  • No longer supported
  • Does not support Gestalt
  • Skills are fixed
  • Only rolled stats that you increase
  • Protective Items tracked, no locations
  • 400 Items, Mundane and Magical
  • No Effects
  • 44 Classes
  • 53 Races
  • All included Races are fixed
  • Saves as .mcs character file

The Control PanelsSystems Supported
TOS Supports DD 3.5 and Pathfinder RPG
TOS FREE only supports DD 3.5
The Control PanelsWorksheets Make It Happen
TOS The worksheets are available in a more
orderly manner with data broken further into
independent worksheets for faster and easier
access to users. TOS provides a fully
functional, always improving, LapTop worksheet
for real-time, Dynamic, Table Top gaming.
TOS FREE Much of the data is confined to a few
worksheets forcing users to have to search
sometimes for information. TOS FREE does not have
the LapTop worksheet that allows great real-time,
Dynamic, Table Top gaming.
The Control PanelsOther Options
TOS TOS allows extra options to the user making
it a more personal experience. Here you also have
extra features such as the HTML Parser which will
output your character to an HTML file that can be
put up to a web site or shared as a file.
TOS FREE TOS FREE leaves a user with limited
options and control over his/her sheet.
Personalizing TOS FREE is greatly limited.
The FRONT WorksheetsA difference in layouts
The FRONT WorksheetsAbility Score Tracking
TOS Find better tracking of Ability Scores with
only the result of your scores on the printed
section and the raw values and effects from
level, age, and miscellaneous in the off print
TOS FREE Effects from age, level, and
miscellaneous adjustments are all in the same
cell, which prevents a player from seeing the
source of the increments.
The FRONT WorksheetsBig Difference in Skills
Theres a major difference in how Skills can be
used in TOS FREE and TOS. In TOS you can
customize your skill list using a filter (Skill
List) above the Skill Set that allows only skills
of a specific system, DD 3.5 or Pathfinder, to
be available. You can exclude skills you choose
not to train in. You can Change the order by
which your skills are listed. In TOS FREE you
cannot personalize your skills except for the
choice of Group Skills (Craft, Knowledge,
Perform, Profession).
The Back WorksheetsMagic Items and Spells
TOS implements Locations for gear and body
location for Magic Items. Effects from Magic
Items are already computed. In the off print
section is where you can adjust the number of
Spells/day and Spells Known. You can also track
items with charges. TOS FREE cannot do these
The BACK WorksheetsCharacter Carried Gear Weight
and Value
TOS allows a broader selection of lists for your
gear and is able to keep track of your Locations
here. You also get a quick reference to your
encumbrance values here.
TOS FREE limits your choices to five category
options and no locations. What you put in a
portable hole is still counted as weight
carried. Wheres your encumbrance values?
The BACK WorksheetsA Difference in Feats
TOS has a longer Feats Section (44 rows) and
700 feats to choose from. You also get a greater
selection of List Categories to choose feats
from, including Pathfinder Feats and Traits.
TOS FREE has a smaller Feats Section (30 rows)
and 417 Feats to choose from.
The Laptop Worksheet
With a Laptop or a PC, TOS can be a powerful
tool at any game. Just boot up, pull up your
character, and youre ready for anything your DM
or anyone/anything else can throw at you. This
image is a quick run through of a human barbarian
with Studded Leather and weapons. The highlights
show how a simple click of the Fire or RND
buttons effect ammunition and duration of
effects. We then finish off with fatigue after
Raging and you see how fast a few keystrokes and
change a Face to Face game.
In TOS FREE you have to do all of this manually
on many worksheets.
The Template Worksheet
TOS has Templates. Werewolf, Vampire, Ghoul,
Ghast, Half-Dragon, Fiend, Dire, Celestial, the
list goes on. TOS allows you to apply as many as
eight (8) templates to a single character. TOS
FREE has no ability to do this AT ALL.
DYNAMIC and POWERFUL!TOS is ever changing and
In conclusion, this presentation demonstrates how
much more powerful TOS has become over the older
TOS FREE. With no further support from the
author, TOS FREE will not evolve. A yearly
subscription to TOS represents a very small cost
per month, which is pocket change for many. The
subscription grants access to the forums for
technical support, an expanding collection of
files of races and classes that can be
downloaded, and free updates. Active subscribers
even enjoy access to an ever growing lineup of
Play-by-Post games from both DD 3.5 and
Pathfinder RPG! TOS The Only Sheet worth your