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50 States WebQuest


... you step in the Grand Canyon State! ... The Grand Canyon: The Wildest Canyon by Aileen Weintraub ... the history of the Grand Canyon, including how it was ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 50 States WebQuest

50 States WebQuest
  • Maranda Zachmann
  • Social Studies Methods Materials
  • Fall 2005

  • The Whitehouse needs your help. President George
    W. Bush has gone on vacation to different states
    but the secretary lost his itinerary and doesnt
    know where he is. Unfortunately, there is no way
    to contact President Bush. Someone needs to trace
    his steps and track down where hes been, what
    hes seen, and where he is now. The Whitehouse
    has chosen you! Pack your bags and were off on a
    journey through the 50 states!

  • Task 1 Journal about each state. Include
    important information such as the state capital,
    major cities, weather, state bird, state tree,
    state flower, nickname, state song, flag,
    interesting places to visit, etc.
  • Task 2 Develop a Travel Guide (Handbook for
    Travelers). Make sure you include what clothes to
    wear in each state, points of interest, etc.
  • Task 3 Make a Timeline of when you traveled to
    each state. Make a separate Timeline of when each
    state was admitted into the United States

Tasks continued…
  • Task 4 Design a poster for each state. Make sure
    you have pictures and words to describe each
  • Task 5 Make a map of each state youve been to.
    Include capital cities, major cities, and places
    of interests (forests, national parks, etc.)
  • Task 6 As a group, develop and design a travel
    brochure of your favorite state that you visit
    throughout this quest.

Lets stop and think for a moment…it would take
us a long time to travel through each of the 50
states so lets split up and spread out!!
In each group, there will be one job for each
  • Travel Agent
  • Photographer
  • Journalist
  • Cartographer
  • As a group, decide who will take each job. The
    next slides
  • will show you your job descriptions.
  • Each group member should work cooperatively to
  • Tasks 1 and 6.

Travel Agent
  • Your job is to make sure that everyone in the
    group stays on task and collects important
    information from each state.
  • Do Task 3 You will make a timeline of your trip
    to each state as well as a timeline of when each
    state was admitted into the United States.

  • Your job is to make sure that the group has the
    supplies needed for the journey.
  • You will gather pictures of state symbols (flags,
    state bird, state tree, etc.)
  • Do Task 4 You will make a poster for each state
    including information and pictures.

  • Your job is to write down what each group member
    does each day during your travels.
  • Do Task 2 You will develop information about
    states into a Travel Guide (weather, tourist
    points, etc.)

  • Your job is to keep a map of where your group
    members have been.
  • Do Task 5 Make a map of your route through the
    United States including the state capitals and
    other major cities/places in the state.

Groups 1, 2, 3, 4
  • First of all, make up a new group name. It must
    be related to the 50 states in some way.
  • Fill out a KWL chart about the 50 States. Just
    fill out what you know and what you want to learn
    about the 50 states. You will complete what you
    learned at the end of your quest.

Upon your arrival to each state, make sure to
collect key information!
  • State Capital
  • Major Cities
  • State Bird
  • State Flower
  • State Tree
  • State Animal
  • Main products
  • Natural Resources
  • Parks, forests, lakes, rivers, etc.
  • Sports teams
  • State population
  • Nickname
  • Motto
  • Date of admission into the United States
  • Bordering States
  • Highest Elevation
  • Interesting places to visit
  • Famous people from the state

Here is your first clue
  • President Bush was spotted in the Evergreen
  • Guess the state and then click on the map.

Did you find President Bush in Washington?
  • Take a covered wagon and go South.
  • Once again, guess and then click.

President Bush was just spotted…
  • Surf down the West coast to the Golden State.
  • You know what to do!

He wasnt in California. Keep looking!
  • Your next stop is the Sagebrush State.

President Bush found lots of cactus in the next
state he visited…
  • Watch where you step in the Grand Canyon State!

President Bush was at the last Jazz basketball
game in this state…
  • Dribble on over to the 45th state to be admitted
    into the United States.

Happy Birthday United States…
  • Next travel to the state that was admitted when
    the United States became 100 years old.

President Bush learned all about womens right to
  • Travel into the Equality state.

Anyone hungry for mashed potatoes?
  • President Bush was seen in the next state helping
    at a potato farm. Lets go there.

