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SESAME Definition Phase The Air Transport Industry Plan for the ATM of the Future


6 milestones to build the ATM Master Plan for 2020. Analyse air transport value and role of ATM ... Improve interaction between ATM Master plan activities and EU ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: SESAME Definition Phase The Air Transport Industry Plan for the ATM of the Future

ETF-JATMWG meeting 12 Mar 2008
Lucio Antoniani ETF 1.7.1 HF Rep
The SESAR Definition Phase is co-financed by the
European Community and EUROCONTROL
Objectives of this session
  • Provide an overview of the SESAR Programme
  • Deliverable milestone Updates
  • Our role and future involvement
  • Deliverable Tasks Representatives reports
  • Questions Answers

  • Current situation
  • Traffic Growth is increasing towards the maximum
    ATM Capacity
  • Lack of harmonised and sufficient implementation
    of technologies/procedures at European level
  • WORLD oil prices jumped to a new record above
    106 a barrel (7 mar 08)
  • A variety of Environmental problems now affect
    our entire world
  • ATM community Airspace Users expectation (D2
    performance objectives)
  • Designed for more capacity 73 in 2020 enabling
    3 times in the longer term
  • Improved safety 3 times for 2020, 10 times in
    the longer term
  • 50 less ATM cost/flight
  • 10 less Environmental impact/flight due to ATM

SESAR How it is structured
  • SESAR The European modernisation programme
  • Definition Phase industrial feasibility study
    end 2005- mid 2008
  • Implementation Deployment phases from 2008 to
    2020 and beyond

ANSPs, airlines, airports, manufacturing
industry, Military users/providers, Trade Unions,
Professional Organizations, Regulators,
EUROCONTROL research orgs
SESAR Definition phase product
  • D1 Air Transport Framework the current
  • D2 Air Transport Framework the Performance
  • D3 Definition of the future ATM Target Concept
  • D4 Selection of the Best Deployment Scenario
  • D5 Production of the ATM Master Plan
  • D6 Work Programme for 2008 2013.

Consideration of D1, D2, D3 and D4
  • D1 initial analysis of current European ATM
  • Consolidation of the past fragmented systems,
    procedures RD activities at EU Level
  • Create a simpler, more coherent framework of
    legislation and regulation
  • Set up a single functional architecture
  • A proactive approach to change management
    established involving staff at all levels
  • D2 established an initial set of performance
  • Distinct business regulatory management
    frameworks based upon and structured around the
    11 ICAO Key Performance Areas (KPAs)
  • A common ATM Performance Partnership (ATMPP) will
    define roles and responsibilities based on a
    shared set of values, priorities and network

Consideration of D1, D2, D3 and D4
  • D3 developed the ATM Target Concept, using D1
    and D2 as the basis, producing the principles of
    the future ATM system
  • Trajectory Management that is introducing a new
    approach to airspace design and management
  • Collaborative planning continuously reflected in
    the Network Operations Plan (NOP)
  • Integrated Airport operations contributing to
    capacity gains
  • New separation modes to allow for increased
    safety, capacity and efficiency
  • System Wide Information Management (SWIM)
  • Humans who will be central in the future European
    ATM system while their role is evolving in terms
    responsibility, Task Authority delegation

Consideration of D1, D2, D3 and D4
  • D4 document divides the ATM target Concept
    implementation sequence of three successive
    implementation Packages (IP)
  • IP1 2008-2013 Creating the foundations 97
    Operational Improvements which are already
    available today (no RD needed)
  • IP2 2013-2020 Accelerating ATM activities to
    implement the 2020 ATM Target Concept 64 OIs
    (RD and Validation during the next phase)
  • IP3 2025 Beyond Achieving SESAR goals 21 OIs
    (RD and validation during the next phase)
  • Legislation and regulation aspects will be
    subjected to changes and modification during the
    Deployment sequence

SESAR The Definition Phase 6 milestones to
build the ATM Master Plan for 2020
Its Requirements
The Market
The Top Product
How to Build it
Action Plan
COMPLETED! D4 Synchronised Transition
SESAR D5/D6 Approved 10 March, 2008
Define organisation work- programme 2008-2013
Deployment sequence analysis
Performance Require-ments
Analyse air transport value and role of ATM
ATM Target Concept selection
Build the ATM Master Plan
24 months
D5 ATM Master Plan
  • D5 consolidates the content from D1, D2, D3, D4
    to build a single plan describing the nature,
    scope and sequence of
  • The operational, functional and technical
    changes (divided in ATM capability levels
    and related ATM Service level)
  • the gaps in knowledge and capability and
    related RD activities to implement the
    future ATM target concept
  • All institutional, regulatory, legislative,
    organisational, standardization aspects
  • All financing arrangements, investments and
    funding needed to fulfil the plan
  • It includes a Risk/Mitigation analysis section
  • Sesar JU will be responsible for its execution
    and updates for the next 5 years

An ATM Master plan preview?
D6 Work Program 2008-2013
  • Defines the collection of all required project
    items in the 2008-2013 timeframe necessary to
    support the implementation of the ATM Target
  • Governance and Management structure interacting
    frameworks define the different Master Plan
    management processes
  • Implementation lifecycle and plans for the
    development of operationalimprovement Steps and
    the related enablers
  • 2008-2013 Work plan (WBS, WPs and Transversal
  • Long-Term and Innovative Research

D6 - Management Structure ATM Life cycle
WBS Work Packages preview
What has to be reminded?
  • The SESAR Definition Phase is a feasibility study
  • Long term results (e.g. technology platform) will
    be further validated and consolidated during
    the next phases (SESAR JU and other Single
    European Sky initiatives).
  • All Stakeholders will participate at all RD and
    validation process
  • After that It will be able to effectively
    implement its outcome in a concrete way.

What about our Battle Plan!
  • Improve interaction between ATM Master plan
    activities and EU Sectorial Social Dialogue
    Committee for Civil Aviation
  • Improve cooperation/comunication between Trade
    Unions and Professional organization as well
    done during the Definition phase
  • Advertising for more contributors from all Staff
    association to have a fully participation at all
    Work packages, Forums, Activities
  • Promote Just Culture as learning and improvement
    opportunities to support SESAR safety management,
    SMS practices (safety monitoring, safety
  • Next ETF SESAR coordination meetings 14 and 28/29
    of April to plan future involvement and
    political actions. (A political paper will be

Next SESAR event?
Dont forget Staff involvement Please!
ATM Staff!Lets go to Rome!
ETF WPs representatives reports
  • 1.7.1 Human Factor
  • 1.7.2 Recruitment Training Competence and
  • 1.7.3 Social Factor
  • 2.2.2 Concept of Operations
  • 2.4.2 System Architecture
  • Links

Role of the Human RD-Wp 1.7.1 HF
  • Improve implementation of Human Performance best
    practicesat EU level
  • Human Factor Case, toolbox (methods techniques)
    andHF certification HPSF
  • Define new roles, responsibilities (Task and
    Authority delegation for future staff)
  • Optimise trade-off between advance planning and
    the necessary flexibility (especially for
    unexpected events or degraded modes)
  • New training modes for enhanced information
    sharing, CDM processes (interdisciplinary
    training) and for increasing automation

The SESAR Definition Phase is co-financed by the
European Community and EUROCONTROL