Who likes to fish?
  • President Bush went fishing for trout in this

Bundle up…
  • Finally, your last state to explore is the Last

Heres a math problem…
  • If each group went to 12 states and there are 4
    groups, how many states have we been to?

Youre right! Weve traveled to 48 states!
  • Wait a minute, arent there 50 states?
  • We missed two!
  • Lets figure out which states we havent traveled
  • Click on the plane.

North Dakota and Texas!
  • So which state is President Bush in?

The secretary called…
  • President Bush just emailed the Whitehouse and
    said that he is now visiting the state he grew up
  • Did President Bush grow up in North Dakota or
  • Click on the maps and find out!

Additional Resources Here are some more helpful
  • Explore the States
  • Stately Knowledge
  • State Flags
  • Postcards from America
  • Watch the Region Grow
  • State Facts
  • Travel Information and State Websites
  • Fun State Facts
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Make sure you have completed each task!
  • Did you finish your KWL Chart?
  • Did you journal about each state?
  • Did you develop a travel guide?
  • Did you make two timelines?
  • Did you design a poster for each state?
  • Did you make a map of each state youve been to?
  • Did you make a brochure of your favorite state?

If you are finished here are some books for you
to read…
  • Maps and Plans by Pam Robson
  • Millbrook, 2001
  • An introduction to maps and charts featuring
    photos and drawings.
  • The Grand Canyon The Wildest Canyon by Aileen
  • Rosen, 2001
  • A wonderful introduction to the history of the
    Grand Canyon, including how it was created and
    its significance as a tourist attraction.
  • Firestorm by Jean Craighead George
  • Harper, 2003
  • Axel and his family are kayaking on Idahos
    Salmon River when they find themselves in the
    middle of a forest fire.

More books…
  • Lewis and Clark and Me A Dogs Tale by Laurie
  • Holt, 2002
  • Meriwether Lewiss dog, Seaman, tells the story
    of Lewis and Clarks extraordinary expedition.
  • Salmon Summer by Bruce McMillan
  • Houghton Mifflin, 1998
  • Just as his ancestors have done for centuries,
    nine-year-old Alex, a native Aleut, catches
    salmon on Kodiak Island, Alaska.
  • Small Worlds Maps and Map Making by Karen Romano
  • Scholastic, 2002
  • A tour of many different kinds of maps, including
    how and why maps are used.
  • Holding the Reins A Ride Through Cowgirl Life by
    Marc Talbert
  • Harper, 2004
  • Readers learn about the lives of four modern
    cowgirls who live and work on ranches in Utah,
    Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

  • Journal
  • Travel Guide
  • Timelines
  • Posters
  • Maps
  • State Brochure Rubric
  • Self-Evaluation

  • Youve made it through all 50 states and tracked
    down President Bush!
  • He is so happy that you gathered information
    about the 50 states to share with others. He
    wants you to come to the Whitehouse to present
    your Travel Brochure in the near future…but
    enough traveling for now!

Resources for teachers
  • Apple Learning Exchange 50 States
  • http//henson.austin.apple.com/edres/ccenter/state
  • Governors Favorite Recipes
  • http//www.virtualcities.com/ons/0rec/governor.htm

  • Geoworld State Facts
  • http//www.geoworld.org/na/usa/
  • Click and Learn
  • http//www.clickandlearn.com/Documents2/ReVuFun.ht
  • Travel Information and State Websites
  • http//philville.com/tourism.html
  • Biography of President George W. Bush
  • http//www.Whitehouse.gov//president/gwbbio.html

  • Explore the States
  • http//www.americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi/es

  • Stately Knowledge
  • http//www.ipl.org/youth/stateknow/skhome.html
  • State Flags
  • http//www.law.ou.edu/hist/flags/stflag.shtml
  • Postcards From America
  • http//www.postcardsfrom.com/t1/arcin.html
  • Watch the Region Grow
  • http//www.ac.wwu.edu/stephan/48states.html
  • Folktales from every State
  • http//www.americanfolklore.net/ss.html

  • Online State Games
  • http//www.ipl.org/youth/stateknow/capitalgame.htm
  • http//www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm
  • Online Quizzes
  • http//lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/usaquiz.html
  • http//www.funbrain.com/where/
  • State Rulers
  • http//www.weeshare.com/rulers/Rulers
  • Fun State Facts
  • http//factfinder.census.gov/home/en/kids/funfacts

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